The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, June 26, 1937, Page SEVEN, Image 7

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    V The Omaha Gviidites ^
“The Door of Expression” - - Edited by ‘UNCLE GIL’ T ■■■ ‘.. ■■■■■■ ■!■■■■ i m'■■■■ "' *.
Begin Preparations For Big Guidite Picnic
_ i —-----*
Cleaning, Pressing and Re
„ Dyeing and Hat Cleaning
Dresses Cleaned and Press
ed—Fur Crafting, Etc.
Bar-B Q, Chili, Tamales and
Fried Chicken to order
2024 Burt St. WE 6015
Candy, Ice Cream, Sodas
and Soft Drinks
Ritz Sweet Shop
2035 No. 24th ST 1
Robbin’s Pharmacy
We Make Our Own Ice Cream
Fresh Daily
2306 No. 24th St. WE 1711
2314 N 21st St Omaha
Houses and Flats For Rent
$10, $12, $15 to $25
Houses For Sale
$50, $100, $150 to $350 Down
Balance like rent
Furnished Rooms and Apart
ments For Rent
From $3, $3.50 to $5
. ... fimm
100.000 Pounds Brass, Cop
per, Lead and Aluminum
20.000 Batteries
50.000 Auto Radiators
Are we Buying? You Bet.
If it’s Auto Parts You Want
It Will Pay You to See Us
First. We Are Here to Serve
Consolidated AUTO
Parts Co.
2501 Cuming St. AT 5656
Home of Kangaroo Court
Cleo Cola!
Queen of Sparkling Drinks j
12 oz.fcr 5c!
I Meet Your Friends at
i i
i '
( i
i i
2229 Lake St. JA 9195
' ' i
i 1
Ladies’ and Children’s Work
A Specialty.
2422 Lake Street.
Uncle Gil’s Big Picnic
To Be In Elmwood
Park August 14th
The Coronation in which King
Borealis VII, (Dr. Lennox) and
Queen Aurora VII (Miss Celestine
Alberta Smith) were enthroned may
have been a big event in th Lve.«
of the grownups, but the first an
nual Guidiu picnic in Elmwood
park on Saturday August 14th will
without doubt be the most spectac
ular and colorful event ever at
tempted in Omaha for youth. That
sounds funny, but preparations are
under way to make the first annual
Guidite picnic one of mirth, joy and
happiness for thousands of boys
and girls who are readers of the
Omaha Guide and members of the
Guidite ekib.
Free Ice Cream
Of course, there’ll be the usual
ice cream, lemonade, and candy. All
this will be free to the boys and
girls who attend the picnic and
v ith them bring a card proving that
they have been responsible for the
sale of one new three months sub
scription to The Omaha Guide dur
ing the remainder of this month and
July. So, hurry boys and girle and
urge your parents to help you get
one new subscriber so you can get
jour card for free ICE CREAM,
Uncle Gil is especially desirous
of having out-of-town boys and
girls attend this big jubilee. Mr.
Gregg Williams and his band will
be on hand to furnish rhythm rock
ing melodies for Uncle Gil’s kid
dies. .
Every week from now until the
14th of August Uncle Gil wil tell
you something about this coming
so be sure to get your copy of The
OMAHA GUIDE every Friday.
Uncle Gil Finds An
Interesting Letter
Addressed to the sponsor rf the
Rt. Jbhn Literary club, Mrs. C ri -
tin Althouse.
II- ' is the Literary Society cp t
inr -long? Have you had your play
■it.' I have missed you all very
much, and if your high tempered
secretary will let me know how
much dues I owe, 1 will forward
her the money immediately.
What are you doing now? The
iclub probably has got some new
members. Who are they? Is Mary
Ellen as joking as usual? How is
your playmate, Frank? To dear,
sincere Tamar I send her my
greetings. I’ll bet E. Lucky doesn't
come any more. How is our mar
ried lady, Mrs. Turner? I hope her
children don’t bake pies like her.
Mr. Jewell the quiet contented
young man. You tell to stay away
from my gorgeous little girl friend
Mabel King. Does she still come to
Endeavor? And to Ada Lee I still
despiscj her corrections and re
marks. She is the meanest girl I
have ever had' the misfortune to
meet. But all in all.she is chubby
and adorable. For the new members
give them my regards.
l ell your nuspand and xanniy
hello. I am working and making
0. K. I do not have any girl fri
ends because I can’t get Gertr|»de
off my mind- Deiila was the sweet
heart of the outfit, but she has her
career. Must I omit the comedianne
(Conwell) you had the last time I
was there.
Everything taken into consider
ation you must have, wonderful
nerves to stand that group of boys
and girls. Of course I never was
much trouble to you. I was always
so quiet and peaceful. Oh yeah!
Keep the good work going on. I
would be glad to hear from anyone
in the club. Toll them all hello,
will you?
Your “Southern Friend”
Laurence Lewis
724 St. Anthony Ave
St. Paul, Minn
1. Who was Benjamin Banneker?
2. Who was Elijah McCoy?
!i. Who wh Granville T. Woods!
4. What Negro at one time ser
ved as governor of Louisiana?
5. Name the Negroes who held
world boxing championships?
