The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, May 22, 1937, Page FOUR, Image 4

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    SOCIAL C _ n_| - i CLUBS
Personals j
Mary Lee Agee, who has been
ill, is improving.
Mr. R- W. Cain, 2210 Clark street
who has been ill in t£\c hospital, is
ablo to be home again and is con
valescing nicely.
Mrs. Blackburn, 2012 Clark
street, who received a fractured
leg in a street car accident seven
weeks ago, is improving.
Mr.nnd Mrs. Charles Cage, Mr.
and Mrs. Simon, and Omagene
Harvey, all of Council Bluffs, la.,
were guests of Mr. and Mrs.. Ray
Hi. Ison. 28\4 Ohio street on Sun
day, May 9th.
The Ruth Chapter hud an indoor
picnic on Friday night, May 7th at
the Masonic Temple, 20th and
Blondo, Each sister invited one
guest. It was sposored by Mis
Hattie Agee. All enjoyed themsel
ves immensely. After the repast,
a business meeting was held.
Mr. J. L. Betts, 1820 No. 26th
street gave a surprise birthday par
ty on Wednesday evening, May 12th
for his wife, Mrs. Cornelia Betts.
Thirty guests were present. Many
beautiful gifts and cards were re
ceived. All enjoyed themselves im
Edward Ector, 2808 Caldwell
stteet, passed away on Wednesday,
May 12th at the hospital. The fun
eral services were held Saturday,
May 16th at the Myers chapel. Bur
ial was In Forest Lawn Cemetery.
Survivors are his wife, Mrs. Mar
tha Ector, one daughter, son-in-law
and grand son.
Miss Equator Williams, 1305 Nn.
25th street, one of Rabe’s star ball
players, is suffering from rheuma
tism ia both arms and will not be
able to play ball for some time.
She is under the care of the doctor.
Mrs. Vemice Bailey, 1843 No.
21st street, fractured her ankle
when she fell from a ladder in her
home, and as a result, will be unable
to walk for some time. She will be
glad to Wave her friends visit her
at any time.
Mrs. Lizzie Jenkins, 2412 Blondo,
is Improved after being ill.
M» and Mrs. Madison, of Sioux
City, la. and Mr. and Mrs. D.
Gaines and son, of Topeka, Kas.,
were visitors in the Jack Knott
hoirte, 3110 Corby street, on Mo
ther’s Day.
Mrs. .kiseph Taylor, 2809 Mi
ami street, returned on Thursday
May MM-h, from a trip to Kansas
City to attend the, funeral of Mrs.
Pinky Oslo me Williams, wife of
C. A. Williams, former pastor of
St. John AME church.
Tlie Benevolence Christian Wi
dows chib No. 25, will celebrate the
second anniversary of its founding
at the Pleasant Green Baptist
church, at 3 p. m. on the first Sun
day in June. Rev. Reynolds, pas
tor of Pleasant Green Baptist
church, will officiate, stressing the
good things that has been accom
plished. All are welcome.
■ ■ A.
Mrs. M. C. Sands, 2122 No. 25th
street, has returned from Kansas
City, Mo., where she attended the
Gr- session of Missouri Gr. Lodge
of U- B. D. and S. M.T. of Missouri
and jurisdiction.
She reports a very successful
Mrs. Sands was elected Gr. Zilla
of the Grand Temple.
A membership drive is now on.
Por information see M. C. Sands, D.
D. Gr. M. and Mrs. M- C. Sands,
2122 No. 25th stret.
o ■ ■
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Alexander,
2632 Patrick avenue, entertained
with a dinner party for Mr. Jlohn
E. Hargroves, of I^>s Angeles on
last Thursday evening. Mr. Har
groves is very popular in the As
sociation of the Protective Dining
Car Waiters, and recently elected
president of the organization. He
was in our city several days on
business in this organization. He
was the house guest of Mrs. Ida
Sears. 1847*4 North 24th street,
was the house guest of Mrs. Ida
: <^orntJlilaJ[i/ Dorothea M$Lane
Wl IT t/
BSHHKB «5. V57" 1 , TitM'l-h'-MI, NKtn!0_
No matter how hot and sultry
the weather may be, white lias
a very cooling effect.
True, you may no^ lie cool,
but you e'( ,ii do a triin a ml
tricky job of looking cool.
White accents for dark cloth
es, dark for white, and as Mire
ius the lie!:.|t. hits HO, white nil
Mr- Ra.vmon Gordon is steadily
improving in the hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bryant and
Mrs. Preston, from Oseeol, la-,
were Sunday guests in the George
Bryant home, 2875 Wirt street.
