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By Hazel L. Griggs for ANP
Accessories were never more
important to the fashion picture
than they are today. The manufac
turers of costume jewelry, bags,
glove ... frills and furbelos, are re
ally outdoing themselves in an ef
l'jrt to enhance milady's charm.
There's a revival of daguerrotype
jewelry, along with dagurrotype
fashions, and one finds Canutes
set on black ribbon bands for the
for evening, stick half a dozen
tiny combs, tipped with ostrich
feathers ,be.ween them to achieve
a beaut fully colorful effect. Kven
nock or arms, lapel gadgets, flo
wer-like clusters of stones massed
on gil chains, brooches, pendant
necklaces end earrings.
The long pendant necklaces are
especially good when they follow
the line of a deeply slashed decol
letage. Topaz is the stone of the
year, but many of the bracelets,
pina and pendants are made of
brilliantly coloraT enamel set a
gainst gilt backgrounds.
it you re wearing pneu-up cun"
for evening, stick half a dozen tiny
combs, tipped with ostrich feathers
between the mto achieve a beauti
fully colorful effect. Evening bags
as well as dresses, are found in
slipper satin, sleek and undecora
ted. Others come in puffed kid,
silver or gold, and they are smal
ler copies of the sculptured bags,
featured for daytime use.
Contrasting satin slippers are
being used with evening frocks—
American beauty red with gray,
bright blue, purple or fuchsia with
other colors, and evening hand
kerchiefs, which are stepping to
the front again, are matched as a
tie-up. They may also be used to
protect the curls.
Evening dresses of slipper sa
tin are seen on such old-time olors
as mauve, ashes-of-roses page
grey and sprig green, and clus
ters of matching ostrich feutherp,
in the hair, accompany them.
When this material is used, full
skirts are the order cf the ay.
Dust ruffles, flounces and hoop
skirts are a part of the quaint,
though modern fashion picture,
harking back to young lady fash
ions of the past, and long lace
mitts are often seen with these
A powder-puff of silver fox
"lanting down over the eye, and
held on by a ribbon band, is the
latest whim of a hat, and in in
triguing one, if I may say so. This
concludes a bird’s eye view of the
mode for this week, but I'll be
back next week with more sugges
tions and remember, I'd like to
hear from you about fashion pro
blems. Address inquires (with
stamped-odd rested envelope en
closed) to Hazel L. Griggs, care of
tho Associated Negro Press, 1507
South Parkway, Chicago, Illonois.
With the holidays just aroun~
the corner, you’ll want to be gla
morously gay. And this seasons
frocks do just that to you. There
are romantic gowns with wide
stand out skirts and also revert
ing back to grandmothers day
hoops. There are those forimals,
they have a hint of the guy ninties.
I ‘ .."~"i
Freni Thanksgiving until after the
! \t»w Year there 11 be one gay round
of parties after another and you
I* ili vpnt fomethirg' that’s be i
witchingly gay and smart.
I his wet k in the mops there
I may b'< re“n all k>nds of formals.
itartling in their individuality ot
There are two frocks which es
pecially catch the eye this week.
I'm first is one of those picture
ginwn. It is of two-toned aqua
c lr ed moire and has quaintly sleeves. There is a sash of
darker aqua combined with the
I ghter aqua of the dr^»s. There
,ir i horizontal bands of darker
aqua around the ckirt.
The second frock is a more so
i | - sticated version. It is a black
crepe, made on slimming princess
lines. There is a ruffle of lace
around the low cut neckline. The
dress is worn under a white bead
id jacket with a red velvet belt
foi a dash of color.
T->y/ir-t>ir ■ rva r&T&Tr-^"
Bessie Mae West
Althouse Beauty School
Facial massage is a daily prac
tice with movie stars. This is one
of the reasons for their radiant
I complexions.
Facial massage is truly one of,
ii not the greatest beauty Hids.
Thera are many b-nefits derived
I'rt.r the various kinds of facial
| trassage.
Tho plain facial is the founda
tion of all facial treatment except
in case of skin eruptions. Mas
sage rest and quiets the nerves,
increases the circulation, freeing
th face of muddy sallow com
plexions. It clearses the pores of
wash and dirt preventing black
h' ads and ot^er skin diseases.
Vi-.'t your cosmeologist and
catch “Hollywood Charm” for
helpful Beauty Hints.
——_ oOo
Fomin physical beauty i« ft -
ccgnizpd by all mankind. Even
t ivilized man varies in his indi
dividual estimates. Those accepted
charms of form, fac< and figure,
how. ver, which appeal most to the
majority of individauls, may be
taid to bo the nearest approach to
nr exact standard of beauty we
Proportion, color- delicacy, type
the flash of th( eye .the sweetness
of the smile, and » thousand othir
factors contribute* to make a wo
' man beautiful. Every woman hw;
her special individaul beauties;
some women posstss a number in
combination. A lovely natural com
plexion delicately shaped hands,
rhapely feet and ankles, glorious
hair, a noble and alluring figuts ,
all lay a duty upon their possi s
sors the duty of care and pre
servation. For beauty, physical as
well as mental and moral, it is
a virture. It is as essential to
humanity as loyalty and truth. It
is, or should be the truth of the,
physical feminine being, expressed
in its most perfect terms.
