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    N.Y. Harlem Plans Negro Day!
New York, May 24 (by Nell
Dodson for ANP*—Aroused by
continued discrimination against
Negroes in defense industries, and
the Army and Navy, outstandog
Harlem citizens were completing
plans this week for National Ne
gro day to be celebrated June 27.
Headed by the Citizens’ cooper
ating committee, the movement
had already gained the support of
leading civic groups, Thursday.
PM., New York daily paper, sound
ed the keynote initial plans last
Week by giving a nine-page spread
to an expose of discrimination a
gainst both trained and untrained
Negro workers in defense setups
Herbert Cook, chairman of the
Negro Grocer’s association of Har
lem, who is heading the executive
committee for Negro day, is work
ing along with an advisory comm
ittee that includes G. Dalmus
tok for METZ
Since 1864
S?: .V
Steele, Grand Deputy of IBl’OE. I
of W-, Mrs. Mary McLeod Bethune
Henry K. Kr.aft, executive secre
tary of the Harlem branch YMCA,
Dr. S. H. Sweeney of St. Mark’s
ME. Church, and Dr. F. A . Cul
len of Salem ME. Church, asd ov
er a dozen other leading civic and
social figures.
“I’m 3ure thot every intelligent
Negro in America today is getting
disgusted with all of this talk of
deocracy and the fight for preser
vation of equal rights when they
won’t even let us aid in the prep
aration of this country’s defense!
At a time when every Ameiiean,
black and white, should be stand
ing shoulder to shoulder against
the threat of war 16 billion citizens
of this nation are being brazenly
ignored when they demand to
know why they haven’t the right
to work an live as other Americ’ns
have!” Cook stated. “It's about
time we’re showing we can stand
up and fight as a unified people.
Negro day should be a national
procalamation that Negrots have
contributed to the cultural, social,
and cvic background of this coun
try, are an integral part of nation
and intend to be respected as such.
The celebration in Harlem will
include an hour long parade of
floats contributed by businesses,
clubs, and fraternal organizations
There w»l! be a special party for
the children of the community,
and the day will wind up with a
dance at the Golden Gate ball
Plans were under way for n rad
io broadcast over one of the nat
ional hook-ups at a date to be an
nounced later. Band leaders, cab
aret entertainers and theotrica'
luminaries are to figure largely in
the set up of celebration prepara
Aiding Cook on the executive
committee are Homer Smith, Rich
ard Thomas, Mrs. Iolanthe E. Sid
ney, Iona R. Morris, Sally Gatling,
Charles L. Clare, J. T- Magill and
Vernon F. Riddick. ,
Members of the advisory com
mittee are Dr. Adam Clayton Pow
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271 WEST I25T." ST., NEW YORK.N.Y.
Dr. Ronald N. Jefferson, pedia
trician of Provident hospital, Chi
cago, who has just been notified
that he has passed successfully
the American Board of Pediatrics,
making him a sepcialist in that
field. Dr. Jefferson, originally
from Loa Angeles, left Chicago 3
months ago as a 1st lieutenant in
the medical corps, USA., Ha is
serving in the base hospital at
Camp Livingston, near Alexandria
La- He and the other colored
physicians in the hospital serve
patients regardless of race.
ell, Jr-, Mary McLeod Bethuno, Dr.
| S. H- Sweeney, Dr. C. B. Powell
of the Amsterdam Star News,
Henry Kraft, Daniel Burroughs,
assemblyman of the 19th A. D.,
William Andrews, assemblyman of
the 21st A. D, Dr. E. F. Thomp
son, member of the Pennsylvania
legislature, Raymond Jones, Jul
ius Adams, Mrs- Bernia Austin,
Mrs. Bessye Bearden, Henrietta
Ravenall, Lillian Sharpe Hunter,
Wilhelmenia Adams, Louise Mor
ris, Ada Battle, Clarence D. King,
Rodney Dade, Catherine D. Will
iams Javan A. Steele, Dr. F. \.
