The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, September 10, 1938, Page Six, Image 6

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    WUTiS:—Your question wi.l be answered FREE in this cot'
nmn ONLY when a <1 pping of this column is enclosed with YOUlt
AD DJI ESS. For PRIVATE REPLY send twenty-five cents and
a self-addressed, stamped envelope for my NEW ASTROLOGY
READING and receive by return mail my FREE ADVICE on
THREE QUESTIONS. Send all letters to Abbe Wallace,
F. O. Box 11. Atlanta, Georgia. __
A. B, M.—Does my husband love
me? Is he fair with me at all
times? Will he eqrtinue to be de
voted? Is my life in danger?
Ans: Why worry t-ontinous
ly when you really haven’t
anything at all to worry about.
You know perfectly well your
husband loves, admires, and
respects you, also he is devoted
and plays the game fair.
Your life is not in danger. In
fact your life is one above the
averrge, work hard to keep
it so.
W. F.—Will I ever become an
employee at the place that I de
sire to work and if so how goon?
Ans: A job of the particu
lar nature that you wish will
have to be gotten by your
standing a Civil Service Exa
mination. Then I fear that it
would take quite some time as
there is usually long waiting
list. Take the examinations
each period and continue to
try for the job as you would
certainly like it fine.
E. S. The* man I love has been
misinformed about me by some
relative. Kr.ow that he loves me,
but i8 trying to stay away to for_
get me. Will he take me back?
Ans: Under the existing
circumstances, it would be to
your advantage to make it con
venient to meet him, when
you do then arrange to talk
this thing over. If the man
loves you like he has made
you believe, nothing on earth
would keep him away from
you. Naturally he would feel
peeved for a while but he
will get over it.
II. I). D. Why is it when I go
to Sunday School every Sunday a
young girl and the Superinten
dants wife laugh when I get up?
Is it that they think I am stuck
Ans: My only suggestion in
your particular case is that
you he a little more friendly
with the people that you come
in contact with and they
won’t be so prone to make fun
of you. It is mere ignorance
that makes anyone laugh at
another person, but they
haven't anything in particu
lar against you. They don’t
know you so well. Continue to
go to Sunday School.
P. S.—The man I love, will he
be able to get a divorce without
having to pay alimony,
ing to pay alimony?
Ans: In all probability he
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[ can get his divorce without
her exp-cting one dime from
him. She is more or less an
independent type who will not
try to cause him any more
trouble whatever.
C. M. I have a boy friend that
I have been going with off and
on for about a year and I wish to
know if he intends to marry me
or what does he have on his
mind ?
Ans: Good times, and plenty
of them arc the only things
that worry him now. No, he
isn't going to marry you. It
would be to your advantage to
make some other nice friends
for he really isn’t as devoted
to you now as seem to be
lieve that he is.
W. R.—Will I have any trouble
if I accept and teach at tho place
where I was last year?
Ans: No trouble at all. The
party that worries you to
some degree has left the city
and ho will not enter into
your life. There isn’t anything
for you to worry about con
cerning your position.
Sees Attempt Made To
Smear Defense of Scotts
boro Doys
Birmingham, Ala. Sept. 1 (CNA)
;—An assertio nby Solicitor Melvin
Hutson, rabid prosecutor in the
Scottsboro case, that Communists
aro engaged in a “deep laid
plot to murder the sheriff and
deputies” of Decatur County, was
denounced this week as an attempt
to smear the world wide movement i
for tho defense of the Scottsboro 1
Speaking in the name of the
Communist Party of Alabama, Ro
bert P. Hall, its secretary and
candidate for the State Senate, as.
sailed Hutson’s statement and de
clared that ho would confer with
attorneys concerning action for
libel. Hall branded Hutson’s charg
es as * ridiculous, fantastic, mis
chievous and untrue” and was
“an attempt to smear the defense
movement with a red herring at
precisely the moment when the
conscience of Alabama is sp?ak
ing out for the pardon of the re
maining innocent boys through the
voices of such distinguished sons
of Alabama as Donald Comer and
Forney Johnson.”