Woman’s face and form are the. j
mast exquisite of all that has been
created. They combine all the
charm* of color, harmony, grace,
refinement and magnetism. And
they reflect the higher attributes
of mind and soul. Even th<> de
formed and disfigured may culti
Omaha Stove Repair Works
1208 Douglas St. Phone ATJ2524
I --- -— _
vatc physical lx auty to some de
gree. Make the most of each and
every cl arm you. individaullly, may
Before' marriage ali girl* usual
| ly make the most of their physi
cal charms. Beauty is woman's age
I »lc* and legitimate lure to attract
s. life companion of the other sex.
Nature helps the young girl wit 1
the gift of youth, and as a rule
si e is willing to aid Nature in
making the* most of it. But many
i young x ) mn. once niamed,
grown careless about the care of
1 I ■ hair, hands skin and figure,
ihi neglects her person an! her
ih.he*. and tends to becom. a
•verily houehold drudge. Now
sic-al beauty is a definite part
the feminin sex appeal. And
I'appy marriage depends large
ly on a normal and happy sex on
th • part of the woman, and cor
respending sex int. rest on the
part of the man.
(Koad the continuation of
MAJtRIAGE in next week’s issue)
Calvin’s Newspaper Service j
-By Irencet Lee Bar***-—-*
WHEN the chill, shivery days
come, how pleasant for the
tired home-comers to be greeted by
the welcoming
savory aroma of
hot comforting
stew. For when
j a stew Is well
^ and carefully
made It’s a right
royal winter
dish. And when
_ feathery light.
* dumplings are in
the stew this good old-fashioned
dish becomes something to dream
a6out. But the dumplings must be
as tight as light can be!
Feather-light Dumplings
1 cup gifted flour; 1% teaspoons
double-acting baking powder; l*
teaspoon salt; 1 teaspoon melted
butter; V4 cup milk.
Sift flour once, measure, add
baking powder and salt, and sift
again. Add butter to milk; add to
flour and stir carefully until all
flour Is dampened and soft dough
Is formed. Drop from teaspoon on
boiling stew; cover very tightly
and cook, without removing cover,
5 to 7 minutes aoc!>n,,''t to size
of dumplings. Serves o to 8.
Omaha Public
November 13-id v.ill \ National
Cl.ildi i s Book We k, The Omaha
public library will celebrate the oc
casion by holding open nouse in
th0 main children’s Room, Tuesday
November 15 at 8. B. M. Rabbi Da
vid Goldstein will speak on “How
Good books influence the level of
'he community’s life.’’
An organization meeting of a
“Kr. n.:s of the library” group
will also bo held. “Friendfc of the
library’” are those who-have grasp
ed the function of th„ library as a
great interpreter of a man to him
eif; they realize the part the li
brarians play in that int rgreta
tion j they know libraries and li
brarians cannot pi rform alone t-his
great work. More community, more
books, moro borrowers, are neces
sary if tht librny is to multiply
its power to interpret life to the
living, to spread the great message
of libraries -that life holds far
mcr, than which often appears on
the surface.
Mir. David Nortaflg) of the Oma
ha public library board will spon
sor the local group. All are cordi
ally invited to attend.
-.. |> ———
Washington, Nov. (ANP)—Dr.
Frank W. Ballou, superintendent of
schools, has come out against tht
game of bingo, or any other game
that is inconsistent with police re
gulations. Her-1 of ore the schools
have ben op« n to organizations
providing bingo as entertainment
if such organizations obtained a
ruling that their particular game
was legal. Dr. Ballou, in writing
to Mrs. Elizabeth Peoples on the
subject, expressed the opinion that
school officials should not put
themselves in a position of un
certainty in games of chance.
. .tfTltOujLs^Ournlmq.
The Larieuse Isanty foundation »M established by 7
the Codefray Manufacturing Company to atudy methodi
of preserving women’i natural beauty, and to make
the multi of thia research available tu the public.
This Is the season of the year
when we are all studying fashion
notes and planning that momentous
step, the selection of our winter
wardrobe. But, unfortunately, there
are too many of us who will rush
out and buy the latest whim of
fashion without tuking thought as
to whether that particular style will
he becoming. We all want to be
In style, of course, but it is wise
to consider beauty ns well. You
can be dressed In the height of
vogue and still look like a ridicu
lous caricature of What the well
dressed woman Is wearing. Men
have a habit, often times justifiable,
of making fun of the blind way we
follow the dictates of fashion.