Cullen of Salem ME. Church, J
M- Watkins, Edward Mickey, Dew
ey Weinglass of Sepia-Art pictur
| es and J. Dalmus Steele.
Although the people if St. John
AME. Church have just come
through a successful financial
drive for their church home, they
still have room in their hearts and
time to aid another organization in
distress. St. John AME. Choir
and Orchestra has agreed to give
a special program at their home
on Monday, June 2, 1941 at 7:30 p.
Rev. T. A. Sears, Pastor was re
ported to be well pleased with the
idea and hopes the community will
respond to this effort. The prog
ram is a cultural as well as worth
while activity which everyone of
every age, race or church, who lik
es to hear good music, can attend
and enjoy.
St- John AME. Choir of about
100 voices is well known thruout
the city for its beautiful singing.
Several times they have appeared
over radio stations and before both
white and colored audiences,
has the unusual ability of bring
Their director, Mrs. Pearl Gibson,
ing out the best in every voice.
Mr. C. W. Porter, member of
St. John’s Church and the Spanish
American War Veterans, is coop
erating with Dr. Wesley Jones,
captain of Team No. 7 in promot
ing this affair.
Tickets at 15c per person will bo
on sale this week.
The Urban League officials ex
pressed deep gratitude for this
gesture of support by pastor and
members of St. John AME. church.
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2806 Seward Street
Omaha, Nebraska
May 19, 1941
Mr. G. W. Woodward, Sr-, Editor
The Unionist,
2203 Farnam Street,
Omaha, Nebraska.
Dear Sir:
I felt sure that some mistake
had been made when I read in the
Omaha World-Herald that Roy
Brewer,P resident of the Nebraska
State Federation of Labor, oppos
ed to the amendment to L. B. 604.
I know that the State Federat
ion was opposed to L. B- 604 in its
original form which was designat
ed to limit to $1.00 the initiation
and monthly fees unions may
charge applicants for common la
bor jobs at the Omaha Bomber
Assembly plant. But I cannot
see why organized labor should
oppose the amendment which
Would prevent a labor organizat
ion from being the representative
unit for collective bargainging
purposes if it discriminated be
cause of race or color.
I was sure that the Omaha Cen
tral Labor unon would take a pro
gressive stand on this issue, but
I was due for a shocking surprise
for I soon learned that some oi
the local leaders of the labor move
rncyit s&upported Roy Brewer’s I
stand. They stated that since
there was no discrimination it was
foolish to have such a law on the
Statute books to annoy us. that the
passage of this measure cduld not
hurt the white unions, but on the
contrary, would be very harmful
to the Senator who introduced it
and to the Negro race as a whole;
that organized labor resented this
bill because it would be forcing
them to do something they did not
wish to do. These were the main
points of the arguments raised by
Brothers Olson and Preble, who
contended that organized labor
should oppose the passage of this
I must say that I feel it is a
disgrace to have to introduce such
a measure to give any race of peo
ple equal opportunity in employ
ment and a higher standard of liv
ing in these United States.
Labor unions were founded to
better the conditions of the work
ing class. And one of its
es was the Brotherhood of Man.
Man was not divided according to
race or color.
We all know that there is dis
crimination in most A. F. of L. lo
cals against the Negro. There are
some international unions where
the Negro cannot even become a
member. In most locals where Ne
groes- are accepted they are put
into Jim Crow locals, which are
called Auxiliaries. They often pay
the same initiation fee and dues
and their white brothers pay. Yet
they really have no effective voice
in the operation of their local.
If this is not discriminaton,
then I need to fnd a new diction
Let us examine our local situa
tion with regard to discrimination.
The refusal to train Negroes for
skilled jobs that will be available
when the new Bombing plant op
ens for production because Negro
es cannot join the Sheet Metal
workers union; the refusal of the
Mechanics union to take in the car
washers and greasers when attem
pting to organize the Mechanics
in the Baking industry here.
