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Published Every Saturday at 2418-20 Grant Street,
Omaha, Nebraska
Phones: WEbster 1517 or 1518
Bntercd as Second Class Matter March 15, 1927, at the Postoffice at
Jmaha, Neb., underAet of Congress of March 3, 1879,
Race prejudice must go. The Fatherhood of God and the Brother
kood of Man must prevail. These are the only principles which wil1
itand the acid test of good.
All News Copy of Churches and all Organizations must be in out
iffue not later tnan 6:00 p. m. Monday for current issue. All Advet
daing Copy or Paid Articles not later than Wednesday noon, preceed
Jig date of issue, to insure publication.
“Labor throughout the state^
is vitally interested in (he uni-1
*ed movement to increase indusj
try and business in Nebraska,’’
Mace W. Brown, president of
lhe Central Labor Union of Om
aha, said in commenting on Ne
braska’s “Wliihc Spot” nation
al advertising campaign.
“Ibis campaign, wh'i'ch seeks
to bring new Industries into
the state, will not only in
crease. opportunity for employ
ment of labor, but will be bene
ficial t° the farmers and busi
ness men of Nebraska. We are
whole heartedly for it and wish
i, every success.’
Mr. Brown praised the news
papers of (jhe state for their co
operation vn reprinting the na
tional advertisements; and the
Nebraska radio stations for ear
ryting the s|tntc messages over
the njr.
“Nebraska folks should rea
hlize how well t)iey are com
pared with other sfu'ti.s in ilic
..milt er of taxation. \\ < should
be proud to live in n state ihftt
is unique in lilts freedom from
debt, and therefore does' not
need all those nui-anee tuxes1
becoming so prevalent else
“Other slates have rushed
through sale,s tuxes, 'income
taxes, so-called luxury taxes,
service taxes and a doze'll oth
er kinds )wf taxes, promising
the extra lories would reduce
property hnx. What actually
happened was they became add
ed burdens and did not reduce
property tax at. ail I In fact,
^jnost of these states have a
ffigjier property tax levy now
than *hcy had bef«>i?‘ the rx
tra forms id taxed went into
“There's no its* deluding
our-elves, in the Iasi e^udysis
the consumers, composed 'ht a
groat majority of laboring men*
and JWmersi wiihi their ftwni
lies, puy the 1% share of the
special taxes. Taxes are an in
tegral part of production and
merchandising costs, and must
be ’added to llhet price the con
stumer pays for merchandise.
Labor of Nebraska, therefore,
is greatly interested th'at ngri
culture and industry of the
state shall not he hampered by
additjionaU Haxes on sales, pro
duofion and income.
Our state government has
proved itself t-o he economical.
Property taxes—state, county
and local—show a reduction
of one thd'rd in the past ten
years. Every Nebraskan can
be proudof that record in view
of the mounting property taxes
in states where sales, income,
cigarette and luxury taxes are
imposed under the guise of re
ducing property taxes. We are
spared these extra tax burd
ens, our government costs are
low, and we stifll have a great
ICE and COAL 00.
No Extra Charge for Half-Ton
2526 Lake Street AT 6355
Edcr W. I. Irving, Pastor
Mrs. P. V Avant, Reporter
The church that accepts the un
ity of God's people as the stand
ard of Christian fellowship
Third Sunday in each month is
Women’s Day at our church. Sis.
A. Gorum is in charge of the wo
Sunday school is still progress
Sister Bessie Elderidge was cho
sm to deliver the morning message
She spoke from St. John 20:1,
‘ Who Seek Ye ” All seemed to en
joy the sermon.
Evening service was conducted
by Sis. Gorum, who spoke from
tho text, "If y« be risen with Christ
seek those things which are above.’
It was quit0 arousing. We invito
all Christian women to help make
tins a great day.
Prayer meeting and Bible For
um meet's Thursdays at 7 p. m.
The public is invited to attend
all of our services.
Rev. Key nods, Pastor
Miss VVilla Mae Ross, Reporter
Sunday school, 9:00 with Ruth
Reynolds presiding. Present, 60,
The Sunday school children were
treated with some candy furnished
by Mr. Shelton Pearl. The two
children that had birthdays. It al
so was celebrated by singing
Happy Birthday to Dorothy Ross,
and Little Miss Bryant. You are
welcome to our Sunday school.
