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Negro Paper ■ "■" 11
in Nebraska >- ■ full pages of
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' Entered .. Secnd ciae. Matter .> Omaha,,- Omaha, Nebr., Saturday, Sept. 17, 1938_Number Twenty-Three
A. F. of L. Head To Speak At Porters’ Convention
Dr. L. K. Williams Re-Elected By Baptists!
Celebrate Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of Freedom
_ ® -— "-—rz—
St. Louis, Mo. (By R .C. Fisher I
for ANP)_Dr. L. K. Williams of
Chicago acclaimed the "Moses"
of the multitude of Baptists of
the National Convention of the
United States, was reelected presi.
dent by that mammoth religious
body after delivering his annual
address at the 58th annual session
and the celebration of the 75th ,
year of the emancipation of the
Negro in America, at the spacious |
Coliseum last Wednesday even
Ir. his annual message, the dy
namic religious leader scored the
present relief plan. He said the
present relief plan is robbing folk
■of self respect and self-depen
dence. He called upon his host of
churchmen, assembled from every
nook and corner of America, to
acquit themselves as men in help
ing to correct the present econo
mic conditions and aid in bringing
about a return to private employ
ment. The militant leader, with
an apparently burning heart, plea
ded for greater education of the
America Negro and pointed with
pride tb the part the Baptist
Church has played in elevating his
standard of life.
Approximately 10,000 heard the
address. The convention was offi
cially opened at the Coliseum, Tue.
William L. Mason, Democratic
president of the Board of Alder,
men, welcomed in his own way,
the delegates for Mayor Dickmann
■who was not present.
While praising the worthiness of
relief as an emergency measure,
Dr. William warned of its paraly
sing affects if continued.
Tho relief situation,” he said,
is inimical to the growth of a
self reliant labor supply and strike
a deathly blow at private indus
try. It can help to breed and cul
tivate the spirit of paternalism
and an untimely crop of hopeless
consumers. The present relief does
not encourage marriage and the
building of the family, for it of
fers no safe economic foundation.
It robs the people of a proper
morale, and can easily pave the
way to the overthrow of popular
government and the emergence of
a totalitarian state. I
Union Protests Docking of
6 Workers For Total of
Kansas City, Kansas—Because
Armour and company ‘docked”
fi'e Negroes and one white work
er $22.09 for time spent arbitrat
ing a grievance, the CIO union
called a sit-down strike, Friday,
September 9, shutting down pro
duction throughout the plant.
Half of the 1,800 workers parti
cipating in the strike were Ne_
The strike was called early Fri
day morning, shortly after checks
were issued, and the gix men dis"
covered they had been cut $3.68
The strike at the Armour Pack
ing plant in Kansas City was call
ed off late Monday night and
workers returned to their jobs
Tuesday morning. No agreement
on the grievances was reached,
but both company officials, and
union leaders agreed to abide by
the decision of an arbitration
Reelected president of the Na
tional Baptist Convention meet
ing here in St. Louis last week.
His selection for a renewed j
term of leadership came at the
close of h js annual address, pro
claimed one of the most bril
liant deliverances of its kind.
Dr. Williams challenged the cri
tics of the church, pointed to
its accomplishments. Backed by
facts and illumined by spirjt
his speech traced the history of
the Negro in America and de
scribed the leadership of the
church in evei’y phase of racial
lifj. (ANP)
The Hillside Presbyterian church j
30th Ohio St. will start an eight;
day revival beginning Sunday'
night, Sept. 24th at 8 o’clock. The
various ministers of the city will
take part and Mr. H. L, Preston
will conduct the singing. On Sun
day night, the Rev. John S. Wil
liams, pastor of the Church will
speak. On Monday, the Rev. W.
H. Phelps pastor of Lowe Avc.
Presbyterian ch u r c h. Tuesday
night, Rev. Francis Boquet Ph. D.