Short Girls Get the Breaks
This Year
Everything seems to be on the
side of the short girl this season.
Shoes with platform soles ure de
signed especially to give her added
height. The newest hats have
peaks and tall feathers to give her
several more Inches towards the
sky. And then, too, there’s the plied
up hulr-dress to give her the illusion
of height. The short girl should
have no difficulty keeping up with
the style und still looking her love
liest. There are only a few pit
falls which she need vuteh.
First of all, she must beware of
horizontal lines which will give her
a wide, dumpy appearance. Vertical
line*, however, will make her look
longer and slimmer. Two-piece
dri-cses, too, are a mistake since
they have a tendency to cut her lr
two, so to speak, and destroy thal
sweeping all-in-one line which wll
add several illusory inches.
Reverse Rules for Tall Girls
The tall girl, on the contrary
must reverse the rules. The nev
platform soles and extremely liigl
heels are not for her. She must
save the swept up hair-dress for
evening and then only If she Is
fortunate enough to have a very tall
man In tow. Even then It Is often
unsatisfactory since you can never
tell when you will find yourself danc
ing with a midget—comparatively!
speaking. Hats for the tall girl'
present a problem tills year. If you
scout around, however; you can find
some that are fashionable and still
not too high In the crown. Yell can
always have the feather cut down
or set at on angle without destroy
ing the line. Muny of the peaks
are designed so that they may bo
I tucked in und still look stylish.
Wide brims con be worn with dis
tinction by the taH girl, whereas
they have a tendency to make her
short sister look like a mushroom
Wide collars, full shoulders, puffy
sleeves are becoming although they
make a small girl look top-beavv.
Even If you think that you are
too tall, don’t make the mistake of
slumping. The tall girl wears her
clothes with an air. Heii.*m*.er
that the best fashion models *re
over five feet six. Select your
clothes with care, carry yourself
like the princesses in fairy tales,
and you'll get considerably more at
tention than the “limited edition,’’
even if you do have to look down
on lesser men occasionally.
What are your beauty prob
lems? Write Marie Downing,
Larieuse Beauty Foundation,
Room 607 —ill Locust St., St.
Louis, Mo., and she will be glad
to answer them. Be sure to en
close a self-addressed stamped
i envelope.
NOTE:—Your question will be analyzed free in this column only
when you include a clipping of this column and sign yonr full name.
birthdate and correct address to your letter. For a "Private Reply"...
send only 25c and a stamped envelope for my latest ASTROLOGY
READING covering your birthdate; also a free letter of advice
analyzing three Questions. Explain your problems clearly and con
fine your questions to those within the scope of logical reasoning.
— Sens You* Lftteh To —
C. L. S.—I wish to know if with
tho experience I have had, can I
mako it through nursing school in
■ i year arul oe successful in a
» i f ti rwai'ds or what is best for
* n
’* 1 ^ 1 “■ i
Ars; P?!ardle>s of how much
experience you have, it will he nec
es-.ery ft .• vou to spend the limited
iim; in s. * d> if you plan to take
up a course in nursing. If vt»u
tinisl the cou: . yt.u w ill get em
W. P.—Will this girl that I have
in mind get me into trouble and
does she mean me any good?
Ans: The young ladv means
you no harm—but she isn’t in love
with you. It would be .well for
y-U to choose someone around
your own age for a friend as she
is much too young to take you ser
iously. No trouble will arise from
yt*jr associating with each other.
J. C. W. My boy friend and I
get along terrible. He stays out
all hours of the night and never
says where and when he goes out
and if I go out a while in the day,
he gets angry. Tell me if I should
stay here and take this stuff or go
home ?
Ans: Go out and leave him
flat. Find you a good paying job
and get a hoarding place by your
self as you would be better off.
Make a visit home if you like, but
you will be able to make a better
salary right where you are now.
fr a few months you will meet
your ideal mate. m
R. W. \V. I am trying very hard
to get compensation from my hus
band's death and wonder what I
I must do.
Art : Get in touch with the lo
cal American Region office in yottr
city and ask their help in helping
you secure the pension. This mat
ter will he handled through the
War Department. Washington, D.
X. Y. Z.—Please tell me does
n y husband s till love me and when
v. ill he change and be affectionate
rn1 take into his confidence as
I bei'ort ? What am I to do about
this matter?
Ans: He loves you—but at this
time he is experiencing r-;ome dif
ficulty from a financial angle
wh'eh hc.s him worried and upset. patience—and in the mean
time make it a point to take more
interest in your generaj appear
ance and he will eventually change
his whole attitude.
S. E. C.—L>o you think that L
| C. cares anything about me and
' i” he marry me? How about F.
