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    History tells us of the fall of
Julius Ceasar, and the fall of the
Roman Empire. But ah, we shall
tell you of the Fall of the year;
(meaning the great rains. All of
de studds are buzzie with their
home studies, ‘bense there is little
time for any other recreation
’cept on weak-ends; so dudes, plus
studds, clukes, plus duchesses, lad
ies and gents, we greet you once a
gain this week with some of the
highlights of the past weeks, at
home and abroad.
Master Willard Wright, stroll
ing down the Main drag hands
■lushed in pockets, walking idley
along and modelling a beige sport
jacket and a white draped hat: If
you don’t think he ain’t ‘‘On” it
ain’t our fault.
But no water. Estelle Little
john must be awful happy cause
(her sweety is back from Chicago.
We are talking about that fine
character Joe Fagin. Strange
thing, Joe says he’s goin’ back to
Grover Marshall left this city to
go to college in the Brown Bom
ber’s hometown, which is Detroit,
Michigan. We are knowing that
she will have a fine time while she
is there.
Wendell Jenkins who has a
hearty appetite lays away approx
imately fifty cents worth of lunch
on the level at school daily and
then declares that he ain’t full.
You Gotta Scratch for ’Em
(a) wo certain chicks, while on
their way to school one day, had
nerve enough to argue which one
of their heart crashers lushed
(kissed) with them the most in
the show. Neither one could com
plain as you know, kettle can’t
talk about de pot. M. G. M. D. I
plus D. S. A. M.
(b) Jus’ wondering why Jack H.
lost interest in school all of a
sudden when he used to be a
bright student.
(c) More amusin’ than confus
in’ why C. E. always lams a rook
ie that has’ a car. Could you
blame her?
(f) Here’s the Reel Dope.
When BULL MUSE" (L. W.)
and a couple of other shorties pull
ed quite a blitzkreig in the show
Sunday nite Shrotie should have
called SHAZAN!!!
G. 0. R. must have sprinkled a
little woofle dust on J. L. M. for
they are always together body and
(h> M. S. mind changes like
the w’eather. Whatta man! He
must think that he is Gable’s bro
ther. Although you’d have to ad
mit it, his resemblance is same as
(r) the bad D. G. must have lost
J. M. address. Or maybe he giv
es less for her, but we can’t read
ily say.
(k) Wonder why Cowboy didn’t
show up at W. B. party the other
—2021 NORTH 24th ST.
SHOE REPAIR, Frank Pomidoro
SHOE SHINE,—Buddy McCrea
—(Delivered by Lewis)—
Furnish Your Entire House
hold at the ‘Omaha Outfitting
They carry Furniture, Washing
Machines, Radios, Travelling
Bags, Jewelry and All Kinds
of Coal.
2122 North 24th St.
Phone AT. 5652
night ?
IS Percy Roundtree these days.
Wonder if Marian could be the
cause of Percy’s feeling that way.
Must be love if Charlotte and
Melvin can afford to be together
in the heat, in the rain, storm and
even when the therometer reports
We were sorry to hear of Roy
Givens accident last Sunday night
and we wish him a speedy recov
Be sure to put your application
in with some chic for a date at
the Erskine Hawkins’ dance at the
Dreamland Hall, October 9, so get
you a bank and try the lay away
plan. Cost $1.80.
Art Davis has a frosty face
since Uncle Sam has called his
buddy to serve in the army. Buck
up Art we know how1 t’is.
Roberta Longmire and Bernice
Murdock were seen styling college
red sport jackets. Johnny Lee
and Pauline T. were styling light
and dark blue school outfits.
is stealing something from the
“kids” in Katie Allen. Mabe Kat
ie doesn’t know, but Wendell sign
ed up for the drift lasc June S5
he must be 21. Let the youngst
ers alone, Wendell ,and try and get
one your own age.