“Any one familiar with our work
knows that we strive for harmony
between Negro and white citizens,
not race riots which are provoked
only by reactionaries,” Hall cintin
ued. “It is in the interests of har.
mony, unity and better relations
■ between the races that we have
consistently sought to wipe out
the injustice of the Scottsboro case
and forever remove this cankerous
source of ill feeling.’’
Mongomery, Sept. 1 (C)—The
Bishop’s Council was in tears
Thursday morning after a moving
sermon by Bishop R. R. Wright,
Jr., describing his work in South
Africa. The priest who showed ef_
fects of his recent illness told a
capacity audience that he did not
conm to America to stay but to go
back and carry something back
for humanity with him.
Cheyney, Pa., Sept 1 (C)—Miss
Sara F. jBailoy of Philadelphia
headed th« Cheyney Teachers col
lege Phonor roll for the first sem
ester with rating of excelent. Nine
others made excellent but were be
low Miss Bailey.
UO YOU KNUW WHT — a uuy Will use Language Line ms? Drawn for mis paper By nsner
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iNOeSD^KtliHTEol \ JOURNE'I THBOLKit* 1WS 5P*£Pt\ TIM*S OHO umPR6.MEDIFAre.o TELl- / | SHUT up! IF ir /
at th^ VJ K£v<* b-at.tuo.nous 1 PAT,Ano«s .NrEtu*.».MT>f Jlfc^£TH* L^ WASNt «ANW0Al
ajuar . esssik-.JSM-,' jaagsg ggg„. I
}|HTCT*ATI0NA1. Cabtoon CO.W, <■ USS"
Mr. I. KnowlttT He tKHisni batiavc anything till «■ __^y. T^rniP."
C C»ooONi4wr tpp'* Dovo<j ^" ,,.uc ~~'i (. ««i/| 7 /""it's owuV I & _ .
| loo* a* «M Q 3^^ mm Bfci' \ LOO*^- T'N f ,er ,r\ ubjg MV
I • D-CTOo M9U o.s-rtMV- IM SPOOKS-THSO%CO«« J LOOK \PPNiM i 'l'-0* 0 , ! ^ ffi Wm
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, Cl'“°"~“.^gg7fe Ti \ 1 //' (itv HtCKLU
^ y H frogt^
Here’s Aid for the Butter Budget
. By Jane Knox
Just a few simple Ingredients, several twirls of an egg be^.er and
presto—there are two pounds of butter instead of one.
HOW often do you look at your
grocery budget, wish that you
could make that pound of butter
go twice as far, and then decide
with a sigh that you are Just Un
practically day dreaming? Well,
your sigh is really not a bit neces
This business of having a better
butter budget is something more
than just a pleasant and fanciful
tongue twlster-^lt is a fact. The
new and facile method of making
your butter spread over twice as
many slices of bread will cut the
cost of that item to nearly fifty per
cent of its former self.
Plain, unflavored gelatine, plus a
little top milk, a few twirls of a
rotary egg beater and suddenly you
have two pounds of butter for one.
It's just as easy as that. And when
there are lunchbox sandwiches to
prepare every day of the year, you
can Imagine what a happy differ
ence this will make from an eco
nomic standpoint.
"But how Is it to be done?" you
^«ay. Well, here’s how!
Two Pounds of Butter from One
1 pound of butter
1 pint milk (preferably top half of a
quart bottle)
1 envelope plain, unflavored gelatine
Salt to taste
Soften gelatine in one-fourth cup
of cold milk for about five minutes.