Eleven o'clock, song l.y the choir,
prayer for the sick by Rev. Green.
A lovely sermon whs preached by
our pastor. IP«v. Retym 'da.
Six o'clock BYPU with pi "'Stdint
Mr, Elmer Faulkner presiding.
Present. 60. You are welcome to
t ho KYPli.
Eight o'clock, Devoti mal service,
song, prayer by Deacon. Upcher.
Song by the choir, n special talk,
by Mr. Gilbert which was enjoyed,
bv all. Rev. Roynods introduced!
the guest speaker of the ev niipJ
R'V. Beasley, Text, Daniel ]m
chapter 6th verse. Subject. "('iM
fidenec." S'rmon was enjoyed Jy
all. Remarks by the pastor. jj
Pleasant Green is holding itstfn
niversary and also celebratingJUie
pastor’s birthday starling Mattfh 1.
Come out and enjoy yov*(| f.
You aw WE LC 0 M E. jj
or part of our earnings ■ft to
provide for our faimilie#
'•abraska is felling m great
story to the »»nt»it» u Tfrw press
all over the bailing
Nebraska’s exceffent tax rec
ord. The national advertising
campaign in Time magazine
deservty hhe enthusiastic- sjUp
port of every laboring man,
farmer and jbuftinofjs man .*n
the spate.” says Mr. Brown.
[ Proprietor
24th and Lake Street
WEbster 5444
Ant? Lynch Hill Is
►Shelved lor Relic!
(Continued from Page 1)
..-.hit ? ful in' karics. We geek
to a ii ha every man, how
• v r h'mtWn and whatever h’s
rare or creed, ia given a fair
tr'el y h i p'rs wh n accus
ed f crime.
**Kve y S' n tor h-s eje
pieseod his horror of lynching.
Th's overwhi Imirg majority of
Senators favor this 1 g slation.
I plead with each and every
one of them to vote for cloture,
so that the debate may be
t oi’ght to a prompt conclu
sion. In the present circum
s-tanc',s. a vote against clo
ture is to be regarded as a
vote against the bill, whatever -
their reservations or protesta
tions may be.”
G. O. P. Misses Chance
One ff the angles to the whole
ant'i-lynching debate which has
aroused wide comment is the at
titude which was taken by the re
publican senators under the leader
ship of Minority Ix'adcr Charles
L. McNary-. The republicans, from
their party platforms of many
years’ standing, were committed to
an anti-lynching bill and pledged
to its enactment whenever possible.
The republican bloc announced
that it was in favor of the Wagner -
Van Nuys measure and would vote
for it when it came to the floor—
with tho exception of Senator
William E, Borah of Idaho.
Yet when the first vote for clo
ture was taken on January 27, af
ter it had become plain from three
weeks of filibustering that the elo
luro was the only means of bring
ing tho bill to a vote, the republi
cans refused to vote for cloture.
In explaining this action, Sena
tor McNary stated that his group
was nwilling to vote for limitation
of debate. He mentioned that th
Senate was the last citadel of un
trammelled discussion.
After approximately three addi
tional weeks of debate, and the sec
ond vote for cloture came up Feb
ruary 16, Senator McNary contin
ued his opposition to cloture with
the result that all except thre-e re
publicans—Davis of Pennslyvania,
The Thrifty 12 Art club met
Tuesday February 15 at tho home
of Mrs. Naomi Hemdevson, ?222 R
street. The president, Mrs. O. T.
Whitlow, presiding. After a brief
business discussion, a delight fu1
luncheon was served by the host
ess, which was rnjoyid by all
Af*',r lunch a round table discus
M&n on balancing the budget, was
1 JriI. Mary helpful suggest on ■
'Wlrt> read ' on tho twbjn-it. During
miiis time each one was quite busy
Mwith their ner:rll"s. We regret to
fhmtw Mi's, Nelson is on th' sek
I sf loo. We hope for her. and M ■.
di ver a speedy recover and tha*
tie y v:i!l he up and able to mce*
next week. Wo were ringed by lb
president to visit tho sick. A pi i
snntj afternoon wna reported by
M. Robinson
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paring for motherhood. 3. Ap
proaching "middle age."
