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M. S.-r-My mother says he does
n't mean mo any good b cause he
doesn’t visit me and I want you to
tell mo What you think ?
Ans: You had better take your
mother’s advice about ,th’s pro
blem for rhe is plenty wise. The
young man does not think as much
of you as you appear to think of
him. Don’t worry much about him
for you are going to have a num
her of nice boy friends before you
get grown.
R. G.—Will my hushand get the
- job he has applied for and if so
iilwmfluiw soon will h > go to work ?
Ans: He is going to get a Job
around the first of the year. It will
pay enough for you to make ar
rangeraents to begin housekeeping. :
both of you will be a lot better off
w hen you do get out to yourselves.
B. L.—Would I be acting wise
to wait on tjhie raise I am wishing
Ans: It will be necessary for you
to wait if you expect to get the
rnise in salary. Don’t gye up your
presei^ti job but you should try to
find soinethng that will pay you
M. F.—Did M. C. ever care any
thin for me and will he care any
more in the finure ? I am worried
about this partly.
Ans: Then ease your mind right
now, once and for all. This fellow
doesn't care one thing about you
Km. 200 Tuchman Bldg. 24th Lake
In the County Court of Douglas
County, Nebraska:
In the Matter of the Estate of
Lovelac Campbell, deceased.
To Lovelac Campbell and all be
neficiaries of his estate, and all
othe.r persons interested in said es
You are hereby notified that a
petition has been filed in this Court
on the 3rd day of November, 1937
by Horace Campbell, interested in
said estate as sole beneficiary
thereof, alleging that Lovelae
Campbell, a resident of Douglas
County, Nebraska, on or about the
1st day of November, 1929, with
out known cause absented himself
from his usual place of residence
and has ever since concealed his
whereabouts from his fnmily for a
year? |
^ast past; that said absentee bfts
personal propei ty to be administer
ed in Douglas County, Nebraska.
Said petitioner prays that the
Court prescribe the notice and the
return date therein which shall be
’’ tiven, addressed to and served upon
said absentee and said beneficiary
as provided by law, that the date
of death of said Lovelae Campbell
be determined and that administra
tion of said estate be granted to
Ray L. Williams. You are. therefore
notified that a hearing will be had
on said petition on the 3rd day of
January, 1988 at 9 o’clock a. m.
at the County Court Room of
Douglas County, Nebraska and
that if you fail to appear at said
time and place and contest the pe
tition, the Court may grant the
prayer thereof, appoint a repre
senative for said absentee and
make such other orders according
to law, as may be necessary to the
end that said estate and all things
pertaining thereto may be finally
settled and determined.
Bryce Crawford,
County Judge
Be Nov. 6 87 End Dec. 30 37
and he never will. Stop trying to
< base him around.
F. G. M--—Please tell mo im
mediately who put the money in
my room? I shall be watching for
ii answer?
Ana: You are innocent and you
know it. Stick to your story. The
money was planted there by sflme
i nr you are well acquainted with
end the whole story will come out
very shortly.
If. B.~—Does my boy friend love me
light now as I desire him to? 1
wrota you privately back in the
summer and was well pleased.
Ana: lie is still very interested
in you although another young wo
i man is in his 1 fe at th:s time also.
: Don’t give up the fight for you
stand as good chance as she does
of winning him. However, he is the
type that you have to “run after”
to some degree, but don't let him
L. FJ.—Will I get an answer to
tho letter tlhat I wrote some few
weeks ago and wihen must I expect
one ?
Ann: You are in for a big dis
appointment for your uncle is not
in a position to help you out fin
ancially right now. You should be
able to get some kind of job that
would pay you enough to live on.
Get out and make a deligent search
and you will get work.
A. L. S.—Please tell me if my
boy friend cares more for me than
the worn on that he live® w th?
Ans: Absolutely not. If he did
he surely would not be staying with
another woman. Don’t let this in
diyidual fool you any longer. He
doesn't care anything at all for
you or anyone else, he is out m re
1>‘ to see how much fun he can
r.W.—Would it be a good idea
'or me bo invest all my savings in
ho proposition lihat I have n mind
this time?
Ans: I sincerely *hi k tha! you
would be using mighty good ju.lg
meni to purchase the pinv of pro
perty that has been offered you
it such n low price. The party is
sacrificing the place just as ch >ap
ns he can. Buy it by all mean for
you will double your money in a
short time.
