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Negro Paper ^ I
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Entered a8 Second Class Matter at Postoffice, Omaha, Nebraska- Omaha, Nebl’., Saturday, Oct. 15, 1938 [j^| Number Twenty-Seven |
■ —■ ~~ ‘ 1 ' *" 1 ~r ’ ' 1 " ~ 1_ I
jg^j^L i Guided 12th Annual Food & Household Demonstration
U"**fci.icv^, jable Prizes - High Class Entertainment - Educational Exhibits - Lectures - Demonstrations
LS&'*3ua®!!SHSI!33339im3MSMgS!pJ^ OCTOBER 1 8"22
Mr. Steve Bannett .National
President and Vernon C. Coffey,
Rcperesentative of Trainmen
Brakemen, Porters, Switchmen &
Pi remen Union No. 21458, Affili
ated with the A. F. of L. will ap
pear on program to install newly
elected officers of Omaha local,
Tho program will bo held the even
ing of October 15, 1938 at 8 o’
clock P. M. at the 1000 Club, 24th
and Parker Sts.
Mr. Bennett ar.d Mr. Coffey,
have just closed negotations with
the St. Louis-San Franciso Rail
way Company for a new agree
mont for the colored trainmen. Af
ter five months of negotations
over wage increases and (15) per
cent) wage deduction which the
carrier wished to put into c*ffect,
the case has been moved to The
National Mediation Board at
Washington, D. C. for final ad
justment. •
Mr. Bennett is a citizen of Okla
homa City, Okla. with offices at
Oklahoma City. Mr. Coffey is a
citizen of Omaha with office and
headquarters at Kansas City, Mo.
account of having large member
ship at. that point on eleven rail
roads. The organization is now op
erating in twenty-two states with
members on 42 trunk lines in the'
United States.
NOVEMBER 14 TO 23 1938
_— 1
Plans are moving steadily for
ward for the annual Community
Chest drive to be held November
14-23, the success of which means
so much to thousands of men, wo
men, and children.
Because of somewhat improved
business condition, there is feeling
• that the appeal this year for funds
will be answered with an increased
generosity according to those most
actively connected with the cam
paign work.
The organization of the various
divisions of the city-wide drive is
almost complete. Victor B. Smith,
general campaign chairman, will
be assisted by Will R. Johnson, In
dustrial; Mrs. Bernard Wickham,
Residential; Henry W. Pierpont,
Initial Gifts; Gerald E. Collins, S.
Omaha; Wilbur Jones, National
Firms Frank P. Fogarty, Publi
city; and Raymond M. Crossman,
Speaker’s Bureau.
Mr. Johnson has announced the
four colonels of the Industrial Di
visions—Vincent C. Hascall, Allen
T. Hupp, W. A. Sawtell, anl D.
M. Edgerly.
Assisting Mrs. Wickham in an
advisory capacity are Mrs. How
ard Rushton, Mrs. W. Dale Clark,
Mrs. Earl Sage, Mrs. J. Francis
McDermott, and Mrs. J. H. Ku
Mr. Varro H. Rhodes will serve
as associate chairman of the
Speaker’s Bureau.
Campaign Headquarters will be
at 836 World Herald Building.
Dining Car Union Asks Rail
Pay Cut Mediation
Chicago, Oct. 13 (CNA)—The
Joint Council of Dining Car Em
ployees, A. F. of L., this week re
quested the National Mediation
board to stay a 15 per cent wage
cut, it was announced by Ishmael
P. Flory, secretary-treasurer of the
Magazine Tells
Story of Negro
In Pictures
New York, Oct. 13—Twelve full
pages of the October 3 issue of
Lifo magazine contain an essay
j in pictures on the Negro in the
United States. The pictures give
| r. birds-eye view of the Negro in
| development in politics, economics
art, literature, social life, educa
tion and sports.
The panorama includes pictures
I of the new buildings on several
I Negro university campuses a full
pago photo of Augusta Savage,
1 showing the sculptor working on a
j figure to be shown at the New
York World Fair; and more than
; a score of pictures of Negro lead
! ers from Frederick Douglass to
' Walter White. According to obser
j vers the publication of so large
\ a number of pictures of Negroes
by a national magazine represents
a new trend in this field.
