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Dear Readers: This column t
is written for your interest and (
we hope that it will serve ysu (
with information and facts about
the sports world. If you have
any information or questions *
for this column please mail it, 1
to John Bean. Reviewing The ]
Sports, Omaha Guide. 2420 (
Grant St.. Omaha. Nebr. j
Word comes in from the west
that Fat Fisher’s Sioux City Ghost
softball team, made up of Sioux
City and Omaha boys, is without
the services of three of thje four
Sioux City boys. Somewhere in
Colorado Benny Hamilton, star
third baseman and a June gi'ad* *
Z uate from Central high (S- C),
gave up his ball uniform for a Red 1
Cap’s outfit and a steady stream £
of $$$$$$ each week. The other 1
deserters are Sam Davis, one of
Iowa’s greatest short stops and 1
G©o. (Smoky* Murphy, veteran
fielder - • • -LaWrence Freeman, Soo
City’s Central high great athlete,
will enroll at Morningside Col
lege this fall- Fryman, a lines
man. will be coached by Bernie
Scherer former star at Nebraska
U. and later with the Philadelphia
Eagles pro tpam • • • • One writer let
out that Joe Louis will not win hi*;
bout with Marva. but Joe’s coun
terattack may prove as effective
as in the Louis-Conn affair.
Washington’s right fans want a re
turn Louis-Bud Baer go so badly
that the commissioners has moved
■ now you can OWN I
See this beautiful wine col-1
ill ored. 6-wheel Lincoln Con
;1 vertibe Sedan now at Mur-■
HI phy's. One of the finest cars®
II money can buy. Body by Le- Eg
9 Baron, radio, gas heater, 9
9 w hite sidew all tires. Cost ■
m new many thousands of do]-®
!| Ian. NOW only a fraction of®
S new car cost. S
14th, Jackson AT 4411
Did “Diamond Jim” Have
Stonuich or Ulcer Pains?
It is ha dly likely that Diamond Jim
Brady could have eaten so vora
ciously if he suffered after-eating
fiains. Sufferers who have to pay
he penalty of stomach or ulcer
pains, indigestion, gas pains, heart
burn, I urning sensation, bloat and
other conditions caused by excess
acid s) ould try a 25c box of Udga
Tablets. They must help or money
refund :d.
JAckson 2290 15th & Chicago
may affect the Heart
Ou tripped In the stomach or gullet may ict like •
sir-trigger on the heart. At the first sign of distress
nirt men and women depend on Bell-ana Tibleta to
it gas free. No laxative but made of the fastest
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IR8T DO SB doesn’t prove Bell-ins better, return
>tUe to us and receive DOUBLE Money Back. 25c.
>on’t despair
f relief from
■rrible Arthri
is aches or
ains. The
EW Colloidal
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tpsules called
ten bring w el
come relief In
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to Sulphur de
ficiency. Small
daily cost. Mon
ey back if no
relief after 30
days’ dosage.
Begin taking
oururaggist na» sulpho-mbs
kidneys Must
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od are removed chiefly by your kidneys,
ting up Nights, Burning Passages. Back
ke. Swollen Ankles, Nervousness. Rheu
tic Pains, Dizziness, Circles Under Eyes,
1 feeling worn out, often are caused by
k-organic and non-systemic Kidney and
dder troubles. Usually in such cases, the
v first dose of Cystex goes right to work
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l wastes. And this cleansing, purifying
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positive money back guarantee so get
tex from your druggist today for only 35c.
f "
695 Lenox Avenue
(Corner 145th Street)
Select Family And
i Tourist Hotel
unning Hot and Cold Water
in Each Room
11 Rooms Outside Exposure
Subway Service and Surface
Cars at Door
Rates Reasonable
Ed. H. Wilson, Prop.
Tel AU 3-7920
7-^7Ljr'-T^"T£\-7??'7f>nZ ’Tgtt
o change the local fistic liw so
hat Uncle Mike, an out of i own
r, can promote in Washington
Baseball fans of the Wichita vi
rinity will be the first to see a
dackout ball game according to
lay Dumont, president of the ra
ional Semi pro Baseball Congress,
iumont is planning a blackout
fame to help bring out the crowds
o his National tournament at
Yichita, August 15 to the 28. The
fame will be played in total dark
less. The bats, balls, bases, base
ines, players caps and all gloves
ind the umpire’s hands will be il
uminated with phosphorous paint.
Jumont said it will cost about $200
or the first game. About, six
rallons of phosphorous to illutnin
te the park....
Billy Conn referring to Joe Lou
s as “the big fellow” said: ‘ Sure
can beat him- I am more eon
inced of it than ever. I had him
icked all the way in our first
ight. but got careless in the thir
;eenth round when he hit me.
