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K v. T. J. Sanford Pastor
J, S. JeiVerson, Reporter
Thu Sunday school was called to
order at its usual hour, 9:45. \S rtlo
i;ix teachers present and 2 absent
and a very goou school subject,
Hannah: G-dly Motherhood 1
Samuel 1:1 to 2:10.
Golden text: Her children arise
up and call her blessed.
Proverbs 31:28. After 30 min.
discussion the school was called to
order for a space of 15 min. The
lesson "as roveiwed by the super
intendent, after which Rev. Rome
made some very encouraging re
marks to tbo school and opened the
doors of the church for exception
of members tiying to show our
young people the way to Christ as
they are tihe future church.
At 11:00 o’clock Rev. Rome se
lected hi.4 text Psalms 16:11 Thou
wilt show me the sath of life in
thy presense is fullness of joy; at
thy right hand there are pleasures
forever more. The Church was
thrilled with his wonderful mes
sage. The Junior choir rendered a
special song service under the di
rection of Mrs. Cloud
At 8:00 o’clock our Union ser
vice convened at Cleaves Temple
CM E Church. Rev. Rome also
Cleo Cola
Queen of Sparkline Drinks
12oz. (or 5c
ALTHOUSE School of Beauty
Fully Accredited by State of
Nebraska. Tuition in Small
Weekly Payments.
2422 N. 22nd St. Omaha. Neb.
Telephoi*. WE. 0846
We Pay Cash
For Old & Antique*
WE 2869 521 No. 16th St.
dV.W.V.V.V.V.'.V. . .’.V.V,
Duffy Pharmacy
We. 0603
Free Delivery
2509 North 24th Street
Best Chili and Best Hot Dogs
in the West
All Kinds of Sandwiches
Slightly Used
Room 201 Crounse
Veteran President of Florida
1 Normal College, St. Augustine,
is now organizing a “Club of
10,000“ among graduates, form,
er students, and those interested
in higher education, in a drive
for $150,000 to develop a bigger
! and better institution. The mon
ey is being used for both build
ing and endowment. Response is
being received from all over
Florida and from other states,
and President Collier is well
pleased with the general interest
shown in the school.
(Calvin Service).
spoke from St. John 14:6 text Je
sus sayeth unto him I am the way
the truth and the life, no man
eometh unto the father but by me.
The sick of the Church are Sis.
Mickens. She is reported some bet.
ter and Rev. T. J. Sanford is still
in the hospital and his condition
is report d much improved of
which wo are glad to hear. We
pray that he will continue to im
prove. Wo were very pleased to
have to worships with us, Mr. &
Mrs. J. C. Caldwell; Mrs. Barcade
of Benton Harbor Mich- The sis
ter of Rev. T. J. Sanford also of
Mrs. Walker of Topeka Kansas
are the sister of Mrs. Sanford. Vi
sitors are always welcome to I!o
thel. Our A. C. E. League meets at
6:30 each Sunday evening. Our re.
j gular prayer and class met t«
! every Wednesday evenings.
Rev. G. E. Stev ns« n. Pastor
Mrs. M. I- Dixon, Reporter
Sunday School at. the usual
hour with a splendid attendance.
For the morning services the pas
tor spoke from the 16th chapter of
Judges 21st verse. Subject “The
Effects of Sin.”
Visitors were Mr. Hawkins of
the Pilgrim Baptist Church of Chi
cago. 111., and Mr, Williams < f
The ladies trio sang at. the
Morning Star Church Sunday af_
ternoon- BYPU groups were quite
interested in the lesson. The pro
gram presented under the auspi
ces of the Heart to Heart Club
was enjoyed by all present. Those
appearing on the program wore
Miss Emmalyn Washington, Mr.
Alfonzo Da'is, Mrs. Thelma Han
cock, the ladies trio of Pilgrim,
and Mrs. Rodgers. Mr. Gilbert edi
tor of the Omaha Star was a visi
tor during this hour of services.