Kansas City, Mo. Oct. 13 (ANP)
—A mystery bomb, exploding ini
the lobby of Missionary Baptist
church at 4:65 Sunday morning,
wrecked two doors, tore a hole in
| the floor and knocked off recent
i ly applied plaster. No reason has
been uncovered for the blast.
Present in the building at thei
time wre Abraham Jones, custo
dian, and his sister, Mrs. Roxie
Burns who live in the basement.
They were unhurt. The bomb very
small, had evidently been dropped
into a sheet metal mail box out
side the door with a 2 by 6 open
Tho congregation took over the
church July 31 and three weeks
before the bombing and painted
the auditorium.
Vann Trying To
Roosevelt Belief
Washington, Oct. 13 (C)-»~Whcn
tho front page story appeared in
a Philadelphia paper last week
that Robert L. Vann threatens to
bolt back to the Republican party,
which he left in ‘32 to join the
Democrats, because David Law
rence, Democratic State Chairman
of Pennsylvania allegedly does not
like Vanrt, a high Washington Ne
gro official said Vann’s jockeying
back and forth is now seemingly
d< signed to embarrass President
Roosevelt into naming the Pitts
burg editor to a high place to get
rid of him as a political critic.
Persons in the know here politi
cally, however, viewed this latest
mov0, as Vann unwittingly push
ing himself further out into the
cold. In recent months Vann has
campaigned for a place for himself
on tho C. S. Supreme Court bench.
Rumford Baking Powder Co.
Employs Its Fourth Negro
Providence, R. I. Oct. 13 (ANP)
—The Rumford Baking Powder Co.
of this city just employed their
fourth Negro salesman it was an
nounced this week.
Charles R. Wilson of Chicago is
the new salesman just employed by
tho Rumford People. Wilson is a
former student of Creighton Uni
versity, Omaha. Hu is formerly of
St. Louis, Mo. and a graduate of
Sumner High School. He is mar
ried and the father of a three
year old son. In addition to busi
ness training in College, Wilson
has had experience as Catering
Manager of Poro College and the
Grand Hotel in Chicago. Wilson will
work out of Memphis, his dis
trict extending as far South as
Van Nuys Seeks Reelection
On Basis of Anti Lynch Bill
Gary, Ind. Oct. 13 (ANP)—
Plans are almost complete for the
planned reception to be held at
Gary Hotel, honoring Democratic
Senator Frederick Van Nuys, co
author of the Wagner-Van Nuys
Anti-Lynching Bill. A committee,
composed of white and colored Van
Nuys supporters is sponsoring the
Lt. Benj. 0. Davis Now At
Tuskegee Institute, Oct. 13 (ANP
—Lieutenant Benjamin O. Davis,
(West Point ‘36) assumed his du
ties as professor of Military Tac
tics and Science at Tuskegee In
stitute at the opening of school
this month.
Captain Alvin J. Neeley, Dean
of Men, presented Lt. Davis to
President F. D. Patterson and the
Tuskegee faculty at the first
meeting of that body which was
held last Friday. Lt. Davis comes
from Fort Benning, Ga. where he
has been stationed since his grad
uation from the TJ. S. Academy.
Council Bluffs, la. Oct. 13 (ANP)
—Leo Moore, 96, who was shang
haied from Argentina at the age
of 15 and sold into slavery in
West Virginia, became an America
citizen last week.
“When a man’s going on 97, it’s
time for him to settle down,” he
caid. “I do my own cooking. May
be that’s why I keep 3o well.”
During the Civil war, Leei was a
body servant to his master a
confederate officer.
Old Folks Home To
Sponsor Tea
Tho Colored Old Folks Home
will sponsor a 25th Annivcrsity
Tea at the Home Oct. 30. 4-8 P.
M\ This tea is given instead of the,
Harvest Dinner. The one event that
is given every ytoci at this time
for tho benefit of the home.
Tho Executive Board will meet
at the home Thursday, Oct. 13.