‘‘The big fellow will be nry next
>pptonent. And he’ll still be cham
pion when T lick him- Nobody
ilse is going to turn this trick.”
Speaking of Lou Nova as Joe’s
Opponent he said: “The big fellow
will stiffen him. Nova is a lead
pipe cinch for a fighter like Louis.
The only way to beat Louis is to
move with him or faster than him
and Nova can’t do that.”
Conn said that every time Louis
hit him it hurt and Johnny Ray,
Conn’s manager said: “I got all
the fight I wanted in that Louis
battle and I have no plans for ac
tion for some time.”
New’ York, Aug. 1 <ANP) Nine
championships will be the feature
of the ninth annual contract cham
pionships of the American Bridge
association to be held this year in
Detroit from August 17 r.o 2’i
Executive secretary Arthur R.
Curiel, in making the announce
ment this week, spoke with high
craise of this year’s hosts, the
GJogginettes club, wjio report every
thing will be in readiness for wbat
Is expected to be the best tourna
ment of the association’s history.
Of outstanding importance and
calculated to be a big attraction is
the novice open pair champion
ship. sponsored this year for the
first time for the benefit of bridge
players who do not feel themsel
ves sufficiently capable of compet
ing against the more expert play
ers. The “Gogginette Trophy for
Novice Open Pairs” will be award
?d to the winner in the form of a
The cream oi the crop, however,
will be locked in competition for
:he masters individual champion
ship. Only top ranking players
according to total master point,
lolding are eligible for this event
Dr. A- M. Curtis of Paterson. N.
1. is last year’s winner and will be
3nitered again in Detroit.
Perhaps by far the largest num
ber of entries will be in the two
open pair championships for mas
ters and for non-masters. This
expectation is based upon the cen
tral location of the host city and
reports of probable attendance
from areas not heretofore repres
ented in the nationals such as New
Orleans. St. Louis, Montgomery,
and Los Angeles. The 1940 win
ner in the open pair were Miss
Hazel Facey and L- A. Fields of
New York City.
Considered one of the favorite
events, is the mixed pair champ
ionships. In previous years this
has been a strong puller of entr
ies. The current champions are
Mrs. Cassie Davis ind G- F. Benoit
of New York City.
Of course, tremendous interest
will probably be shown by the
weaker sex for the woman’s pair
championships won in 1940 by Mrs
Rosanna Johns and Mrs. Eloise
Morris of New York. Because of
the large female membership of
the Gogginettes besides their role
as receptionists, this event is des
tined to draw a considerable local
turn out.
In the team of four play ‘here
is expected to be strong “stop
Chicago” movement in view of the
past successes of the Windy City’s
team- They won in 1937 in Chi
cago, in 1938 at Washington and
in 1940 at Atlanta where they
took the Dr- Jose N. Cesteros
trophy out of competition. O. A.
Mcore, Lawrence Buser. James P.
Holt and Oliver Landry, last years
winners, will be there battling to
the end.
The othier events will be the
men’s pair, non-masters; and the
men’s pair masters. Two legs on
the trophy for the latter event are
held by Leon A- Jones. Washing
ton; Joseph Niles, New York City;
and Charles Shipley of Baltimore.
Last year’s winner were Dr. J. A.
Pierce of Atlanta and Tom M
Griffin of New York City.
(A Weekly Feature)
grass Greens have sand but
Sand Greens don’t have grass
and they ain’t even green, but
they are green just the same
even if they are sand
Well folks the ole Coo-Coo clock
sittin’ on th»e mantle keeps tickin’
away fast and faster and the
starting time to the Central Stat
es Tourney keeps getting short
and shorter and us dubbers and
slicers and hookers keep working
hard and harder. Yass the way
that minute hand keeps chasing
the hour hand around this old time
piece is something terrifc. But
we shall be ready for the visitors
when the time comes. Anne
Howe! This is the 10th of August
1941 B. T. (Before Tournament)
In two short weeks the skies over
the Johnny Goodman links will be
dimmed with the swooping, whizz
ing and whirring little white pel
lets. In this the greatest of all
Sepia golfing wars of the Central
States Area, all goffing guys and
gals in their vari-colored goffmo
biles from various villages and
golflets of our goffing golfdom
will be here togged out in the very
latest sport attire. There will be
shiny silver trophies emblematic
of victory and golfing perfection.
There will be dainty and refresh
ing food stuff to appease those ap
petites of the great open space.
Then we shall dance in the beauti
ful setting of the Fontenelle Pav
ilion and sing “Let’s Go Out to the
Golf Links” (wihile we are already
there) Then after golfing hours
we shall dance some more at the
Silver Trophy Dance to be given
at the Dreamland and later on
and before we shall partake of
Pepsi Cola. Root Beer and other
cola and soda and play games.
