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    <£)niafja (Putbc’s %>,.
:■ World of ■>
Mr. and M is LeRoy Harness
1933'i No. 23rd Street wa« ca I
ed away Friday night to Al va,
Kansas for the death of her
mother, Mr*. El nor* Simpson.
Mrs. Charles M. Wiley of 287F>
Ohio Street is now' home conval
aing after having undergone a
very serious operation at the Im
manuel Hospital. Mrs. Wiley’s!
condition is reported as very I
Rev. and Mrs. W. M. Buck of
Stubenville, Ohio, stopped in th'>
City for a f w days to visit with
North 24th St.
1807 N. 24th SI
WE. 4240
METHOD ‘Leaves No .Repair
friends end relatives. Accomp
anying the Bucks were Rev. and
Mrs. Banks and their small son.
They were enrcu e to Oal foiu a.
'1 he Helping Hand Club of Mt.
Moriah Baptist Church met Nov
ember 21st at the horn, of Mr.
and Mrs J. L. Bett’., 1820 Nor.h
25th stree.. Th s n'ght being m
cial night, membeig of the club
we’e treated to a delicious Tur
key dinner. There werp* three*
honored guests: Rev. Tom Beas
ley who is visiting from the
South and Rev. and Mrs. F. F.
Jones The.e were thirty .rem
her: and guests pr i cnt.
Mrs. J. L. Betts, President
Mrs. I !a. Wilis, Reporier
Th Poro Club gave a Tea Sun
day November 2Gth at the honv
at Mrs. Lill'e Thomson, 1&14 No
27th. street. All numbers present
We want to thank each and
ev ryone who attended for their
Mr». R. C. Price, Pivsiilent;
Mrs. Rosetta Walker, Report
er, 2866 Maple St.
The Modern Ast Club m t Mon.
Nov. 2(Kh at the home of the
president. The >reeling was called
s mSP‘fcsr»dri/Riouf'$
3-Way Responsibility
In maintaining its existing high standard of liquor law enforce
ment, the Nebraska l.iquor Commission carries out its respon
sibility to our citizens.
In co-operating closely with the Commission through a self
policing program which aims to have heer sold under condi
tions as wholesome as heer itself, our industry curries out its
acknowledged social responsibility to our citizeus.
In avoiding the comparatively few retail outlets which permit
anti-social conditions, and in patronizing the thousands of law
abiding outlets, our citizens carry out their responsibility to
themselves by thus further protecting their equity in Nebraska's
$30,000,000 beer industry,
Nebraska Brewers & Beer Distributors Committee
CHARLES E. SANDALL* State Director
710 First National Bank Bldg. Lincoln, Nebr.
Women’s Pain Relieved
By “Build-Up Method”
" Do you suffer periodically Irotn
headaches, nervousnes, irritabil
ity, restlessness or cramp -like
pains? If so, here’s good news!
These may l>e symptoms of func
tional dysmenorrhea, which Is so
often caused by undernourish
ment By improving the appet
ite, digestion, assimilation, thru
the proper use of CARDUI, worn
en by thousands find they are
ablp to build strength, energy,
and nerve-foi ce. Thus periodic
al pain is relieved For many us
ers of CARDUI. By taking It just
before and during "the time,”
women by thousands report that
CARDUJ also helps to allay the
pain and discomfort of the period
Spring Chicken Cheaper
than Bacon 18c lb.
10 P. M. WE. 6089
We Give Gret-n Trad n« Stamp*
I .—
to onler at the usuul time.
Order of business:
Koii on
Rend ng of minut s
Paying of dues
The pr s'dent made a few time
ly rurarks about the Christmas
party of which was discussed by
the members and tenativo plans
wer .• evade. Mrs. Claude McFall
ofi'etx*d her home for this festi
val affair of which we are very
grateful. Dec. 28th has been chos
en. The president r| ques, all
members to be present at the
next meeting so we can further
the plans for the party. Th ■ hos
tess served a d< licious re;>asi.