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Go ''SmIUng Through."
I Townsend of Delaware, and Cap
|; t of Kansas—voted against clo
Responsibiity on Both Parties
Political observers were qu:ck to
point out that the republicans miss
ed a chance of putting the full re
sponsibility for the anti-lynching
bill upon the democrats when th'y
refused to vote for cloture. If the
republicans had voted for cloture
and the democratic leadership still
had failed to muster enough votes
for it, then the blame would have
been squarely upon the party in
As it is now, the blame mu3t be
shared between the southern demo
crats, the wobbly northern and
western democrats and the repu
blicans. The reason the republican
position appears to be worse than
(he others is that the party for
many years has been pledged to
enact an anti-lynching bill and
t herefore the votes for cloture con
st ituted a test of its sincerity on
the measure itself. The actual
vote has a tendency to indicate that
GOP senators may have been in- ,
terested in the anti-lynching bill
merely as a political expedient.
The republican bloc voted again
st cloture in the face of a clear
warning by Senators Alben W.
Ralkley, Majority Leader, and Ro
bert F1. Wagner, that a vote again
st cloture was a vote against the
An analysis of the vote shows
that of the five democrats not vot
ing on February 16, three definite
ly were committed for cloture and
tv o were reported as favorable to
it. There were six other democra's
who voted against cloture, but who
had declared prior to the. vote tha*
they would consider it if it was in
dicated that the vote would be
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Even without wav. ring demo
crats. an add’t;onal ten i. pu: I. ...n
votes for cloture would have made
a total of fifty-two in favor of
choking off de a e ard this im
pressive toal would have been the
strongest ai gum, nt agains; dis
placement of the measure.
Atty. John Adams, Jr.
310 Karbach Bldg
15th and Douglas St.
In the C«unty Court of Douglas
County, Nebraska.
In the matter of the estate of
Gonzella Burrell, deceased.
All persons interested in said
matter are hereby notified that on
the 7th day of February 1933 Net.
tie J. Fredericks and Earline filed a
petition in said County Court, pray
ing that their final administration
account filed herein be settled and
allowed, and that hey be discharged
from their trust as executrices and
that a hearing will be had on said
petition before said Court on the
5th day of March 1938, and that if
you fail to appear before said
Court on the 5th day of March 1938
at 9 o’clock a- m.t and contest, the
Court may grant the prayer of "aid
petition, enter a decree of heirship,
ar.d make such other and further
orders, allowances and decrees, as
to this Court may seem proper, to
the and that all matters pertaining
to said estate may be finally settled
and determined.
Bryce Crawford
County Judge
1202 1-6 North 24th Street
Phone WE 4137
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in tiic County Court of Douglas
County, Nebraska.
In the matter of the estate of
Theodore Scott Simpson, Deceased.
All persons interested in said es
tate are hereby notified that a pe
tition has been filed in said Court,
praying for the probate of a cer
tain instrument now on file in 6aid
Court, purporting to be the Iasi
will and tesament of said deceased,
and that a hearing will be had on
said petition before said Court on
the 5th day of March 1938 and that
i£ they fail to appear at sadi Court
on the said 5th day of March
at 9 o’clock A. M., to contest the
probate of said will, the Court
may allow and probate said will
and grant administration of said
estate to Leota L. Simpson or some
other suitable person, enter a de
gree of heirship, and proceed to a
settlement thereof.
Bryce Crawford
County Judge
Alty. Ray L. Williams
Room 200 Tuchman Bldg.
24Ui and Lake Sts.
In the matter of the estate of
Love Lac Campbell Decease*!.
Notice is hereby given:
That the creditors of said de
ceased will meet the administrator
of said estate before me, County
Judge of Douglas County, Nebras
ka, at the County Court Room, in
said County, on tthe 4tih day of
April 1938 and on the 4th day of
June 1938 at 9 o’clock A. M.,
from the 4th day of March 1928.
each day, for the purpose of pre
senting their claims for examina
tion, adjustment and allowance
Three months are allowed for the
creditors to present their claims,
Bryce Crawford
County JYidge
2 19 38—3 5 39
WEbster 3043
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