Mrs. Elizabeth Montgomery is a
boarder in tha Colored Old Folks
Philadelphia, Oct. 13 (ANP) —
Seeking to provide adequate living
quarters for Negro students in the
leading universities, the Kappa
Alpha Psi Fraternity has bought
the second chapter house within a
year, it is announced in the Octo
ber number of the Kappa Alpha
Psi official organ of tho Greek
letter society.
The new House in Lawrence,
Kansas, seat of Kansas University
while the house bought last year
is located in Urbana, 111, at the
University of Illinois.
Impossibility of Negro students
renting in the better sections ne<ar
the respective universities lod the
fraternity to buy these two build
ings outright, and to renovate
them for the bonefit of its mem
Clean with modern facilities and
arrangements to encourage study
ing, the houses are supervised by
alumni members pf the fraternity.
Social affairs are chaperoned and
tho house at Kansas University al
so has a resident “house mother”
according to the article.
In rocent months the fraternity
has set up chapters at the Ala
bama State Teachers and in
Springfield, 111., the Journal, which
is edited by G. James Fleming
of this city, further reveals.
Chicago, Oct. 13 (ANP—The
Illinois Association of Beauty Cul
ture Schools (white) let down
thair color bars this week and
again invited their “colored fri
ends,” th^ owners and managers
of beauty culture schools, to join
their “School Owners” Assoication.
L Hello Everybody’ ... Big Midnight NAACP
■ Show, at The Ritz, Saturday, Oet. 22, 1938
Satan Takes A
Holiday In
New Orleans
Now Orleans, Oet. 13 (By Leon
I/wis for ANP)—All the little
imps and implets are probably
wailing because their “King,” the
devil decided to spend hig vacation
in New Orleans. This modern Sa
tan with horns and tails ha» kept
uptown and downtown New Or
leans iw a furore tho past 2 w<eks.
School children say this "boogey
man” has fiery eyes and just to
mention him setg them to riot. The
“Devil Man” went to school the
ether day, and after this visit it
took seven copg and a faculyt sev
eral hours to quell the disturbance
and turmoil he had cause.
He went to visit a church up
town and Brother Bill and Sister
Kate and Parson John ran off
from their pews Bibles and pulpit
using “fi»'t“ to carry “body" to
safety. On the streets, in homes
a fid from eVeVy conceivable place
tho question is “have you seen that
‘Divil Man?”’
A few weeks ago, police were
summoned to Algiers to arrest a
devil-like creature who was visit
ing taverns and beer parlors, drink
ing his fill ard vanishing, into the
night without paying his bill. He
was captured, minus his horns and
tail, and sentenced to 30 days in
the hoosegow.
The other day, frequent tele
phone calls kept police headquar
ters and newspajx rs offices busy,
authorities thought it was just a
rumor, and explained that the ter
rorizing prcature was securely be
hind prison bars. Out from no
where the “King of Hades” appear
ed at one of the downtown schools
and turned it into a panorama of
screams and panic. Police we|re
summoned, seven of them came,
only to find a group of panic strik
en youngsters. No trace of this
“demon” could be found
Puzzled and somewhat supersti
tious, they checked with headquar
ters to be assured that the Algiers
terror was still in custody. There
he was, camly reading a magazine.
Taxing their ability for clews the
police department found no hide
nor hair nor footprint <if this
fleeing man from hell's half acre.
Again he strikes again he disap
pears and eludes the search of
puzzled police. He is here this
and over yonder the next. All the
evidence pxdice have been able to
get is frightened people scream
ing, “did you see that devil man?”
The first devil that was captured
says he is the “Ambassador from
Mars.” He has a peculiarly shaped
mustache and devilish sideburns.
But a police checkup disclosed that
body shot at loose ‘devil” Friday
he was born in Arkansas. Some
night when he appeared at one of
the local jwlicy stations. But bul
lets of stell could not halt the
fleeing demon. He scurried into
the dark like a ghost.
No one has been able to find
out whether or not this second
devil is an Ambassador from the
Land of Fire or from the Voodoo
Kingdom of Orleans. But there is
no doubt that he has been here.
