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    News from
the Church
Rev. G. D. Hancock. Pastor
Mrs. Ellis Kirtley. Reporter.
Sunday school was opened at 9:30
with the Supt. and teachers in
Morning services were opened
with the pastor and senior choir in
charge. The scripture text was
taken from the book of Daniel.
The Vesper Hour conducted by
the Happy Time Club with Mrs.
Kirtley and Mrs. Bennett in charge
was indeed inspirational. We arc
very grateful to those who took
part on the Interracial program.
Namely Mr. Harry Mendleson, At
torney Adolphe Victora, Mr. Win.
Davis, and Miss Johnette Coleman.
The Vesper hour is conducted ev
ery first Sunday at 5 p. m. Re
member the Fellowship Tea Sun
day February 11, 4 to 7 at Mrs. M.
Chandler, 2804 North 25th St. Miss i
Lucie Mae Collins, chairman.
All members are urged to attend
service Sunday morning as the dele
gate is to be elected to the Annual
The Union Services will be held
SATURDAY, FEBR. 10, 1940
Published Every Saturday, at 2418
Grant St., Omaha Nebraska.
$2.50 per year. 5c single copy.
“Entered as second class matter
March 18th, 1927 at the Postoffice
at Omaha, Nebraska, under the Act
of Maich Hid, 1879.
American Memorial Co.
Quality at A Price—None Better
PHONE AT. 4927
Paint, Glass and Varnish. We do
glazing and make window shades
to order. 182 N. 24th St. WE. 1607.
2401 North 24th WE. 6056
2324 North 24th St. WE. 1029
CREDIT to get all the stylish
new apparel you need. Great
values. Enjoy terms made to
order for you. Peoples Store,
109 South 16th St.
FOR RENT—Love’s Kitchenette
Apartments, 2516-18 Patrick, or
2613 Grant St. Call WE. 5563 or
WE. 2410.
Front Room, modern WE. 1024.
FOR RENT—A four room Apt.
Modern, Call WE. 3030.
\n Apt. for Rent, WE. 2366
For Rent, 2 apts. WE. 2737.
Furnished Apts., 2 rooms, $3.60—
I rooms $4.50. Utilities paid, JA.
We Aid the Poor with Your
Waste Materials. Throw Noth
ing Away. We Need Clothing,
Papers, Furniture. Anything.
209 North 13th
A-B BUFFET, 1616 N. 24th St.
at Popular Prices
Courteous Service at all Times
I at Zion Baptist Church Februarj
11. Everyone is invited to attenc
these union services.
Mrs. Justus is still on the sicl
list. We are sorry at this writing
to learn of the passing of Mrs. Pen
rose. Relative of Sister Bufford
and Sister Toler.
Rev. C. C. Pettis, Acting Pastor
Mrs. E. L. Young, Reporter
The Salem Choir will sponsor an
evening of Music Sunday, Febr. 11,
at 8 o'clock in the evening. Come
and enjoy an evening of song and
music. Music will be under the di
rection of Mr. E. L. Young, Mrs. E.
Porter at the piano.
The Services at Salem were well
attended Sunday and all services
were enjoyed. Covenant meeting
was held Sunday morning.
The Church called Rev. A. W. T.
Chism of Redland, C.aiif. as pastor.
Mr. E. Hubbard will be ordained
as deacon Sunday Feb. 11 at 3 p. m.
There will be a Special Weight
Rally on the 4th Sunday.
The Funeral of Mrs. Mabel Diggs
was held Friday evening at 2 p. m.
at Salem.
Come and worship with us. All
visitors are welcome.
“Holiness Unto the Lord”
Rev. I,. M. Relf, Pastor
liertha Mallory, Reporter
Sunday School 9:30 a. m.,
Morning Worship, 11:30 a. ni.
HYPU. 6 p, tn.
Evening Worship 7:30 p. m.
Bible Study, Tuesday night.
Prayer and Praise Service, Frid
ay night.