I (*> 2937 IKTH^ATIOYiAT, NX./') ?5!£3 fcftffel I I
I The Guidite World
of Music
By Miss Ethel Jones
There never has been a time in the
history of the world when man has
not known music. They have been
inseparable companions through joy
ad sorrow peace and strife. It is
as natural for a man to sing as it is
for him to breathe. Everyone knows
how easily music can banish the
cares of the day. Luther Burbank
the noted American naturalist has
id it is one of the great sources
of life, health, strength and happi
Tod-v the world is more music
consr'rms than ever. Musical edu
! rotors say that we are entertaining
m era of music’s greatest hour.
Factories throughout the country
ore installing amplifying devices
which broadcast music through the
shops during certain hours of the
day, when the vitality or workers
is reputed to bo at its lowest ebb.
Hospitals and sanitariums have set
up such systems as a recognized
health aid. Leading university
football teams generally take a
pianist or accordionist along to
entertain the boys and quiet their
nerves before the game.
Leading physicians and psychia
trists often prescribe nothing more
than the study of a musical in
strument for patients with nervous
The accordion is generally ac
cepted as one of the most ideal in
struments to learn to play in con
nection with this idea because of
the ease with which a novice may
learn and because of its universal
fascination and portability.
A young advertising manager
was in a very high strung nervous
condition. His physician advised
him to learn to play some musical
instrument. Ho chose the accordion
and immediately set out to learn
t.c play. He became so fascinated
and made such marvelous progress,
that in three months he was com
pletely cured, after which he de
cided to continue his studies. His
family enjoyed it and friends Insist
ed on him brnging it whenever he
paid them a visit. The playing of
the accordion has been beneficial
to those afflicted with infantile
paralysis, through massage to the
muscles afforded by practicing.
So we may indeed hail music as
one of our greatest physicians.
IS your hair beginning to gray? Has
it become “streaky” or off color
from the use of hot irons or straight
eners? If it has, use Godefroy's Lari
euse. This amazing preparation will
color your hair to a beautiful even
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Godefroy’s Larieuse TODAY. If not
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If your daalar
doe* not have
Who Knows?
1. Was Stephen Foster n south
2- Name two American, Virginia
Reels, v*
3.Who wrote “Come Let Us Be
Who edited and arranged the
Musical history of the Negro in
America, called “Rolling Along in
Who wrote I lie music belonging
to the “Nutcracker Suite?”
Last Week’s Answers
1. Cad man wrote “From the Land
of the Sky Blue Waters,”
2. "To A Wild Rose” was writ
ten my Mac Dowell.
3. Wagner composed "Die Wal
4. Philadelphia Symphony—
Coates Symphony Contental—Bos
ton and Victor.
1. The combined amount of sev
eral numbers is called the SUM.
Ti e result obtained in the process
of finding how many times one
number is contained in a second
number is termed the, QUOTIENT.
A HOGSHEAD is a barrel shaped
container which is equivalent to
two ordinary 3114 gallon barrels.
A FRACTION is one, or the sum
of severaX f actional units. Ex
ample 1-4 plus 1-4 equals 1-2. When
two or more fractions have the
same number for denominators,
this number is called the COMMON
DENOMINATOR of the several
fractions, i
1. Coat of Paint.
2. Rose Wator.
3. Because his funny bone is there
Otis Page, jr.
2228 Patrick Ave.
Feel full of pep and possess the
slender form you crave—you can't
if you listen to gossipers.
To take off excess fat go light on
fatty meats, butter, cream and sug
ary sweets — eat more fruit and
vegetables and take a half teaspoon
ful of Kruschen Salts in a glass of
hot water every morning to elimi
nate excess wnurt.6.
Mrs. Elma Vertlla of Havre de
Grace, Md., writes: “I took off 20
lbs.—my clothes lit me fine now.”
■ No drastic rathartics—no consti
pation—out blissful daily bowel uc
tion when you take your little dally
dose of Kruschen. ,
Please enroll me in The GUIDITE CLUB, I promise to
abide by the rules as set forth in The Omaha Guide.
My Name is'—__ ... . Age__
My Address is.__ , ... _____
School Grade --- Name of School_ . _
Parents’ Name_.._.
Date of Birth
Cut this out and bring or mail to “Uncle Gil”, Omaha Guide,
Earn Extra Money
School days have cornu to an
end, which means boys and girls
everywhere have the opportunity
to make merry during the three
months vacation. Here’s hoping
that a nuijority of the Guiditcs es
pecially the boys will fnd jobs ami
earn money so as to help their
parents defray expenses at home.
While we’re on the subject of
w’orking, perhaps it wouldn’t be a
bad idea if those of you desiring to
earn some money during your
soaro time, would sell copies of
Henry:—“I have to tnko my
wife’s dog for a walk every day.’
John:—What’s the matter with
your wife? She's strong and
Henry:—Exactly. That’s why I
have to take the dog for a walk.”
Asthma Cause
Fought in 3 Minutes
By dissolving and removing mucus or
phlegm that causes strangling, choking.
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No smokes, no dopes, no injections. Ab
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antee;. completely satisfactory or money
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day. The guarantee protects you.
Kidneys Must
Clean Out Acids
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Aelita nod polMonou® waitu from your
blood la thru 9 million tiny, delicate Kbl
ney tub®* or filters, but bewar® of cheap,
d rustic. Irritating druga. If functional
Kidney or Itladdcr disorder* make you
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ness, Leg Pains, Haokaoh®, Circles Under
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ity, Horning. Smarting or Itching, don't
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guaranteed to t\x you up in on*' week or
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nnd M»e guarantee protect® you.
__ - _ ■
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ft -
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