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    Mots . . caus« two thousand dollar blaze
Wounds Mate, Other
Ballet Sets $2,000 Fire
Two bullets from a pistol in
the hands of a jealous woman
Monday evening are alleged by
police and firemen to have put
one man in a hospital, caused a
filling station explosion, a fire
loss of probably two thousand
dollars — and eventually the
woman’s arrest.
Mrs. Iola White. 30, Negro
living at 1831 North Twenty
third street, is in jau held for
investigation in connection v.'ith
the mooting. Her common-law
husband, Clyde White, 33, Negro
living at the same address, is1n
Nicholas Serin hospital with a
bullet wound in his chest.
Jack Holman, whitm owns and
operates the filling station, lo
cated at Twenty-fourth and Pat
Dean Jordan Is
Elevated by Board
Quindaro, Kas., June 17 (ANP)
—.Western university Trustees in
session last week—Jkme 9th, elect
ed unanimously Dean Frederick D.
Jordan president of this most im
portant AME Institution in the
west. The meeting which was pre
sided over l>y Bishop Noah W.
Williams of 'the Fifth Episcopal
District was enthusiastic over the
accomplishments ef the school dur
ing the past year. After the read
ing of his annual report by Dean
Jordan, Rev. C. A. Williams, pas
tor of Ward Chapel, Kansas City,
Mo., who was chairman of the
Committee on Faculty and School
employees moved that Dean Jordan
be elected president, amid a chor
us of hearty cheers the motion was
seconded by the following:
Dr. J. H. Wilson, Editor of the
Western Christian Recorder; Dr.
H. F. M. McClure of Southern Cal
ifornia; Dr. W. H. Burnett of St.
Louis, Mo.; Dr. John Adams of
Omaha, Nebr.; Dr. L. L. Matthis of
J.awrence, Kas.; Dr. T. W. Greene
jr., of Wichita, Kas.; Atty. T. W.
Bell of Leavenworth, Kas.; Rev.
M. M. Matthews of Emporia, Kas.;
Dr. H . W.. Kings of Topeka, Kas.;
Dr. T. J. Burwell of Topeka, Kas.;
Rev. T. L. Sanders of Tacoma,
Washington; Dr. A. M Ward of
Los Angeles, Calif.; Mr. J. B. Jones
of St. Joseph, Mo.; Mrs. Minerva
Jackson, of Kansas City, Mo.; Dr.
F. D. L. McDonald of Kansas City,
Mo., Dr. F. F. Moten of Kansas
City, Mo.; Dr. S. R. Stanley of St.
Louis, Mo ; and Dr. J. M. Brown
of Calif.
Rev. Peck of Detroit
Commencement Speaker
The Commencement address on
Thursday, was delivered by Dr.
William H. Peck of Detroit. Many
trustees and friends of the. univer
sity from the entire section cov
ered by the fifth Episcopal dictrict
of the African Methodist Episcopal
church were present and the spir
it was high. Over $4,006 was re
ported for educational purposes.
Rev. Jordan who was engaged in
a brilliant pastorate at Chicago
when he accepted the deanship at
Western, is a graduate of North
western university, Garrett Bibical
Institute and regarded as one of
the able young ministers in his
rick avenue, William Scott, who
lives over the station, lost some
of his household furnishings in
the blaze. White's sedan also was
Mrs. White said she found her
husband, the car and another
woman in it at tne filling sta
tion, that White threatened her
with a pistol, and that in a
struggle for it she fired it once.
William V. Gordon, G6. Negro
attendant, said Mrs. White ap
pi i ' h d on ipot, pi. 'U in 1. r
hand. She fired twice, Gordon
said, one bullet shattering the
glass container atop one of the
pumps, a? 1 causing the blaze,
: the other lie hclieves hit White.
Police found While a blook
I away.
Duke Cables Roberts
New York. June 21 (ANt5)—
Luckey Roberts, famous purveyoi
of music to the “400” received a
cablegram from the Duke of Wind
| sor last week. Mr. Robert’, who
'knew the Duke well, when he was
the Prince of Wales and was invari
| ably selected to play for the par
ties where the Prince was enter
tained during his last visit to Am
erica, had cabled congratulations to
the Dukp and Duchess on the oc
fchsion of their wedding. The Duke
cabled his appreciation of Mr. Ro
berts' message. Luckey announced
that he was sending the Duke and
Duchess a group of phonograph
records, one for each month of the
year. This is no new experience for
Mr. Roberts. After the then
Prince of Wales had returned to
Europe from America where he
sent back a request to Rodman
Wanamaker, his host here, asking
that Luckey select a group of
dnneo records for him. Mr. Roberts
is repeating that pleasant duty.
Asks Amendment
Springfield, 111., June 24 (ANP)
—Following last week’s enactment
by the State Senate of the Women’s
Eight-Hour Bll—which covers all
types of woman labor except, do
mestics, farm workers and regis
tered nurses—Rep. Richard A.
