The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, July 03, 1937, Page SEVEN, Image 7

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    V The Omaha Gviidites 3
“The Door of Expression” — — Edited by ‘UNCLE GIL’
Begin Preparations For Big Guidite Picnic
Cleaning, Pressing and Re
„ Dyeing and Hat Cleaning
Dresses Cleaned and Press
ed—Fur Crafting, Etc.
Bar-B-Q, Chili, Tamales and
Fried Chicken to order
2024 Burt St. WE 6015
Candy, Ice Cream, Sodas
and Soft Drinks
Ritz Sweet Shop
2035 No. 24th ST
Robbin’s Pharmacy
We Make Our Own Ice Cream
Fresh Daily
2306 No. 24th St.' WE 1711
2314 N 21st 9t Omaha
Houses and Flats For Rent
$10, $12, $15 to $25
Houses For Sale
$50, $100, $150 to $350 Down
Balance like rent
Furnished Rooms and Apart
ments For Rent
From $3, $3.50 to $5
100.000 Pounds Brass, Cop
per, Lead and Aluminum
20.000 Batteries
50.000 Auto Radiatoros
Are we Buying? You Bet.
If it’s Auto Parts You Want
It Will Pay You to See Us
First. We Are Here to Serve
Consolidated AUTO
Parts Co.
2501 Cuming St._AT 5656
Home of Kangaroo Court
jCleo Cola j
t Queen of Sparkling Drinks j
! 12 oz. (or 5Ct
Meet Your Friends at
2229 Lake St. JA 9195
Ladies’ and Children’s Work
A Specialty.
2422 Lake Street.
Everything is going along in fine
manner for preparations for the
first annual Guidite club picnic to
be held in beautiful Elmwood park
on Saturday August 14th. Mr.
Gregg Williams, popular orchestra
; leader, and now playing at the
Harlem, some weeks ago offered to
| do something to help cheer and
; inspire the youth of our city, be
i ing prompted to offer his services
after having witnessed the great
display of talent during the Guid—
ite club May Day Festival. Uncle
Gil highly apprqpatos the spirit
shown by Mr. Williams and only
wishes that other men would seek
to do their part towards pushing
our boys and girls on to higher
things of life.
All ready another fine young
father has offered to supply the
Guidite Picnic with candy. Next
week Uncle Gil hopes to ba able
to reveal to you just who this man
is who has zeal to do something
that will make hundreds of boys
and girls happy. So don't miss
reading the OMAHA GUIDE next
week to find out who Good Samar
itan number-two is.
Californian at Fight
By Miss Etta La Verne Gordon
Deav Guiditea:
While traveling enroute to my
home in aunny California, I chanc
ed to meet your Uncle Gil who also
was enroute to the state of the
golden gate and after listening to
his story about the hundreds of
boys and girls who are loyal Guid
ites I too decided to become a loyal
On June 22, as early as 3:30 p. m
the city of Chicago began to make
a radical change on the Souths'd ■,
street corners, taverns, drug, de
partment and grocery stores were
filled to their capacity with Ne
groes young and old who talked of
nothing but their hero Joe Louis.
At 6:00 p. m. Chicago was truly
a mad house. Traffic was at its
peak with street cars, buses and
•abs filled and over filled rushing
at top speed delivering passengers
to Comiskey Park or to their sev
eral homes where they might get
ready for the fight of a century
My party, a party of four, ar
rived at Comiskey Park at 6:45 p.
ns. and cou d not hear our ears for
the noise being newspapers, souven
i iers, popcorn, beer, red hots, and
1 opera glass salesmen.
The bleechers were filled and I
think I am safe in saying that Ne
groes were the occupants of nine- I
tenths of the seats. All of the re
served sections were being filled
and as we viewed the crowd we
realized that our race was well re
presented in all setions, some 20,
000 of us. We found our seats in
row M Section 30, seats 18, 19, 20,
and 21 and waited very patiently
for the title bout, fully confident
that our hero would win.