Morning worship opened with de
votional service lead by the deac
At 11:30 a. m. the pastor preach
ed a short sermon taken from the
52nd chapter of Isa. Text: “Put
on the Garment of Righteousness."
The evening service was opened
with a testimonial meeting after
which Rev. Burton brought us the
message in his own way. After
the sermon, the Lord’s supper was
vome out and enjoy tne services
with us. You are welcome.
Rev. R. W. Johnson, Pastor
Sunday school opened at the us
ual hour. We had a lovely discus
sion from this subject: “Thought
in Sacred”. Wo had a lovely dis
cussion. Some beautiful points
brought out.
11 o'clock service opened with the
order of service conducted by the
Ass’t pastor. Our pastor brought
the word from Nemiah 9-16-17
verses. Subject: Christ the Re
minder. Our hearts did burn as he
spoke to us.
Union began on time. We was
very enlightened over our lovely
crowd. A lovely program was ren
dered. Our lesson was 6th Chapter
8 o’clock service opened with
choir processional.
The presence of the Lord was
with us all day. Also a lovely
Covenant meeting was had at 3:30
Our evening message. Subject “The
Power of God”—Text St. John 11
39 and 44 verses. We had a lovely
time in service.
Everyone welcome to our servic
es at all times.
"The Friendly Church”
Rev. T. A. Sears, Pastor
Mrs. Sara Walker, Reporter
A beautiful and unique picture
portraying faith, love and sincer
ity was presented Sunday by the
Stewards and Stewardesses as they
encircled Rev. Sears and associate
ministers during the Holy Comm
union Service. One hundred eight
een persons communed at this ser
-It- ■ —<1— ■ —=1
Slyter Ice & Coal Co.
2412 Lake St. AT. 7225
Omaha, Nebraska
-H=" II---1
Quality Plus Service
Hot Corn Bread or Biscuits
with Your Orders without
Extra Charge.
21th St. At Willis Avenue
‘Build-Up ’ Important
Protector of Women!
A weak, undernournished condit
n often enables functional dysm
lorrhea to get a foothold; thus
ads to much of woman’s suffer
g from headaches, nervousness,
her periodic discomfort.
CARDUI'S principal help for
ich distress comes from the way it
mally stimulates appetite; increas
j| flow of gastric juice; thus aids
digestion; helps build energy,
strength, physical resistance to
periodic pain for many.
Another way, many women find
help for periodic distress: Take
CARDUI a few days before and
during “the time.” Women have us
ed CARDUI for more than 50
j years!
Left to right: Arthur Storz, Robert Storz, Adolph Storz,
E. M. Von Seggern and F. J. Minder.
In recognition of Its "Outstand
ing Use of Constructive News
paper Advertising In 1939," the
Storz Drewing Co., Omaha, has
been awarded a special plaque by
the Nebraska Press Association.
According to E. M. Von Seg
gern, publisher of the West Point
Republican and president of the
Nebraska Press Association, the
award was made to Storz for its
Judicious and successful use of
Nebraska’s most powerful adver
tising media, the combined papers
of the Association. Through Its
advertising in Nebraska's dally
and weekly papers, which are so
influential in promoting Nebraska
industry and business, Storz has
boosted Nebraska industry in gen
eral, as well as creating a home
market for Storz beers.
The plaque was presented to
Adolph Storz, president of the
brewery, by Mr. Von Seggern and
P. J. Minder, secretary of the
Press Association, in a simple cere
mony at the brewery offices Wed
nesday afternoon, January 31<
Arthur and Robert Storz, vice
presidents of the brewery, and C.
C. Buchanan, Buchanan-Thomas
Advertising Co., agency for Stors,
were present for the award.
vice which was unusual because all
of them took their own elements at
the same time.
The attendance at the Union Ser
vices is growing and the ministers
are urging that each member of the
various churches do their part by
bringing sinners and indifferent
Christians to these services.
