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’ Rev. It \V. Johrsnn, Pastor
y Sis. M, Cason. Hi porter
There were many new and old
frees out to th watch meeting
sej-vic . The church was full of in
dividuals who told their dr •rmiti
pt'or,« and d<s res ( ward th * Lo’tl
rml ehurch hrnug’’out th ven of
1!*.'!8 Sunday sr 1v > s found mote,
new smiling fac s <e dy ‘o begin
the *«r with the'r serv e s and
nt rtvpine' s. Sund"y scho I a its
Usual f ine wrs ve y int'Tes'ing.
Th h -son was a review lesson—
‘ Morel Issue of Drink.'' Reman US:
12 !4 Cor. ft:9 11. Mothers please
send your children to Sunday
school so that they m'gt learn
more of the Bibl . Morning ser.
vice was as usual, full of l't'e and
spirit. The pastor th n eft space
for the testifying. Th re were so
many who had to witness for the
mas*er unti the pastor only got
a ehenee to ann tinee his suppose
to h"’e h -'n subject "You Can t
If (He " \ was nsl-allnf on of
cffic *s There wet > 27 of Hr in to
bo installed Com th different
h nrds of th’ church. Th" pastor
geve them 'nstru ■'ions end also
soma »vry eitcoumg'ng remarks to
help ‘hem wi h t'i if du'ieu Theso !
rfflo '*« a"e to h In I'ght n his bur. j
den# through th - year by keeping
love, peace at d oo porat'en amo ’g
each memh r rf h's or 1 •• office ,
anti al! offje s vo king teg *'her. !
At evening servre the churHi
*hs so full Hint thr children had
to s!t around thr altir. therefore
the nastor had to omit regular
hcalmg service and the Cnmmtm.
ion will h giv n Tuesd y n:eh‘
iHie to the lack of t me tl v d’ing
ef the healer could rot be done in
oui*e its usual way. As tVy took
off the'r old gnrments—'t meant
more than just tek'ng n'f th->
thing* of the wo'-ld it also mao*
taking off all jea’ousy. m’lic°,
and confusion and putt h" on ]o- '.
peace and unity. The wh:,e rob-s
uhieh they put on represented
purity, th* collar, which :s to re
present the yok* meant tr'als, end
tribulations, but the Lord sa'd
*' Take my yoke upon yo n d learn
of try, for m.v yoke is i nsv and
my burdens are light." Th > Cruc'fix
‘ image of God and represent the
crucifixion of our Lord and also 1
rtpretynts the Gross wh’eh He
laitv and died on for us ell. The
'eil letting their lights shiry* out
to the world, letting it know that
they are on a higher pain and is
letting the world know that Jesus
is the light of the world. The pas.
tor’s sermon, ‘Let the Church
Roll On.” was a message from
fiod to all weak Christians and
l>ackaliders who are standing in
the way of sinntrs and the church.
Tt was a wonderful sermon.
Throughout the new year service
there were 12 who connect d them
selrea to the membership. Wednes
day night the pastor will rend
through waer, so don’t miss this
aerviee. Come where your heart is
and enjoy the services of the Me.
tropolitan where all of your fri
ertde eeme and feel at home.
*■ ’‘The Friendly Church”
Dr. R. A- Adams, Pastor
The New Year brought many
familar faces hack to the congre
Sunday school opened at the us.
Ual time with a large attendance.
Those received in the church was
one of the larg st witnessed in
St John. From the Sunday school
c§me Catherin Boggus, Eva May
Dorris, Doris Pitman. Leroy Trigg
end Castella Barker. Others wen?
Mrs. J. Sims, Mrs. Ollie Robins >n
Homer McCraney, Booker Womack.
Herbert Goodlow, Mrs. Georgia
Goodiow Mrs. R. C. Price and Mrs.
Mary Irwin Barbara J»nn Waldron
snd Nona May Robinson were also
Mrs. R. K. Ijiurie, one of the
most faithful members passed away
Wadaesday December 29, her fun
erll w»* January 3 at 2 o’clock
Those on the aick list are. Mrs.
