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    affaIrs Tlie ^ S-o-c-i e t y^ "WorId organizations
Mr. P. S. Stovall of 2415 N. 22
St. departed this life July 5th at 1
a local hospital. He leaves a wife
and two sons and four step child
ren and a host of friends. Mr. Sto
vall wa ssick about 3 months. His
funeral wa Monday at two o’clock
at Zion Baptist Church, of which
he was a memfoer for 7 years. He
was a Loving husband, a devoted
father and a true Christian.
Myers was the funeral director.
Mrs. May Basseth of 2801 Ohio
St., had a birthday Monday, the
10th of July.
if is. Delores Williams of Chica
go, 111., who hais been visiting hei
rater,‘Mrs. Amanda Williams of
b'lfl Patrick Ave., returned home
and she is reported as having an
enjoyable time while in our city.
Mr. B. Hayes, of 3219 Emmett,
departed this life Sunday June 3,
after a stroke. He was stricken
North 24th St.
1807 N. 24*h SI
WE. 4240
METHOD -,L*aYt'8 No . Repair,
| Herman's!
I First
24th Lake St.
WE. 5444
and passed away in a local hos
pital. His funeral was Friday July
8,h at Lewis Funeral Home.
Mrs. James Colquist who is pro
prietor of a grocery store at 2754
I,ake St, is visiting a friend >n
Moline, 111.
We wish to correct the mistake
concerning Mr. Robert Johnson of
N'orlti Pla.te, lie is not flead. He
wa» hert. attending the funeral
of Mrs. Georgia Robinson of 2207
N. 27th Ave, He is a relative to
their family.
Miss Romell Hatter and Mies
Equilla Ware of 2307 N. 27th at.,
went to Chicago, 111., to spend
aijouit si* weeks with Miss Hat
ter, Father Mr. William Hatter,
3437 Vermon avenue. They are
the neices of Mrs. Millie Daniels
\ f 2307 N. 27th St.
Mr. Eugene Rice of 2617 Grant
St., and Mr. Floyd Pettis are
visiting in Chicago, 111,, with re
Mi's. Orelia Thompson of Kan
sas, City, Me., was the house guest
of Mrs. Victoria Gibson of 2518
Maple Si., for two weeks.
-—0Q0. .
Mr. McDonald who is vice presi
dent of Townsend Club No. 11 who
went as a delegate to the conven
tion in Indianapolis, Ind., reporta
he had trobuLe in getting a badge !
after he had presented the letter |
Mr. Nell our organizer had givt n
him to Mr. McKenzie who is the
State representative of Nebraska i
Townsend Clubs. He said there
was p. large delegation that went
to the train to meet Dr Franc's
Townsend at Cadle Tabernacle and
each session was opened by pray
er and singing Americ.
Dr. Francis Townsend, founder
and father of this great movement
gavo a short talk on the plan and
then the Governor of Indiana was !
called upon to speak and he spoke
very favorable of the plans and
assured the delegation they would
get all of his support. Then Mayor
Sullivan of the City of Indiana
polis made a short talk and said
he was in favor of the plan.s and
would assure them of his support.
Mr. Silvia of the Hawaii Islands
made a wonderful talk on the 2
per cent transaction tax in the
Hawaii Island and said he knew
if the plan was a success there it
could also be a success in Ameri
ca. Mrs. Madam Starke who is
called the singing bird of Ameri
I The Tuxedo Barber Shop
2225 North 24th St JA. 8676
Most anyone can cut your hair and
shave you, but do you have those.perfect
lines and that come hither touch that you
get at The Tuxedo Barber Shop.
Our instruments are sterilized. Our
Service is Courteous and Pleasing.
M. A. McGee
& _____ _
Dolgofi Hardware
Wc Do Glazing & Make Window Shades to Order
Screen Wire, Chicken Wire, and Pence Wrire.
Electrical Supplies Plumbing Supplies
Roofing Paper & Guttering
We Have a Full Line of KITCHEN UTENSILES
(Open Evenings)
—WE. 1607— 1822-24 N. 24th St.
2 Suits 4 03
2 Dresses ‘plain’ I
1 Suit & 1 Dress ’’ B
Eflholm & Sherman ==
WE 6055
- - ^ ^ •/* C*J
Spring Chicken Cheaper
than Meats 20c lb.