MUST be foxy for after pract
ically taking Harry Rutledge from
Evelyn Stewart she is succeeding
in fooling Larry Buther, one of
Harry’s running buddies, that
there is nothing between Harry
and her. Maybe Butler is dumb.
And Charles Washington were
seen with three women in Mack:s
car. Dog, don’t teach Charles any
bad habits.
Must love Joe Brooks for since
ihis return she really has cooled
down. Have you forgoten that
night with Boxer Joe so soon,
And Jasper Cole w’ere seen to
gether two nights in a row. What
is going to happen?
Has been seen with Charlotte
Jamerison quite a lots of late.
Where does Elizabeth Riley come
in at, Nate or does she?
Is the Drag of Six Licks and a
Drag. Who are the Six Licks?
That’s what I can’t figure out.
Seems very lonely since Gwen
Davis has gone to Oklahoma.
Cheer up Don ole boy for there
are plenty of girls who would just
adore loving you.
Charlotte Ellis in his car Sunday.
Don’t worry Jimmy, you will have
plenty of girl friends now since
you have your car again.
G. O. T. S.
EXTENDS their sincerest sym
pathy to the family relatives, and
friends, of one of our former
friend and classmate—Vernon.
No her name isn’t “Miss Geor
gia Brown” but its close to it and
she really does resemble “Miss
Georgia Brown”. The G. 0. T. S.
had the pleasure of being among
the first to meet a fine chic frim
San Antonia, Texas. Having all of
the qualifications of a hep chic,
we din’t need to say more. She’s
here to visit this city and her
name is “Miss Georgia Jackson”.
Let’s show her how fine this town
can really be.
Master Wendell Jenkins, a pdo
minent citizen and pianist of Oma
i ha, Nebraska, while in the Ritz
' Theatre Sunday night two weeks
ago, of all the things to lose, lost
his hat. He has put up a rare re
ward of “$1” for anyone who will
return it. There will be no ques
tions asked but the dollar will be
yours, hersi, his or whomever the
person might be. His name is en
graved in gild in the band of this
fine draped maroon brown hat.
The identity is very rare toi. It
sa has a green border and band
and a few feathers on the side. So
look one and all for this is the last
Was Slam’s remarks to a certain
chic Sunday nite when she was
with the girls boyfriend.
Could there be any close con
nections in this affair between
Ciara A. and Gene H. (meaning of
course, love.)
The definition of fovc in five
“The root of all evil”
the washline
Girls, have you met Max Mar
tin, he’s a solid cat from Parson,
Kansas—can he seen with Thomas
Peter Lorrie was seen sportin’
with his dame in the Weiner shop
Sunday-nite. You think he ain’t
Wonder WHY does Lloyd Gray
insist on taking the cooking course
at school. What’s the matter
Lloyd, don’t you think G. G. can
George Station, who is by the
way styling a beautiful Bui ova
watch, claims that he don’t really
love Jean Dunn—just a friend.
MUT SMITH is yet carrying the
torch for a certain young chic A.
Who was the Studd Juanita A
gee was with Friday?
AND now last of all we’ll tell
you about the hold up—two clothes
pins held up a pair of pants. (On
the washline), .your week to week
-Girls On the Streets.
all seeing eyes head
Well Hi! Everybody, the reas
on I didn’t write a column last
week was because I was so very
busy registering at the fine pal
ace or rather school. I have two
assistants now who are going to
assist writing this column.
Robbin Drug Store is a regular
baby station on Sunday afternoon.
We realize proud mothers that the
babies are pretty and cute, but
why start bringing them to the
drug store at such an early age.
They will be hanging around
there soon enough on their own ac
Why a certain cat will pass by a
group of chicks and his own girl
friend in the bunch. He speaks
to one of the girls, but he doesn’t
speak to his girl friend. When
this chick calls his attention to
his girl friend he tries to come on
rather cool. That is strictly frone
to our estimation. We wish to in
.form this cat that his girl can get
someone else just as quickly as he
can. She can pass you like a
train passing a tramp.