On Wednesday night, Rev. Thomas
Nevin pastor of first Presbyterian
Church. Thursday night, Rev. M.1
K. Curry, pastor of Zion Baptist
Church ahd Friday Dr. W. Dickin-j
son, pastor of Trinity Baptist
Church. The entire community is
invited to share in these wonder
ful services wi'Ji us.
Rev. J. S. Williams,
Boyd Baptists Hold 58th
Annual Session In
Fort Worth, Texas
Forth Worth, Tex., Sept. 15 A.
N. P.)—.This city was host to
thousands of Baptists from all
sections of the nation September
8-11 when the National Baptist
; Convention of America held its
| 58th anrual session at Mt. Pis
gah Baptist church with Rev. S.
R. Prince, pastor, and the congre
gation acting as hosts to the dele
j gates.
of St. Louis, beauty expert and
widely read columnist of the
Larieuse Foundation, as she ar
rived in Chicago by plane over
the Chicago and Southern Air
l ines Sunday afternoon to at
tend the annual convention of
! the National Beauty Culturists
League. Miss Downing is being
greeted by Mrs. Majorie Joyner,
rational president of the Lea
guo which has delegates in at
tendance from every section of
the country in what is sajd to
be the largest and most success
ful session. (ANP)
S ek Legislation Beneficial To
Beauty Industry
Chicago, Sept. 15 (ANP—Fea
tured by the pressnde here of
nearly 500 licensed beauticians,
operators and beauty shops owners
from all sections of the country,
who listened to lectures, took part
in demonstrations and explained
new methods of hair and beauty
treatments, the National Beauty
Culturisits League held the largest
and most interesting convention in
its history last week at the Savoy,
Main objective of the League is
to bring about standardized an ap
proved methods of treatng hair,
scalp and skin; to elevate the
standards of the profession; pro
tect licensed operators and owners
from the menace of “bootleg”
shops, inferior service and price
cutting, and to secure passage of
state laws to protect the interests
of all Association members.
Marjorie Stewart Joyner is
president of the beauticians’ na
tional body. At Thursday’s session
election of officers consumed al
most the entire day, wjth Mrs.
Joyner again elected to head the
organization. A gala hall marked
the close of Thursday’s activities
with the big Savoy ballroom
crowded to capacity by delegates
and visitors. Newly elected of
ficers were presented during the
Another major concern of the de
legates and League officials dur.
ing tho convention was to encour
age shop owners to buy cosmetics
powers and other beauty supplies
and equipment from Negro manu
faetn>~0--*v,'>—— ~x tu--ZZ~“
tion. as much as possible.
Other officers elected for the
ensuing year included: Dorothy
Chapman, New Yory City ,1st
vjce president; D. E. Taylor, Bos
ton, 2nd vice president; Serena
D. Davis, Philadelphia, recording
secretary; Bessie Mercer, Wash
ington, D. C.; financial secretary;
Cordelia Johnson, Baltimore, treas
urer and Effie Bushnell, St. Louis
national organizer.
South Side Store Robbed
The Peoples Drug Store, 2731 Q
St., the only drug store on the
soithside operated by Race jxmple,
was broken into early Thursday
morning and robbed of a large
quantity of merchandise. Police
are seeking the culprits.
The Peoples Drug Store is op.
erated by Dr. Northcross and Mr.
George Althouse.
Bishop R. E. Jones At Clair
Chapel M. E. Church
Sunday, Sept. 18th
Bishop R. E. Jones, resident
bishop of Columbus Area will be
the guest speaker at Clair Chapel,
Church for the eleven o’clock ser
vico Sunday Sept. 18. This is Bis
hop Jones first visit to Nebraska,
since he was elected Bishop in
1920, in Des Moines, Iowa. Bishop
Jones, before coming to the Co
lumbus Area, was the resident
Bishop of the New Orleans Area
comprised of the states of Louis
ana, Mississippi and Texas. The
Columbus Area over which he is
now presiding Bishop, takes in the
states of Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky,
Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma,
Kansas, Iowa, Colorado, and Ne
braska. Before being elected bis.
hop, he was editor of the South
western Christian Advocate for
twenty years, from which office
he was elected to the general su
perinttndency of the Methodist
Episcopal Church. The pastor,
Reverend G. D. Hancock, officers
and members of Clair Chapel are
extending an invitation to the pub
lia to hear the message of Bishop
Jones next Sunday at evelen A.