The leaders of organized labor
cannot honestly say there is no
discrimination here, because there
is, and it is a very serious prob
lem, one that needs our immediate
Black America can be a power
ful ally of White America if they
are organized into a real trade un
ions on an equal basis and given
an opportunity to seek any em
ployment which they are qualified
to hold. The trade unions should
vigorously protest against any dis
crimination in industry against
any race of people.
Black America shoved nto the
background—forgotten and unor
ganized can be a whip held over
the heads of the trade unions by
the employer of our country. It
is to our advantage to organize
them NOW!
As for this bill, L. B. 504. we
will find many laws on our Stat
ute books that certain groups of
people feel are unnecessary in this
democracy of ours. For example,
let us take the Wagner Act- The
employers feel that this is a fool
- L. B. 504
ish law as it covers a right we
have as Americans-—the right to
strike and to collective bargaining.
But the labor organizations feel
that this law is needed because
the employers have taken unfair
advantage of them.
The sponsors of L. B. 504 feel
as though the AF. of L. Craft un
ions have been unfair in their
treatment of the Negroes. (And
they certainly have plenty of rea
sons for feeling so.)
This is already a law in the
State of Kansas and has been in
troduced into the legislative of an
other half dozen states- II. R.
3994 introduced into Congress is
along these same lines, only it ap
plies to industries or agencies op
erated in Whole or in part by
funds appropriated by Congress.
So, if the labor leaders are sin
cere in their efforts to organize
the Negro Workers into militant
trade unions, the passage of this
bill will not matter.
Fraternally yours,
I _ _
The kind of a son any mother
can appreciate- The following is
a letter from Thesus Standifer to
Mrs. Wm. Triplett, his mother,—
trying to console her in her mo
ments of despair.
• • •
U. S- Lamson 367
Pearl Harbor, T. H.
January 9, 1941
Dear Mother:
This leaves me well and happy,
and enjoying life daily. Hope this
will find you much happier and
not worrying about yourself and
what the future will hold for you.
Every home can be prosperous,
and there should be no poverty
stricken homes, for they are caus
ed only by inharmony, fear and
negative thinking, so begin now
to talk plenty. Thank God for
what you already have and are
blessed with. Express true hap
piness and well being trom your
heart, then you’ll notice how your
prayers are being answered.
Don’t ever think or talk hard
times. Things will never come to
you thatw ay. Put all your ser
ious thinking on good thoughts
over bad disastrous ones, and you
will soon win everything that’s
genuinely good over to your side.
Worry and fear will walk right out
the door.
Talk strength and try to be
strong inside and God will help
you. Talk weaknesses and you’ll
be weak. When you are weak in
side you can’t tell when God answ
ered your prayers unless he per
forms a gigantic miracle lor you
and that, I’m sure, would scare
you so your heart couldn’t stand
the strain.
Yours is still here on earth and
you are going to get it for sure,,
if you only get those deceivers,
worry, fear, and dislike out of your
insides. Start right now and
clean house inside, then watch all
j the blessings you never realized
before come to your evey day life
You'll be happy evey day and not
just when special occasions arise
Meditate strongly to yourself
about only good things to happen
for you and watch for their ap
pearance providing you don’t let
something inside say they won’t
and can’t happen, then truthfully
they won’t. Think for the best
| every day, every minute assist
i yourself with prayer and see if
# Speak at National Boy Scout Meeting ” I
Addressing more than 1.000 delegates at the 31st annual meet*
ing of the National Council Boy Scouts of America at Washington,
D C May 16 and 17 are (top) Norman H. Davis, Chairman, Amer-,
ican Red Cross; Senator Arthur Capper of Kansas; Sir Willmott
Lewis, Washington Correspondent, The London Times; (oval) Paul
V McNutt, Administrator, Federal Security Agency; (bottom) Dr.\
James E. West, Chief Scout Executive; Frank J. Hogan, past-;
President, American Bar Association and Walter W. Head, Nat
ional Boy Scout President.
