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Guidlie Club To Sponsor
' Goodwill Christmas Tree
The Guidite club will hold its
first city-wide Goodwill Xmas Tree,
Monday evening, December 27th in
the auditorium of the Omaha Guide
8419 Grant street.
In tracing the life of the Guid
ito club, we find that this organiza
tion of youth created for the pur
pose of teaching the boys and girls
who read the Omaha Guide to ap
preciate art, literature, science and
physical education as well as en
lighten them as to the progress of
black America through the Negro
History Questions and answers,
has indeed made an inroad into the
life of the youth of Omaha, result
ing in the Guidite club, which start
ed March 6, 1937, to now boast of
oyer 700 members.
Among the outstanding programs
of public nature that has been
sponsored by this organization of
youth are as follows: The Gu dite
Club May Day Festival; a program
that drew together the youth of
sixteen Omaha churches and one
out of town church, totalling 750
young people, subsequently they
staged a mammouth parade cover
| ing one half a mile along Twenty
fourth street, lead on by the Ne
gro WPA band. The host of youth
march to St. Jfohn AME church
where they were greeted by ap
proximately 1.000 mothers, fathers
and friends, where they put on un
doubtedly the largest demonstra
tion of youth talent that has ever
been in Omaha, in song and speech
i - under he direction of Miss Ethel
J ones.
A theatre party that packed the
Ritz theatre with over 700 young
An Easter Egg hunt at which
time over 400 youth enjoyed an
afternoon of hunting eggs. They
enjoyed good eats.
Thus as we come to the end of an
enjoyable year Uncle Gil is anxious
to make thousands of Omaha Youth
happy during the Christmas holi
day season, with that in mind he
is planning for the, biggest Christ
mas tree program ever to be held
in Omaha, where candies, toys
and cMtfhing and fruit will be giv
en to every child in attendance.
Battle Balancing
Place a round bottle on its side
on the floor, then have a person
sit down on the bottle, extending
legs full length. Put the right foot
on top of the left toe, afterwards
giving the person pencil and a piece
of cardboard or heavy paper, and
tell him to write his name on it
without, his hands touching the
floor. It usually takes several ef
forts to accomplish this feat,
v Trick Matches
This stunt may be used on vari
ous occasions. Have one or two
candles in the room lighted. Have,
one that is not lighted, and when
a new arrival comes give him a
trick match and ask him to light
the match. It will explode like, a
small firecracker or toy pistol cap.
It is harmless. The matches may
be bought at any novelty store at
five cents a box. This is a lot of
The Guidite World
of Music
By Miss Ethel Jones
Peter Ilyitch Tschaikowsky
Conductor Walter Damrosch
Peter Ilyitch Tschaikowsky was
born May 7. 1840 at Kamsko, Vot
kinsk, government of Viatka. Al
though a creator of immortal
works, no man was ever more sub
ject: to mortal moods than he was.
Never robust in health, nostalgia
and restlessness beset him, through
out most of his mature years
When on conducting engagements
throughout Europe and America he
suffered agonies of homesickness.
On the other hand when he was
home he suffered a restlessness to
be on the go again.
His start on a musiccar eer canie
when he gaye up the legal practice
into which he had been thrust after
graduating from a law school in
1859, he was appointed to a post
of mirsttry of Justice.
His parents were not particular
ly musical, but he had had regular
piano lessons from the aige of se
ven. As he came into manhood his
musical talents became more and
more manifest. In 1861 he studied
theory with Zaremba and in 1863
he decided definitely to follow a
musical career. Entering the con
servatory of Petrograd, he took up
the study of the flute, organ and
piano. Anton Rubenstein being his
piano teacher.
One of the good fortunes which
came into his life was the financial
assistance given him by Madam
von Meek, which enabled him to
devote his time entirely to composi
| tion. Strange to say, that in the
13 years she aided him he never
met her.
Some of his well known works
are the “Nutcracker Suite,’' “Mar
che Slav,” the ‘‘Pathetique Sym
phony” and many others.
Tskaikowsky’s career came to a
close suddenly when he died of
Cholera in Petrograd on Novem
her 6, 1893.
Who Knows?
1. Who has been called the mu
sical poet of Poland
2. What opera by Puccini has
four heroes—a poet, a painter, a
philosopher and a musician?
3. Who wrote the song “Good
4. Which of Verdis operas was
named from the principal charact
er, a hunchback?
5. Who wrote the opera “Thais?'’
1. Frederic Chopin
2. “La Boheme”
3. F. Paola Tosti
4. Rigletto
5. Jules Massenet
Please enroll me in The GUIDITE CLUB, I promise to
abide by the rules as set forth in The Omaha Guide.
