The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, August 16, 1941, City Edition, Page Seven, Image 7

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The Louis-Baer scrap in Wash
ington wiU be recorded in the an
nals as a “disqualification defeat”
for Baer. •• Louis had to club
Baer with 7 00 solid smashes before
he went to the canvass for the
count-The August boxing rat
ing of Rang Mag, lists the heavy
boys in this order: Nova No. 1—
Conn No. 2—Baer No, 3 and Lem
Franklin No. 4:;In the Welter
weights class. Bob Montgomery,
Lew Jenkins, Sam Argatis’ boxing
teacher, was listed as No. 3 with
Jackie Wilson holding the No. 2
position in the lightweight ap
pointment. .. .In the featherweight
class, Chalky Wright, who n ay
meet Joe Archibald in Ebbets
fields this month, is rated as the
No. 2 challenger. In case you do
not know it, Archibald is the first
featherweight to regain his crown
• •••The shortest fight on record
is the 11 second KO. of Baby
Lenine by Ai Foreman....A base
ball team in Illinois batted around
three times in the last inning. ..
a«d one feller was retired for all
three outs-...He must have been
a hero to the opposing team.
Max Schmeling’s most efficient
punch used in beating Joe Louis
was a straight right to the head
and jaw-...The Cleveland Indians
baseball team have used five nick
names since the organizing of the
team, the Blues, Naps, Milly Mag
uires and the Indians which was
adopted in 1915. .. .what event in
the boxing world is associated
with October 4, 1940?.... Pete
Doss of Omaha, came out of the
same golden gloves tournament in,
Chicago. .. .Pete fought a years
out of Sioux City, Iowa, before
hanging up his mitts-In the
ring, Doss was a dead ringer for
Louis-.. James Barley, Jr., the
barbecue man, was runnerup in
the Negro tennis championships;
in Sioux City, a few years back -.
Does Neil Johnson go way out to
the beach to view the cuties or
does he really go in because *he
waters fine?——
(by Bernice Calvin and Frank T.
New York (C)—Highest paid
guy in sports history for using his
mitts, Joe Louis, dropped into lit
tle old New York most unexpect
edly, last Friday. Joe’s mission
was to try to induce promoter
Mike Jacobs to pick his hometown
Detroit, instead of Manhattan, as
sue for his scuffle with (Yoga)
Nova, which the champ himself
has hinted might be his last in the
game. That’s if the going is too
Now, Mike, the wise one hasn’t
said one word or other about
where he’s planning to stage the^
battle In fact, any promoter who
has the price of a long distance
call (Mike’s too sharp to take
them for less) can “try” to sell
his hometown to Jacobs as THE
place. Boston has already put up
a $250,000 guarantee. Detroit,
not afr behind, offers $200,000 in
advance ticket sales “But, I’ve
had so many bids lately, that I do
not know which way to refuse.”
That’s all Mike says about this
However, as we reported three
weeks ago, close friends of Mike
have confided with us that the
'memoriable exhibit wTill be in
New York and only New York,
the shrewd Jew, is merely playing
Real Shoe Man—
1410 North 24th St.
205 West 135th Street
Tourist Hotel
New York City
—“In the Heart of Harlem”—
Running Hot and Cold Water
in Rooms
All rooms outside exposure
Rates: $1.50, $2.00 and $2.50 up
PHone: AU 3-7730
Frank G. Lightner, Mgr
Men, Women Over 40
Don’t Be Weak, Old
Feel Peppy, New, Years Younger
7*ke Ostrex. Contains general tonics, stimulants
often needed after 40—by bodies lacking Iron, cal
cium, phosphorus. Iodine, Vitamin B,. A 73-year
old doctor writes: "It did so much for patients, I
took It myself, lfesiilts fine." Special Introductory
elxe Ostrex Tonic Tablets costs only 35c. Start
feeling peppier and younger ibis very day.
Shown above are five players
from the Heart of America club in
a picture taken during the 1940
city tournament. Left to right
they are: George Johnson, a for
mer city champion, Marcellas Hill.
Andy Smith. Dowdal Davis, in
charge of publicity for the CSGA
tournament and Dr. Eugene Rum
i mons. Tournament Manager for
the 1940 Central States meet at
Kansas City.
along for the publicity. He’s in
the dailies practicaly every7 day
now, toasting what a big drawing
card c le Louis-Nova is.
But to get back to Joe Louis’
visit litre in Gotham. The Champ
rambled a great deal to news re
pc rters. He believes Nova and
he are on par, but that Conn is a
faster and better boxer and hard
er to hit than Nova “Both are
plenty game. I don't think I’ll
have as much trouble with Nova
as I did with Conn because Lou is
easier to hit. I would rate Nova
a better hitter than Conn.
Joe is staying here a few days
Dofoi'e hear ing back to De c 'it
where he is sponsoring a $1000 op
en golf tourney at the Rockham
Golf Course# Aug. 12th, 13th
14th. Meanwhile, Louis is tryl/g
to make Mike talk on the site and
date for the Nova fight.
Jimmy MacDaniel, the crack
tennis champ from Xavier U. im
prt’ssibly defended his title, New
York State Championships, G-l.
C-0 on h - Cosmopolitan Club
Courts. Opponent Joe Batchelor
was really eliminated... -King ...f
toe Heavyweights’ golfing score
isn’t bad-...He averages 85- but
when he's at his best, it’s a 74.
Joe recently demonstrated golfing
ability at the Ohio Negrj Amateur
Club in Cleveland.... Fastest
sprinter , esse Owens wa.s rait -1
out twice last week in Augusta,
Ga.. .Jesse in the Southlands giv
ing exhibitions.-Lou Nova wan.s
his fight in New York.... Teddy
V. int, heavyweight, is stud/’ng
medicine in New York....
