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Celebrate 22nd Anniversary
Rev. and Mrs. J. C.. Crowder
were entertained on their 22nd wed
ding anniversary by tihe St Luke
Baptist Missionary Society, of
whioh church Rnv. Crowder is a»
tor. They were entertained at their
home, 2631 Parker street, which
was beautifully decorated in white.
A white wedding bell hung from
tho center of the dining room. In
the center of the dining ro"m table
was a hugh bosket of pink roses, a
gift from Mr. and Mrs. G. W
Stromile. The anniversary address
was given by Rev. Saunders of
Iowa. After a song was sung, Rev.
E. Green bestowed blessings upon
tihe two. Mr. G. W Wilson, father
of Mrs. Crowder also made a«me
Mrs. Crowder looked very at
tractive in a gown »f ten ro*c. The
gift" were present’d by Mr. E.
Faulkner. Mr*. G. W . Stromile an 1
Mrs W C. Morris served at the
table. Mesdame* Collier, Hopkins,
and Fry*o<n spared no vains in
t.he occasion a complete success.
Many beautiful gifts were recciv
Mrs. Willie B. Jaek«on, 2708 Er
skinn street, is planning to leave
this week for East St. Ix>uL*, 111.
On her way back to Omaha be will
stop in l)e« Moines, la. to vi»it fri
(By Onalt L. Spencer for ANI')
Bill Buckner, trainer of Chicago
White Sox, i* a colored man.
Dr. Peter Murray of New York
is an authority in the field of gnec
ology. Dr. Daniel William* of Chi
cago was the first man to perform
a successful operation on a human
heart. Both are Ni’igro's.
“Ain’t Gonna Rain No More,’
"Rainbow Round My Shoulder’ and
"Casey Jones” were Negro folk
rrings' before they became commer
Thomas Jefferson, when Presi
dent of the United States', is re
ported to haw regretted: “certain
of my children were stopped from
voting because of conditions im
psed upon them by their maternity,
(meaning of eoureo that they were
colored.) Incidt'ntly a grand daugh
ter of Jefferson is a friend of the
writer. Her name is Mrs. Kelly of
Streno atreet, Cincinnati.
Mrs. Kelly is the daughter of the
late Peter Fausset, one of Cincin
nati’'' most outstanding Negro ei
izens ami widely known as “the
son of t>»e framer of the Declaration
of Independence.
Donald Jones, Ernest I .-agon and
Richard Thornton, colored^are rat
ed among the mo«t skillful butchers
of greater Cincinnati according to
the book “Cincinnati’s Colored Ci
tizens” by W. P. Dabney. “Alexand
er Hamilton bosom friend of George
Washington and the greatest Se
retary of the Treasury the United
States ever had, is the real found
ders of its financial system, was a
colored man.
Approximately 6,000 Negroes
served in the American Army in the
Revolutionary War.
Breaking a ten year silence, Gre
ta Garbo requested that music be
played f|or her between scenec with
Robert Taylor in Camille. She
chose Negro spiritual*. Wonder if
Mi»» Garbo also knew that the book
CamiLfe from which the picture
wa* adopted was written by Alex
ander Dumas, jr., who was also a
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Btylies for spring and summer
would not b" aomplete wiblwut the
over popular print, whether they
be in colors, or in black and white.
W« seem to be very close to Mother
Nature this season, and style de
crees floral designs, or trimming'
with clusters of flowers and leaves.
Because of the o >ming pomp and
ceremony of the Coronation on
May 12th, symbols of Britain’s
out-sth-etched empire will be the
keynote in many attractive! new
Tl " club met at the club room,
2401 Patrick avenue, on Friday,
April 30t,h with the president, Mr*.
Arum Mite Johnson, presiding. 10
member* were present! Mrs. Marie
Johnson, brought in by Mrs. Hattie
Martin, was added to the club mem
berslVp. Plans were completed for
n lundheon for Thursday, May 8th.
Everyone is invited to attend- The
meeting adjourned to meet Friday,
Mhy 9'f> at the home of tie pre
sident, 2420 Binney street. All mom
bera are urged to b" present. Mrs.
Hntitie Johnson i« reporter.
Mrs. Alton Goode entertained at
dinner on Wednesday night in hon
or otf Etta Motem. Thore present
wore Mr. and Mrs. B E Squires,
Mr, Gentry, Miss Moten’a p;an:>P
Mr. Henry Black, Mrs. Gladys Pu’l- :
um and Mr-*. Imogene Bell.
-ALL El^i a/S—
2033 North 24th St.
24th and Lake Street
W fibster 6444
Have your car washed and oil changed for Spring
Motor tuning and Battery recharging
2417 North 24th Street JAdkson 9269
The P«xro club met at the home of
Mrs. Walker, 28G6 Maple street
with the president, Mrs. Alberta
Michael, presiding. Afer the pro
gram we had a wonderful discus
sion on all phases of beauty work
A lovely nipasti was "Ted. Our
n«xt meeting will be at the home
of M.Pt Jefferson, 2814 Miami St.
Cleaning, Pressing and Re
Dying amd Hot Cleaning.
Dresses Cleaned and Press
ed—Fur Crafting, Etc.
2523 Q STREET 1
Be Well Dress
ed and Com
fortable in Our
New 1PS7
* and up
j 1522 Hamev JA. 1037
Omaha. N«'br !