Then set over hot water and stir
until gelatine is thoroughly dis-i
solved. Cut butter into small pieces
and place in a dish over warm wa-i
ter until butter is quite soft but
not melted. Gradually whip milk
and softened gelatine into the but-;
ter with a rotary egg beater, or,
electric beater. After milk is thor
oughly beaten into the butter, add,
salt to taste. If the milk separates
a little, keep on beating until ft is,
all mixed in. Place on ice or in a
cold place until hard. If a yellower
color is desired, add a drop or so of
yellow vegetable coloring. !
There, you have two pounds of
creamy butter all ready to be
spread on your family’s sandwiches.
And Just, a last word to the wise
for members of the reducing clan—
the new two pounds of butter cuts
the calories down as well as the
tystter budget.
Pensacola, Fla. Sept. (C) The
Colored Citizen, published here,
carried a full page ad. from Cen
tral Life Insurance company of
Tampa, last week, of which G. D.
Rogers president of the National
Negro Insurance Association, is
Austin, Sept. 1 (C)—Bishop
A. P. Shaw of the ME church was
a speaker at Sam Houston college
Wednesday being welcomed by the
president S. E. Grannum, and re
ported $1,300 for the coleges from
the West Texas conference of the
Memphis, Tonn. Sept. 1 (CNA)
—iBcll weevils and army worms
have caused more damage to cotton
this year than in a quarter of a
century extensions agents reported
this week.
Mid-South farmers have been
hamprcd by rainsand heavy winds
and efforts in man yareas to ex
terminate the pests have been fu
Joe Louis Spftball Team
To Play All Stars (White)
—In Chicago
Chicago, Sept. 8 (ANP) Chica.
' go, which has yet to see Heavy
weight Champion Joe Louis in the
rolo of soft ball player atlhough
he Jives here, will see him in action
w’hen his Brown Bombers play a
picked all-star team of whites at
American Giants Baseball park un
der the lights Thursday night,
Sept. 15.
The Brown Bombers are cur
rently on a nationwide tour during
which they have played and de
feated the nation’s leading teams
of both races. They are also sche
duled to participate in the na
tional softball tournament at Sol
diers field ending Sept- 12.
The game in which Joe Louis
wTill be seen at first base against
the white all-stars will be preced,
ed by a game between two girl’s
teams, one white and one colored.
The boxing champion is expected
to attract thousands of both races
to the American Giants park.
Calvin’s Newspaper Service
—By Frances Lee Barton——
WHEN food tastes good the as
sembled family will almost purr
with satisfaction after the first
mouthful. But,
when in addition
to lasting good
the food U a de
light to behold,
then indeed you
havo a culinary
"double header”!
The, combination
of a coconut
cream pie and lus.
cious fresh raspberries is superb
What a climax to a leisurely Sun
day dinner.
Coconut Cream Raspberry Pie
4 tablespoons sugar; 5 table-*
spoons sifted cake flour; >4 tea
spoon salt, 2 cups milk; 3 egg
yolks, slightly beaten; 1 cup shred
ded coconut; 2 teaspoons vanilla;
1 pint raspberries; 1 baked 9-inch
pie shell.
2 egg whites, unbeaten; % cup
sugar; Dash of salt; 2 tablespoons
water; M* teaspoon vanilla.
Combine sugar, flour, and salt in
top of double boiler. Add milk and
egg yolks, mixing thoroughly Place
over rapidly boiling water and cook
10 minutes, stirring constantly Re
move from boiling water, add Ms
cup coconut and vanilla. Cooi.
Place 1 cup raspberries in pie shell,
then fill with cooled filling.
Place egg whites, sugar, salt, and
water in top of double boiler,
beat with rotary egg beater until
thoroughly mixed. Place over rapid
ly boiling water and beat 1 min
ute; then remove from fire and
continue beating 1 minute, or until
mixture will stnnd in peaks. Add
flavoring. Pile lightly on filling. Ar
range remaining berries around
meringue. Sprinkle with remaining
coconut. Serve at once.
R§ad The Omaha Guide
THE LOW DOWN FROM read my stuff, and I would lose
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nographer will not let you see
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But I have never been able Our
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O. K., and they might happen to
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