The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, September 06, 1941, City Edition, Page Seven, Image 7

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AjvvJ^jLh. AJl><aJo» i^jL»J>
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-VfiLO. qCx ft *A»« IUJ*^ (^k
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Mr. James Richardson and hig
out in frint crew continues to make
business on NO 24th St. in the
eVer| ng and Mr- Johnife Maloy
who is up from Shortler College
in North Little Rock tpld this
writer to discontinue his name in.
this column pr he would try out
his 45 aond see if It could shoot a
good bullet as ever, but we never
yet excited ovter th|-eait as the
Smith boys always face trouble
and take chances on winning. As
Philonder Smith college instruc
ted us. Look the enemy in front
not in the rear. So wake up and
take notice.
We talked with Mr. Alfonso
Howard, one of the vetenens of
Omaha, he is on the union Pacific
and he looks the picture of hea
Will some one tell Mr. Corbert
to get in touch with this writer
as we would like to talk to hm
about some thngs we would like
to know.
Mr. Smon Harodl the drummer
and head waiter of the Hoppy
Hollow Club and Mr. Jack White
and Mr. Hodges all look is though
they are gaining weight Jftt is
*an old saying. Changing pastures
is a very bright idea sometimes
Stay out in front boys your past
experience has helped you.
Mr. King Alls like to read the
waiterh column and we would like
to see Mr. Joe Alls.
The four C. Club will have their
first ball meeting in Friday even
ing Sept. 5th and we are looking
for a large attendence. As we
would like to see the rredit Uni
on have more share holders as
^ they make loans alt a very small
intereht so lets help build up a
Joan of our own. What do you
think about it. It is doing busi
ness under the banking laws of
The Cottonwood room at the
Blabkstone HJoltel is going over
big and Mr. C.C. Jones and the
crew are going over big and Mr.
Avant is the top man on room ser
vice ant he is a major leager on^
carring two trays and does he go
fast? Yes at all times.
What we wiuld like to know
why do some of the Blackstone
; wai/ter make phone calls at 2 A.M.
in the morning and try to date lad
[les that don,t care for them and
don’t want to be aroused from
their slumbers after they retire.
Now will you wake up and live.
Notice is Hereby Given: T*at
the creditors of the said deceased
will meet the ADMINISTRATOR
j of said stialte, before me, County
! Judge of Douglas County, Nebr
aska. at the County Court Room,
in said County, on the 27th day of
October 1941 and on the 27th day
of DECEMBER 1941, at 9 o’clock
A. M. , each day, for the purpise of
presenting their claims for era
mination. adjustment and allow
ance. Three months 'are allowed
for the creditors to present their
claims, from the 27th day of Sep
tember, 1941.
Charles J. Southar
County Judge
begin Sept. 6-41
ending Sept. 20-41
“Smash Hitler!” Plead These Photos of Nazi-Strewn Horror
BOMBED BY BERLIN Clipped from the pages of the past are these scenes of
• death and devastation meted out by Hitler’s air force in Spain. curtesy apm
- ; • - ■
" - • >. ■ ' V v »
' ?
Vo-t \ C**-V Vp_*jiAr
Sagg*^ <-v ^ ^ *" '
|i ft ‘
\*2L"3\pC> |
<^V ** Afi^Ajuv |
2. Y«J «^cwuU j
v I
Chalking Up V-For-Victory On Crossroads of World
the New York Council of the American People’s Mobilization, for Vktory ove*'F^sdsm
dtJr edf”uS Hhea f°Jmed a V ln the center of Times Square, New York. They
JS^LS?'1^ectSd hnndreds of signatures to the petition to President Roosevelt supporting
policy of aid u> Britain and the Soviet Union. i ^ e
(by H. W. SMITH)
Mr. Ed. Lee tthe famous head
waiter of the Omaha Athelets
Club contnues to go placeh and do
many thing and is always out in
front. This writer had a short
visit with him on Sunday, Aug
ust 24th and as usual he always
talks good sense and we always
know that we have learned some
thing when wte talk with him and
he made it known to me thait his
crew of up and go waiter have *
overborne the extremly thje hot
weather and with huch good man
as the two captains, Mr. Buford
and Mr. Sones, and Mr. Galoway,
Mr. Davis, Mr. McFarland,Mr Hop
kins . Mr. Brooks, Mr. Wheathy,
Mr. Sharon, Mr. Philips, Mr. Cra
iy, (they can always move to the
front line on modern Service and
prove as fast as bullets from a
maching gun. Mr. Visitor Wil
bur Edwards was in the office to
day. He is with the Virginia
dare Co. Making good and he will
spend labor Day with his mother
in Missouri. .