My Name is___Age _
My Address is__ ____
School Grade-Name of School_
Parents’ Name___ _
Date of Birth_
Cut this out and bring or mail to “Uncle Gil”, Omaha Guide.
Pitfalls In English
Avoid such expressions as the fol
Poor: I went to the superinten
dent of the PoPor’s office.
Good: I went to the office of the
Superintendent of the Poor.
Poor: The superintendent of Edu
cation’s office in the Geresee Build
Good: The office of the Superin
tendent of Education is in the Ger
esse Building.
Poor: One of the men’s wives
was hurt in the accident.
Good: The wife of one of the
men was hurt in the accident.
Poor: One of the children's mo
thers called to see us.
Good: The mother of one of the
children called to see us.
Poor: The box’s cover was brok
Good: The cover of the box was
l: l'oken
To use and lay correctly re
quires a knowledge of their differ
ences in meaning and application,
and also the memorizing of eight
little words. Here they are: Mem
orize the first four from left to
right, then memorize the second
3. To recline
Present, (see note A;) Past ing
Fqrm, lay (see note B), lying.
Use with has, have or had, lain.
2. To place on object
Present, lay; Past ing Form,
laid, lying; Use with has, have or
had, laid.
Praciice saying all of groups 1
and 2 accurately and rapidly.
Note A: Use the words shall,
will, do, does; did, may can must
mighit, could, should, would; to with
the present form in both groups of
Nate B: Use the words, am, is
are, was, were with the “ing” form
in both groups of words.
Step A: Decide whether the use
' to which is to be put carries the
; idea of reclining, eliminate the four
words in group 2.
If it carries the idea of placing
an object, eliminate the four woias
in group 1.
Step C. If you have used, has.
have or had in your sentence, you
select one of the words under, has
have or had.
If you need the “ing” form, use
If you are speaking of the pre
sent time, you use the word under
present. If you are speaking of tho
past you use the word under Past.
Application of Device
1, Father - down when
; eyer he feels ill.
Step A. Decide whether reclin
ing or placing an object. An
swer: reclining
B: Eliminate four words of
group 2.
This sentence is obviously
Robbin’s Pharmacy
2306 No. 24 th St. WE 1711
FEW husbands can understand
why a wife should turn from a
pleasant companion into a shrew
for me whole week In every month.
You can say "I'm sorry" and
Ida and make up easier Iwfore
marriage than after. Be wise If you
want to hold your husband, you
won't be a three-quarter wife.
For three generations one woman
has told another how to go "smil
ing through" with I-ydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound It
helps Nature tone up the system,
thus lessening the discomforu from
the functional disorders which
women must endure in the three
ordeals of life: I. Turning from
girlhood to womanhood. 2. i"re
paring for motherhood. 3. Ap
proaching "middle age."
Don’t be n three-quarter wife,
Go "Smiling Through.”
, » » g- » » «- lyll ■ • m
1. Who wrote “Souls of Black
2. Who was the first Negro to
finish West Point.
3. Name the three Negroes now
holding world's boxing champion
4. Who was the author of “Beale
Street and River George” and from
what state does he hail?
5. Who is the national president
'of the National Women’s Federa
t ion ?
1. Dr. DuBois
2. Henry 0- Flipper. 1877.
3. Joe Louis, John Henry Lewis
and Henry Armstrong.
4. Lieut. George W. Lee. Miss.
6- Mrs. R. R. Moton.
3014 Miami St
Omaha. Nebr
November 20, 1937
Dear Uncle Gil;
This letter is to let you know
bow much I enjoyed the party. I
liked the games that we played
very much. I especially liked the
one where you counted to seven
and say ‘ buz.’’
Yours truly.
Monrovia Murrell
in the present.
C: The word required is lies.
Therefore: Father lies down when
ever he feels ill.
2. The gloves are--on the
Step A: Decide. Answer reclining
B; Eliminate four words in
'group 2.
C: The ing form is required
with ‘are.” Dying
Therefore: The loves ere lying on
the bureau.
3. Roveir -in the sun all
yesterday morning.
Step A: Device. Rover reclined.
B: Eliminate four words in
Group 2.
Yesterday indicates past
time. The required word is
Therefore: Rover lay in the sun all
yesterday morning.
Men’s Dress Shirts 1314 to 20
Men’s Ties. $.29—4 for $1.00
Open until 9 Sat. evenings
1402 Farnain
Washington, D. C.—Jeanne Kava
oagh, twenty, pretty, blue-eyed Iowa
girl, pictured here, has been ap
pointed by President Roosevelt as
secretary, with the power to sign
his name to all land grants and pat
ents. She is the youngest person
ever to hold this position, and has
her desk in the general land office,
in the Department of the Interior
Famous Quotations
“Measure your mind's height by
the shadow it casts.’'—Browning.