Miss Frieda Laurie one of Om
aha’s glamour girls was seen cutt
ing the grass. We thought she
was to delicate to work. We ad
mire her because these lazy boys
won’t do it or will they? Since
she can get anyone she wants it
shouldn’t be difficult for her to
get someone to cut her grass.
We understand that Urios Smith
is doing fine in California. I ad
mire a boys who tries to succeed.
Wendell Jenkins trying to fall
out in some drapes the front view
is O. K. but the rear view is ob
The summer romances are still
blooming. David Hughes has giv
en an account of his actions in
Rozella Thomas’ absence, so they
are still together. Frieda Laurie
is still on strong with Bobby Me
Mellon. Roy Givens is still string
ing along with Betty Shepard. We
aren’t so sure of a certain rom
ance that was on strong up until
about two weeks ago-those two
aren’t hitting it off so well. We
hope they come to a climax soon
and begin getting along better.
I shall not reveal their names.
To girls I hope you head this ad
1. Don’t ever think you are the
only girl a boy has because he
will sneak and twb time you every
2. Don’t become to possessive
—remember you both are free,
single, disengaged.
3. Act just as cool as he does.
Don’t fill your pretty little heads,
full of jive that these boys might
give you.
4. Come on just as strong as he
does, defeat him at his own game.
If this is your buggy ride in it.
Miss Edmondson has brought a
fine and complete wonderful of
clothes back from Chicago with
Rozella Thomas wearing brown
dress, brown hat, gold costume
jewelry, black shoes and carrying
a black purse and gloves. Mi3S
Audrey Forrest has some fine, clo
thes for school. Miss Eva Dorris
wearing a brown and white dress
and hat. Velma Murrel looking
good in her yellow and brown
Miss Florence James and Miss
Bertha Davis are teaching music
in Miss Pinkston’s studio. Miss
James specializes in finger tech
nique also Culture.
I am sure you well educated,
refined, cultured Cats attended the
recital of Bertha Young and Syl
vester Stroud. The technique w’as
invincible, their reputation was
superb, their interpretations of
th eclassics were very fine. These
two people are to be commended
Maybe if some of the rest of you
girls and boys would seek elevat
ion, there wouldn’t be so much ig
norance. Most of you sit, or stand
around and make fun of someone
who is trying to be a success.
While you are making fun of them
they’re progressing.
We commend Bertha Young and
Sylvester Stroud for striving to
reach a goal— much success to
The “Grand Duchess” does not
appreciate this name that has been
bestowed upon her. It ceases to
be funny and you tried to drag me
and I drug you back as far as I’m
concerned the incident is closed.
See you fine Cats and Chicks
with the latest Platter Chatter of
the week.”
i -——
Pecple Must Wake Up To I
Trend of Government
(Continued from page 1)
glad to give it our support. We
hope it will be a real step in the
direction of a better fiscal policy.
These are a few of the great is
sues to which the American peo
ple must give their immediate at
tention. Unless they do, the Am
erican way of life will soon be as
dead as a dodo.
The people and the country can
be rescued from these dangers by
the election of a Republican House
of Representatives in 1942.
There can be no hope from the
New Deal. They have had their
chance and failed.
With complete control of every
branch of Government, unlimited
power and money, they have failed
to rescue the country from emerg
ency. Their answer to every new
crisis is a request for more pow
er and more money until they havw
bought us to the brink of bank
ruptcy and possibly the loss of our
form of government.
There is a good deal of propa
ganda about adjournment of poli
tics. Well, I want to tell you
there have been no signs in Wash
ington of the New Deal adjourn
ing politics.
Nearly every job with real au
thority and a salary is placed in
the hands of a New Dealer. There
are a few exceptions but if you
will look closely you will find these
exceptions are carefully checked.
The New Deal continues to use the
emergency as a means of fasten
ing its control upon the American
people. When they talk of ad
joining politics, they mean to elim
inate the opposition. They want
a one party system in America.