Union services will begin at 7-:30
February 11 at Zion Baptist church
with Rev. W. M. Camper and choir
of Bethel A ME. Church conducting
the services.
All young people over fifteen
years of age interested in the youth
movement launched by Rev. Sears
are requested to be present Monday
evening, February 12 at the church
for the get-to-gether meeting which
will be supervised by M. E. Webb
und the guides who have been sel
ected to sponsor the many activities
as planned for the future. Rev.
Sears will speak from the subject:
“Christ’s Way of Brotherhood” —
Acts 10th Chap. 34 verse.
The Minute Men’s Club held its
regular meeting Sunday at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. ('.. B. Mayo
with a representative group pres
ent. Both the club and the Wom
en’s auxiliary agreed to support the
entertainment planned by the choir
for the 22nd of February at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. L. L. McVay
2868 Corby St.
25th and Decatur Sta.,
L. A. Story, Pastor.
M. H. Young, Reporter
Sunday School 9:45 a. m.
Morning Worship 11 a. m.
League 6:30 p. m.
Evening Worship 7:30 p. m. with
Union Service.
The morning service was well at
tended. Our presiding elder Rev.
L. E. B. Rossner brought the mes
sage, which was enjoyed by all
One member was added to the
Rev. W. M. Camper of Bethel A.
M. E. Church preached for us at the
3 o’clock service. His choir furn
ished the music. Don’t forget to
pay your general funds.
We worshipped at St. John AME.
Church with the Union Service.
Rev. J. S. Williams of Hillside
Church was host and Rev. G. Good
lett brought the message. His
choir furnished the music.
Don’t forget this is enlistment
month. If you are not active in
some part of the church, start to
day to be. For in Matt. 5th chap.
13 verse reads: “Ye are the Salt of
the Earth, but if the Salt have lost
his Savor, wherewith shall it be
Salt?” It is thenceforth good for
nothing but to be cast out. And to
be trodded underfoot of men. Lest
not be cast out. Neither trodden
underfoot of men, but enlist today
and do your part. We were happy
for our visitors to come again at
your earliest convenience.
26th and Seward Sts.,
On February 11 at 3:00 p. m. a
grand program will be rendered,
namely: Sister Goodlett of Pilgrim
Baptist, Sister Johnston of Mount
, Moriah, Sister Georgia Scott—New
Hope Quartet of St. John’s South
side church, Sister J. D. Lewis, Bro.
Edward Beasley of Mt. Moriah.
Remarks by Rev. St. Clair of
Pleasant Green.
All churches are invited to at
tend. This is the closing of a fin
ancial drive sponsored by Sister Al
ice A. Beasley captain., Sister Gun
ner, assistant captain.
Rev. Watkins, Master of cere
monies. Rev. J. G. Carter, Pastor.
by Robert L. Moody
The World Day of Prayer
February 9 th—
Our calendar year is marked with
many important observances. But
the observance of World Day of
Prayer, Friday, February 9th is of
world-wide importance. Yet today
the soul of man naturally cries to
God for help and for that something
that cannot be named. Yet is clear
ly felt. Mankind in every land
feels this urge. This is true of
Christian, Mohammedan or heath
Abroad, we have international
problems of war and peace are con
fronting the leaders of nations.
Here in the United States, our do
mestic problems of relief, elections,
commerce and national defense re
quire wise decisions and guidance.
Besides these problems, we have
many blessings to prayerfully
thank God for. Someone has well
said that: “Prayer is the Tuning of
the Soul to the Broadcasting of
As we tune in on this day of
prayer, may we well feel the in
spiration of fellowship in this
world-wide hookup in prayer for
the salvation of men. The world
needs salvation from sin and all of
its by-products. Let us remember
men everywhere and pray for their
healing the leadership of rulers and
the common man of every race,
color, nationality and creed.
Mrs. Nancy Hall was called to
Dennison, Texas on account of the
illness of her brother. Mrs. Hall is
the wife of C. H. Hall, Hall Express
Mrs. H. R. Greenfield who has
been confined to her home with a
severe cold, is recovering.