He spoke of the celebration in
Sept. The regular monthly meet
1818 NORTH 24th ST. JA. 9331
Fine LIQUORS and Wines
Dinners & Short Orders Served
also The Place Where All Are One Family
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won’t rub off or wash out and it doesn’t dye
the scalp. Neither is it affected by permanent
waves or hot irons. Choice of 18 colors.
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If your dealer W M & M M A €?
door hove
h, tend $1.25 .7T.Tr -T T' ~ ~
direct to... HAIR COLORING ,t
ing of the Mission Circle wilj bej
next Sunday afternoon. They will |
also have charge of the evening
program. Mr. A'ant 2432 ParkerI
St. is still in the Nicholas Sern
Hospital is a little improv’d. Sis
Betty Powell 2622 Culdw. 11 St. isi
still on the sick list after suffer-!
ing a stroke some time ago. The
Young people of the church with
the assistance of I he Young Ma
trons are planning remolding a
room for a ivst room.
Rev. E. H. Hilson, pastor
Carrie Harris, Reporter
There was great rejocing on the
Hilltop Sunday. The pastor and
Family were on the grounds at
Salem to stay. Arriving Friday
right they made the 1600 mile trip
from Tucson Ariz. by motor in
their sky blue Desoto family se
dan. Services were unusually good.
Sunday School and’ BYPU both
were very lively. Pastor Hilson,
with a capacity crowd at both ser
vices brought us a soul stirring
message at 11 A. M. His subject
* Something Between” Matt. 18:9
and a thrilled at 8 P. M- His sub
ject “Forgiving Much and Loving
Much.” St. Luke 7:42. There were
four new members added to the
church. Order of services is S. S.
9:80 A. M. BYPU 6 P. M. preach
ing 11 A- M. and 8 P. M. Prayer
meting Wednesday at 8 P. M. A
host of visitors and friends were
on hand to greet Mrs. Hilson and
to hear Rev. Hilson at his best
and we do invite you back.
R v. L. M. Rclf, Pastor
EdPankev, Reporter
Tho days worship was opened
with tho Sunday school at the us
ual hour with a splendid atten
dance. Many inspiring thoughts
were expounded during the 1-sson
comments. The 11:00 service was
in charge of our assistant Pastor
Rev. J. E. Goodwin, during the ab_
sence of tha pastor who is in Los
Angeles attending the Annual con
vention. Rev. F. H. Hundey
brought us the sermon on “Godly
Mothers.” Truly, the Lord was
with us, although some of the
members are in Los Angeles. Rev.
Goodwin delivered the evening ser
vices- Very wonderful indeed. Sun
da was “Youth Day" and the Jun
ior Choir did its best, in singing
to make the days worship a suc
cess. Every third Sunday is Youth
Day, come ,out and hear these
young people. You are welcome
to worship with us at all times.
Rev. R. W. Johnson, Pastor
it!: • Edna Mltohel, Reporter
At, 9:30 Sunday School the supt.
in charge Sis. Edna Mitchel.
Fourty-five minutes was devoted to
tho lesson- There was a nice at
tendance. 11:00 service was open
ed by the choir. Rev. Caldwell
brougth the message from Rev. 1
12. Subject; He is your friend. He
certainly preached a wonderful
sermon. One was added to the
church. Six o’clock the Young Peo_
sus. To carry it out racial preju.
Romelle Hatter. Ther was a won
derful program sponsored by our
Assn’t pastor Sister Mildred Jack
' son. Eight o’clock service was o
pened by the choir. Rev. Caldwell
brought the message which was
full of grace and power. Text Gal.
6-7. Subject “I’ll see you when
your troubles are like mine.’’ Our
pastor is improving right along,
and will be able to perform his
duty in a few more days. His ser
vices are greatly missed for we all
love our pastor. Tuesday night
Pastor’s Aid. Wed. regular ser
vice. Friday afternoon, Missionary
Society meets at Sisetr Milton,
President. Friday night don’t for
get the outdoor social on the
church grounds. It is sponsored by
all the boards of the church Aug.