We Give Green Trad n^ Stamp;
10 P. M. WE. 6089
ca sang very beautiful. One song
was composed about Dr. Francis
Townsend. Congressman Cannon
of Florida made a wonderful talk
a’fhough he was a substitute for
Congressman Henricks of Florida.
Mr. Jeffery, the vice president of
the Townsend Organization urged
ihe delegation to defeat the one
who voted against the Townsend
Plans. Representative Angelle of
Oregon wade a wonderful talk.
Mr. Beal of Chicago was also one
of the spekers.
Mr. Jackson the only colored
speaker there was only allowed
ten minutes to talk. Mr. McDon
ald avs that Indianapolis has
many colored enterprises and that
the Colored population was fifty
thousand. We are thankful for
the Townsend Movement and also
men like Mr. McDonald.
Mrs. Georgia Peoples, Mr. Bill
Monday, Mr. James Owens has
returned from Kansas City, Mo.,
where they spent the 4th of July
visiting their parents Mr. and Mrs.
Monday, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Owens. They had an enjoyable
TEpre w!as a grand reception
given in honor of Mrs. Mario Ilolt
of Kansas City, Mo., who is grand
captain of Military Dept, of the
FBPOE of VV Temple. There were
28 present. A lovely dinner was
served which consisted of fried
chicken, potato salad, cheese, cool
aid, and pineapple pie. The recep
lion was sponsored 'by the captain.
The Honored guest were Cap
tain Thomas, Edith Harrison
Charley Davis, Exalted Ruler and
Daughter Ruler, Josephine Mer
ritt. The evening was spent in
Mrs. Hayes of Kansas City, Mo.
was the house guest of Mrs.
Mammie Simmons of 2430 Erskine ]
Sh. for three days stay.
-oOo-- j
Wo are glad to know that Mrs.
Helen Sampson of 2601) Lake St.,
was promoted from Omaha Pub
lic School Worli* Progress Ad
ministration Adults Education with
a grade of “A” in Arithmetic
Spelling and Grammar She is 67
years old.
Mrs. Ida Edwards of 2310 N.
27th Avenue is redecorating her
Mrs, Edward has in her garden
at 2310 N. 27th avenue, a running
cucumber vine which is 4 feet
long and runs a distance of 3 feet
up the high board fence and is
full of blooms. It is a wonderful
sight to behold.
Elsie Mallory of 2221 N. 23rd
St was home over the week end
from Catnip Brewster.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Pettis were
blessed with a baby girl June 28.
Mother and baby are doing fine.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Marrow of
1840 N. 22 St. have gone to Chica
go. They motored back with their
son for a 3 weeks stay.
Mrs. Fannie Mae Hensley, Mrs.
Clara Lewis, Mrs. Ethel Mitchell,
1 Miss Carrie Leola Grant and Mrs.
Mattie Allen, all residents of St.
Louis, Mo., stopped at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Law
son during the Ell<„ Convention
which was held in Omaha. Mrs.
Dora Jackson and husband, Mrs.
Alice Scott and husband motored
| from Kansas City, Mo., and spent
the 4th of July with Mr. and Mrs.
Clifford Lawson, 2206 N. 28th
Ave. Miss Margaret Burton is
spending the summer with Mr. and
Mrs. Lawson and Miss Ann Ste
■ I ..... ■■ o
2229 Lake Street
for Popular Brands
—Always a place to park— j
Mrs. N. A. Perkins of 2819 N.
28th avenue has been on t'he sick
list about four week. She is im
Rev. Simpson is ■still on the sick
list. He lives at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Hemmingway at 2618
Grant St He would be glad to
have hie friends call and see him.
Mrs. Manuel of 2720 Ohio St.
wa* called to Topeka, Kansas to
the bed aide of hor father. He is
very sick.
Mr. Kirk Johnson who is a cook
on the Union Pacific was overcome
by heat Saturday July 8bh. He is
under ‘.be care of a doctor.
Mrs. Helen D. Carter, 2504
Hamilton Street has been very ill
with her foot which has injection.
Mr. Howard E. Smith of 2207
N. 27th Ave is reported sick.
Mrs. Eva Brown 2810 N. 27th
Avenue is on the sick list.