Those Fellers from the Peepuis
Store down town sure did get a
kick out of their goff game. Com
ing up to No- 3 at Elmwood Sun
day one of them wanted to know
“What kind of a ball game is this
anyway, when you can’t win wit
“per”?” Another asked “Per”
what?” and he says “Per 4”. The
per 4 guy kept watching herb <as
a lot of players will be doing be
fore the tournament is over.) So j
after “Per 4” dubbed his drive in
to the bushes off of No. 6. He
persuaded Herb through the use
of some store talk, to shoot his
(per 4’s) second shot. And Herb
being the good golfer that he is.
laid the ball dead at the pin, an’
Per 4 got a birdie 3. Naturally
the other 4 players in his group
were suspicious at per 4’s sudden
from 10’s to birdies. But while
Herb was helping his friend in dL
tress, the Dubber, dubbed in three
birdies in a row for both sendy
cakes and girdie cakes- So one
of the fellows from Peepuis Store
says to Herb: “See. that’s what
you get trying to play two games
at once ”
The Dubber wishes to individ
ually and collectively thank thp
naborhood business men for their
wholehearted cooperation and al
most 100 percent backing of our
golfgram. It is indeed encourag
ing to know that they are cooper
ating with such a fine group of
outdoor sportsmen as is represent
| ed by the Central States group.
John Simms says he’s Going to
prove that he is the outstanding
Competative flight player in Sepia
amaha by winning his flight in
the World Herald tournament. So
ths week he enters the quarter
finals. We are rooting for you
Simsy ole boy. Winning golfers
are something we can’t get enough
of—if I ain’t on the other end of
the sendy cake ”
A number of requests for Tour
nament reservations have already
been received from St. Louis, To
peka. Des Moines and Minneapolis.
Photos of the Central States
players and their affiliates are al
so in great demand this week by
the National News Press
Lonnie wanted to know when I
found time to write this column,
so I seys I didn’t have to find time
because I write it in my' sleep and
he said that accounted for a lot of
What does LL mean by the
4Dubber \flashing his face all the
way to the back of his neck ’ I
ain’t that “ball”, or am I?
Remember that new lumberman
In was telling you about a few
weeks ago? About him measur
ing the LONG HOLES the SHORT
| and MEDIUM sized ones.... Well
| we encountered him again last
Sunday, out at Fontenelle Park
————————1.—.■^r^^Tw-»jgv-.-.-.-.-?^vv5^i!u«r!Swr£SS^Sfi5S£ ..
Cortez W. Peters, shown hold
ing World’s Championship Port
able Typewriter Trophy won rec
ently in Chicago. After this per
formance he proceeded to break
the existing world’s record on a
standard typewriter. Peters op
erates business colleges in ^Vash
ington, D. C-, Baltimore, Md., and
Chicago, Illinois. (ANP)
The All
HELLO FOLKS! I am here a
gain with the licks of the week.
I have seen quite a bit the past
Friendliest boy of the week: —
John Hamilton.
Announces Scholarshif
Courtesy ASF
The Rev. Glenn T. Settle ol
Cleveland, Ohio, announced in
a recent broadcast of Columbia
network’s “Wings over Jordan”
that this program will award
$10,000 in scholarships to deserv
ing students of the race. En
tries are restricted to persons
enrolled in senior high schools
located anywhere in the United
States. Full details concerning
this contest will be mailed to
persons addressing “Wings Over
Jordan” in care of CBS station
to which they listen to this pro
gram. Many prominent educat
ors have consented to serve on
the educational commission of
this contest and their decisions
will be final in all cases.
while he was carting a CanO'1—
(that’s a boat) around looking for
the two WATER HOLES which he
had heard the fellows discuss so
much-.-.He said he had found
ONE Lagoon but nary other WA
TER HOLE and he also said that
he was going out to Elmwood next
Sunday to investigate those DOG
LEG HOLES (which Lawrence
Lewis is always complaining a
bout'... .1 can hardly Wait to see
what kind of instruments he will
use to find the DOGLEGS. This
is getting interesting, yes indeedy.
Wonder if he’ll get ‘THERE’ be
fore I do.... ?
It was a 104 in the shade, or ev
eryone seemed to think so, and
there was only 4 present at the
Ladies’ meeting Monday nitc.
Even Mama Dubber wasn’t there.
But the 4 present were the kind
who get things done—Even if it’s
104 in the shade. So they decided
th|at their main event would be
held out at the Rosemary Lodge • •
And it will be—and it will be clas
sy as they always make their af
fairs classy. Thier group. The
Lady Golfers, will meet every
Monday night until the Tourna-'
ment. The next meeting will be
at Mrs. Bobbie Turner Davis’ res
idence at 7 p. m. All lady golf
ers are invited.
The DUB.
I hope you Chicks and Cats fo
cused your glad gleamers on Mr
Richard Rice. Rice the lick man.
with hfis draped suit and fine drap
ed hat. Gee he was looking good.
