The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, September 22, 1937, EMANCIPATION EDITION, Page FIVE, Image 13

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    ON Hit RAILS
As you know( or the tavern own
ers know) that a lot of the Las
Angeles boys don’t come in any
more, they have been cat out at
Green River, Wyo, Omaha’s loss.)
Omaha boys will no more see Cen
tral Ave, except the three crews
that are to be loaned to the Sity
of (Bown) Angles.
I heard that the telegraph office
was flooded with messages back
to this wonderful City of Omaha.
Capt. Ralph Emmons, Lieut. A. B.
Goode, Sgtw H. Shockley and “Buek”
Private Hudgins were running
over one another to get to the
pretty girl that accepts he mess
ages for ''Mr. Western Union.” If
any of their friends in Omaha wish
to write them, their address will
be the St. Agnews Hotel, L. A. for
the next 20 days.
WAITERS! Attention! Don’t
forget the International Convention
of Dining Car Waiters to be held In
the beautiful City of Omaha, Oct.
25th thru 28th.meetings.Get
togethers. and a grand ball.
There will be a lot of strange Bro
thers in town from all over the
United States and it is up to us
Omaha ns to show them a good
The only unmarried crew on the
Union Pacific was “very unhappy.”
to leave L. A. They are a keen
looking bunch of boys, pardon me,
I mean, men and boys.
The Union Pacific is very proud
to have back in its employee a
great “Newspaper” man. He was
fortunate enough (thru the caur
tesy of “Aunt Diner”) to be able
to cover the arrival of the delegates
of the National Baptist Convention.
Of course he met nothing but the
‘‘Big Shot” Baptist, L. K. Williams
etc. I’m wondering if there weren’t
any “little” baptist there.
we extend our greatest sympa
thy to our fellow worker Yates on
thn loss of his wife upon his return
to Atlanta. Mr. Willie Bell, very
popular employee of the Union
Pacific, is now on the San Fran
ci-co Lounge Car. Along with Mr.
Bell, went Victor Metoyer, Emil
Banks, and Richard Cain. We wish
these men very much success on
their new jobs. Mr. Alfred Langle.y
of Bellview Blvd., still seems to
hold his honorary degree as Mayor
of the South-ide. Mr. I^aagley is
very popular and well known
among the Union Pacific dining
car employees. More power and
success to aur Union president, Mr.
Solon Bell. We welcome back in
our midst, Mr. Bob Martin who has
transferred back here from Frisco.
Get the ’Guide each week and
read the U. P. Flashes. Mail or
bring all U.P. News to the Omaha
Handy (Jets Praise
In N. Y. Daily
New York, Sept. 23 (C)—What
is rare in the metropolis happened
last Thursday when an editorial
appeared in the New York Herald
Tribune praising W. C. Handy for
his achievements as a composer.
The paper said:
"Wnen Mr. Handy, composer ot
•The St. Louis Blues,’ was study
ing for tihe ministry many years
ago he ran out of money and went
to work on the levee so he could
go on. But the songs he heard
there so stirred his love of music
and his talent for it that he for
got one vocation and found an
other in which he made himself
heard around the world.
“Hie ‘St. Louis Blues’ is one of
those few compositions of the peso
pie, by the people and for the peo
ple that conquer the public and
keep 16 conquered. It has subdued
popular fickleness for many rea
sons, chief of them, no doubt, be
cause its source and inspiration are
as real as Handy’s imperishoble
as real as Handy’s imperishable
‘‘Is there a band or orchestra in
the two hemispheres that has not
played to wild applause, highbrow,
lowbrow, man, woman and child
giving in to Handy's masterpiece
of the blue note? "The Spirit of
St. Louis’ and ‘The St. Louis Blues’
have made America known and lik
ed te an incalculable degree, and
the city that gave wings to both
has the sympathy of all Americans
when its pride in Handy’s classic
prompts it to honor with a plaque
the composer—the musician of tal
ent who, with a few cents in his
jeans, scribbled on the back of a
cigar box years ago a song of deep
and universal appeal that neverthe
less belongs first and last to Am
erica, black, white and colored.”
Mr. Otis Green, Omaha; Mrs.
Bell Glover and Mrs. Jellie Jacks,
Minneapolis, Minn.; and Mr. Albert
Williams, jr., of Sioux City, la.
Merchants’ Gcoi Will
Sponsored by Bacchanite Clu b
60 Prizes Contributed by
Alice Moore Shop, 2130 No. 27th St.
Althouse Beauty School,
2422 No. 22nd St.
Beuhler Bros., 24th and Lake St.
Garl Rabes, 2229 Lake St.
Crosstown Loan, 1819 No. 24th St.
Crounso Bootery, 1514 No. 24th St.
Daddy Wales, 2122 No. 24th St
Dewey Chevorlet Co., 3815 N. 24th
Dreamland Ballroom 24th & Grant
Duffy Pharmacy, 24th and Lake St.