Mrs. Lottie Story, wife of Rev.
L. A. Story, slipped on the icy side
walks Saturday and received a lac
eration on her forehead.
Mrs. Smith, mother of Mrs.
Stamps and grandmother of Lucie
Mae Britt is very ill at her home.
Mrs. Camper, wife of Rev. W. M.
Camper, is ill at her home.
I For the benefit of those who read
I this column, that do not quite un
| derstand just what is being done
I with monies raised by this club.
Two money making events are
given each year, proceeds from
which are used to finance annually
‘as follows:
1 Send Girl reserves to summer
j camp for two weeks. Two repre
I sentatives to summer conferences.
A delegate to the YWCA. Biennial
Convention. Donation to the Y. W.
C. A. Distribute baskets among
the needy. A Christmas party for
children. Fruits, nuts, crfndy for
Old Folks Home, and also in many
Abe Wallace
M. M. M.—Are we really in love
with one another and will we really
be married some day. We both
like the same things and we feel
that we could be so happy if mar
Ans: Love is a strange thing—
you are actually in love with one
another, but you are much too
young to get married. I suggest
that you wait at least another year
before considering marriage, and
by that time you both may have a
change in mind.
G. H.—Is this illness I am suffer
ing with natural and when if ever
will I get well and be my old self a
Ans: Your illness is natural—
You have a good case of appendic
itis just as your doctor tells you.
Now make up your mind to go to
the hospital and have this appendix
removed. You will get well after
the operation.
X. X.— We are having some
church trouble with our preacher
and we wonder if we could get rid
of him or not?
Ans: Don’t you think that all
this trouble should be reconsidered
—there are always two sides to ev
ery story and he isn’t altogether to
be blamed for what has gone on. In
a course of time the matter will be
adjusted and settled in everyone’s
A. C.—Should I go to work and
plan to take this mail order course
that I have in mind?
Ans: It seems to me that you
would profit more if you took this
course in school instead of through
the mail. Finish your training but
it would be more thorough if you
went back to school instead of try
ing to get a diploma through mail.
E. N. F.—I am in love with a cer
tain young girl and I wonder if she
loves me as much as I do her?
Ans: Heaven’s no, she doesn’t
love you or any other fellow. She
has several friends that she is go
ing with, but she intends to enjoy
life and she isn’t going to start
looking “moon eyed” at any one fel
low at her tender age in life. You
had better make you some more girl
friends too if you expect to keep up
with her.
R. C.—I am anxious to send for
my Astrology Reading but do not
know how to send the money.
Please explain it to me?
Ans: You may send cash or
stamps, money order if you prefer.
If sending coin, be sure to wrap it
in a piece of paper and enclose with
your full name, birthdate, and cor
rect address—also three questions
if you desire my free opinions on
L. C. B.—Where abouts in the
home is my mother’s money buried
and will we be able to get it or not?
Ans: After giving this problem
serious thought, I don’t think that
there is any money buried in the
place. Time spent in this search
will probably be wasted and I sug
gest that you stop worrying about
it altogether.
M. P. G.—I am asking should I
consider marriage now or wait a
while and which of these fellows
should I take more interest in ?
Ans: Don’t get married right
now. If you had found true love,
you would have known it, and in
the mean time enjoy yourself and
make up your mind to wait for your
prince charming.
other things sponsored by this
group of young women.
The cooperation of everyone is
“Pardon Me!” Do you want to
know what the little Miss and Mr.
are wearing for spring and sum
mer?. Watch for the Quack Style
Show. Julia Williams, President,
Leola Jones, reporter.
Watch for Opening of
2422 N. 24th St.
Full Line of Meats,
Groceries, Fruits
and Vegetables
Joe Sokolof, Prop.
Negro History Program and
Banquet will be sponsored by the
class in adult education and Sunday
School of Mt. Olive Baptist church,
Thursday, February 15, 8 p. m.