.v ——
Alliance OpenMeeting
Tho Cact that over a million per
sons have been laid off in the last
few weeks in private industry,
thousands of them right in our
own state and county. The vicious
nttaek on the unemployed by the
local relief ‘Czar” Margaret re
f'.ntly through the World Herald.
Tho Workers Alliance Locals now
orgunized in Omaha, are going to
map out the plan and strategy to
be used to repulse the attack at a
Mass Meeting being called for
Monday night, December 6th at
Fraternal Hall, 15171 ^ Capitol
avenue, 8 p. m.
Nr, Frank Alsup, Sub Regional
Director. CIO, will speak on “Why
tho Employed and Unemployed
Should Unite.’’
Battery Station
j 2934N. 24th Ja 9999
- * *
Clarinda, la.
i | , ,
■»■»■«■ ■«■.» m »■»
The second Baptist church Bchool
met at its usual hour with Miss
Rachel Cason presiding. Morning
service was held at the usual hour
with a nice attendance. The pastor
brought forth a stirring message
on “Love.”
Evening service was the spot
light service of the day with a
large gro|up of young people pre
sent. The pastor again brought
forth a wonderful message full of
thoughts, subject, '‘Change.'’ We
were pleased to have Mrs. Irene
Morton of Omaha in our service.
Miss Louise Martin of Omaha,
has moved to Clarinda.
Health Beauty Charm
Keep Young and Beau iful
(By Althoiise Beauty School)
In speaking of charm in women,
no writer said, ‘ Charm is no lon
ger a matter of merely physical
beauty and languishing that ia.” It
is not an accident of birth, nor a
gift of God, but a quality that is
tho result of thought, training and
constant care. All beautiful women
are not aways charming. Just
what is a charming woman ? First
sbo is good to look upon, or she
nmy not be beautiful according to
artistic measurements., but she will
always have t)he good looks that
result from good health, good phy
sical care and careful dressing.
Second, she is sufficiently sure of
herself to be unconscious of self.
Third, she is interested in other
people and therefore, a pleasant
Fourth, she is very much alive;
full of energy;* ‘game.’'
Fifth, she is mentally at least
Sixth, she knows just when to
talk and when to listen.
The University of Chicago sur
geons who recently reported to the
American Medical association thr !r
discovery that blood cells are m-i!e
only In the marrow of bones main- j
tained at all times at body heat, |
have given valuable new informa
tion to medical science. It was al
ready known, noteo a writer in
Pathfinder Magazine, that on!y
bones with red marrow are bio.d
makers and that all the bones in
the body have red marrow al birlii
But why the bones in the extremi
ties should drop this function a- d
why tiieir marrow should turn ye!
low a few years after birth was rr
known. In their experiments, ho'
ever, these Chicago sclent!:
placed rats in incubators and fou:
that when all the bones in the bo,
were kept at body tempera tu
they once more began to produc
blood cells.
The most evident result ol this 1
discovery is the basic support ii
gives the new method ol treatin"
diseases by producing ar, artifle ,
Sever. Experiments with this fc
ver treatment indicate that by rr,'s
ing the temperature of the bo:!>
more blood cells are produc j
which aid in fighting off disea: e
This seems to hook up very dr/
initely with what is now known of
the blood-making function of warm
bones. However, years of experi
mentation are necessary to prove
the actual practical value of th*
Long Distant*? Hauling
Moving and Storage
t'bonr WE.1658 3411 Grant s
Cleaning, Pressing a,nd Re
Dyeing and Hat Cleaning
Dresses Cleaned and Press
ed—Pur Crafting, Etc.
Woman Columnist
Rebukes Senator
New York, Dee. 2—In an open
letter to Senator Dixie Graves of
Alabama, Dorothy Dunbar Brom
ley, famous American columnist
and novelist whose articles are
featured daily in the Scripp-Ho
ward and other newspapers, sharp
ly rebuked the Alabama senator
for her participation in the fili
buster against the Wagner-Van
Nuys-Gavagan anti lynching bill.
