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f Published Every Saturday aB2418-2<) Grant Street.
Omaha, Net Iska
Phones: WEbster If* or 1518
Cntered as Second Class Matter Mar< J 15. 1927 at the Postoffice a>
>maha. Neb., underAct of Congress cl March 3, 1879.
prejudice mtuc go. l'he Fathlhood of God and the Brother
4ipfc. B>f Hun most prevail. I hese are Im mill principles which will
nHDBri News Copy of Churches and alHOrgnniznturns must in- in our
' He not later tnan 6:00 p. nv Monda Ifot current issue. All Adver
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VSfigE::,Jydate of issue, to insure publication .1
.. -• ..
ON officers praise
.T,.n Nebraska farmers a.t the
state Farmers lTn.»n eoiivvn
tion in Omaha prais'd the Ne
braska Wldte Sp»
campaign for calling attention
i to this sta e’s normally abun
dant crops and other advant
ages the s ate offers to toon
All of thepmiao stressed Ne
braska’^^muicial and tax sit
utfiion as one of ifie mos bn
porta it t factors m inteVcsting
| iu w industries to locate here
“1 think it is a very good
► pliiiii to advertise Nebraska and
increase-tbe demand for our
farm products, ratio r than cur
tail production. Ncbaska is in
a sound financial condition,
with no need for new forms
of taxes or seek to bh'ift pres
cut taxes by adppting such a
levy as t'lie sales tax," s:iid Mr.
M. B. Jordan of Kearney
“l.'s a good plan to tell the
world about Nebraska, for in
comparison wjJth pi)iee tstatis
we are in mighty fine eondi
tion,” Alex Campbell of Keu.r
ney comnunted ” Tk(ere ,may
be ways of improving our tax
program,” he added, ‘‘but ad
dition of new forms of taxes
won’t do at. It would help a
great deal if mortgage.s were
to be taxed and tile great am
mint of personal property now
escaping taxation wire fereted
out ami fassessed its (tare. It
thid were done our 'property
taxes emijld |be reduced even
more than it has been.”
‘‘It’s just what Nebraska
needs. Hen Howell id' Itavena,
said regarding the White Spot
advertising campaign,. “We
are in splendid fnaneial eondi
tion and been able to gel
by wthout any state indebted
ness. We are over the hump of
tile depression, and if Nebras
ka gets normal rainfall we can
produce an abundance of raw
material for manufacturing.
J. L. tloertx of Oeatrice, ex
pressed the hope that Nehras
ka would he lookedupon by jolt
seekers as an “oasis in a des
ert?* and eotne flocking here
ahead of the industrial devel
opinent of the state. "It is.
however, a good thing to get
industries to locate here:” lie
said. "As a whole we do have
a right to brag about Xebras
ka’s resources and financial
condition The only revision 1
could suggest to our tax pro
grain would he to lower file
gasoline tax to make it uni
form with that tin surrounding
states. ”
“We have the resources for
industry, our t-axat ion and fi
nancial situation is above par
as compared with other states,
and wi% our present eeonoini
cal state government we can
look for continued Improve
ment and further decreases in
our tax levies without resort
ICE and COAL 00.
N# Extra Charge for Half-Ton
KM Lake Street AT 6S55
iii;t t i any new forms of tax
es,”«). .1. Foley, president of
the farmers Union elevator at
Hen pigford sai<l.
Oi*> Itentzen of Naper pra s
ed t f White Spot advertising
camjijjign and added that Ne
hra.« ■ s const.tuti< ml provis
ion J»ich prevents state bond
i lias been the greatest
WoRs dig. It is that which has
kept Nebraska from going in
fo debt and from the necessity
of paying double through prin
cipal and interest for its public
works and government expen
ditures. Hcing debt free, Ne
braska h,"s !.i,nzl no need for the
many nuisance taxi's other sta
ten have been forced to add
to nav their debts.”
Ivor Johnson of Stanton fa
vors the White Spot campaign
so long a,s it keeps itself free
from polities, lie, too. believes
that Nebraska lias funny ad
vantages for industry, among
tfliein its yrrpdmiii li'roin 'mis
anee tflixes. “On a trip into a
Me«rby state last Hummer, I got
.^o tired of forever paving a.
sales tuxes jlint I am thorough
ly against studi a tax. In nn^
swer to people of other stales
who predieted that Nebraska
would soon join in levying a
sales jax, I repl'.NI again and
again that Nebraska never
would a,dd such taxes, as our
state is debt free and doesn't
need any new taxes ”
“Although agriculture, in
my opinion still pays more
than its sJliare of tax(*s, that
situation 'cannot d«* reined; d
by adding new forms „f taxi's''
M. W-'itzenburg. prc' dent ot{
t'nc I’armcrs t 'oojperat ive fn
snrancc company of (Irand Is
land declared. “Seeking new to inerease our farm
markets and opportunities for
labor is certaaldy a move in
Beware Coughs
from common colds
That Hang On
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you have tried for your cough, chest
cold, or bronchial irritation, you can
get relief now with Creomulsion.
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Ask for it plainly, see that the name
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Tho Elite Bridge club d ’c:d d
upon monthly parties for the year
instead < f th'V bi-m nthly meets.