Tho Provincial Convention of
tho Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity
will be held in Omaha October 14
15-16. The Honorable Tehophilus
M. Mann, Grand Polemarch will
bo one of the Principle speakers
at a Mass Meeting to be held Oct.
16. Delegates from Iowa, Minne
sota and Nebraska will be in at
tendance. Atty. John Adams is
president of the Omaha chapter,
and Dr. Ferguson of Waterloo,
Iowa is provineal president.
Dos Moines, Sept. 8—Col. Wril_
liam Henry Singleton, 103, believed
to have been the only commission
ed Negro off jeer in the Civil War
died of a heart attack last night.
He had participated with his
comrades in the annual parade of
tho Grand Army of the Republic.
His wife said th<i strain of the
long journey to the GAR encamp
ment from their New Haven,]
Conn., home and the excitement of |
th e parade apparently had caused
th0 attack.
Ho and 118 aged comrades defied
90 degree heat to parade for 15
blocks through Dowtown streets,
I yesterday. The majority rode in
automobiles but Cokimancjrr'-vn-*
Chief 0 .11. Menent mustered 38
\. Philip Randolph, Recovered from Long Illness,
Also Scheduled to Speak at Fifth Conference
_ .. . (•) .*
Tho '‘concord of sweet sounds”
which, throughout the summer
emanated daily from the Court
Rouse, seems to have reached out
if not literally, at leaBt iu its in
fluence, to our neighbors across
tho river.
In responso to requests from
certain Council Rluffs residents
who heard and enjoyed the Fed
eral Music Projects’ noon day pro
grams, State Director Win. Moy
ers has arranged for the Join a
WPA. Cjvie Cichestra to pla/ a
concert at V‘m ge Park from 2”0
to 4 p. m. Sunday, September 25.
A well varied program will be
presented under the baton of
Edward Hoffman who also will be
heard as Xylophone soloist in his
own arrangement of native melod
ies. Another feature will be a
trombone solo entitled ‘‘Trombon
olgy" which will be played by
Louis Hahn.
Tho concert is free to the pub.
Following is the schedule lor
the week of September 19:
Monday: WPA. Civic Orchestra
Train School, 9:15-10:15 a. m.;
Bancroft School, 10:45-11:45 a. m.
Lincoln School, 1:15-2:15 p. m.—
WPA. Colored Orchestra; South
High School, 11:30-12:45.
Tuesday: WPA. Civic Orches
tra: Minne, 9:15-10:15 a. m.
Blessed Sacrament, 10:45-11:45;
Belvedere School, 1:15-2:15 p. m.
Wednesday: WPA. Civic Orches
tra: Benson West School, 9:16.
10:45 a. m.; Monroe School, 1:15
2:15 p. m.—WPA. Colored Orch
estra; South High School, 11:30
a. m.-12:45 p. m.
Thursday: WPA. Civic Orches
tra: Jungman School, 9:15-10:15
a. m.; St. Agnes School, 10:45
11:30 a. m.; Brown Park school,
1:15-2:15 p. m. WPA. Colored Or
chestras: Morton Park Pavilion,
8:30-11:30 p. m.; Florence Com.
munity Hall, 8:30-11:30 p. m.