Mrs. Bromley advises Senator
Graves to follow her own advice to
the Senate to “seek the truth know
the truth and the truth shall make
you free/
,Mrs. Brombley challenges Senator
Graves’ statement that lynching
has declined to the extent alleged
by the successor in the Senate of
Hugo L. Black, and sharply differs
with the assertion that given five
more years, the Sou'h of its own
volitation will wipe out all of the
lynchings. Mrs. Bromley grants
there is a growing sentiment in the
South against lynching “but it does
not prove, unhappily, that ‘effec
tive law enforcement' has stopped
any lynchings. No arrests, no in
dictments, no convictions of the in
dividuals responsible for the lynch
ings—that has been the upshot of
each of these instances of mob
In confirmation of her assertion,
Mrs. Bromley cites the lynching of
Wesley Johnson on February 2,
1937 in Alabama. She writes:
“One of these lynching, as you
are aware, Madame Senator, oc
'uin-cd in your own state of Ala
bama, at Abbeyville. It was the old
story of an assault on a whit'1 wo
man and of the sheriffs supposed
ly arresting th^ first Negro he
could lay his hands on to appease
the populace. But the populace was
not to be appeased until the 22
year old Negro had been kidnap
ped from the jail and riddled with
bullets- After the grand jury had
refused to take action your hus
band, Governor Bib Graves, to his
credit, instructed At'omey Goneral
Carmichael to bring impeachm nt
proceedings against Sheriff J. L.
Corbitt before the Alabama Su
preme Court.
"Victim Declared Innocent"
“In presenting the case to 1 h >
couit the Attorney General, as
you will recall, asserted that h1
could prove conclusively that ;n
<h:s case an innocent Negro h oi
been lynched. Yet the Alabani
'Supreme Court refused, by a vote
of 4 to 2, to punish the responsibl
official by removing him from of
“That, decision must have given I
tho Attorney Gen nil and th
Governor and you—the Governo-’s !
wife—who say you ‘abhor lynch
ing’ a helpless feeling. It caus d
the Itirmingham News to come 0"t
frankly and say. ‘It is just such
crses that, tend to justify a fed
crnl law against lynching’......
‘ As one woman citizen to an
other I ask you in all sincerity,
ITow else can we stop lynching?'’
Tt is known that a great many
protests have been sent to Sena
tor Graves against her speech bv
both white and colored women and
from both the South and the North
Duffy Pharmae.
We Ofi09
Ertte Delivery
York County Makes |
Compete TB Survey
A tuberculosis survey which has
been in progress in York county
for the past year has been com
pleted and a state widemeeting will
be held in York. Dr. Philips P. Ja
cobs of the National Tuberculosis
Association of New York City and
Dr- W. W. Bauer of the American
Medical Association of Chicago
will be speakers.
Because of the interest of York
County Medical Society and the co
operation of other York organiza
tions, that county was chosen for
the intensive demonstration. The
project was financed by the county
and by the sponsors including the
Nebraska Tuberculosis Associa
tion, Nebraska State Medical As
sociation, State Planning Board,
R<V to Board of Contiol and State
Health Department.
The purpose of Dr. Jacob’s visit
is to observe the completed pro
gram with the possibility of York
County becoming a model for the
eliminaitnon of tuberculosis. A
county tuberculosis society will be
organized during the sojourn of
1 Dr. Jacob?.
A thorough method was used in
making this tuberculosis surv'y
i First, all contacts of people, who
had died of tuberculosis during the
past ten years; all contacts of
cases in the State Hospital for
; Tuberculosis and all contact*: of
physicians cases were given tuber
' cuin skin tests and the reactors
were X-rayed.
Then tests were given to all
grade and high school pupils who
wished it, and reactors were X-ray
' id Teachers, likewise, were test
! cd. After that came the employees
in industries such as bakery, res
taurant, creamery etc.; pupils in
York college; nuns and pupils in
the convent, and employees and in
mates of York Reformatory.
A public meeting will be held in
the United Brethren church at 8
p. m. and the survey will be dis
cussed. Because the work done in
, York County, showed the need of
such a survey, the state legisla
ture made an appropriation of $15,
000 to continue the work through- J
out the state for the next biennium
Help Kidneys
Don't Take Drastic Druys
Your Kidneys contain 9 million tiny tubes
or filters which mny fc<» endangered bv ref
lect or drastic, irritating daie.. Be careful.