There will be Negro Spirituals
readings from Negro poets, talks
on the progress of the Negro and
i a quiz in Negro History.
Dinner will be served for 25c per
plate. Miss Emma Curtis, chair
man, Mrs. Clara Prater, Pres, of
class, Mr. Robert L. Moody, Inst.
The Helping Hand Club of Mt.
Moriah Baptist Church met at the
home of Mrs. M. Griffin, 2910 No.
28th Avenue, on January 30, 1940.
After the Devotional exercises the
meeting was turned over to the pres
ident, Mrs. J. L. Betts. A brief
business session was held and the
club decided to give a Leap Year
Chitterling Supper, February 29,
1940, at the residence of Mrs. M.
Griffin, 2910 North 28th Avenue.
Come and eat all you can for 25c.
Don’t forget the date and place.
Mrs. J. L. Betts, Pres., Mrs. Ida
Willis, Reporter.
Rev. William Jack
son of White Sulphur
Springs, W. Va., writ
es: “After using Dr.
Piere’s Golden Medic
al Discovery my diges ’
tion was better, I |
gained in weight, my nerves were
better and I felt strong and vigor
ous once more. I felt like a new
man and my friends all said I look
ed much stronger.”
Dr. Piere’s Golden Medical Dis
covery is a tonic which stimulates
the appetite and promotes the flow
of gastric juices so that the food
you eat is fully digested and nour
ishes the entire body. Build your
self up with the aid of this famous
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druggist today for Dr. Pierce’s
Golden Medical Discovery,
i irj^_-■. ir^~" -—=i
Ladies and Children’s Work
A Specialty
2422 LAKE ST.
EL-SaHEi-l'-' ■■ .:3^===1
r---~ l„ fl=====]
2520 Cuming St.
!=-■ I Ea.„ :i===l
The One Horse Store
2851 GRANT ST.
W. L. Parsley, Prop.
WE. 0567
For quick relief from itching of eczema, pimples,
athlete's foot, scabies, rashes and other ex
ternally caused skin troubles, use world-famous,
cooling, antiseptic, liquid I>. D. D. Prescription.
Greaseless, stainless. Soothes irritation and
quickly stops intense itching. 35c trial bottle
proves it, oi your money back. Ask your
druggist today for D. D. D. PRESCRIPTION.
■> ^
A Prominent Business
Woman Praises Mme.C.J.
Walker’s Preparations
* “I use Mme. .C. J. Walker’s
preparations exclusively be
cause I get results from them
that I am unable to get from any
other preparation,” stated a well
known business woman the
other day.
The secret of the remarkable
success of Mme. C. J. Walker’s
preparations is in the fact that
they were blended by the late
Madam C. J. Walker to reach
certain definite conditions of the
hair, skin and scalp, and today,
after over thirty-five years on
the market, they are growing
increasingly popular, and not
withstanding the fact that the
Company has always refused to
reduce the price on these goods,
they are still in demand every
Mme. C. J. Walker’s Glossine,
although more than thirty-five
years on the market, is still the
leader in its field. The reason
for this is because it not only
serves as a scalp oil, but it gives
the hair that silky sheen and
natural gloss that is the delight
of every woman.
Mme. C. J. Walker’s Brown
Face Powder is not just another
Face Powder, but is the result of
years of experimenting to pro
duce the perfect blend to impart
a velvetlike softness and at the
same time cooling and refresh
ing. Just the thing for these hot
The Mme. C. J. Walker’s won
derful preparations are sold by
Walker Beauticians and Drug
Stores everywhere, or you can
write The Mme. C. J. Walker
Mfg. Company, direct. Address:
The Walker Building. Indian
apolis, Indiana. -
■» '
Smart woman! She lets an Electric Range solve
her cooking problems! Since it's automatic and
requires no watching, she Just puts her meal in
the oven, and sets the heat control . . . the meal
cooks itseli!
You, too, can enjoy these advantages and many
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