The preliminary bouts were over
and the ex and present champions
were introduced among whom were
our own John Henry Lewis, present
Light Heavyweight Champion.
More than 70,000 fans began to
cheer while Champion and chal
lenger Joe Louis entered the ring.
Bradclock wore a striking green
robe while our hero appeared in
his famous robe of royal blue.
--H-- ■ .
Uncle Gil Says
The day which all youth looks
forward to, that they might cele
brate the Independence of America,
has for years proved a day of haz
ard for thousands of youth through
out this great contry of ours. With
this in mind Uncle Gil is this week
making a strong appeal to parents
to see that their children are care
ful should they chance to come in
possession of fireworks doing the
Fourth of July. Uncle Gil doesn’t
want any members of his club min
| us their eyesight, or the loss of a
jlimb as a result of the handling of
j treaehexous fireworks.
Hi -1 ■ W I
Especially delightful to the mu.
sic lover daring the months of
May and June are Schumann's
lovely Forest Scenes, Op. 82- This
little set of nine pieces brings to
us in musical form his love of the
woo; atmosphi re oy describing
for us his impressions of objects
in nature. The title given each
little piece indicates more or less
clearly its musical contents.
Number one is “The Entrance
Tn to the Forest,” giving one the
fm-t impression on coming among
t'n 1'Y‘s on a bright sunshiny day.
It is fresh and breezy and full of
woody noises, dancing sunbeams,
rushing and the call of the forest
Number three, “Solitary Flow
ers,” pictures a half lighted glade
in which there are only two little
blue starlike flowers gently wav
ing to and fro on their graceful
blade like stems as the spring
breeze touches them. As we watch
them swaying, now towards now
way from each other, we think of
the story of Narcissus, of Daphne
of Nymphs and Dryads and the
music becomes an idyl of sylvan
love and beauty.
Another beautiful number is the
“Haunted Place," where goblins
dance. Here, too, we have a sug
gestion of flowers which arc all
pale as death itself, save one that
stands in their midst, a dark clotted
crimson. Other lovely numbers be
longing to this enchanting set of
forest scenes are the “Wayside Inn’
and “The Prophet Bird.”
Number nine is in many ways the
most beautiful of all. A group of
merrymakers who have spent the
day in the forest are returning
home. In spite of the calm and
quiet of the evening, there is a
touch of melancholy. As the fri
ends part, “The Farewell” is twice
heard softly uttered as becomes
the time and the mood of the
The note of the forest horn is
faintly heard for an instant and
the night winds sigh softly once
more, “Farewell."
Who Knows?
What is improvision?
What is a Scotch scale?
What is solfeggio ?
What is parallel motion?
What is contrary motion?
I-ast Week’s Answers
1. Stephen Foster was a North
ern »r.
2. Two American Virginia Reels
are “Pop Goe&. the Weasel” and
“Old Dan Tucker.”
3. “Come Lot Us Be Joyful" was
written by Mozart.
4. The editor and arranger of
5- Tschaikowsky wrote the music
belonging to the Nutcracker Suite.
IS*. * : * Si
Winners of “Superior” rating, the
higncst honors, in the tournament
of the Nation Guild of Piano Tea
chers at Wanamaker’s Auditorium,
recital at St. James Presbyterian
church, Now York, on Wednesday
euning, Aine 30th, attracted na
New York, recently, whose debut
tional attention. (C)
North 24th Street
Celebrates the 15th Anniversary
With a Big Shoe Repairing Sale
Women’s Toplifts __ $.15
Women’s half soles ..65c and up
Men’s half soles 75c and up
Men’s rubber heels 35c and up
Childrens Half soles 50c and up
1807 No. 24th St. WE 4240
Uncle Gil’s Big Picnic
To Be In Elmwood
Park August 14th
The Coronation in which King
Borealis VII, (I)r. Lennox) and
Queen Aurora VII (Miss Celestine
.Iberta Smith) were enthroned may
have been a biff event in th , live*
of the grownups, but the first an
nuel Guidite picnic in Elmwood
park on Saturday August 14th will
without doubt he the most spectac
ular and colorful event ever at
tempted in Omaha for youth. That
sounds funny, but preparations are
under way to make the first annual
Guidite picnic one of mirth, joy and
happiness for thousands of boys
and girls who are readers of the
Omaha Guide and members of the
Guidite club.