If functional dirorderi of the Kidneys ur
Bladder rr ;ike \ou suffrr from Getting Up
Nights, Nervousness, Leg Fains, C Is
Under Eyes. Dizzine s, Backache, Swollen
Joints, Exce.1.* Aciditv, or Burning Passages,
don't rtly 0*1 ordin •’•y medicine ,. Fight
such tre ibles with t » doctor’s pre scrip
tion Cyder. Cystr* working in 3
hours fi’ d mnr* pro-ve entirely satisfactory
In 1 week, and b*! exact v t’^e m*»d>'-ine you
reed or none'* bark H guaranteed. Tcle
phor*^ * o^r d jvvi t for < v«tex (Slss-te O
tod.- Tr « p”*.: c protects you m -opr.
Get Money --- Love
I guarantee to help you *cet a ne» lUrt u>
life. No case beyond hope. Stop worry
ing ! Write me today. Information FREE
M. WILLIAMS, Journal Square Sta.
Jersey City, N. J. Dept. O.
.. . Look to your stomach
Start taking Hootetter'j Stomachic Bitters right now
ind you will quickly note how its medicinal herbs
ind roots help to revitalize your digestive glands
ind give new vigor, energy and appetite. Famous
'or M'years. At all drug stores. 18 oz. bottle. $1.50.
-— |
■ i
Remember, please-when you take a Smith Brothers Cough Drop
(Two kinds—Black or Menthol-5*), you get an extra benefit:
Smith Bros. Cough Drops ar* the only drops containing WT A M! K A
This is the vitamin that raises the resistance of the mucous
membranes of the nose and throat to cold and cough infections^
910* MWH *4
tar.a 4om«
mr* *%*■ fuM«ru>«a
VJ. .—-I r
I Ht UUP t-T Ab AM y
VlMSb A&Ol J
( A* «NkV MJTM*'
IMco »ob rt •
OH I>«AV! mow
9HA9M «eANt>P*& .
<M«HR ? ■
IW<W* A LOVt LY kOuK !
.to ai« S.
Tamm* YOO WlMOt-VI ]
M collict!n4 or
I* ft rftD TUftT lO
Adult Education Music and Dra.
matic Classes, YWCA. Monday
evening, 8 p. m., Voice Culture;
Solo and Chorus singing. Wednes
day evening, 8 p. m., Dramatics.
Ladies’ and Children ’« Work
A Specialty
2422 Lake Street.
And All Because She Discovered
C' ERALDINE, as you see her now, ap
1 pears with a halo of glorious hair. Rue
until not so very long ago, Gerry was a drab,
unexciting creature, her hair faded and
grey-streaked. One day a friend told her
about Godefroy's Larieuse Hair Coloring.
The treatment sounded simple, so Gerry
determined to make a last struggle to recap
ture her former charm. Her success shows
in the conquests she's making every day.
Just apply Larieuse in the color you want.
It will make your hair a rich, even shade
of yet black, black, dark, medinm or light
brown, or blonde ... giving it the softness
end sheen that everyone admires. Your hair
won’t look dyed—it won’t be sticky or
smelly. Don’t delay—go to your dealer to
day and ask for a bottle of Godefroy s
Larieuse. Satisfaction guaranteed or dealer
will refund your money.
SS~" tleuAe
r.dct?o25 HAIR COLORING T>*
Let Peoples Do It
Clean up that front room. We specialize in making old
houses look like new, inside and out. No charge for esti ;
ma'ion on work. No job too small or too large.
Ten trained decorating medhainics. Our Motto—Service ;
First, at the lowest prices. Call WEbster 2858.
Fecples Paint and Papering Shop i
Ifoux Home
Bird Brie Siding not only gives your home added insulation at
amazingly low cost, but completely transforms its appearance to
that of an expensive brick residence.
You owe it to yourself and your family to find out about this
unusual siding. Call us today. We’ll be glad to send out an expert
who will give you an estimate on your home. You can finance this
improvtment through MICKLIN—we arrange everything—
material, labor and a finance plan that gives you
1 to 3 Years to Pay—No Money Down
See Our Special Storm Sash Values
Storm Sodh from 90c Combination Doom ...... $4.50
Storm Doors__ $2.50 Hanging service if you wish.
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