26. All are welcome to come. The
first Sunday in September we will
have a car load of singers from
Kansas City, Mo., for three days.
Come and hear these wonderful
Robbin’s Pharmacy
2306 No. 24th St. WE 1711
_ _ *
__From Indian to Modern Music •
COMPOSER, pianist, educator and
lecturer on Indian music, Charles
Wakefield Cadman, a.r.c.a p.. holds
a distinguished place in the roster
ot American composers.
Johnstown, Pa., saw him first,
descendant ot a long line of Revo
lutionary War patriots. His music
lino descends from great-grand
father Wakefield, builder of the
first pipe organ west of the Alle
ghanles. He was church organist
in Pittsburgh, music critic of the
Pittsburgh Dispatch, director of
music, nt the Wolcott Conservatory
in Denver and the University of
Southern California. Educated al
most entirely by Pittsburgh music
His interest in Indian music took
him to the reservations at Omaha
and Winnebago. Collaborates most
frequently with Nelle Richmond
Eberhart' a.s.c.a.p., with whom 1)€
composed "At Dawning,” "From the
Land of the Sky Blue Water,” the
grand opera “Shanewis'' and many
other works.
Performances by great symphony
orchestras over large radio net
works maintain his high standing in
the American Society of Composers,
Authors and Publishers (ascap),
which licenses his compositions for
public performance for profit. He
is also a member of the National
Institute of Arts and Letters, and
Doctor of Music at University of
Southern California and Wolcott'
Conservatory of Music, Denver.
Now- resides in San Diego, Califor
nia. His latest orchestral work.
“Dark Dancers of the Mardi Gras,”
with Cadman as pianist, was played
twice by the Milwaukee Symphony
Orchestra, the Detroit Symphony
Orchestra and the New York Phil
Cadman says, “Only one-fifth of
all Indian thematic material is
valuable in the hands of a composer,
I and is suitable for harmonic in
I vestment.”
Music Features & Photo Syndicate
“The Friendly Church
I>r. R. A. Adams, Pastor
Tho Sunday School opened at
9:30 A. M, with Mr. A. ,R. Good
lett acting as Supt, in the absence
of Mr. M. E. Webb.
Dr. Adams preach d both morn
ing and evening to a very appre
ciated audience. The soloist for
tho morning was Dr. Adams.
The sick off the Church are the
same as last week. Brother L. M.
Goodlett is doing just about the
same and Brother George Ray is
still gaining strength.
We were glad to see Mrs.
Cleotra Reynolds out again.
She lost her husband a few
weeks agJ.
Tho conference Year is growing
old and the pastor and officers are
very anxious that all members and
friends will pay up their Church
obligations so this year’s report
will be as all real lovers of St.
John should want it to be. The
last quarterly of this year will be
tho First Sunday in Sept. Some of
tho Clubs are trying to raise their
assesments. Then why not see
what your club is doing and let
it have your support to help raise
your assesments.
Next Sunday is Men’s Day and
you will find the Chcir at its best
at the morning and might services.
The soloist for the morning will
bq Mr. Wilson.
In the afternoon Rev. Hickerson
of Bethel Baptist Church of South
Omaha and his very fine Choir
will sing.
This £hcir has made out of
town trips and have become to be
ono of the best choirs in tht city.
You will not be disappoited to hear
this Choir because they sing with
the spirit. Hear them.
Rev. Hickerson speaks with
great force spirit. He always has
a great message for ycu.
At the night service St. John
Choir, will be at its best in the
4th Sunday all request service
The pastor will be glad to see
all who are personaly intertsted in
studiny the Bible at the Bible class
each Monday night from 8-9.
Tho Joiner last Sunday was Mrs.