Free Ice Cream
Of course, there'll be the usual
ice cream, lemonade, and candy. All
this will be free to the boys and
girls who attend the picnic and 1
•’ith them bring a card proving that |
they have been responsible for the '
‘•ale of one new three months sub- I
oription to The Omaha Guide dur- I
ing the remainder of this month and
July. So, hurry boys nnd girls and
urge your parents to help you get
one new subscriber so you can get
your card for free ICE CREAM,
Uncle Gil is especially desirous
of having out-of-town boys and
girls attend this big jubilee. Mr.
Gregg Williams and his band will
be on hand to furnish rhythm rock
ing melodies for Uncle Gil’s kid
Every week from now until the
14th of August Uncle Gil wil tell
you something about this coming
so be sure to get your copy of The
OMAHA GUIDE every Friday.
Judge:—Mrs. Murphy why did
you assault the gas man?
Mrs. M.:—Sure, your honor he
ailed me an occupant.
Feel full of pep and possess the
slender form you crave—you cant
if you listen to goBSipers.
To take off excess fat go light on
fatty meats, butter, cream and sug
ary sweets — eat more fruit and
vegetables and take a half teaspoon
ful of Kruschen Salts In a glass of
hot water every morning to elimi
nate escose waste.
Mrs. Fima Verllle of Havre de
Orace, Md., writes: “I took off 20
lbs—my clothes fit me fine now.”
■ No drastic cathartics—no consti
pation—but buasfui daily bowel ac
tion when you take your little daily
dose of Kruschen. ,
Please enroll me in The OUED1TB CLUB, I promise to
abide by the rules as set forth in The Omaha Guide.
My Name is -......... Age_
My Address is.......
City —..-.-_State...
School Grade_Name of School
Parents’ Name... ..——
Date of Birth-...
Cut this out nnd bring or mail to “Uncle Gil”, Omaha Guide,
Earn Extra Money
School days have come, to an
end, which means boys and girls
everywhere have the opportunity
(o mako merry during the three
months vacation. Here’s hoping
that a majority of the Guidites es
pecially the boys will fnd jobs and
earn money so as to help their
parents defray expenses at home.
While we’re on the subject of
working, perhaps it wouldn’t be a
bad idea if those of you desiring to
earn some money during your
spare time, would sell copies of
1. Define the term minuend.
2- Define the term subtrahend.
3. Define the term remainder.
4. Define the term multiplicand.
6. Define the term multiplier
6Define the term product.
Asthma Cause
Fought in 3 Minutes
By dissolving and removing mucus or
phlegm that causes strangling, choking.
Asthma attacks, the doctor's prescriptiou
Mendaco removes the cause of your agony.
No smokes, no dopes, no Injections. Ab
solutely tasteless. Starts work In 3 minute* ;
Bleep soundlv tonight. Soon feel well, venrv
younger, stronger, and cat anything. (lour- ,'f
auleed completely satisfactory or money ■ ,
badk. It your druggist Is out ask him to t
order Mendaco for you. Don't sutler nuoi, ueg
day. The guarantee protects you.
Kidneys Must
Clean Out Acids
The only way your body can clean out
Acids and poisonous wastes from your
blood Is thru 9 million liny, delimits Kid
ney tubes or Altsra, but beware of cheap,
drastic, Irritating drugs. If functional
Kidney or Bladder disorder# make you
suffer from (letting Up Nights, Nervous
ness, Deg Paine, Hackeche, Circles Under
biyoe. Dizziness, Rheumatic Paine, Acid
ity, Burning. Smarting or Itching, don't
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teed prescription railed Cystex IHIsz
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■ a
9 iVflw#..................... 9
I 9
I Address. I
I ' I
Raising thG Family* No Pa played entirely sate!_____FlShl