Hattie Womack o-bo is d *ing nice,
ly a ad Broth r White, rlso getting
along w>U
We wish *o thank the Omaha
Cyido for rendering us this space
U> Worm *\ir frietvls on the dhureh
Rev. T. J. Sanford, I’astor
J. S. Jefferson, Reporter.
Sundry school opened on time,
' 15 with good atlendarce. A very
i i< rest ng lessen wiv, discussed.
At 11 o’clock the pastor took the
tan I and along with him went the
p'rit of the Holy Ghost. His m, ss.
ft was deliver d from Deu. .‘12nd
-l'j p*r.r 11 h verse, “As an eagle
* >s up h r nest ” We could tell
the expressions on the faces of
1 e c mgregation that the sp>r:t
s with us. We are glad to w> 1
one Sister Magg'e Sm th home
■>r<;n after the absence of s'x
n onths. Th associated board is
1 Irling the'r annual program on
January 11 at the parsonage
”"0 Franklin C< me and enjoy your
If. We w re overjoyd to have
’ueh a larg'* number of vis tors ,
present. The coming of the new
■ r has brought many r solutions
i’ be*ter attendance and loyal y
1 i the rhurch from th? members. ^
o . rim e | n >m-d ng fr m Mrs.
J. Sa ford Subjec , ‘ Beaut'f il
'Is. ’ Don't forget our prayer
"d class rrt e'ings on Wednesday
< venings,
R"V I,. M. Pelf, Pastor
Edna I’anky, Reporter
""d-iv was a pTrist day at our
o’lrrch. Sunday schorl opened a*
9:30 a. in. with a large at'i ndance.
Our pastor, R v Rdf, delivere 1
.’ ning mossaire. M's t'*xt was
und in Joshua 3:4, Subject. “Ye
"' " Voi Pasard This Way Here
‘',1'<’r The sermon was appre.
'nt'd by the congr ga’inn.
PVPIT is pnw'ng raoidly under
b" l adersh’p of Mrs Kster Dixon.
U the evening servioe, our pastor,
■end-rd the sermon, after which
'h" l ord’s Supp r was served. The j
"allv was a great success. Mrs. \
''1 foalwth Jones, captain of the
women brought in $26.00 and Mr
T’t.E<,er Greml e, captain of the
"un, brought in $11,00. Come out
and worship with us. Visitors are
always welcome
Rev. Gates, Pastor
Helen Bradshaw, Reporter
The Mt. Nebo church was truly
tilled with the spirit of Christ.
Sunday morning. It was covenant
mo ting and the spirit was among
all those present.
Our BYPU was very interesting
and educational. The subject of tile
hsson was “The Youth’s Place in
the Church.’’
Rev. Gates preached n very in
teresting sermon. Using ns his
subject, “Father Forgive Them
For They Know Not What They
Do.*’ His text was from the 23rd
chapter of Luke and the 34t.h
verse. The sermon was enjoyed by
Rev. Win. Pruitt, Pastor
Sunday school opened at the us
ual hour with a large attendance,
also an electron of officers. At
11:30 a. m. the sermon wag prea
ched by the Rev. J. C. Crowder,
the pastor of the St. Luke Baptist
church. Subject “Hope.” Text Gen.
At fi p. m. the BYPIT opened
with a large attendance present
and visitors. Also election of of
ficers for the year.
8 p. m. the pastor spoke to us |
from the depth of his soul. Sub
ject, “Go A Little Further.” Text.
Matt. ‘2fi:39.
Visiting ministers present, Rev.
Davis, and Rk v. May.
Communion was taken.
Visitors always welcome.
The Church of the Living God
M ssion met at the home of Sis.
L. Clark, 2122 No. 27th avenue,
Thursday, December 30 with Pre
sident Sis M. Wright in charge.
We had a v ry interesting meet
ing and many good suggestions for
’> better Mission was'discussed. Wc
sent a card witly'a little, donation
to one of our sick, after which we
were dismissed. The hostess served
a very elaborate lunch which every
one enjoyed. Everyone expressed
themselves as having had a very
pleasant evening.
Sis M. L. Stelle, reporter and
8is. M. Wright, president.
Rev. J. If. Reynold*. Pastor
Mi** Willa Mae Ross, Reportei
9:00- a. ill. Sunday school, Mrs.