Mr. snd Mr*. Sydney Car'er, lr>s
Angeles, Calif-, *nent three days
visiting in the George Bryant
home 2875 Wirt street.
-.—o -.
' Chambers, 2640 Se
Vfi- i - * --ns hostess to about
jo inst* *■ a suprise birthday
party on Tuesday night, May 17th,
horn "tug he'' husband, Mr. Nelson
Chambers. V.’hist constituted the
evening’s entertainment, after
which refreshments were served.
In Recital
1 ■ 1 'I' »
Graduate of the Institute of Medi
cal Art, the Juillard School of Mu
sic of New York, who conducts a
studio at 421 W. 147th street, pre
sented her pupils in annual recital
at the Town Hall, West 43rd street,
on Sunday afternoon, May 16th.
Miss Shepperd is one of the best
trained of the Harlem music teach
ers, and has won wide praise for
coaching and conducting her Toy
Symphony of Children. (C)
Cleo Cola
Queen of Sparkling Drinkj*
'-■ r r ...... r.i .
Nature Itaby Heef young nnd as
tender as baby’s skin. The enoieest
product of butcher's art sold only
Among tho out-of-town guests
who attended the May Festival at
St. John AME c.hurch were Miss
RutlOones, teacher in the Atchison
public school and her unde, Mr
Jackson, also of Atchison, Kas.
Mrs. Phil Smith, Mr. George
Book eg and Mr. Elmer Bradford
all of Independence, Kas., are visa
ing Mr. and Mrs. Robert Washing
ton, 2701 Corby street- Mrs. Smith
is the sister of Mr. Robert Wash
Mrs. Evelyn Dodson, 2628 Char
les street, has returned from Okla
homa City, bringing back with her,
Mrs. Mnry Butler, her grandmo
ther and the mother of Mrs. Ber
tha Hodges, for a two months’ v
Wt- are very happy to leara that
Mists Ella Mills hus beivi mid d *
the staff of the Northside YWCA,
filling the position of offi-e secre
tary. Miss Milk is a popular young
woman, anil a member of the Tro
jan club of the YWCA She s a mm ’
ber of Pilgrim Baptist church an-!
waa formerly employed by the
Omaha Guide Pub. t o
Herman FriedJander Announces
The Opentng of the La Casa
I'fT' gives us great pleasure to
J. J. announce the opening of the
La Casa Hotel Apartments- We
have made every effort and spar
ed no expense to make it a plea
sant and wholesome place in which
to live. The apartments are fur
[nished with electric refrigeration,
hot and cold water in every room,
bathrooms, showers and restrooms.
Several rooms are reserved for out
jof-town guests visiting in our city.
Single girls who want to make
the Ivi Cnsa their home will find
rooms with cooking facilities, pri
\ ate reception rooms, baths and
laundries at a moderate price for
their convenience. We invite every
«-ne to visit and inspect our hotel
Yours truly,
The Management
Miss Mable Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Ulyssis Watson
Miss Viola Howard
Mr. und Mrs. Felix Metoyer
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Curtis
Mrs. M- Sterling
Mr Cable Ware
Mr. and Mrs. George Claxton
Miss Marvel Blackburn
Mrs. J. Williams
Mr. C. C- Jones
Mr. and Mrs. O. Blanton
Mi. Herman Lewis, 2232 Lake
and his friend, Mr. Euardo Lucero,
.returned Friday evening, May 14th
after an extensive two-week’s rao
jtor trip which took them through
Wyoming, Denver and Pueblo, Colo
rado; A1 <;'<ruerke, New Mexico,
Wichita, Fort Scott, Kansas City
and Topeka, Kansas and Kansas
City Mi-furi. They were the
guests of the management of the
Rossonian hotel while in Denver.
Mr. and Mrs. Benny Williams were
' gracious hosts to them while in
Wichita. Elsewhere they were
treated royally by Mr. Lucero’s fri
ends and relatives. The white fire
men of Topeka were very consider
ate in showing them around their
new bungalow fire house and the
new beautiful efficient ten ton full
enclosed American LaRancer Pum
per. Omaha has no apparation of
this type, yet, but will have one,
no doubt seen.
I _
Bar * Q, Chili, Tamale* and
Friad Chicken to order
2024 Burt St. WE 6015
Have your car washed and oil changed for Spring
Motor tuning and Battery recharging
2417 North 24th Street JAckson 9269
1506 No 24th St JA 9384
South High Notes
Edited by Miss Cecil* Walls
Attention! the South high club
had an enjoyable hike Monday May
17th, and lest you forget the Sen
ior “C” bus hike was a WOW on
last Thursday.