Friday: WPA. Civic Orchestra:
Sherman School, 9:15-10-15 a. m.;
St. Theresa School, 10:45-11:30 a.
n».; Miller Park School, 1:30-2:30
p. m.; WPA. Colored Orchestras:
South High School, 11:30-12:45 p.
m.; Tech High School, 3:30-5:00
p. m.; Brown Park Pavilion, 8:30
-11:30 p. m., recreation dance;
Hanscom Park Pavilion, 8:30.11:30
p. m., recreation dance.
marchers. One, George Gray, 89,
Nashua, N. H. fighting back tears
of humiliation broke ranks and
grasped the hand of a friend.
“I’m terribly ashamed,” he said
“but I couldn't make it. I just got
It was the last time many of
them will march together. Death
js expected to cut their ranks in
half by next year's encampment.”
It will be held in Pittsburgh.
Mrs. Edwina P. Trigg, Kansas,
City, was elected National presi
dent of the Ladies of the GAR
Mrs. Nellis Sammuel, Indianapolis
wag chosen vice president.
Mrs. Rhoda Denny Moss Seat
tle, Wash., was elected president
of the Natjonal Woman’s Reliel
Omaha Beauticians Given
National Charter
Charter no. 101 in the Nationa
Beauty Culturist League was is
sued to Omaha at the Nationa
Information was received at the
International Headquarters of the
Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Por
ters, 217 West 125th Street, from
Ashley L. Totten, International
Secreaary.Treasurer, that Mr.
Wjlliam Green, president of the
A. F. of L. would be the princi
pal speaker nt the opening meet
ing of the 5th annual Convention
of the Brotherhood of Sleeping
Car Porters in Chicago, Sunday,
afternoon, September 18.
This meeting will take place in
the Du Sable HiSh School and
bids fair to be one of the biggest
demonstrations of the Negro
1 workers and the Negro people yet
' presented anywhere. Delegates
from practically all of the states
in the union will begin to move
toward the Convention within the
next few days. All interests are
centered on the deliberations that
! will take place in the first na
tional parliament of Negro work
ers that the Negro people have
i conducted, as a result of winning
| r. signal victory over the Pullman
I Company, one of America-g larg
est industrial corporations.
At the meeting in the Du Sable
High school, Mr. A. Phillips Ran
dolph, International President,
who has been ill for a long time,
is also scheduled to speak. There
wjll be an elaborate musical pro
, gram, and M. P. Webster, First
; International vice president will
preside. Other International Offi
cers that will be present are Ben
nie Smith of Detroit, Second In
ternational vice president, E. J.
Bradley of St. Louis, Thjrd Inter
national vice president, and C. L.
Dcllums of the Pacific Coast,
Fourth International vice presi
dent. — *>',
This will be the last public ap
pearance of President William
Green before he sounds the gavel
for the opening of the 56th An
nual Convention of the American
Federation of Labor in Houston,
Texas. »
The Brotherhood of Sleeping
Car Porters is one of the hundred
and four international unions of
the American Federation of La
bor. This is the 13th Anniversary
of the organization and the first
convention following the signing
of the wage contract with the Pull
man Company, August 25, 1937, in
Chicago. The Convention will ex
tend through September 23.
Convention held in Chicago, last
week and returned to the city by
Mrs. Christine Althouse of the Al
house School of Beauty Culture.
The NBCL has been organized for
19 years and has done some won
derful work in elevating the stan
dards of the beauty profession.
Three Delegates To Baptist
Convention Die In Car
Chicago, Sept. 15 (ANP)—A
head.on automobile collision early
Wednesday morning three miles
from Lincoln, 111., resulted in the
i death of Robert Dortch, Jocal bus
inessman; Mrs. Rosie Jackson, 42,
and Mrs. Corinne McAlpin, 41,
i who were enroute to the National
Baptist convention in St. Louis.
A white woman Mrs. Rouse was
also killed in the crash. Mrs. Lau
ra Syvick, 45, and Mrs. Alma
Buckley, 88, in the Dortch car,
! were so seriously injured they
• were forced to remain in a Lincoln
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