A very attractive girl who is
visiting Omaha from St -Louis—
She is none other than Miss Ruth
Blanton, age 19. She is residing
with her aunt and unde Mr. and
Mrs. Blanton on Wirt Street.
Two fine playsuits that I notic
ed were worn by Jean and Arlene
Gordon Jean Gordon is wearing
a white sharkskin playsuit with a.
detachable skirt displaying white
sharkskin shorts. Arlene Gordon
is wearing a fine seersucker red
white and blue stripes. This play
suit also has a detachable skirt
displaying seersucker shtorts. I
also noticed the New Pompadour
snoods worn by RozeUa Thomas
and Bertha Davis. RozeUa wore a
pink snood and Bertha wore a lea
We ai’e sorry to see so many
Cats leaving the City but we are
glad to know you are going to
have a fine vacation. Miss Shawn
Edmondson left for Chicago, Ill
inois Monday. She is to be gone
until school opens this fall.
Be on the lookout for the Sub
Deb Club dance to be given the
first part of September. One of
the members told me they were
planning a fine dance. It will be
strictly invitational.
For this week we have an added
attraction- After studying differ
ent girls in Omaha, we came to
the conclusion that a few of our
girls resemble Hollywood actresses
I hope you appreciate this column
because we tried very hard and it
took a lot of comparing actresses
with girls in Omaha.
Beverly Stams. resembles June
Duprez with her hair.
Gwendolyn Davis, resembles An
drea Leeds, about the eyes.
Delores Williams, resembles Hedy
Lamarr with hair styles.
Maxine Nichols, resembles Martha
Shawn * Edmondson, resembles
Anna Mae Wong,—eyes.
Audrey Forrest, resembles Vivien
Leigh, with hair style.
Marcellane Ragland, resembles
Kay Francis,—Walk.
Naomi Downs, resembles Ann
Sothern in her actions.
Ianez Upcher, resembles LU
Greene, in singing
Lutisha Neely, resembles Judy
Delores Jackson resembles Betty
Davis, about her face.
Estelle McCraty, resembles Doro
thy Lamour, wi'h her Hair.
Elnea Bradley, resembles Claud
ette Colbert—Hair.
Je ?sena Brooks, resembles Id a Lui
I pino,—Figure.
Amelia Jackson, resembles Joa’i
Bennett—Face and hair.
Lydia McCraty. Marlene Diet’d h
i Charlotte Ellis resembles Ann
Rozella Thomas, resembles Niua
Mae McKinney—Face.
Geraldine Hill, resembles Theresa
Marjorie Marshall, resembles Del
ores Del Rio,—Hair.
Be Seeing You next week.—
Omaha, Nebraska
July 31st, 941
You paper is now in the first
quarter of its fourteenth year of
publication and you deserve sin
cerest congratulations from your
community; not alone from the
Negroes, but from the white pop
ulation as well.
Not many weeks ago it was my
privilege to visit your Guide Pub
lishing Company Building. Al
though I have lived here for many
years, I confess I was astounded
to find a printing plant equipped
with costly linotype machines,
large and small powered printing
presses and an investment of a
round Fifty Thousand ($50,000)
During your fourteen years of
public service, you need not tell
me you have sacificed to come this
far: I know it well. But what 1
wish to say now is, you have
wroughlt an economic miracle by
surviving during the “depression
years” and publishing a weekly
paper every week during those
years and at the same time im-.
proving your building and plant
and equipping it along modern
I do not know of a publisher of
a weekly paper anywhere in the
country whose record equals yours.
I know you have been “kicked in
the pants”; everyone is who tries
to do anything, but your accomp
lishment is extraordinary and I
sincerely applaud your invaluable
contribution to your race, your
community and your country.
Mroe power to your paper in its
fight for full liberty and opport
unity for all.
Sincerely your.s
W. B. Bryant.
Idlewild, Mich. July 27 (ANP)
Carol Chilton and Maceo Thomas
the popular dance duo, opened a
delightful new pleasure spot at
Idlewild last week. Erecting a
large log cabin, with all sorts of
innovations and niceties, and with
a large barbeque pit adjacent, the
place, named “Carol's and Maceo’s’
is winning high favor with vacat
Pttsburgh, July 29 (ANP) Atty
Homer S. Brown, prominent mem
ber of the Pennsylvania legislat
ure, is circulating petitions for a
place on the democratic ticket as
judge of the common pleas court
here. Mr- Brown in pioneering
for this elective office has the ad
vantage of great personal popul
arity in racial and political circles
regard'ess of race.
formerly at 24th and
Erskine St.
New location 514 N. 16th
| St.
Phone Jackson 4635
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Y our Name I
and Address I
AND PAY LATER After You Have
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