J. M. Oliver, superintendent. To
day was decision day and two of
tile Sunday school scholars united
wf(h the church. June St. Clair
and Rohert Ousl:y.
The visitors, Miss Simirley and
Mi. Paten, and Shirley and Fran
cis Grant.
Eleven a. m-. morning worship,
he pastor in charge. Devotional*
I d by the deacons, a very spirited
covenant meeting was enjoyed by
all. eight came forward for prayer.
Mrs. Leola Gilb rt of Council
Bluffs. Bro. Johnson also of Coun
cil Bluffs and tbs two from the
church school, therefore there was
four united to the church in the
morning worship service. After
morning service by request of Bio.
1 tis Morrow, the pastor. Rev. C.
L. Union and Deacon Shelton P nr!
went to the home of Mr. and Mr*.
Mien on 21*t and Clark streets,
where t'h y offered prayer for the
ick child.
3 p. m-. Junior church service in
haige of Deacon E. Faulkner.
Junior Deacons Spencer and Jack,
son conduct d the devotion*. Bro
\V. J. Spiers of Council Bluffs de
livered a very instructive and in.
spiring message.
i) p. m. nrru, mu. tv rauikiv'r
pres id nt. If you want to meet a
D'endly group of young peopj •
ffin" to the BYPII. Bio. Spiers
install <1 the officers for 1938.
Visi'ors: Mr. and Mrs. Iron, Mr.
8 p. ni. Communion <*. rvice in
charge of the pastor. Sermon by
Tiro. W. J. Spiel's. wh:eh was en
joyed by all.
Visitors: Doris Thomas, Clyde
Kemp, Mattie Johnson. Mr. and
Mrs. Iron and Rev. Ford.
Friday, IVc. 31 Watch Meeting
was held, with a large congrega
tion. Mother Lloyd united for
If you want to hear a good
message come and hear our pastor.
If you Kki; singing hear our choir.
Tf you want a church home come
to Pleasant Green, the friend to
Rev. I,. H. Horvey of Dallas,
Texas, has been in the city visit
ing friends.
Mr. B. Taylor and wife, Mrs. A.
I. Davis, and Rev. Hsrvey are
among the past evangelists and
pastors in the Baptist ranks of
today. Rev. Hervey pnstored some
d the L nding churches in Oklaho
ma. Texas and Arkansas. He has
preached in some of our leading
•hurdles since coming to the city. 1
Rev. J. I*. Mosley, Past or
Lcnvia Parker. Reporter
Sunday school at 9:30 a. m.,
Sister Lenzola Wilson, superinten
At 11 a. m., speaking meeting.
The spirit was high throughout the
service. The Holy Ghost came, out
end showered on each one of us. i
At 6 p. m. BYPU, Bro. Elme
Collins, president. The BYPU is
growing rapidly, The union is in
viting all the young p ople to come
and join the union.
8 p. m. Regular services. The
pastor preached. Text found in
Helm w 12:1. Subject, ‘ Start
Right.” The Pastor preached a
wonderful sermon. He brought to
us many wonderful thoughts on
Christian race. The pastor admin
istered the Lord’s Supper.
On January 9, the Mission Circle
is havflng a program at 3 p. ni.
All our friends are welcome to
come and worship with us.
On January 13, the usher bo a id
is having a Donkey Tail Pinning
Rev. Petlis, Acting Pastor
Minnie Bryant. Reporter
Services w* re very good at Sa
lorn Sunday. The Sunday school
started the day with a group of
eager pupils to learn the word of
God. Th' Sunday school elected its
officers for the year. At 11 a. m.
testimony services were held. The
spirit was very high. Each one
seem to get joy out of telling how
prood God had been to them in
the past year.
The BYPU opened at its usual
hr ur. Officers were also elected in
At 8 p. m. a ve.ry wonderful ser
mon was delivered. The Missionary
Society will meet on Friday after
noon at the home of Mrs. Hender
son. 2415 Parker strec.
Mrs. Juanita Yancy is reported
on the sick list.
Visitors ar* alwayswelcome at
Bahais of the World are building a
unique temple or house of worship,
on the shores of Lake Michigan,
in Wilmette, 111. just north of Chi.
ci.go. Thousands of visitors from
all parts of the world have been
through th s budding since it was
o] ned. and guides on duty each
day have answ r d their questions
trgnrding, not only the cons'ruc
tioral and archit du"al features
but also what the ed'fice stands
"or spiritually.