During the week of the meeting
of the veiterns of foreign wars the
FbnterteU Hotel and the Rome
Hotel and the Paxton Hotel were
top heavy with lunch and dinner
parties and there was a large de
mand for extra waiters and as us
ual (the Paxton Hotel had the top
banquet at the Aksarben Coli
seum they served one thousand and
six hundrer and fifty and every
one was well pleased. Mr. Over
ton knows his onions when a dou
ble header of that kind has to be ?
arranged for and when we see Mr.!
purson we shall ask how it was
done and what booksdo they read
when an affair of thart; kind deve
lops. So lets all give them a
nice hand for such a very nice ac
complishment. . I
Our good friend Bro John Evans
was In the running and from what I
we were told his crew of waiters
were outi n frint at the finish and
if course we all know bro John Is
always ready to go when the galtes
go up. Success to yiu bro John.
Mr. Gabby Watson of the High
land Club can make air plane time
in going to and from the city. And
how. Alsi the very lovely lady
that cook Mrs. Gene Bryant is
very much out in front in prepar
ing nice food and the memfers all
say the fried chicken she serves
is the very best that the dub has
ever had, and Capt. Langley who
alternates between the Fontenell
Paxton, Regis and Rome Hotel and
the Highland Club and the way
we see him. he should be a ser
vice and food inspector says Mrs.
Bryant is O.K.
Mr. Berry of the Locker room
can work the dgrette machine,
make change and answer ques
tions and mix drinks all at the
same time. Now can you match
up with thalt? If sa how, when,
and where. And Mr. Caron the
Caddy boy knows just what club
to pull out of the golf bag to make
a long shot on the gold links now
leth all give them a hand.
Flush, fon’t the Omaha Guide
building have a beautiful look in
Oja) Floors Deck
"mr Enamel
m _ ) (WOT A PAINT*
|U Beautiful-Hit/h Gloss
p| Durable - fast/ to Clean
Enamel for Floors
Jet us shew l/ou
the day time and a very neat ap
pearance at night. Now lets all
help keep those bright lights bur
ning by subscribing for one year
and ask someone else to do so and
we can all be a great help to the
Guide by so doing. And oh say,
do you know the N.A.A.C.P. has
opened their head quartters in the
east room of the guide building
and we are looking and hoping for
the 1000 members to help us car
ry on. Are you goini to take a
membership now altogether fo'rji
one year subscription to the Guide
rnd ona year membership in the
N.A.A.C.P? As we all know when
we help others we are helping
ourselves and also you help him
who helps himself. So lets move
forward and go up.
* 'floruit ur, v/>xa.
The Larieixe Beauty Bureau was established by Hie (
Godefroy Manufacturing Company So study methods
> ef preserving women's "otural beauty, and to mc-te
the results of this research available to the publte.
i (The story of Cinderella holds a
special place in the hearts of
f vouion, for every woman in the
| ■'ride world has dreame l cf being
transformed from her everyday self
Linto a gay, glrjr.oroug person.
! Itere's always r. Prince Charming
n the picture, a gallant lad who i»
i 'ron on the spot by Cinderella’s
[ l>eauty and charm. The fairy-tale
; Cinderella story Is a bewit ching one,
r but no libera crcltlng thar. the Cin
i darella btorls* which happen In
’ i.’eal life. However, the. mrgic wand
rhat transforms ordinary girls into
I via moor girls isn't r. wand at a'.l.
i II is merely good sense applied to
■ the problem of making tlr* mext cf
I oneself. That's beauty—and that’s
' the beauty of hi
A modern Cinderella story is th?
. case of the Missouri rwlns, ages 2S,
who were whisked to New Tork by
a n8tb>nsJ raagatiae to be s'.Arr. in
- a 1941 version of the Cinderella
. story. Wn»n they bonrded a train
i in Missouri, they were gills who
• had Just let themselves go. Hair
i drab and arranged carelessly, akin
. with much‘to be desired, poaturc-s
' slouchy, clothes wrong and unflat
tering, Landa unenred for. They
were too thin, listless, and looked
ten years older than they really
< were.