Members presmit were: Mrs.
Claude McFall; Mrs, Jasper Cole;
Mrs. Vida Jawers; Mrs. H. L.
Pr. ston; Mrs. L. C. Clark and
Mrs. R. C. Price. The club ad
journed to meet Monday Decem
er 4 h at 8 P.M. with Mrs. W.
L. Myers as hostess. Mrs. Cozy
Nicholas, president.
-V (JO
Membt i‘s of the Quack Club
heir their annual Dmr\ r I) n *e,
at the beautifully decorated
Dreamland Hall Monday Novern-'
ber 27t:i with their tfccrti jvs
guests. Twenty tc:bl s decorated
with assorted col rs of tea rosea
.and ferns for cen crpeces war>
glowed by formal clad young
men and women.
Tho Turkey Dinner, with a!
th|D trimmings was faultlessly
served by Mr. Simon Harrold and
hi* group of waiters. EnUeriain
ment displaying unusual talont
was presented by Hattie Moure
and Lucy Mae Britt, respective
chairmen of the Sue al and Music
cci v mitt-res.
Mr. William Kyles sang three
numbers: “Sou h of the Border,"
“My Last Goodby" and “Mem
ories of You." Beautiful Hawai an
play and songs consisting of 6
Quack members Dorothy Abrams,
Cbnstine Brown, Edna Thomas,
Bernice Marshall, Lucy Mae Britt
and Essie Bor er.
Several members and guests
were heard to soy that th's “was
tho most gorgeous affair they
havo ever attended.
Leola Jones, Reporter
If you believe in Charity attend
the Elks Charity Ball Dec. 4, ’39.
FAN'S! 1989-’40 will present
one of the greatest basketball
teams ever to assemble in this
section of the country.
Thanks to Mr. Hu:y “Green
Tree” Pol land for the effort he
has put forth to aid the Team
to be a great success. Also to
Mr. Ja res “Chubbie” Stewart for
tht time h? has spent in behalf
of the team.
Boasting of such stars as:
Virgel “Virgee” Williams and
Ace “L, fty ” Brcakfield, both
formerly members of South High
great t am of 1938-’37. Receiv
ing the highest honors that any
one could po»sibly achieve during
their career. Both receiving first
places on 1937-38 All State
Benny “D lux’’ Klmore former
ly membe,- of Krocker Y Big Five
of Des Moines, Iowa, Harlem
G1 (ie Trotters, Van Dyke House
Robbinys Pharmacy
2306 N. 24th St. WE. 1711
of David and Harlem Hottentots.
Benny is rat:d as one of the
greatest! ball handlers in this
part of the country.
W 11 am “Hunk” Tapley, for
merly with Michigan Chief?, Ok
lahoma City A. G, Kansas City
V Big Five, Van Dyke House of
David and Harlem Ifittentots,
also received All State Honor.
John “Pappy” Clarly, formerly
with the Harlem Hottentot*. A
veiy clever ball player. Good in
all departments. Watch “Pappy."
f!oe “Mayor” Allen, formerly
with Van Dyks House of David.
A treat to hear anj also to see
in action.
James “Ghubbie” S’ewar't,
Omaha’s product. A very durable
James “Speedy" Hall, formerly
with Central High, Wiley College
of Wiley Texas, and Harlem
Hottentots. “For speed y )U can’t
beat it.”
Leonard “Coal Breeze” Stearns
formerly wi h South High’s great
t am 1936-'37. A great ball
player with a dead eye for the
James “Skinney" Lazine, for
merly with the Harlem Hotten
tots which has develop <1 “Skin
ney” into a high polish p’ayer.