Mrs. L. A. Gardner of 2302
Grant who has been very sick is
some better now.
Mr. H. L. McIntosh of 1114 N.
22n<l St. is in very poor heal.h and
ha3 been for the last six years.
Mr. George Riddle of 2208 N.
27th Ave. is feeling some better.
He has been very sick,
Mrs. LeRese Morris of 2404 N.
27th Ave. is on the sick list.
Mr. James Stark from Chicpas
ha, Okla. who is visiting with his
daughter, Mrs. Irene Harvey is
reported as being better. He has
been sick for some t'me.
Mr. S. E. Montgomery of 2531
Lake who is proprietor of a
grocery store at tlfs same ad
dress has been on the sick list for
three weeks, but is better now.
Mrs. Susie Miller of 2631 Lake
is noing n'cely after having been
:dck since March. She was is the
hospital five weeks. She is the
mother of Mrs, Essie Selby of the
same address.
Mrs. Edna ix’wis or zisi
Returned home from the hospi
tal Tuesday, July 11. She is great
ly improved.
Mrs. Mattie Smith of 913 N. 20
St is very sick. She is with her
sister of the same address, Mrs.
Millie Gillum.
Mr. Leri James of 2202 Bur
dette St. has been confined to his
sick beii for three weeks.
Mrs. Sadie Jackson of 1834 N.
23 is feeling fine after a severe
sick sped.
Mrs, Hazel Haynes has recovered
from a severe sick spell.
Mr. William Wright of Chicago,
111. was united in marriage to Miss
Maudess Jackson of 2708 Parker
Street. She is the daughter of Mrs.
Catherine Jackson of the same ad
dress. Mr. and Mrs. Wright left
Saturday night returning to Chi
cago where they will make their
future home.
Miss Rozetta Browning of Em
poria, Kansas, was the house
guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. John
son of 2713 Blondo street.
Miss Browning is a recent grad
uate of the Kansas State Teach
ers College in Emporia. She spent
five days in Omaha visiting rela
tives and friends. On July 4th,
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, Miss
Browning and Mr. Travis Dixon,
motored to Bethany, Mo., where
they were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Prince McGraw. Mrs. Johnson
Mrs. McGraw and Miss Browning
aro cousins.
After a two week visit with the
McGraw’s, Miss Browning will re
turn to Emporia, Kan. Mr. and
Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Thcfrnais and
Mr. Dixon reported a very enjoy
able trip.
Mr. Ross Fowler of Chicago is
visiting her mother Mrs. Fowler
of 2813 N. 26th St. He will return
home Thursday July 13 after a
few dayg stay in our city.
| A Dancing Party was given in
: honor of Nonice Williams at her
h-C'.me, 2816 Blondo St., Wednesday
July 12th. The honored guest was
Mr. Luther Taylor of Lawrence
Kansas. There was a dainty Lunch,
eon served. Twenty-eight persons
were present. A lovely evening
was spent.
— -0O0-—
Mrs. Ifallie Chesney of 2712
Franklin St., is very low sick and
her two sisters, Mrs. Ardie Wil
liams and Mrs. Eva Farthing of
Muskogee, Okla., are here. A
nephew, James Johnson it# also
here. She Is the aunt of Mrs.
Glydas Millian of 2919 Grant and
Mrs. Beatrice Jackson of this city.
— -oOe-•_
Mrs. Ethel Johnson the wife of
Rev. It. W. Johnson of 2431 Pat
rick Ave., will have a birthday
Sunday, July 16th.
Mr. Jaimes Patterson and Christ
ino Taylor were united in marriage
The Willing Workers of Mt.
Calvary Community Church are
sponsoring a hay ride picnic July
22 at Elmwood Park. The truck
leaves the church at 8:00 o’clock
P. M. Refreshments will be served.
Mrs. Magnolia Dudley accom
panied by her daughter left July
for Orbany, Miss. They will also
visit their brother and uncle in
Era, Penn. Sgt. Dudley will join
Mrs. Dudley and daughter in De
troit. There they will visit with
Attorney Herbert Dudley. In Aug
ust they will visit the World’s Fair
in New York.
' Mrs. C. A. Shelton of 2520
Giant St., was called to the sick
bed of her sister in Cleveland Ohio
July 10th.