Under no circumstances should
you marry I*. G. as you are well
pet1 tainted with his habit of gam
bling and it just won't mix with
matrimony. F. IU does love you
—but he Lsr't going to marry any
time soon. Why don't you make
some other friends.
_ I
A. A. H.—Should I step aside
and let my brother go with this
Ans: Yes—to do so would be the
means of you both finding out
which one of you brothers she
really likes best. Your “heart
beat” is as yet to come into your
L. T.—Will we start to house
keeping as I am tired of living
with my husband’s folks?
Ans: Not until you get work
and save enough money to get
moved. Your husband seems con
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he will follow. ..
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Vann Leaps Again
We now have the spectacle of
a Negro leader being openly at
tacked in the white press by so
high an official as a United States
Senator, and the attack being so
vicious as to brand the leader as
“ 1 ceitful and dishonest.” We
chub': seriously however, whether
anybody in the Negro group will
corao to the defense of this leader
which only gees to prove the type
o leadei he is. Ordinarily, no lead
er in Negro life would be openly
attacked by a white man, high or
low, without Negroes promptly
rallying to the defense of their
own; and ordinarily, no white man
high or low, would have occasion
to attract publicity a leader among
Negroes, except on a social ques
tion in the deep South.
The fast and loose—even reck
less—game played by Robert L.
Vann of Pittsiburg during the last
ter years is now coming to a cli
n . I'- '.r. nev H-.r'rtg the frir't
t-'ia. was inevitable that it would
lea \ Somehow, somewhere Vann
gc th' idea fiat he could buck
wl Itf America. Mr nv men in Ne
gri, liii resent the disabilities un
der which the race labors, but few
arc foolish enough to believe that
they can do a great deal about
li-respect is ermpromised. Book
er T. Washington showed the most
effective way to handle the white
man. Booker Washington left more
to th. Negro than any other mem
ber ot' his race—a ten million dol
lar institution that operates on a
half million dollar par year bud
get—ar.d he got it all, or practi
I tally all from the white man.
Vann comes along and tries to use
lorce—POLITICAL force, of all
things—to BEAT the white man.
, That simply cannot be done in
this country, to ary lasting de
gree. Any Negro who tries it will
in the end, most likely come to
Vann long since lost out with his
own people because of his “leap
frog" qualities, and now it looks
like he is headed for the last
roundup" with the whites. Ore
lesson might be learned well from
the figure he has cut, and that
it, consistency is still a jewel.
Durham Anniversary
On October 20, 1898, what is
now the North Carolina Mutal In
surance Company was founded at
Durham by John Merrick and Dr.
A. M. Moore. The record of this
company during the past 40 years
is well known. It now has 1,000
employes, 250,000 policyholders,
$5,108,472.22 in assets, and $41.
521,952 of insurance in force.
Tho record of service of the of
ficers ar.d directors of the company
V, particularly impressive. Dr. C.
C. Spaulding, president has serves!
tho full 40 years four have strveef
more than 30 years; four have
served more than 20 years; two
have served 19 years, and one 18
years. The company has paid $16.
750,000 in policy obligations since
its organization.
Congratulations are in order for
this company, which is an inspira
tion to Negro business.
Meadville, Pa., Nov 11—A back
woods housewife from the farming
community of Gemvta, 15 miles
from here, will go on trial Mon
day on charges that she forced
two young daughters 12 and 14
years old— into prostitution.
Tho mother, Mrs. Emma Taylor,
was indictfd by the Crawford
County Grand Jury yesterday on
charges of contributing to the de
linquency of minors, prostitutions
of children under 16 years of age,
ami assault and battery.
» • • Drab, Lifeless,
Gray-Streaked Hair
fakes on Glowing
Beauty with a Single
Application of Larieuse
THE middle-aged woman whose
hair is soft, alluring, colorful,
always sparkling with dancing
highlights—how does she do it?
What is the secret to her youthful
looking hair?
Chances are she uses a hair ador
ing and chances are the hair color
ing she uses isGodefroy s Larieuse.
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ally known only to professional
hairdressers. Today it is shared by
women everywhere.
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by using Godefroy’s Larieuse, the
quick-acting, easy-to-use hair col
oring in the red box. Whateier its
condition — whether drab, lifeless,
off-color, or streaked with gray —
Larieuse will make your hair one
even, lustrous, natural, youthful
appearing color. Choice of 18
shades, including jet-black, black
and brown.
Remember—ugly hair sometimes
kills a man's interest in a woman.
Don't risk it—use Larieuse. Satia
faction guaranteed or your dealer
will refund your money.
Larieuse Shampoo
. . . produces a remarkably
cleansing shampoo which
leaves the hair soft and fluffy.
Larieuse Stain Remover
. . . removes hair dye stain*
from hands,forehead and scalp.
Will not alfect color of hair.
If your deal*'
Jo.i not hove
*'f® hair coloring ...
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