Portland, Ore., Oct. 13—(CNA)
—Two measures for old-age pen
sions proposed by initiative peti
tion are on the ballot to be sub
mitted to the voters at the general
election on Nov. 8.
Case Declared Vitally Important to Whole Question !
of Negroes Serving On Juries; Action of Gover
nor Allred
DALLAS, Texas, October—Thurgood Marshall
of the legal staff of the National Association for the
Advancement of Colored People,, arrived here Sat
urday, October 8, to confer with officials of the local
branch in regard to further action in the brutal
jury eviction case involving Dr. George F. Porter,
65, president of Wiley Junior College.
Mr. Marshall Was sent here from the New
York office of the association at the request of local
| branch officials because of the wide implications in
| New Orleans To
Welcome Euch
aristic Visitors
New Orleans, Oct. 13 (ANP)—
With plans to give visitors to the
Eighth Eucharistic Congress eve
ry possible advantage of New Or
leans’ life and activity, Promoter
Mitchell, who has brought some
of the greatest attractions to lo
cal nightlifers, announces one of
tho biggest dnnce and entertain
ment attraction for the duration
of tha Congress the TICK-TOCK
Tavern, on Oct. 17, a dance and
entertaining feature.
Music will l>e furnished by the
famous Creole Serenades. The !
floor show and general atmosphere !
will be purged with New Orleans’ I
Creola spirit. With thousands of j
Negroes coming from all sections
of the country this particular fea
ture will be highly entertaining
and serving as a welcoming into !
tho folds of New Orleans French!
American atmosphere Reservations
can be made through contacting |
tho Astoria Hotel.
New York, Oct. 13_Officials of
th0 National Association for the
Advancement of Colored people
urged upon individual citizens and
organizations interested in press
ing the, fight for passage of an
anti-lynch bill during the coming
session of Congress to write thoir
senators and congressmen asking
them how they stand on this legis
Only two questions need be ask
ed of these solons, some of whom
are up for re-election to office, it
was said: do you favor a federal
anti-l.vnching bill, and to senator
only will you vote for cloture (li
mitation of debate) in order to
stop a filibuster?
New York, Oet. 13 (CNA)—Sen
ator Robert F. Wagner declined
the Democratic nomination for
governor of the State of New
York. Ho explained that he wish
ed to return to Washington to
complete work already begun.
ivolved in the denial of lundament
al citizenship rights, as shown by
tho case.
Dr. Porter, the key figure in
the case, is a keen eyed educator,
slight in build, whose unflinching
courage in the face of a brutal as
sault at the hands of white hood
lums in the Dallas courthouse, has
aroused colored people and liberal
whites throughout the state of
Becauso he insisted on exercis
ing his right of membership on a
petit jury panel to which he had
been legally summoned, and refus
ed to have himself “excused” at
tho suggestion of court officials,
Dr. Porter was dragged out from
the central jury room of the Dal
las courthouse September 28 by
two white men, despite his plea to
court attaches for protection, and
thrown down the front steps of
the building. Sevei-al other pros
pective Negro jurors accepted dis
missal at the hands of court offic
Determined to see the thing
through the college president
picked himself up and broke
through a line of more than a doz
er. threatening whites who sought
to bar his entering the building a
gain, re-enteml the courthouse
and regained his seat In the jury
Shortly after the assault on him
Dr. Porter was sent to the four
teenth district court in the build
ing presided over by Judge Sarah
Hughes to join tho panel assem
bled there. Here, together with
sixteen white veniremen, he was
dismissed for the week. Judge
Bush, technically in charge of the
jury room, from which the college
president was first evicted, refus
ed to comment on the assault.
Porter’s eviction from the jury
room came on the third day of his
daily attendance on the jury panel
following his acceptance of jury
service. Well known throughout
the state, he has been dismissed
twice beforci from jury service
over his protest; once in 1921,
when ho served one day after hav
ing been threatened with a lynch
ing; and again in 1936, when he
served three days before he was
dismissed depito his protest.
In a statement issued today,
Walter White, executive seere' rv
of tho NAACP. said:
“Wo have already sent a vig
orous protest to Governor Allred
of Texas, over the brutal treat
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