The Central States Golf Assoc
iation held its first meeting Aug
ust 23. 1931, in Des Moines, Iowa
in the office of Charles P. Howard,
A temporary organization was ef
fected naming C, P, Howard as
temporary chairman.
The following officers were elect
ed: President, Chas. B. Howard,
Des Moines; First Vice President,
Jessie Hutten, Omaha; Second
Bart Cannon. Morris Herndon,
Dowdal Davis, Leroy Doty, Dr.
Eugene Rummons.Five more
Kansas City Players who will com
'<<g •: l 1 inlHi 1 ' || I ,| 11 I1 "^^|i i ny
pete at Elmwood. Herndon is a
former president of the CSGA.
Saybert Hanger, John Mickens, Caldwell, playing in the Photogolf
John Simms, Herb Toole and Burl ic Tourney in April.
Vice President, James E. White,
St, Louis; Secretary, L. T, Mont
gomery, Kansas City; Treasurer
Charles Carr, Des Moines.
Shepard, St. Louis, Dr, L, M. Till
man, Kansas City, George Roddy,
Iowa City, Harry Walden, Des
Moines. L, B. Ferguson, Waterloo,
At this meeting, only four cit
ies were represented, Kansas City,'
St. Louis, Des Moines and Omaha.
Since then, several more cities
have joined, namely Minneapolis,
St. Paul and Topeka,
In the first 36 hole medal tourn
ament was over the Grandview
Golf Course of Des Moines. The
champion won by Charles Howard
of Des Moines with George Mc
Clain of Kansas City . runner-up.
Eugene Rummons was champion
of the second flight.
Since the first tournament, the
Association has played in St. Lou
is, Omaha, Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Kansas City.
When the first tournament com
mittee made its report, there was
only two flights, divided on a fifty
percent basis, but now, due to the
growth of the association, there
are three flights.
As the association has grown
with the years, little if no change
has been made in the Constitution
showing that even in the first
meeting much thought and consid
eration was given to the compil
ation of it.
16th. golfers of the Central Stat
es Association will begin play for
the 1941 Championships.
A record attendance is already
assured, and it looks as if it will
be the largest tournament ever
Entertainment on a large scale
will be given our outstate visitors.
Dances and picnics, swimming . r.d
house parties and two other irn
aments will be held to please our
Heading the groups entering
our city will be Kansas City with
twenty five golfers, St. Louis with
fifteen, Minneapolis with her fif
teen, DesMoines with twelve, To
peka with four, and many others
who have not sent in their reserva
tions. Omaha will have the most
entered, coming in with thirty
The Entre Nous Club girls have
volunteered their services and w*Jl
keep score during the tournament
Acting as hostesses will be the
Smart Set Club. They will help
serve and entertain. The Gay
Westerners’ Club have planned a;
picnic and dance at the Rose
Marie Lodge on Saturday night
All in all it will be one grand af
All Omaha is waiting for the’r
arrival. Coming into our city will
be the cream of the social life.
Men and women who are outstand
ing in their respective communit
ies. Many will come just to see
these highly skilled golfers play,
and to cheer for their favorites to
Omaha’s entry will be headed by
Jesse Hutten, “Gabby” Watson,
‘Penny” Murray, Jay Murrell,
Herbert Toole, John Simms and
John Mickens- Omaha is depend
ing on these men to hold up her
The public is cordially invited
Louise Turner, Olive Willis,
Jean Terrell and Bette Davis-...
these atractive young ladies will
join Omaha in Welcoming the
many out of town Central States
V Wfa JL l
) visitors over this week end.
Jean was crowned queen at the
St. Philip’s Coronation this year
and Bette in 1940.
***** •
to attend this tournament. We
to see some of the best Negro
golfers in the middlewest.
Elmwood Park the site of our
tournament, has a golf course,
which will give a real test of golf
We have many golfers entered in
this tournament who are worthy
of this test. There will be tension
and excitement on every stroke
played- Many will be broken
hearted and others will have that
victory smile on their faces. The
winner will be the one most men
tally and physically alert on these
two days. Over a fifty-four hole
test where one mistake may be
your downfall, nerves, yes it will
take iron nerves, to withstand the
trMmendous pressure which you
must take during an event of this
Playing against seventy or
eighty golfers whom you can’t
even see, is really a true test for
any kind of a sportsman. We
know that we will have only one
champion, but we won’t forget
those who will play, that made
Charleston, W. Va-, Aug. 2 (AN
P)—Thomas D. Saunders passed
an examination held by the state
department of mines here last
week with a rating of 94 and rec
eived a certificate as a first class
mine foreman. There were 18
who took the examination, Mr.
Saunders being the only Negro.
Saunders is an employe of the U
S- Coal and Coke Co-, of Gary,
West, Va.
READ The j
iope to give them the opportunity
tiim the Chompion. They may not
reach him, but they will be shoot
ing at him on every hole.
Ask for METZ
Since 1864
, c \
Here are pictured five of Kansas
City’s top flight golfers. Left to
right they are: J, C, Wilson. Lem
uel Russel, former city champion;
George McClain, another former
local titleholder; George Taylor,
runner up in the 1940 city meet;
DeAnthony Gray, defending cham
pion of the Central States Golf
Plumb Mean Lem K.O.s Simms
m*£ Z TZSUm X* bu*kl* UBd"' •' >n" L‘m ""'k"n
In the seventh veteran Eddie falls o ut of a clinch and stretches out . • *
I then tries to get up* but lege won’t respond.
—World-Herald Photo# by John Savaca
"I was paralyzed, see" . . . Simms explains to Referee Alex Fldie?
and Second Bob Bennett • • • still too groggy to standj