Earl’s Youth Beauty, 2529 Decatur
Edholm & Shenwan 24th & Erskine
Emerson-Saratoga, 24th & Erskine
Flowers by Jimmy’s Shop
30th and Wirt St.
Fraternity Barber Shop
2422 Lake St
Friedman Shoe Store
1510 No. 24th St.
H & M Buffet, 24th and Lake St.
Herman’s Market, 24th and Lake
Hineman’s Garage, 24th and Lake
Homespun Cafe, 1810 No. 24th St.
Hornstein Gro. 28th and Binne.y St
Jim Bell’s Harlem, 24th and Lake
Johnson’s Drugs, 24th and Parker
Killingsworth and Price
24th and Lake St.
King Yeun Cafe 201014, No. 24+h
Kohrell Service Sta. 24th & Charles
Lewis Funeral Home
2310 No. 24th St
Lewis Market, 1524 No. 24th St.
London Market, 1502 No. 24th St..
Long’s Curtain Laundry,
2707 Corby St
Maria’s Espanol Hot To males,
1414 No. 24th St
Marsh Market, 1622 No. 24th St. I
Met* Cigar Store, 2406 Lake St.
Omaha Guide Pub. Co.
24th and Grant St.
Michael Beauty, 2116 No. 27th St.
Mike Colton Clothing
24th and Lake St.
Mildred Turner Shop,
2624 No. 27th St,
Mor-Ann Clothing Co.
1811 Farnam St.
Mor-Ann Furriers
4811 Farnam St.
Myers Funeral Homo
2416 No. 22nd St
Neighborhood Grocery
27th and Grant St
North 24th Shoe Hospital
1807 No. 24th St.
Patrick Liquor Store
24th and Patrick Avenue
Ray bon’s Midget Cafe
1922 No. 24th St.
Reliable Clothing Co.
1416 No. 24th St.
Ritz Shoe Repair
2088 No. 24th St. S
Ritz Theatre, 21i.h and Patrick
R. L. Lewis O'l Station
24th and Grant St.
Robbins Drug 21th and Grant St.
Robinson Drug, 1F04 No. 24th St.
Rose Beauty Salon
2406 Erskine St.
Sam Feldman Gro., 2019 No. 24tv
Stouder Skelly Sta. 24th and Ohio
Sunset Cab, Phone WE 3199
Tuehman Bros. 24th and Lake St.
Webb’s Oil Sta., 24th and Willis
W ilia’a Beauty Salon,
24th and Grant St.
DREAMLAND BALLROOM Gregg Williams Orchestra
MONDAY, OCTOBER 4TK—(Hours 9 to 2
Admission 50c Drawing 11:00 P. M.
W. J. Barber Says
Lower Rates Increase
Use of Gas Heating
(Continued from Page 1)
automatic gas equipment. There fc>
positive'y no cost or obligation eon.
nected with this service.
Gas is generally recognized as
the ideal fuel for heating purposes.
Tt is the cleanest known fuel, has
•'o ."moke, oil sadiment, *r other
hv products of combustion that are
found in other fuels. No storage
"”»ce or equipment are necessary
The fuel bil1 isrendered after the
gas has bee.n used, hence no invest
ment in fuel is required. Gas is also
the most adaptable fuel for auto
matic heating operation. It reaches
full heat instantly and can be re
gulated by thermostatic eontro1
with ease. Tests show that room
temperatures may be maintaned
within a few degress of the select
ed temperatures, day and night,
thus eliminating cold ro inis and
uneven heating effects in the home.
Probably most attractive U the
elimination of luot shoveling and
furnace tending, with the accom
panying dirt, grime, inconvenience.
The basement may be decorated
and furnished just the same as the
living room. In fact, most new
homes utilize the basement for a
recreation room, stndv, ‘ibrary,
playroom and other uses.
Modern, automatic gas furnaces
are beautifully designed and might
well be placed anywhere in the
home without distracting from the
beauty of surroundings. They oc
cupy less space than the ordinary
furnace and are highly efficient.
The Utilities District has a
special heating department, and an
appreciable percentage of the daily
w %
Mr. Charlie Barron, of Chicago,
111., passed through Omaha, Thurs
day, enroute to St. Louis, Mo.
Master John Roland Redd, was
gracously surpried on his birth
day, Sept. 16th, by a birthday din.
ner given in his honor by his sister,
Miss Ruth L. Redd, of 2117 No.
!8th street.
nodout of gas from the Gas Work*
during the winter months goe-s for
keening Omahans comfortable.
"Fire your furnace from your
■asy chair” is the adopted slogsn
of the Utilities heating repartmcnt.
Officials of the Metropolitan
Utilities District invite all Omaha
residents to find out the true facts
about gas heat through the free
heating survey now being offered.
A telephone cal1 is all that is
this finest Mac*
aroni, make
dish'ea your
family will
delight in!