‘‘It lies in our power to attune
the mind to cheerfulness.”—Auer
“The less you want to know
people, the more people want to
know you.'’—The Saturday Even
ing Post.
‘‘Saying the wrong thing is mis
fortune; but trying to explain it is
disaster.”—The Saturday Evening
‘Everyone can master a grief,
but he that has it.’’—Shakespeare.
Beware Coughs
from common colds
That Hang On
No matter how many medicines
you have tried for your cough, chest
cold, or bronchial Irritation, you can
get relief now with Creomulsion.
Serious trouble may be brewing and
you cannot afford to take a chance
with any remedy less potent than
Creomulsion, which goes right to
the seat of the trouble and aids na
ture to soothe and heal the inflamed
mucous membranes and to loosen
and expel the germ-laden phlegm.
Even If other remedies have failed,
don’t be discouraged, try Creomul
sion. Your druggist Is authorized to
refund your money If you are not
thoroughly satisfied with the bene
fits obtained from the very first
bottle. Creomulsion is one word—not
two, and it has no hyphen in it.
Ask for it plainly, see that the name
on the bottle Is Creomulsion, and
you’ll get the genuine product and
the relief you want. (Adv.)
DO YOU KNOW WHY — - No m Who Hasn't Bo to Collagg Can ^prtclitB TTHb? ****** iy ftfcjt
| 0>^-. (Vi —'
loiAO r€ fee /
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f* P~< 1
j-'rr see ms p> )
I OOb‘6 pot 6<M« /
\w« fiM>NWU»TeO \
l te«TH«e> <r~'
V —
International Cartoon 057, N. Y. 239
' UBT*
Ol-p SCO.
■ ?
.. ft
VXHO p«R*r V«!
v<e«MUi ▼>*«
*©-<* ©* THe
c*» c- wow'.
; CH .THK tm- 004
#KMt> TH« ^w. **■
IM TH’ POO*- . OH.
C ta. r»jr
1 ,
J «Xr<TV»TlC,
lTO *«* n«*1
TWO «I4 »oo»»
\ np*t« root *
Jncle Gil Offers Prize
For Best Scrapbook
Uncle Gil will give a prize of one
dollar to the Guidite member who
turns in to him the most complete
scrapbook carrying clippings of
questions and answers as may be
found on the Gudite page each
weeJc. Included in scrapbook aside
from questions and answers there
must also be found articles of an
educational nature, as may be
found on Guidite page for example,
“Farts About Boulder Dam," in
older to be eligible for the prize
Uncle Gil hopes to be able to
find a Guidite who has a complete
scrapbook dating back to the be
ginning of (lie Guidite elect cover,
ing questions and answers on Nc.
gro history, music, articles under
the caption of the Guidite World of
Music, by Miss Ethel Jones, Arith.
mctic questions and answers, poems
etc. Now dear Guidites if you have
failed to keep n scrapbook get
busy and start one for it may be
you that, will receive a brand new
crisp new dollar bill from Uncle
Gil for the most complete scrap
book. This offer will close on the
25th of October.
MEN. because they are men.can
never understand a three
quarter wife—a wife who Is all love
and kindness three weeks In a
month and a hell cat the rest of
the time.
No matter how your back aches
—how your nerves scream—don't
take It out on your husband.
For throe generations one woman
has told another how to go "smil
ing through" with Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound. It
helps Nature tone up the system,
thus lessening the discomforts from
the functional disorders which
women must endure In the three
ordeals of life: I. Turning from
girlhood to womanhood. 2. Pre
paring for motherhood. 3. Ap
proaching “middle age."
Don't be a three-quarter wife,
Go " Smiling Through."
We Buy Old Gold
Watch and Jewelry Repairing
We Loan Mone* on Everything
Gross Jewelry
and Loan Co. j
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% 111 So. 14th St. ;I
I; Biggest 10c Meals la City
Everybody Welcome j
Cleo Cola
; Queen of Sparkling Drinks
: 12 oz. For 5C
Wear a Joe Louis button now on
sale at your local drug store.
Enroll now for fall classes.
Graduates prepared to pass a»y
State Board Examination.
2422 N 22nd St. WE 0846
Regardless of what your trouble may be, you can look the world In the face;
Solve all problems; Get what you Want, and Fear no Man or Circumstance!,
four Happiness and Success demand that you print your came clearly and
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Be A Booster
When our solicitor calls at your home, be sure to show
by giving him or her a newsy item or taking a subscription for
12 months, 6 months, 3 months, or even 1 month.
When you BOOST THE GUIDE, you are boosting Omaha,
and are enabling us ho give employment to more of our own
boys and girls.
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