Ha rewood, Third Senatorial dis
district, declared that at the
next session of the General Assem
bly he will introduce an amend
ment to the bill, which will bring
cooks and domestics, who are in the
main colored women, within the
terms of this Act.
We Buy Old Gold
Watch and Jewelry Repairing
We Loan Money on Everything
^ /
Gross Jewelry
and Loan Co.
Corner 24th and Erskine
2414 No. 24th St. Omaha, Nebr.
, petwo
l|| MM*Quick WksK
8&SR. IN
Wo'H.ourtfts uystvweek.
-this- Puts him first '
Thomas and Thomas, Attorneys
Omaha National Bank Bldg.
To Iiiley McClung and John T.
McClung, non-resident defendants
and to their unknown spouses,
heirs and next of kin:
Take notice that there is now
on file in the Office of the Clerk
of the District Court in Douglas
County, Nebraska, in an action in
which Halley M. Bliznak is plain
tiff and Riley McClung and Jbhn
T. McClung and their unknown
spoused, heirs and next of kin, the
petition of the plaintiff, the object
and prayer of which are to obtain'
judgment declaring that all of said
| parties are interested in real estate
j situated in Douglas County, Ne
| lii'uska, described as Lot Six (6)
i in Wohler’s Place, an Addition in
I Douglas County, Nebraska, as sur
Iveyed, platted and recorded; that
plaintiff owns an undivided five
sevenths (5-7ths) interest therein,
and the said aboved named defen
dants each owns one-seventh (1-7)'
interest therein and praying fur
ther for the partition of said proper
ty, and if the same cannot be equit
ably partitioned, that it be sold by
order of Court, and the proceeds
of the sale be equitably divided be
tween said parties according to
interest and for equitable relief.
You are required to answer said
petition on or before the 9th day of
August, 1937.
Halley M. Bliznak
Her Attorneys
Gas, Gas AII
the i ime, Can’t
Eat or Sleep
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I could not eat or sleep. Even my
heart seemed to hurt. A friend suo
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Notice fo Subscriber.* —
Please notify the Omaha Guid
office, by mail or telephone, as t
your change of address. The post
al authorities make a charge fo
the change of address when wo ar
not notified, in time to prevent do
livery to the wrong -ddress. Th
Omaha Guide will be forced t
charge a small fee of five cent
for each change of address with
out notice. Please call WE 1517 o
mail us a post card with your ne-v
address on it, at one week hefor
you move. This will prevent a du
pheation of papers and the fiv
cents charge. Thanking you fo
your cooperation in this matter,
C. C. Galloway, Business Mgi
B w&M ,€
[ru fhis of tUiq.
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ness, Run Down Nature and Kid
ney Complaint. Guaranteed Treat
ment, $1.80 Postpaid. Send $1.00
with C. 0. D>
C. A. Williams Med Co., McKamic,
Ark. Agents Wanted.
Dmnha, Nebr,, June 20
Omaha Guide,
\ Letter of Denial;
l, Mrs. G. Clnyter of 2214 Lake
Street, wish to state that I had no
lung to do with the running away
if Betty Louise Porter from the
homo of Mrs, Wt bb Porter a week
uro Saturday nbout 7 o’clock.
The child, Betty Louise, came
running through my yard, crying.
! asked tier what the trouble was
and she said that she couldn’t
stop, Mrs. Porter was trying
to over take her. She also
came through my yard and
followed Betty to 24 th Street
I tried to talk to Mrs. Webb Porter
and she called me a name and
would not talk to me. 1 am taking
this means of reaching her and all
those concerned. Anyone interest
ed can see Mrs. Lucas of the Juve
nile Court for verification of the
alaive statement.
Signed: Mrs. G. Clnyter
2214 Lake Street
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I* Direct Wire On All Sports
Come in Where It’s Comfortable
Ladies Especially Invited
Our Policy j,, Give You Service
Eugene McGill, Mgr. HA 1225
2314 N. 24th SU
Omaha Nebraska
FEW husbands ran understand
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want, to hold your husband, you
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For I hree general ions one wnm-,n
has told another hour to go ' ei.
ItiR through' w h i I veil,! [ I ..
ham* Vegntahe Ooniimtin-I. it
I helps Nature tone up tin*
j thus tawdug t tie <t! eoififorim. .ej
tho tuiiettoual di*owteM w n 'i
women mils endure in tile llreo
I Ordeal* of Ilf--: 1 Ttirulur, f,- . ■,
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I flaring for motherhood. a
| J'Touching "middle u •
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The Omaha Guide
6000New Subscrip
tion Drive Is On....
Omaha Guide Campaign Drive will open
June 7, 1937, for 6,000 new subscribers
and closes September 6, 1937. You will
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ing the month of June, will be given a
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years as you like. p