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■nn ONLY when a «l ppins? of this column is enclosed with YOUK
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THREE QUESTIONS- Send all letters to Abbe Wallace,
B. W.—Answer in your column
if I am to get a teaching position
this fall?
Ans: You had better begin
snaking contacts as it already
pretty late in the season.
"Write your qualifications to
tho various counties in your
district ahd if possible get
some influential party in your
present city t° help you out a
bit. You will teach before the
year i;s out.
S. S. S.-—I am very worried.
Will you please tell me if [ will
ba able to get me a nice steam
beated place for the winter, one
that isn’t too high?
Ans: Surt* you can. Make
some inquires right now and
on your days liff from work
call around the different sec
tions of tiht. city. You wiBl
find something very desirable
and within tho price range
you wish to pay.
M. A. R.—1 wish to know if I
should ask for a raise will I get
the amount that I ask for?
Ans: (Jo ahead and ask for
» raise. You won't g. t it im
mediately, but the people you
•work for will make arrange
ments to pay you more during
to coming winter .months and
you will need it more than you
do now.
M. L. B.—I love my husband
and I want to stay with him but
his children don’t like me. What
must I do?
Ans: R main right where
you are for a period of time
you will be able to win each of
his children on your side. They
are naturally a little envious
«f the attention shown you
by their father, but if you ig
nore their tatty ways and
make life pleasant around the
home, you will win your point.
O* W.—Should I forget about J.
M. and continue to be as care free
Your Kidneys contain B million tiny tubes
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Jihone your druggist for Cystex (Blas-tex)
oday. The guarantee protects you.,Copr.
1*37 The Knox Co.
Calvin’s Newspaper Service
——By Frances Lee Barton——*
THERE always arrives a "cool
spell” when hospitable impulses
revive, along with our drooping spir*
us. However, ii s
Just as well to
make summer
"\ hospitality as in
I formal and sim
ple as possible.
So If you are en
1 tertalnlng folks
\) on Sunday night.
_ why not build
■ the meal arounu
blueberry griddle cakes? They re
grand—and seasonable—and with a
generous howl of cool green salad
they will leave your guests replete
with the kind of food they'll enjoy
at this time of year.
Blueberry Griddle Cakes
1 cup sifted flour; 1 teaspoon
double-acting baking powder; Vs
teaspoon salt; 1 tablespoon sugar;
l egg. well beaten; % cup milk; 2
tablespoons melted butter or other
shortening; Vi cup fresh blue
Sift flour once, measure, add bak
ing powder, salt, and sugar, and
sift again. Combine egg and milk;
add gradually to flour, beating only
until smooth. Add shortening and
berries. Bake on hot, greased grid
dle. Serve hot with your favorite
hard sauce or syrup. .Makes 12 to
15 griddle cakes.
as 1 was before 1 met him?
Ans: An excellent idea for
J. M. isn’t the type of man
that you should choose for re
gular company. Don’t make a
steady friend for a couple of
years, you do not wish to mar,
ry too young for you arc only
beginning your social life.
G. M. G_Is there a chance of
my husband getting a good job
hero or should we return to our
borne? Any suggestions you have
will bo appreciated?
Ans: Your husband is going
to get employment in the im
mediate future but I feel that
he would make a much better
contact if he were to return
to the Coast. The small place
you are in at present doesn’t
offer many openings and your
husband is well known on the
coast and has many applica
tions in already for jobs.
C, G—I was going with a man
a year ago and he was slow and 1
married another man. My husband
died and now this man wants to
come to see me again and he said
I was the only woman he loves.
Does he mean it?
Ans: If you continue to go
with him his wife is going to
"change his tune” a bit. You
-When Yon Buy Beer
... It will pay you to patronize a reputable dealer.
Why? Because reputable dealers are the bulwark oi
the Nebraska brewing industry, which spends millions
o! dollars annually in state and municipal taxes, in
larm products, in supplies oi allied industries. These
millions constitute a huge investment paying regular
dividends in economic benefits to the stale and lessen
ing your tax burden. To patronize disreputable dealers
is to Jeopardize your own pocketbook.