— --oOo-—
Mrs. Sallio Seal, 2801 Charles
St. was badly injured when she
fell down sonye steps at the home
of a friend she was visiting.
— -oOo-—. i
Doing-the Stroll !
North 24th Street !
Over on the Soft Ball Feld Fri
day afternoon watching handsome
Mose Hanson's boys take a Bound
uruuOing oy me a c s me score
was 5 to 1 the 'boys in green had
two rooters that I noticed. Miss
Celestine Smith and Mrs. Evelyn
P’ountain. The boys in green still
lead their league by a foar game
Hezzie Rag Muffin is going to
get some classy uniforms. I hope
it is true.
Tho erstwhile Clannie Lee, star
center fielder of the Cash Coals,
has been and still is indisposed
with a broken foot which was the
result of a friendly skirmish with
McGowan. Clannie will be lost to
the Cash Coal for the remainder
of the season. Boy how they need
James Jewell, the owner of that
famous Tuxedo Pool Hall known
from coast to coast, is getting a
long fine and will he up and among
his great many friends very short
ly. Jimmy everybody on the stroll
is wishing and hoping for you a
speedy recovery. We all miss that
great big smile of yours and your
cheerio Hi Man! Give Old Man
sickness that left hook like you
did before. You Can do it!
Mr. Mack Cole and Mrs. Mildred
Nivens doesn’t miss any of the
Cash Coal games. They are real
rooters and faithful fans. Atta
Boy and girls keep it up! The
Blair family are also constant vi
sitors to all the games and excel
lent rooters. Come Bobby and get
in there and pitch. Don’t be a
quitter. Ydu are just as good as
anybody on the team. Notice all of
you penny crap shooters that siboot
on 24th and Grant streets. Yoi
had better hire a look out mai
because Papa Birch is watchin
with an eagle eye and if he cat
ches you that will be the last oi
Mrs. Grace Stanley is somewhat
better and able to lie up after be
ing stricken with a severe case o!
Potomaine poison. Sickness didn’t
matter as much as missing the
last five days of the races that
made her worse. They will be
1 aek next year and I hope you
are well end hai iy po you can at
tend 1st entire 2v days.
U j
Reg. U. 8. rat. Off.. /t '
W^'u \ tiMifti&rlrfllri ii I M fl \'h ftp
The Larieuse Beauty Foundation was established by f
the Godcfroy Manufacturing Company to study methods
of preserving women's natural beauty, and to make
the results of this research available to the public.
Keeping coot in summer has long
been a matter that baffles the best
of us. While there is probably no
really satisfactoiy solution to the
problem other than air-conditioning,
there are a number of ways of being
less uncomfortable and looking at
least reasonably cool.
One of the first rules, of course,
is to wear light weight clothes. Per
sonally, I have always found cottons
cooler in summer than silks, per
haps because of the knowledge that
they can be washed. Tight-fitting
dresses and wide, snug belts should
he avoided in extremely hot weath
er. You can look trim and clilc
without having your summer dresses
as closely fitted as your winter ones.
Use Make-Up Lightly
Summer make-up Is Important
too. Use It sparingly during the
summer and choose It carefully.
Your skin tone is likely to change
after a few weeks of summer, so
keep that in mind when applying
your powder. Select the cosmetics
that blend best with your coloring
and then apply them lightly. Too
much lipstick will melt and run be
low your lip-line. Too mdeh powder
will become caked and a heavy dose
of rouge will probably streak as the
perspiration makes your cheeks
Nail polish In summer should bo
of a lighter hue than the deeper fall
and winter shndos. The paler,
pinker shades wil harmonize bet
ter with pastels and will give a cool
er effect. For some unknown rea
son, the cooler we look, the cooler
we feel.
Warm and Cold Bath3
I can’t stress too much the im
portance of frequent baths in hot
weather. Not only are they nec
essary to cleanliness and beauty,
they are important to comfort as
well. A cold bath in the morning
will start you out refreshed for the
day’s work, but in the evening it is
wise to take a lukewarm batli before
retiring, regardless of the tempera*
ture. Lukewarm baths are soothing
to the nerves and conducive t*
Above all, don’t hurry._ Tak»
everything in your stride and don't
let anybody rush you. Remembe<
that haste makes waste, and in tliif
case it makes waste of beauty, cou»
fort and good grooming.