TO MEET JUNE 9-15, 1941
Dr. J. M. Nabrit, Executive Sec.
of the N. B. Con., and Dr. C- Rich
ardson, President of Western Bap
tist Seminary will be guest speak
ers during the annual meeting of
the New Era Baptist State Ass’n.
June 9-15, 1941.
As Moderator of the New Era
Baptist Sta+* Association of Ne
braska, realizing that our annual
session is just around the corner,
a session to which we are looking
forward to with great anticipat
ion. Feeling the presure of my
duty, I take this opportunity to
express my personal gratitude to
the pastors, officers, churches and
many friends for your cooperation
this year, especially, when I real
ize the handicap under which you
have labored.
Such loyalty in the past and the
present reflects a star of hope in
the future development of our
great task of Kingdom building.
This gives me faith and courage to
ask that we rally around the old
flag of the historic New Area Bap
tist State Association with greater
effort than ever. By so doing,
the glorious ideals and principles
for which Jesus died, and the good
works for our sleeping saints shall
not trail in the dust of selfishness,
and indifference.
The challenge of the church to
1941 will become to be the best
year in your life.
You don’t have to go outside to
fight this battle, just stay right
there in the house. Use this let
ter as reference, Watch things
brighten up for you. Don’t wor
ship money and ask for it. Ask to
be shown the way to happiness and
strength. The rest will come. A
bove al don’t sing the blues or ev
en think about them.
Here’s something that’s very
important Don’t use the front
consciousness, use the deep back
one. You know the one you used
to call your better mind, well, then
let it go to work for you, because
everything you want in life is
right there for that is God-Use
all the will and high spirits you
can to seek your best-self—If
your will and energy runs low—
ask God for more to carry on with
Conquer every weakness you run
across with a good truthful out
look and understanding. Every
night pray for Wisdom or now to
thing that happens to you.) Use
this letter often until you get in
the rigt frame of mind.
I’ll write you some more to go
by shortly. Try hard and be strong
day is to give reason for its ex
istence. To meet this challenge
more effectively We must march
together in one solid phalanx. It
can be dohe. Dr. J. M. Nabiit
President of the A- B. T. Seminary
and Executive Secretary of the N.
B. Convention will be guest
speaker in this session.
The time is June 9-15, 1941 at
the Paradise Baptist Church, Rev.
C. Adams pastor. On Monday
evening June 9, there will be a
pre-convention program under the
auspices of the Paradise choir- On
Sunday, June 15, at 3:00 P. M- Dr.
Clement Richardson, President of
Western Baptist Seminary of Kan
sas City, oM., will be guest speak
er during the mass meeting which
will be held at that hour.
The Paradise Church is planning
th grandest entertainment, we
have ever had, therefore we are
urging that each church be well
F. P. Jones, Moderator
New York—The lynchers of A.
C. Williams at Quincy, Fla., on
May 12 gave aid to the Nazis ana
betrayed their country, declaied
the NAACP. to President Roose
7cdt m a letter registering a pro
test {gainst tae crime.
After voicing his protest and
asking for positive action by tne
Plot'dent and the Department of
Justice, the letter declared-'
“We are concerned with lynch
ing as it relates to the aims of
ovr national defu se effort. You
have said that every man, woman
and child has a stake in this de
fense effort. You have pictured
I the struggle as one to preserve
I the democratic freedoms against
the assault of the forces of op
pression, brutality and death
“In this immense effort our coun
try is weakened morally and phys
ically by the lynchers who kill at
their whim, and by oficers of the
law who make no effort to pro
tect their prisoners or to arrest
the lynchers. Into the hands of
Virginio Gayda and Paul Joseph
Goebbels the Florida mob and all
other mobs have thrust the answer
to America’s protestations and ac
tions in the international conflict.
“A pronouncement from the
Chief Executive on this crime
would hearten those Americans
who abhor lynching and who stand
defenseless before the gibes of
those who regard our country’s
defense philosophy as hypocritic