This beautiful Bahai house, of
worship is the first to ba bui!t in
the Western Hemisphe e and be.
cause it is unique in design is at
trading the the aft ntion of
architects all over the world
The late Lou s Bourgeois, the
architect, explain d that the design
end details w< re inspired by the
Cachings of Baha ‘u llah, the
founder of the Baha’i faith. Into
this new architectural design is
woven in symbolic form, the on?
ness of mankind and the unity of
all religions, as well as the design
of all previous styles of archite?
ture, together wi h an entirely
new mortif which symbolizes in
the merging of circle within circle,
the merging of all r. ligions into
one, wh ch is the goal of the Bahai
This t'uup’e is nine sided struct
lire with ir'ne doors- nine ribs in
the dome and when completed will
have nine fountains and walks
I ading up to it. In fact all the
dimensions and moasurment are.
divisable by nine- One can read in
this many significant is, that just
as the numeral nine contains all
the figures leading to it. so the
fundamental teachings of Moses.
f Christ and all of God's former I
I eiessstigers to mankind.
The essential purpose of this
institution is to provvide a meeting
place for all who seek to worship
God. and since the found', rs of all
the great religions of the world
are r:cognized as divine messen j
gers or prophets, th refoie a'l of i
their regardless of race,
class, creed or other man made
classification arc inv ted to com?
to this univcisal house of worship.
Moreover, sines th: Bahai faith
has no paid minVers or priests,
in other words no professional
clrrgy the worshipper entering the,
temple in the future- will hear no
sermon, take part in no ritual and
w'll be free to mediate and listen
to readings from the text of the
holy books.
Th s temple in the future will
be surrounded with five or more
assrssory building^. These build
ings are to be devoted to such
activities as a school for science,
a hospice, a hospital, an asylum for
In these institutions the princi
pie of the oneness of mankind will
be put into concrete practice. Their
services will be dispensed irrespre
tive, of color, race, or creed
f The Bahai house of worship is
the material manifestation of a
great outpouring of spiritual forces
and typifks in smybolie form, the.
Bahai teachings of unity—the unity
of all religions and of all mank'nd.
as Baha 'u' llah has said in these
immortal words: “Let not a man in
this that loves his country, but let
him rather glory in this, that loves
his kind.
Mrs. Doreene Holliday
Clarinda, Iowa
Second Baptist Church
Sunday school open d at its us
ual hour with Mrs. Rachel Cason
superintendent, pres'ding- The Sun
day with a large gitiup of young
people pie sent and a wonderful
time was had by all.
Morning service was in high with
a large attendance. The pastor
read t h church covenant and ex.
plained many points in it. All tn
ioved the service.
Evening servic - was in high. We
wcie favored with two special
V.umbers by the young people. The
pastor brought forth an inspiring
sc rmon. Subject. ‘‘Go Forward.”
We were pleased to have the
pastor spend the New Year with
us. The Holy spirit was in high in
our Waten meeting. The Pastor’s
A id entertainment was a great
success last week.
Visitors are always welcome to
c*.ine to the Second Baptist church
in Clarinda. la.
Rev. D. Nicholson, Pastor.
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Card of Thanks
We want to thank the many friends for their
sympathy and kindness, also the neighbors for their
beautiful floral tributes, and Rev. S. ft. Ooodlett for
his kindly remarks, and all those who helped in any
way during the illness and death of our father and
To : C. C. Galloway and Whom
it May Concern:
You an? hereby notified that I
will to satisfy storage and hauling
charges sell the following describ
ed property;
One 1934 Pymouth Sedan, motor
No. 104614. now in my possession
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Storage* due $45.00
Transportation eharg* s $46 25
Total due ...$91 2>
Said property to be sold at publ
ic sale at the south door of my wa.
rehouse, the Northside Transfer, on
the 23rd day of February. 1938, at
the hour of 9A. M. to satisfy char,
ges and costs aforesaid unless same
are paid prior to said date. Dated
this 30th day of December,1937.
Norths:de Transfer
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