If this day ever arrives it will be
the end of Constitutional Govern
ment and we will find many of our
rights and liberties will be in jeo
Men and women of America,
wake up before it is too late: wake
up while a chance remains to res
cue America.
Elect a Republican House and
the two party system of govern
ment Will continue. Elect a Rep
lican House, an dthe powers Con
gress has delegated to the Presi
dent will be sure to be returned to
the representatives of the people.
Elect a Republican House, and the
threat of either Fascism or Com
munism wil lbe removed. Elect a
Republican House, and we will
once more have sanity and effic
iency in Government.
Note:—You* Question Viu Be Answered ~Frer“ os The Column. Fee ■
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Send all letters to ABBE’ WALLACE, P. O. Box, 11, Atlanta, Georgia
M. C. C.—My friend says she has
a gentleman she wants me to meet
and he has expressed his desire to
meet me. Should I put myself in
his way?
Ans: Why should
meet as many different people as
you can. Go ahead and meet the
man.... he is keenly interested in
you from just seeing you.
W. R. —Recently I took out an
insurance policy on my husband
and he thinks that I should let it
go. Now I am paying it and I
feel that I should hold to it. Let
me know if I am right?
Ans: I for one, am a firm be
liever in insurance and it is an
investment. • • .you don’t have any-«
thing to lose. Keep the insurance
and say nothing more about it.
E. R.—My wife got so she likes
to go car riding, she goes and stays
out real late and sometimes don’t
come home all night. What is
the trouble with her? She tells
stories to me all the time and I
want her to tell the truth. I told
her I didn’t care if she went out
if she would tell me the truth.
What is she going to doi
Ans: Well she thinks she wants
to leave and make her home in
some other town for she doesn’t
care for married life. There is
very little that you can do in a
stuation of this kind-talk
things over with her and try to
come to a decision, but she seems
to have definitely made up her
mind about leaving. Let her go..
it won’t take many months to get
this idea out of her head for she
isn’t too fond of work and no other
man is going to provide the good
living that you have. The change
will straighten her out quicker
than anything else.
A. S. M.—This home my mother
left me is heavily mortgaged and
I just don’t know whether I should
pay off all this money or move,
now let me know how to go about
finding out about this place
Ans: Consult with some good
attorney there in your city and
let him check up on the property
thoroughly;, .he can nut the whole
business before your eyes and let
you see what must be paid out in
order to hold the place. If the
indebtness is too great-let it
slide and make the change that
you are contemplating right now.
M. L. T.—I am 21 years old liv
ing with my mother, a brother, and
a step-father who is very cruel
to us. There is a family quarrel
every week and I would like to
know if things will improve?
Ans: Find a good job for your
self and try boarding out if you
cannot possibly get along. When
your brother can become located
himself then your mother and her
husband will learn to understand
one another. Your step father is
in a rather embarrassing position
and so are you two young folks
but a change will take place when
you both get out and get on your
S. L. D.—The boy that I am in
love with wants me to marry him
and I wish to know if I should?
e is very nice to me on all occas
ions. Does he have any funds
saved up for this purpose?
Ans: He is like numerous other
young men his age-desperate
ly in love but no money to take the
final step. The boy is quite sin
cere in wanting to marry and will
be perfectly willing to begin sav
ing for this purpose. You too
should save your money to get
sorted housleUc^eepjng when you
AWP.—I would like to know will
I ever be able to start housekeep
ing and what’s the matter with
my husband he won’t work?
Ans, Take your husband m
hand and get out and find him a
job. Run ads in the paper.
also go with him to register at the
various agencies and it seems to
me that he will get a job in a few
weeks time. Yes, you will begin
housekeeping later on this year .
.. but first, get the kids suitable
clothes for the winter and then
make plans for keeping house.
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Then try this SYSTEM. Retard the
dry. brittle, breaking-off hair that
keeps hair short and often stubby
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JUEL CO., 3716 N. Clark St., Dept
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