Others that will begin for posi
tions on this great outfit,, will
include such payers ns: “Cow
!'-y” Stevens, Tech High Star,
the Franklin Brothers, both T ch
High Stars, James “Big Gun”
Tapps, “Tiny” Morris, and oth
ers who wish to try for a posi
Future practice dates haven’t
been arranged as yet, but will be
mad i puDl a imiiediatly after
ariungcimonts are drawn.
For further NOTICE read the
I'y Mjs. Hiram II. Greenfield
Ocean Voyage— Norfolk, Ya.
Hampton Institute
Directly North of Columbia U.
ir. New York City is located
Harlem, the center of Negro cul
ture. Largest Church in the coun
tr . the Abysinniian Bap i jt, pas
tore 1 by young Rev. Powell,
whose father, Rev. A. Clayton
1 .'Well St pastor, emer.tus, built
and paid for this, largest most
crstly churteh edifice in the world
among r.ny group, our group,
nnywher. in th . world. Member
& h ! p a<bcve twelve tho.i and.
Aio her AME Zion, latgest church
acr es the street from Y. W. on
W 137th street. This is the
church I attended in co nany
w 'b Miss Iiaundy one of the
NY York City Public school
teacher Rev. Robeson, the pa .tor
is a brother of Paul Robeson, ac
tor. The National YMCA, tw'cc
as large as the Y.W. has more
then four hundred bedrooms be
sides its immense ae'.iv tier, Har
lem River Houses, on 7,h avenue
ore of the finest low priced hous
ing projects, is a join; venture
of Fed ral and Mun cipal govern
ments It is ideally located on the
rive .• and our ivee are well pro
vided with rmdrn housing. For
the Dunbar Apartments Jiear by
add hundred? of grand homes j
for those in th higher brackets {
Hotels, undertakers, b auty par
lors, Cafe’s theatre’s and other j
businesses crakes Harlem a bee
hivo of “goings on.” I took sev
eral sightseeing bus tours and it
seemed I was set ing the world
from the to.p of the world on the
“A Top—Deck Hus,” a week ot New York, be
ing feted by fri nds, seeing only
what two eyes could behold, I
left New Cork on Ocean voyage
August 15th for Norfolk, Va.,
aboard the luxurious Old Dom'n
ion Line steamer George Wash
ington, for a three hundred mile
voyage. This invigorating and
l-esttul ocean cruise gave me the
added thrill of seeing the tower
ing New York skyline, view.-d as
our ship was leaving the harbor
at noon, setting snil down the
deep Atlantic Ocean, with the
Goddnst of L berty in her greet
ing to all who inter oi< leave for
a trip from New York harbor.
The ship sailed smoothly. Many
colored cooks, waiters, stewards,
bellboys were evripleyed on this
gorgeous ship of many hundreds
of passengers. 1 was the only
colored passenger. It was so
Wo docked at Norfolk, Va,
the next morning at seven o’clock
f busti ng Atlantic port in the
World-famous Hampton Roads
; harbor. Visited by friends Mrs
J. C. Parker, former Oirahan,
and her sister, "Miss Goldie Mit
chell, executive YWCA secretary
of Ph His Wheatley “Y’\ three
days. After a delicious breakfast
Mrs. Parker and Sider gave me
a five hour sightseeing tour to,
all historic points of interest.
Th:re are forty-three thousand
inhabitants in Norfolk—one-third
arc of our mce group, over four
teen thousand. Beaches on Chesa
peake Bay for our group are
largely supported by women and
children. Hospitals and schools
Co rour race are v:ry commenda
ble by our group. Buddings,
many palatial home< owned by
our group. At Cape Henry, Va
wo saw the first church by the
permanent English settlers iin
North America, who landed April
26, 1607. They w nf to James
town Virginia.
Every m nute of my three day
visit Hid been planned by my
charming hostess. A trip to
Hampton Institute, Hampton, Va.
war, interesting and mrst
abl i for this was my first oppor
tunity to visit this Institute cam
pus. The farm and Athletic fidd
ecu ains 170 acres. Another farm
called shelibanks, about four
miles distant, for the us? of
school of Agriculture iujnltins
797 acre7. Major and Mrs. Brown
ar j close personal friends of Mrs.