Feters from Acorn Ohio.
Hho visiters: Miss Minmie Ray,
Des Moines Iowa; Erna Louise
and Doris Brown from Spokane,
Washington; Mrs. Ella Brown,
Chicago 111.; Mrs. Brown,
Hollywood, Calif.; Mrs. H. A.
Manpsins Fulton Mo.: Mrs. Lucy
Holmes and Mrs. Sara Walker,
Omaha; Mrs. Jess People Pueblo,
Colo, and Mrs. Mary Parker Paris
Colo, and Mrs. Mary Parker Pairs
PP You can always find your
Church club social and Fraturnal
news in your local papers. Why
| not have it sent to your home by
the mail and keep yourself well
posted ?
Ciarnda, Iowa
Rev. I). Nicholson, Pastor
Sunday School open at the usual
hour with Miss Rachel Cason pre
siding, all had a wonderful lesson.
Morning service was in height and
the pastor brought forth a won.
drful message. Subject: Where am
f. Evening service was the spot
light with a large attendance. We
were pleased to have a large group
o i visitors.
Tho pastor brought forth an
other stiring message. Subject:
Judgement. Look, come and wit
ness a great program in Clarinda,
Sept. 2. Title: The Soul of the
Black People. Admission 50 cents.
It w'ill be had at the High school
Auditorium. For further informa
tion see Rev. D. Nicholson, 2527
Blondo Street.
Robert L. Moody
Recently an Anti-God show was
sponsored by the Roman Catholic
Church, showing books pamphlets
and pictures used in Germany,
Assia and Mexico to spread anti
religious propaganda. Among the
ridiculeous things were: 1, A pas
tor of a peasant with a broom
sweeping Bibles, 2, another pastor
of “cannibals" about to devour Je
sug. - To carry o^t racial preju
dice there was a picture of Jesus
and a blasphenous Motto, “Only a
Jew". These thought provaking
facts should make evry child of
God zealous for the salvation of
souls. Surely if the adversary is
uSing every means to influence
men away from God, we must pro
claim tho “gospel of Christ.” Take
every opportunity to scatter tracts
and religious news and advertise
Mrs. T. S. Bell the wife of Mr.
S. Beil August 214 at St.
Joseph Hospital. A private funeral
service will be at St. Benedict,
Saturday morning. Mrs. Bell leaves
her husband and daughter and a
host of friends, d
LOVE, if God is Love—then
Love is God. But God is univers
al and all in all, Then love too is
the same and has varied aspects
and degrees, reflected in justice,
mercy, sympathy, pity.
Individual or human love cannot
be forced, and you are not requir
ed to love anybody personally,
but through your universal love of j
humanity you must strive to be
the means of their development
and they yours, when the love of
God fills our hearts it reflects
from us upon all. Man is the
only channel for the love of God.
‘‘Love is the source of all the be
stowals of God. Until love tak-s
possession of the heart no other
divino bounty can be revaled in
Lovo and its works proceed from
God. His Love cannot penetrate
our hearts if they are unloving.
Wo must learn to love God thru
the magnet of God’s love and ex
ercise of our own will. Thus do
wo attain nearness to God. It is
not easy to attain. But by sever
ance or lack of attaehm-r.t to all
save God, which does not mean
that we are not to develop and
enjoy material things—but we are
to keep them servants and not
masters. When we reach spirit
ual maturity we need wealth here
to fulfill our spiritual desire for
the good of all.
“Yo are the fruits of my gard-J
en; ye must bear fresh and beau.;
til'ul fruit that ye and others may
be profited by them. Therefore
it is necessary for you to engage |
in arts and business. This is the!
means of attaining wealth, O ye
possessors of intellect. Fruitless
trees have been and always will
be only for fire.