1 ' " ' .. t
Robt. A. Drum, Chairman Arthur C. Storz Richard G. Kneedler, Jr#
L M. Merriman R. N. Kuester E. G. Goss Charles E. Metz
CHAS E. SANDALL, State Director
Shames Body Builders
Everything New for Your Car from
Top to Tires at the Right Prices
Tow-in Service Any Time—Day or
to terra a.
So h« **o*lr Be- -
so eo«>«o
COHE LErs 60
IT*S 10-30
■ n_»'■ ^QbB ■ ■
*■ 1 ■ —1 — I *■
DO YOU KNOW WHY - - ■ The Average Lease ts So One-Sided ? __prawn for mis paper By fisher
I JNI=12I£* rv»e C tne CZZZ ^ mp > ^ui'Tor^ I--Y
.rJuiASS F06U i-wtw O' F«c \ < (—. re-UM.r ►.MifuF ^ \ MfV^ee tWE'lt-C S
\ rxe *PrMirMf>rrl Wt’ "WT OOO ( S fcl« PM*r 5,VT^^e I OU. OtMtx. B-SO-W , Jr u< 0l«6 I
i 'tovivP jv-s r HtutyN cow. nwit* ! / *0r *.■> „«vsm rn / lx: » i
\ SIAH r***1> A(iC*»t «o wuooai of th«e ^roQ^SAid “ ***%#? (iN Ouft- fNAParNejHn
rJ?4T»r -"o'r brs“£^ sestets* ^
h;re ferrp5—r ••*«*« l*
<’Z}'t‘i_ % > (Ptg.ooj j
Li ,
(Music Features & Photo Syndicate>
RICHARD LEIBERT, Radio City Music Hali organist, is now lead
ing his own dance band as a side line . . Hoagy Carmichael and
Frank Loesser are writing the songs for the forthcoming movie, at.
LOUIS Diuca.
Wonder if W.
C. Handy’s cele
brated tune of
the same name
is to fit into
the picture? . . .
Despite its tre
mendous exploi
tation sheet mu
sic sales of “Bei
Mir Bist du
®y * * * Schoen amount
Loui. Reid «d 'less than
200,000 copies.
The ditty was another victim of ex
cessive radio dinning . . . Rudy
Vallee, Ben Cutler, Lanny Ross and
tohn S. Young were classmates at
ale , . . Attempts to solve a cheese
making mystery have come to light
in the music world. A new song, by
Sterling Sherwin, bears the title
“Why Do They Bore the Swiss
Cheese Full of Holes When Lim
berger Needs the Ventilation?”
The reputedly irresistible per
sonal lure of the stein// maestri has
finally found an expres
von in song. 0) course,
it teas only a question
of time. From the work
shop of Archie Cottier
and Harry Kogen has
come “8o You Left Me
for the Leader of a
Swing Band."
P * -p
I„atest foreign song to
claim tho attention of
Americans has the title g
'•Oh! Ma-Ma" (The!
Butcher Boy). The!
English adaptation was I
made by Rudy Vallee, ■
■who also was chiefly re
sponsible for populariz
ing the European
Carmen Lombardo
"Vieni, Vieni. The new words Dear
little relation to the original song,
written by Paola Citorello and
called “Luna Mezzo Mare” (“Moon
■ in the Middle of the Sea”). Perhaps,
Vallee figured we have no songs
about a butcher boy and loo many
about the moon.
Hymning the Valley
Though “valley” is one of the
most singable words in the senti
mental lexicon of the songwriters
there are, strangely, only a few
“valley ballads” in existence. The
small representation has just been
increased by Mitchell Parish and
Abner Silver, who call their number
"There’s a Village in a Valley.-’ Ir
is a title you would think would
have appealed long ago to (he senti
mentalists of the songsliops.
Best known of the various "val
ley” tunes is ‘In the Valley of the
Moon” by Joe Burke and Charles
Tobias. William F. Peter* once
wrote a piece called ‘ The Valley of
Beautiful Dream*.” ?r<*d Fi*her, a
bit more pastoral, twined cut "In
That Vine-Covered llhapcl in the
Valley.” ASCAP list* a ballad c!
botanical idealism: Irv the Valley
Where the Roses Bloom For ever,"
There are also such songs, a* "The
Valley Where Wishes Come Tree”
and “The Valley Lay Smiling Be
fore Me.”