I arkc-i' ard sister. The'r palatial
horn i is the first building as one
enters the carpus. Mi's. Brown’s
sister, Mrs. Sheppard drove us
all over the campu . One, among
tho substantial fine brick build
ing of particular interest was the
Ohapal. The donor gave with th.=
-tipulation thero should forever
•be a Cairella Choir, never an in
s rument for the purpose of
maintaining Negro spir tusls.
Tho Presid nt, Anhui Howe and
mo t of the faculty are white.
Instructors and ether workers in
all departments number aboui
three hundred. One-third cf whom
rri colored. Hampton Institute is
situated on the eastern end of
the V rginia Penninsula, two
and a half miles from Old Point
Comford. The trip on the Ferry
ove.' to the Institute and r turn
to Norfolk was interesting, re
turning at dusk. Lights were
beautiful. We saw a part of
Norfolk's skyline. I liked Norfolk
because it is so different. Was
royally f ted, meeting old ae
Visited the great Journal Guide
a newspaper plant, a thriving
race paper, printing most of
Howard University, Hampton In
stitute and many other outstand
ing schools, churches, etc cata
logue and other printed matter.
After a hurried visit to the
W. ani “Y” residence on
C & O Ferry to get my train at
Newport. News, Va. My hostess
came on beat to see re off on th'
la (, lap of my trp homeward.
Hoping to re urn someday for a
mor.! extensive visit to pictures
que Norfolk.
(To be concluded in n xt issue)
The Elks are at It Again—in dis
tr.bating Charity.
Recent deveiopm, nts in appli
ance? for heating with gas bring
new advantages to the builder of
a small home; they reduce the
cos cf building the house and
at th same time provide increas
ed com tort wi.h low operating
cost, accord ng to W. J. Barber,
assistant general manager of the Utilities Dis rict.
formerly, all house heating
equipment had to be located in
tho basement. Distinctly new
types of heaters invented for
o her and different locations than
the basement save the expense
of excavation which always adds
materially to the lost of any
A vertical gas heater, for ex
ample, may be installed in a com
partment or a closet on the
ground floor. This attractive,
compact cabinet heater off: rs a
system of small home heating
that is spreading rapidly through
out the country.
As radical a departure in gas
heating equ potent is the attic
furnace which likewise reduces
construction costs of the small
house because it saves both the
cost of basement excavation and
tho cos of a chimney. An attic
location merely requires a simple
form of vent, and the heater is
equipped with a down-discharge
instead of an up-charge, to cir
culate the heat.
Jesse’s ("ate
A New, Clean Place to EAT
GOOD MEALS 15c 4 up
Give Us A Try
1426 North 24th Street
£0: 4 up
1406 North 24th Street
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P. S—I have been working on
this job for two years and I won
der il' I would be successful in
getting a rats; if I asked for it?
Ant: No. As the business
doesn’t net enough money
whereby your salary could be
increased. It would be to your
advantage to look around and
try to fini better payng em
ployment but do so cautious
ly. Be sure that you have
something before giv
ing up your piesent job.
R. C.—Is he a stumbling block
in my life? Sometimis I feel like
quitting my job and sitting down
s ’ tell me what to do. I a n anxi
ous to have a priva e m ssage you so please explain.
An«: Hold to your jco for
you would starve if you de
pended on your husband for
a living. You must ke.p up
the payments on yoiir home
so that you don't lose it. Yes
you may write me privately.
Send a fop one of my
READINGS and I will be
glad to g ve you my fr;e
opinion on your problems.
B. C.—I am a man of the age
of 32 years and have never found
love. Sometime I am blue and
lonesome and I don’t know what
to do. I am not bad looking; have
dark Tor own skin; am 6 ft. 2
inch n tall and weight 178 lbs.