If we turn our hearts to God—I
that is Love God—He will reveal i
all mysteries to us This opens
an unlimited field for service—ser
vice to humanity. Please accept
an Invitation to “A Baha'i Fire
side Chat” Wednesday evening, 8
p. m„ 3014 North 28th Ave,
Dayton, O., Aug. 25—The Penn
sylvania railroad’s “St. Louisan”
iprooeeded fhr five nfiLs down
grade today after a boiler explo.
sion killed its engineer, John Breen
and Fireman, R. M. Mitchell.
Railroad offices at Columbus
said loss of steam and rail friction
on a curve near Cedorville appar
ently stopped the train, which runs
between New York and St. Louis.
Both enginement, thrown from
the cab livid in Columbus, O
Tho train with steam gushing
from the burst boikr, coasted
through Cedarville, six miles east
of here, and rolle dto a halt at
the western limits of the city.
-OQQ ■ ■
HOUSEWIFE captures a
(continued from page 1)
to rob the home, she went to the
YWCA to find to her surprise the
YWCA was not open. After leav
ing the YWCA for home sh© notic
ed e, boy loitering in the neigh
borhood of the YWCA who had
worked for her within the last 2
months. After thinking over the
matter it came into her mind th©
voice that called to come to the
YWCA was the voice of the boy,
who had worked for her, and she
related her suspicion to her hus
Last evening between 6 and 7
P. M. she noticed two boys sitting
on the steps of St. John’s church,,
she told her husband who was
at home at that time for dinner,
“I have a hunch those two boys;
intend to come into our house,
when you leave I shall turn off the
radio and if this is the case I am
going to catch them”. Sure enough
about 20 minutes after Mr. Price
had left (for the shop George
Brooks, 15 2913 Grant St. came in
to the home through the side din„
ing room leaving Airen Smith, 18
2736 Parker street on the outside
to watch. Mrs. Price sat quietly in
the living room allowing him a
chanco to come in, and commence
his search for loot. Mrs. Price
sprang on the young thief like a
lion would on his prey, and after
being dragged about th© house by
him in attempt to make his escape,
for fully ten minutes, Mrs. Price
therw'him down near the tele
phone and caller her husband no
tifying him she had the thief ca
ptured. The husband was home as
quick as his feet could carry him.
and Gorge Brooks was turned over
to the authorities. Officers Birch
and Dudley arrested his accom
plice Airen Smith*. They were
turned over to Juvenile authori
A news item tells of a Negro
taxi driver who was unable to
work for a time because of illness.
Ho obtained $50 from the govern
ment relief agency to tide him
■ever. Now he is back at work, and
is trying to return the money.
When it was pointed out to him
that ho was not legally obligated
to do this, he observed that “that
was the way I was raised—-and
that’s the way I’m raising my
A great many other Americans
can learr. a lesson from this taxi
driver. One of the most ominous
portents on the horizon is the fact
that thousands of people have ap
parently com® to look on relief as
a “profession.” They plan to make
it their “life work.” Productive
jobs in private industry hold no
attraction for them, when they
can take it easy at the taxpayers’
expense. They figure someone
owes them a living.
This isn’t a criticism of those
people who have turned to relitf
only ac a last resort, and are eager
to get off the rolls as soon as op
along. Nor is it a criticism of re
portunity for a real job com^s
lief per se. The hungry must be
fed, the moseless sheltered, the
clothesless clothed. Honest bene_
ficiaries of relief aggressively seek
real employment. Professional “re
lief bums” are a new menance to
democratic government.
Tho Negro’s statement was news
because his attitude was so unu
sual today. It should be printed on
every relief check and public
1410 No. 24th WE. 106S
Get the Kiddies ready for school1.
Our $1.00 Shoes are comforts' 1j &
long wearing. Children’s new shoes
$1.00 See us first
To Be Smartly
AT LOW COST See Bargains at THRIFT SHOP, 201
Crounso Block, opposite I’oat Office, Upstairs.
CheaD. COATS. DRESSES, SHOES—Crounse Block