One advantage possessed, by those
songwriters who happen to bo lead
ers or members of dance bands is
that they are assured of regular
performances of their pieces while
the numbers are vleing for popu
larity. Carmen Lombardo, of the
orchestral Lombardo*.',
is inc most inuusiriuin
of songwriting-baiu'.
men. With various col
laborators he has turn
ed out a substantial
number of tunes, one
or two of them achiev
ing the hit class. Once
written it is a simple
matter of asking broth
er Guy to play them.
Long a member of
ASCAP. Lombardo is
probably best known as
a songwriter for his
“Footloose and Fancy
Free,” which he wrote
with Gus Kahn. Other
popular numbers from
liis pen are “The Goose Hangs
High,” written with Cliff Friend,
“Nothing But the Best” with
Charles Tobias; “Alabama Beauty
Shop.” in which he had the assist
ance of Joe Young and Fred Ahlert.
and “Ridin* Around in the Rain.'*
which he penned with Gene Austin.
P ■+-+
The Dionne Quints are tioto four
years old. They have inspired vol
uminous publicity in the press but
strangely only two musical com
positions—"Quintuplets on Parade"
and “Quintuplets Lullaby." If the
authors of "Ten Pretty Girls" had
only thought of the Quints and held
their score to "Five"/
will make a mistake to accept
his company knowing that he is
married to someone else. The
thing for you to do is make
friends with a single man and
drop your friendship with this
Jackson, Miss. Aug. 25 (ANP)
Gov. Hugh L. White, Mayor Wal
ter So-tt, Commissioner of Agri
culture J. C. Holton and numer
ous other high state officials have
followed the invitation emited by
the Mississippi Progress commit
tee to Dr. Geu-ge W. Carver to
attend the celebration. “75 years
of Progress of Negroes in Missis
sippi," which will be held in Jack
son October 17-21, 1938. Dr. Car
vel, who is at present confined to
the hospital at Tuskegee, has ans
wred all invitations and promised
to be present if his health per
A long list of other speakers of
national renown have been invited
to appear on the program, the
first to accept being President
Wiliam H- Bell of Alcorn college,
who will b^. the principal speaker
on Education night.
Another feature of the celebra
tion will be the state band contest
Shoe Pride or Shoe Shame
Shoes look new again
vith our new invisible half soling.
Lake Shoe Service
2407 LAKE ST.
Re-side Insulate
Get Free Estimate
19th & Nicholas JA. 5000
FOR SALE—Marmon 5 Pass. Dr
luxe Sedan, Maroon, 6_ wheels &
Tires, Mechanically Sound $85.00
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* -. .-——
which will attract nearly two
score college ad high school mus
ica' groups to the celebration.
N. J. POOL, < LOSE!) JULY 15
Elizabeth, N. J. Aug. 25 (ANP
—By a three to one vote of the
Board of Recreation Commission
ers the city’s $50,000 local muni
cipal swimming pool was reopen- j
tr! here Aug. 10 to all races, with
out discrimination.
The decision to reopen the pool,
the only one in the city, followed
a conference between the mayor of
the city and Dr. William H. Brown
president of the local branch of
th i National Association for the
We do glazing and make window
shades to order
j Everything at a low price.
1822-24 N. 24 WE 1607
I ^
Advancement of Colored People,
after the branch had turned down
a previous offer of the board to
open the pool one day a week for
colored people only.
A vicious attack was made on
the NAACP by John Hall, sports
editor of the Elizabeth City Jour
nal, onetime president of the Re
creation commission, and the only
dissenter to the Commission’s de
cision to reopen the pool- The
pool had been closed since July 15,
when several white hoodlums
drenched the clothes of some col
ored swimmers.
Los Angeles, Aug. 25 (ANP)—
Endangering Ted Lewis, consider
ed to be one of dhe best friends
to Negro entertainers ar.d actors,
at San Francisco last Friday, a
little man went beserk in the
Club Roberti with a ten inch carv
ing knife in his hand, and for 30
minutes held two score patrons at
bay urtil he was beaten insensible
and carried out.
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