I When they returned to their
homes after six weeks of expert &d
; vice, exercise, food and beauty
> treatments, they were alert, charm
i ing women, pretty as their maga
zine pictures. Their hair shone
from brusliing and correct sliampoo
; ing, their complexions were clear
and alive, they stood straight and
proud!v in their simple, well-cut
1 clothes.
Of course, most of us aren’t lucky
enough to be glamorized by the ex
ports «i no cost to ourselves. We
hove to do it at home and as in
expensively as possible. But it can
La done; it is done every day.
The first step is to take a good
look at yourself in a mirror—pref
erably a full length one. Is that
girl who looks back at you the
nicest possible yon? Is she the girl
who will make your day dreams of
love and romance come true? If she
isn’t, don’t dwpair—but do get busy
and do something about it! You
might judge the girl you see in your
mirror by such a yardstick as this:
Is she as clean as soap and wa
ter can make her--as clean as a
blue sky washed by rain? Is she
neat? Dress pressed, stocking
seams straight, shoes well cared
.‘or} Is her figure all that it should >
bo? Is her hair shining clean and
arranged In the most flattering pos
sible way? Does she sit and stand
straight? Are her hands well
groomed ?
If what you see in your mirror
isn’t oil you would like to be, start
your plan for beauty right now.
Beauty and charm are yours for the
earning, and the rewards are great
Good times, admiration, romance,
That’s the beauty of It I
What are your beauty problems?
Write: Marie Downing, Larieuse
Beauty Bureau, 3509 Lindell
Blvd., St. Louis, Mo., and she will
be glad to answer them. Be
sure to enclose a self-addressed,
stamped envelope.
Card of Thanks
We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to
all who so kiridiy assisted and for the-words of
sympathy and beautiful floral offering extended
at the death of our beloved husband and uncle.
Mrs. Wiriifred White,
Mrs. Mattie Colston.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hert from
Milwaukee, Wis.. and Mr. E. L.
Bell Jr., of Rock Island, 111., was
the house guest of Mrs. Louise
Strawther and Mrs. Harper, 2220
Willis, while en route to Atchison,
Kans., their former home to visit
Mrs. Eloma Gantz was their
escort through the Omaha Guide
Publishing Plant.
Mr. Bell and Mr. Hert extend
their regrets that they could not
stay in Omaha longer and look up
their former Kansas friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Hert are relatives
of Mrs. Strawther and Mrs. Har
A Winning
■ By Frances Lee Barton —
f OW let me see!” said
Jl\| Maggie Gee.
i •'What shall I have for dinner?”
“Try our Chip
Cookie recipe.
“It is this sum
mer’s winner.”
Chocolate Chip
Ice-box Cookies
% package
semi-sweet cho
colate, grated;
41/ __.i/i_a
■—w X72 vu^/o 011 tcu
flour; 1 teaspoon double-acting bak
ing powder; Vi teaspoon salt; 4
tablespoons butter or other shorten
ing; Vi cup granulated sugar; V4
cup brown sugar, firmly packed; 1
egg, well beaten; 1 tablespoon
milk; 1 teaspoon vanilla.
Grate chocolate on coarse grater.
Sift flour once, measure, add bak
ing powder and salt, and sift again.
Cream butter and add sugars grad
ually, creaming thoroughly; add
egg, milk, and vanilla, and mix
well. Add flour gradually, mixing
well after each addition. Add
grated chocolate. Shape into rolls,
2 inches in diameter, and roll in
waxed paper. Chill overnight, or
until firm enough to slice. Cut in
Vi-inch slices; bake on ungreased
baking sheet in moderate oven
(375° F.) 10 minutes. Makes about
3Vi dozen cookies.
205 West 135th Street
Tourist Hotel
New York City
—“In the Heart of Harlem”—
Running Hot and Cold Water
In Rooms
All rooms outside exposure
Rates: $1.50, $2.00 and $2.50 up
PHone: AU 3-7730
Frank G. Lightner, Mgr
CTWi— wm+mmm
Reminiscent of the grandeur of
Napoleon and glittering French
court—your monogram of gigantic
letters, in stately relief on a light
bed spread. A reverse (light on
dark) is equally elective.
Real Shoe Man—
1410 North 24th £>
217 W. 125,k STREET
Our Boys on the Job--Doing 7 heir P'art tor democracy