There are several of our girls
that are to be in the South high
school style show, they are as fol
lows; Emma Curtis, is to model in
a white linen suit. Such a beauty
for sport wear! Carrie McGinty is
to model in a beautiful pink silk
dress. A pattern for an afternoon
tea. Toledo Oliver is to model in a
lovely orchid dress. Something fsr
Sunday afternoon wear- Elizabeth
Payne is to model in a ducky little
spring print swing time dress
Maude Reece is to model in a cute
giay suit. Sara Tinker is to nude]
in a crepe silk dress, the color is
pink. An afternoon outfit- Theresa
Tinker is to model in a white flan
nel suit, it so becoming to her. Let
all of us be out to see the girls
demonstrate the latest spring and
summer styles.
Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 p. m.
there will be a farewell to seniors.
The program: Piano solo by Ruth
Church; Talk by Miss Shipherd and
vocal solo by Cecile Walls.
USED gas stove for sale, 2522 In
diana avenue.
Wear White Patent and Kids
Guaranteed by Good Housekeep
Jolene Fashion Shoes Styled
in Hollywood
Be Sure to Stop and Look In
in our windows for these new
Friedman’s Shoe
and shoe Repairing
“Shoe* for the entire family”
1510 N. 34th St. JA. 0353
Mean* WE Write and YOU
Get the Oredit
I/etters, soeinl and business:
popnlar speeches and talks for
j Teachers, Ministers, Civic, Bus
iness and Lodge leaders; ar
tides for publication. Your
own work rewritten, revised,
or criticised. Write us your
needs and send 6 cents stamps
fr more details.
141 West 125th St.,
New York City
Bargains In Homes
Pay 3 in 1 in your monthly pay
ments: taxes, interest and insurance
3 rooms part modem; cash $60
Price $600—balance $9.00 per
month- ,
4 roams part modern; cash $90.
Price $900, balance $1150 per
5 rooms modem except heat; cash
$75; price $750, balance $11 per
5 rooms modem except heat; Cash
$100, price $1000; balance $12.60
per month
6 rooms modem except heat Cash
$100. Price $1000; balance $12 60
per month
6 rooms modern execpt heat- Comer
lob, cash $150; price $1350; bal
ance $14-50 per month.
7 rooms modern. Cash $150. Price
$1500, balance $16.00 per month
2 and 3 room apartments for rent.
No children.
Many other bargains
E. M- Davis
Licensed Broker
2817 No. 24th St. WE 1166
•V .w.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v ,w
— •» ‘ - I I . , T , , , .I
Cleaning, Preesmg and Re I
pairing. f
Dying and Hot Cleaning. |
Dresses Cleaned and Press I
ed—Pnr Crafting, Eto.
Duffy Pharmacy
We. 0609
Free Delivery
Shampoo. 25c
Press.. 25c
Sroquignole marcel.25c
2422 N 22nd St. WE 0846
22nd and Maple Street.—Eight rooms, modern, reception
aall, living room, dining room, den and kitchen, down
stairs. four bedrooms upstairs: oak floors thoughout, full
sement basement, double gaage, large lot.
128 North 25th Street—six rooms, modern, $1,500.00.
3402 North 27th Ave., five rooms, modern, $2600.
)61North 27th Street, six rooms, partly modern, $500.00.
These properities may be purchased with small down
payment, balance less than rent, low rate of interest on
unpaid balance, abstract of title brought down to date,
taxes paid up, properties free of any incumbrances.
C. F. Davis Real Estate Co.
The World Insurance Company
Desires to announce the removal *f its offices from Tlie
Out-ha Loan and Building Association Building to the Third
( Floor of the Baird Building 17th and Douglas Sts. Telephone
HArney 1675, Omahh, Nebraska.
Tom D. Eilers, Pres J F Mioek, Secy D L Eilers Treas
George Soiref, Mgr Industrial Dept
LaC asa Hotel Apartments
Herman Friedlander, Proprietor
2121 Lake Street JA 9100
J. S. Turner & Sons
Cement Contractors
No Job Too Large or Too Small
; 2514 CORBY ST. WE 2864
Interior Decora tor
WE 3949
J. A. Gardner
General Foreman
2622 MAPLE ST.
Phil Lynch
Plumbing and Heating
Success toThe LaCasa