What are your beauty prob
lems? Write Marie Downing, 1
Larieuse Beauty Foundation, *
Room 521 — 319 North Fourth '
St., St. Louis, Mo., and she will
be glad to answer them. Be sure
to enclose a self-addressed j
stamped envelope.
Mrr. Ethel Davis, the wife of
that famous fin r bail mteher u
former years, Goldie Davis, w ir
on the stroll looking and feeling
good. You never get to old to en
joy yourself. You live only once,
so you had better get out once and
a while because people are dying
now who neved have died before,
so get out and have a nice time.
Go to church or ball games or
wherever you want to go but go
somewhere. Don’t stay at home 24
hours per day.
I saw a gay party entering the
Cotton Club Saturday n'ght bent
on having a good trrne headed by
Mr. George Jabbo Curry; Mrs.
Mikel; Mrs. Judy Mae Lawson; Mr.
Travig Dickson and a host of other
friends in the party acting very
sanely and wisely about 11:30.
Mrs. Juanita Artison and Mr.
Hezzy Stewart were coming up
24th street looking and acting like
two Blue birds, first of the spring,
with not a care in the world.
Miss Bertha Mikel departed for
Chicago Saturday night on the
City of Denver having spent three
weeks visiting with her mother
and daughter, Mrs. Alberta Mikel
and Irene. Mrs. Mikel also has a
strapping big son in Chicago,
Booker Mikel who is missed -bv
his many friends in Omaha.
I will be seeing you next week.
Fun for all and all for fun.
Richard Stanley
Ma-s Mamip Wj? on, age 61,
died at her home, 3227 Pinkney
St., Wednesday, July 5th. She was
a member of St. John AME church.
Born in St. Joseph, Mo., she had
lived in Omaiha for 21 years. Sur
vivors are 3 neices, Mrs. Mattie
Thompson, Nebraska City, Mrs.
Annie Hayes and Mi's. Lucy
Payne, Omaha and 3 nephews,
Charlie Smith, Allen Miner, and
Roy Smith. 1 cousin, Mrs. Eva
McCain. Rev. J. W. Williams of
ficiating. The body was taken to
Nebraska City for burial. Myers’
Mortuary in charge.
Mrs. Calvin Ware of 2870 Grant
returned home Tuesday from Ok
la. City., Okla., where she had
been visiting her mother. She Ihad
a wonderful visit.”
Mrs. Leola Jones, 2866 Grant]
will leave July 19th to visit with j
her mother in Pittsburgh, Penn.,
for a 20 day stay.
Mrs. Nina Calbert of Pittsburgh
Penn, will leave the 19th of July
for her home. She has been visit
ing her sister Mrs. Lawuon oi‘
2214 N. 29th St. She had a fin
visit and met many acquaintance;
while here.
Mr. and Mr-. Hill 2602 27th St.
was called to Ark., to the death
cf his brother. Their sister also
accompanied them there. Mr. Hill
is the proprietor of an ice cream
Co., at same address. !
f _
fjatte CuntU IcufA.:
“NOWADAYS there’s simply no
excuse for a girl to allow body
odors to exist. If there is one
thing that nips romance in the
bud it’s the odor of perspiration.
After your daily bath dab a
touch of deodorant cream under
each arm. There are several ex
cellent creams on the market
. . . ask for the better known
An exotic tantalizing enchanting
essence. Charms the emoti<#3l
F'ires (the blood! Enclose $2.00
for generous size bottle. FREE!
Box of Egyptian F’ace Powder
with every order!
Wadi Nil Perfumes
17 E. 42d St., N. Y. C., Dept. 25
The Very Latest from the
Chicago Convention:
The New—
“Pin Curl” WAVE
The Same Effect as the Cro
quinole without the heated
i Althouse Beauty School
2422 Norttf 22nd Street
WEbster 0846
1 should be quickly treated to prevent bad after
I effects as weil as relieve pain. Use OIL-of-SALT.
Wonderful too for sore, tired feet. At your
druggist’s—money back if not satisfied. For
free sample write Mono Laboratories. £15Soutb
j Leavitt Street, Chicago.
Robbinys Pharmacy
2306 N. 24th St. WE. 1711
IOc size at
iQc stores