• *
s 3
■I The Battle Is On— 3
r —
yVh;\i club will win the *1
^ ‘Best Model” trophy that*!
twill be given by the Omaha'
■ [Guide at *s Spring Stylet
jjRevue to be held May 170)1;
;jat Ihe Dreamland Hall?!;
[•What individual model will!;
.;w±n the best individual
I; ‘Model” ring? ;J
;IWhat dub will win the prize;!
jlfor the largest number ofj!
[•tickets sold by a dub? !;
(it individual dub mem!;
will win the prize for!;
Largest number of tickets;!
by an individual? ;!
dub presidents are ask;!
i get in touch with Mrs ';
Ired Gilbert, Mr. Gilbert!;
Mir. Boyd Galloway at!;
Omaha Guide office for;!
plete information. ;!
The OJeerful Builders’ club of
St. John A ME church will have
their annual May Breakfast on
May 19tJh from 7 until 12 a. m.
Mr. Jf»hn I* Goodlett of Cincin
ati, Ohio, stopped in the city on
Sunday to visit his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. L. M. Goodlett, 2890 Ohio
sttroet. J. L. Goodlett was enroute
to Cincinnati from Tucson, Ariz-,
where ho spent the winter. Accom
panying him was a friend, John
Mayo. They report an enjoyable
motor trip.
—-o D. W. Gooden, wifo of
Dr. D. W. Gooden, 2604 No.. 28th
avenue, who was called to Nashville,
Tenn., on account of the illness
and death of her niece, has returned
to her home. H/ r nephew Mr.
George Scales qf New York is also
making his home with Dr. and Mrs.
Out-of-town visitors here to at
tend the funeral of Mr. Joe Stew
art w’ere: Dr. C. B.. Bradford, Mrs.
i't'na Wilson, Mr J. W. Mitchell,
Mrs A. A. Alexander, all of whom
wero from Des Moines and Mrs.
Anna Mae O’Neil of Chicago.
AAA Coal Company
JA. 2159
Coul—2 large sacks........$1.00
10 Packages Coke.$1.00
JA 2159
The member" of he Urban Lea
ge Charity club met Tuesday night
at the Urban league. F<>r the past
month the group has been sewing
baby clothes for the visiting Nur»e
Association. They are also plan,
ning a carnival to be held some
time in the spring. Tho«e present
were Mesdames Florence Terrill,
A Iberia Jones, Eugene i Murray,
Gordan Hopkins, Saybert Hanger,
Mabel Davis, B. E. Squires, Eva
Mae Dixon and Freeman. Mrs. Ter
rill is president!
Bargains In Homes
Pay 3 in 1 in your monthly pay
ments: taxes, interest and insurance
3 room." part modern; cash $60
Price $600—balance $9.00 per
month- ,
4 roams part modern; cash $90.
Price $900, balance $1160 per
5 rooms modem except heat; cash
$75; price $750, balance $11 per
5 room" modern except heat; Cash
$100, price $1000; balance $12.50
per month
6 rooms modem except heat- Cash
$100. Price $1000; balance $12-50
per month
6 rooms modern execpt heat- Corner
lob, cash $150; price $1350; bal
ance $14-60 per montli
7 rooms modem- Cash. $150. Price
$1500, balance $16.00 per month
2 and 3 room apartments for rent.
No children.
Many other bargains
E. M Davis
Licensed Broker
2817 No. 24th St. WE 1166
• On th* First Warm Day, You'll Stop Into |j
I White
Smart and Economical
in Our Popular /
Areh-Tech or M
Young Moderns M
i.y M
Sixes 4 to 9 1
AAA to C
The newest styles in white shoes including oxfords I
for street wear or straps for dressy wear. Feet are
really out for summer comfort in these two famous
Basomont—Whe.-o Quality Is Low Pricod
Forbes Bakery
Fry Our Delicious Milk Bread
2 Loaves for 15c
Beautifully washed and returned just
damp enough to IRON.
Minimum bundle 48c
Edholm & Sherman
2401 North 24th St. We 6065
i ■ • %*. j t /, *
22nd and Maple Street—Eight rooms, modern, reception
nail, living room, dining room, den and kitchein, down
itairs. four bedrooms upstairs: oak floors thoughcxrt, full
:ement basement, double gaage, large lot.
228 North 25thi Street—six rooms, modern, $1,600.00.
3402 North 27th Ave., five rooms, modern, $2600.
261 North 27th Street, six rooms, partly modern, $500.00.
These properties may be purchased with small down
payment, balance less than rent, low rate of interest on
unpaid balance, abstract of title brought down to date,
taxes paid up, properties free of any incumbrances.
C. F. Davis Real Estate Co.
is aEways on tap with an
r »
Automatic Cas
© The road to loveliness ... to new and lasting
beauty. Omaha women are fast realizing the value oi
automatic HOT WATER for personal loveliness. Bathe
when you wish . . . without regard to time, without
inconvenience. An automatic GAS WATER HEATER
can be installed in your
AS LITTLE AS T”?' ‘T''0""
in a few hours . . . with
♦ ^ fu^ 24-hour fuel service.
JL ■ V w Buy an automatic heater
A MONTH approved by the Ameri
B U Y S AN can Gas Association, with
^y|-Q^^-p|£ 1 Vi Inches of tank lnsula
_ . — tioo for utmost economy.
Heater I PLUMBER or