My 1 t'e is emp y as I have no
one to live for.
Ans: There is no rea-on
for you to be lonely. Why
don’t you let a few of your
fr'ends know that you would
like to i.r-e:t some nice girls.
Learn to dance, play cards,
and other things that make
young people popular, and
within the coming six months
you will be enjoying more
frendships than you have
eva’ had in your life.
C. G.—Will I ever succeed in
paying fcr my home? Will life
to any be.ter for me in the fu
ture than it is now?
Ans: Conditions as a whole
have b:en somewhat better foi
ycu this year than in a number
of years in the past, and I see
no reason why you can not keep
up the pay rents on your home.
Some close relative of yours will
make his appearance in your
homo before very long and part
of your burden will be shared
with him.
_ I
R. C.—I am thinking seriously
of giving up my job and going
cut of the state for this wint r
and wonder if it would be all
light or not ?
Ans: A change would be an
asset to your case and I
strongly advise that you
make the change around the
first of part of Dec mfier.
The state of Florida would
be the best place for you as
you have had connections
there before. You will get
im.rediata work.
O. \V.—I have been married
for three years and I want to
know what to do to make my
husband want to buy furniture
as other people do ?
Ans: He prefers to spend
his money on good times.
The logical thing for you to
do is to get work and take
your money and buy furniture
for the house. Make him sup
port you and pay the rent,
food bill and other n ces*ities
ai'ound the house and 'by doing
so, you can get what you
There is a boy who is an un
dertaker and he told my cousin
that he loved w.e and I am ex
cit:d and don’t know what to do.
I didn’t love him but if he loves
mo than I can love him too.
Ans: You are working your
self up in a pitch over noth
ing. If the boy was in love
with you, he would have told
you and not your cousin. Con
trol your emotions -for you are
in for a big let down. Look
around for another friend.
Minneapolis, N'iv. 30— The?
board of directors of the Minnea
polis Brewing company at a
special meeting held Thursday
declared a furth a' d vklend of 25
1 cents per share upon its out
standing stock. This is in addition
to the- dividend of 25 cent* a
sh9r-> declared on November 21,
making a total cash d vidend of
50 cents a share* to be paid on
December 15, to stockholders as
of record December 5.
Keep your blood more free from
waat:- matter, poisons and acid by
putting more activity into ki,dncyi
ciia Gladder and you should live a
healthier, happier and longer life.
Ono efficient, *af; and harmless
way to do this is to get from your
druggist a 35 cent box of Gold
Medal Haarlem O 1 Capsules and
take them as directed—the swift
results should delight, you.
Besides getting up nights, some
symptoms of kidney trouble way
Ibe backacke, shifting pains, puffy
Don’t be an EASY MARK and
-.-cept a sub titute—Ask for Gold
M-dnl Haarlem Oil Cani'-les—
r'gNt from Haarlem in Holland.
GET GOLD MEDAL—the origin
s'—the genuine. Look for the
Gel 1 Medal on the box—35 cen'-s.
Ray L. Williams, Attorney
200 Tuchinan Bldg., 21th and
Lake St.
In the District Court of Doug
las County, Nebraska. TO: SAV
ANNAH NELSON, whose placa
of residence and upon whom per
sonal service of summons cannot
be had, Defendant.
You are hereby notified that
on the 24th day of July, 1930,
James Nelson, as plaintiff, filed
his petition aga'nst you in the
Dis rict Couit of Douglas County,
Nebraska, Docket Number 346,
Page 110, tb? object and prayer
oi wh'ch petition is to obtain a
divorce from you on the grounds
of desertion.
You are hereby required to
answer said p tition on or before
December 15th, 1939, or said
petition will be .taken as true.
JAMES NELSON, Plaint'flf
Ray L. Williams, His Attorney
2012 North 24th Street
Phone Webster 1073
GghizafTv rj.
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