The ,!ti uaiy naity; a joint af
fair by the members, was a Snn
('■ y n g’it \inn< r at the home of
Mrs. Jasp r Brown. Covers were,
laid for s xt-en at one long table.
A turkey dinn r anil des rt Course
was served.
The guests ini lud d husbands of
(hi members and other guests as
follows: K v- and Mrs, J hn S.
Williams, of Hillside; Rev. and
Mrs. F. M Wright of St. Phillips.
Mrs. I'onlay, Mr. ard Mrs. OrvilF
1 nrs, Mr. and Mrs. E. R West
A “Qu'sUortair ” with Mrs.
Hawkins as t''astm’"stress, furnish
ed rn*''ief‘ing d's°ussions and
merrimro*. of song during the din
Mrs. , >ssica Wright was hostess 1
tr> ir-;• 1 ub for February and
Thurs ’-'v F b unry 10, entertain
'd at f've o'clock ‘high tea’. Valen- |
tin** decorations made beautiful
the dining room table from whgh 1
tea was serv d. buffo* style. Cov.
pi's v'>re laid 'for eight on small
tables in fh living room. Mottoed
tnndv hearts and valentines were
e* eeeH nine card. Bridge follow,
ed the two couise tea, at wh’ch 1
Mrs. f’has. Solomon and Mrs. Les- 1
lie Shipman won first and grcon 1 i
guest prizes. Mrs. Hawkins and |
Mrs. Wright won first and second
chib Clmb mr‘ir*s will be iv
sirmel after Raster.
Miss Christine and Howard IM I
ton of Tulsa Oiklahoma are in Ihv
citv visiting an aunt, Mrs. Georg* i
Williams nf 1314 No. 25»h street- ^
the right direction” |,e added *
More industries; ..such’ as1
corn alcohol distilleries, sent |
tered over the state, would he
of great benefit to Nebraska 1
Eot/il Broberg of Newmanfirove
Said. “Tile White Spot Cam
paign should be of great bene
fit in stimulating our indu:
trial development,” lie added.
“Boost our home state ns;
much us possible, for Nebriv. |
ka has a great future, Kuril |
Booker of Clarks, a forint r el
ector of botih tliie state anti na
t)3onal Farmers Union, proph
esied. “We can liek subuor
niiiil crops by irrigation. W
should encourage home maim
fat-lure of Nebraska’s raw inn
tei*ials, and we should not, o
course, penalize industry by
adding any new taxes as ha
been done in so many suit’s
that are loadeddown with t •
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1937 The Knox Co.
I This Week In
Thought and Religion
By Robert L. Moody
Appreciating Our Young Peo
ple—‘‘The future of the race
marches forward on the feet
of little tih ldren.’’—Brooks
It was thrilling to see the
"Lincoln S ay” program at
. Clear Chapel anil Negro H.s
j(oryM at Zion. These young peo
| le did mueh research and pro.
[ (lueeil many interesting facts
•ithorse spiritual, Iborn in the
lieartii of oar forefathers,
founded majestic and the mes
; pge u jpined the ] iea.rers to
'‘Hold On.” Let its see how
juueh we can learn and accom
plish before next February
The Federal Council of Church
N appealing to the Christ
ian churches to agree in pray
ir for Hie deliverance of Rev.
Koemuel’ler, the German Pro
legtaiit who is oil trial for op
pot-ihg Nazi dictatorship in
(pirituail affairh. Now is the
(time for us to prove our inter
l ational love and goodwil. May
j od deliver this servant and
preserve this glorious freedom
of speech which we now enjoy
in America.
A timely tribute was paid
(lie Negro as Rabbi Goldstein
(amed Rtchard Harrison a.i one
if his six ” Representative Ani
I ricaiiH. ” He sa d, ‘‘Only a, Ne
gro, born a son of slavery, ex
[ eriencing suppression a n d
privation, could portray
( 1 God and His mercy as Har
risen did in liiit; role as ”l)e
l.nwd” in “Green Pastures."
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The Thrifty 12 Art club mot
Tuesday, FebA-ary 8, at the home
of Mrs. Lore n Edmond, 5704 So.
28th ♦re t, with the president,
Mrs. O. T. Whitlow presiding Af
ter a few minutes of important
business a lovely luncheon was
served by the hostess which was
.rijoyed by all.
Immediately after lunch we were
back at our w'ork. Are we busy?
Just listen to this, three kidies of
,ur group have accomplished the
art of crocheting; one kniting and
one cut work. Is that good or is it?
During our sewing period we dis
cussed the topic of ‘How to Set a
Table-' Many helpful and interest
ing things were said on the subject
that were beneficial to all.
Our next topic shall be ‘Balanc
ing the Budget.’
We were happy to have Mrs. M
Den ford as a guest. Mrs Benford
>aid she had enjoyed her visit very
much. Mrs Oliver is on the sick
1 list we hope her a sppedy recov
ery. Much work was accomplished
for the afternoon. A pleasant time
was had by all.
M. Robinson
- ---VI ■■ ' I
The club met with J- Jackson,
2422 No. 22nd Jitreee. Plans were
made to have a mixed smoker,
Saturday at 2511 No. 25th St. We.
v\ ill have card and other games for
your entertainment. The club is
trying to build the best ball club in
in the history of Omaha and W‘ j
need your support.
John Anderson, President
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