Supar-ai(Urt!/remeMeart«lKniw whiaft,
To Get Ready for Winter
Buy One of O’Brien’s
Trustworthy Used Cars
1936 Plymouth Deluxe Coach
oritn.““’,ow $575.00
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buy __ $365
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.like new - 550
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trunk, radio, heater, low
milago . 425
1936 Ford Coach, like new.... 455
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1930 Buick Rumble Seat
Coupe . 179
1930 Buick Coach .. 169
1935 Plymouth, P. J. Coach, orl.
“""..rxr $435.00
1930 Chrysler Royal Sedan 195
1930 Pontiac Sedan ..._. 165
1934 Studebaker 6 Sedan ...385
1930 Durant Sedan ..._. 125
1932 Nash Sedan _ 250
1929 Auburn Sedan .. 195
1930 Packard 6 Sedan _ 210
1930 Oakland Coach ...... 125
1929 Essex Coaoh ..._. 65
1931 Hupp Conv. Coape .... 169
1928 Hupp Sedan _ 60
Omaha s Oldest (Jar Dealer
We Have Sold Over 24,800 Used Cajrs To Date.
DeSota and Plymouth Distributors
28th and Harney AT 0123
Soviet Note Snags
British Tory Plan
London, Sept. 22 (Special to
CNA)—A monkey wrenoh was
thrown into British plans recognize
Fascist Italy’s “Ethiopian empire
and to cover up Italan piracy in
the Mediterranean when the Soviet
Union, in a sharp note to Rome,
bluntly denounced the Fascist po
wer as the pirate nation whose
submarines are attacking merchant
men in the Mediterranean.
Although official quarters de
clined to comment on reports from
Rome that Anglo-Italian soundings
had been made for British recogni.
tion of the “legality” of the rape
of Ethiopia, the belief gained ere.
dence here that up to the minute,
the Soviet diplomatic bombshell ex
ploded, the British government had
planned bo include the Ethiopian
question on the agenda of the “pi
racy” conference, called by Britain
and France.
European statesmen have known
all along that the attacks, during
the past six weeks, on the ships of
various nations have been perpe
trated by Italian submarines aid
ing the Spanish fascist rebels. Foi
various reasons, howev ■ -.they have
been reluctant to call Mu sol ni’s
hand: the French, be.ause they an
still following Britian's lead in in
ternational affairs, the British, be
cause the Tory government favors
i Fascist regime in Spain and is
also seeking to efii t :n under
standing with Rome th t would re.
move the Italian threat to the.
Britiih "life line” in the Mediter
ranean. In exchange for such an
understanding, the Tories are pre
pared to recognize Italy’s ‘Ethio
pian empire,” and to continue the
“non-intervention” farce with re
gard to Spain, despite Mussolini’s
open admission that Italian troops
are partcipating in rebel attacks on
the Spanish government.
Ethiopian Cause Gains
The Soviet note overturned the
British apple cart and so complete
ly exposed Musolini that the Fas
cist dictator refused to have any
thing to do with the "piracy” con
ference, thereby sparing the world
the farcical spectacle of the pirate
sitting in a conference called to
discuss ways and means of ending
his pira«y. Nazi German joined
Italy in refusing to attend the con
With Fascist Italy pilloried be
fore the world as the pirate nation
responsible for present lawlessness
and the breaking down of interna
tional law in the Mediterranean,
the British Tories have been forced
to temporarily discard their pin:
for a reapproachment with Italy
at the expense of Ethiopia and
Loyalist Spain. Alieady there is
evidence that the British people are
thoroughly arrows*'! and will op
pee" any further dickering with a
that is darNnatety attack
•i.g 1 ritish shipping.
Italy Faces African Crisis
The Italian pirate submarine
campagin is also likely to have im
portant repercussions in France,
where tho Popular Front Govern
ment is showing signs of taking a
firm stand against Italian inter
vention in Spain and toward a re
versal of its inherited policy of
permitting the use of the French
lijibouti-Addis Ababa railroad for
transportation of troops and wai
materials into Ethiopia.
The Fronnh East African rail
road has become a vital factor it'
tho Italian campaign to consolidate
conquest <f Ethiopia, with Italian
communentione between Ethiopia
and the Italian colonies on tho
Fast African coast disrupted by
Ethiopia* guenila fighters.
This ai ticie refers you to our reli
able. efficient and courteous neigh
borhood drug stores.
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Fine liquor, Wines, and Beer
Robbins Pharmacy
2306 N. 24th SL WE. 17711
Drugs and Sundries Free Delivery
We make our own Ice cream
Fresh Daily
Health Beauty Charm
Keep Young1 and Beautiful
(By Althouse Beauty School)
Facial* for the Teen Age
The facial treatment for girls of
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lieve clogged pores, to arrest seri
ous blemishes and to correct a too
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as a race have oily skins. When
the skin is too dry we eecommcnd
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should be given every month or six
To my mother who was 13 years
old on Emancipation day, she was
proud. Jeff’s, 1818 No. 24th St.
J 111 So. 14th St.
J Biggest 10c Meals in City
{ Everybody Weleom* 5
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Ritz Shoe Repair
2033 N. 24th St.
Frank Pcmpidor, Prop.
Repair work neafly done.
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Ladies and Gents shine parlor.
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