The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, January 09, 1937, 665th EDITION, Page SEVEN, Image 7

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The above is an artists re
production of the new modern
istic containers for Move. C. J.
Walker products, which have
just been adopted by the Walk
er Company of Indianapolis,
Ind,, as a part of its policy of
keeping step with the “modern
ization” trend in general busi
ness. Mrs. Ma3 Walker Pery is
president, and Freeman Briley
Ransom has been general man
ager for thirty-five year*.
Supreme Liberty Life
Gives Employees
Christmas Bonus
Chicago, Jan. 9 (ANP)—The
Supreme Liberty Life Insurance
Co., in keeping with its annual
custom of many years’ standing,
gavo a Christmas bonus to all of
its Homo Office employees includ
ing branch office manager and
Last Thursday afternoon, work
at the home office was stopped and
employes were ushered in the office
of Harry H. Pace. After convey
ing Yuletide message of the com
pany, he gave them not only the
expected bonus but an advance
phyment of salary as well.
The year 1936 has been the best
financially in the history of the
company and is reflected in the
number of business enterprises in
wHeh it is now successfully engag
ed, declared Mr Pace. It has re
organized the Chicago Burr Oak
cemetery and is now operating it
as the only Negro-owned and op
erated cemetery in Chicago. The
company has also just recently
cl >red an Open House axihibit of
one of several modern brick two
story houses for c< J >re d pc ople
which it is erecting at 61st St.
and Loomis Blvd. More than 1,200
people inspected and praised this
%new housing development project.
All house's have been sold.
Kills Self As Wife
Spurns Suicide Pact
Richmond, Va., Jan. 9 (ANP)—
Despondent over financial reverses
and brooding over his failure to
coax his invalid wife into a suici
pact, George Harris, flO-year-old
retired caterer shot himself to
death last week at his home here.
A suicide verdict was returned by
the coroner’s jury
Police officers Bosquet and Rel
iant, in the course of their investi
gation, said that Mrs. Harris told
them that a half-hour before he
took his own Jife, her husband had
urged her to join him in death,
but that she had refused. Notes
found by the police indicated that
Harris’ financial condition was re
sponsble for his act
Fire Damaw®
Benedict College
t- ^trolina
Columbia, N. C., Jan- 9 (ANP)
Fire of undetermined origin result
ed last Sunday in damage esti
mater at between $2,000 and $3,000
to Ashbum hall, three-story brick
dormitory building, on the campus
of Benedict college- Dr. J. J..
Starke, president of the of the
school, said repair work would be
gin as soon as the investigation
was completed and that opening of
classes after the holidays would
to be delayed. It is thought the
blace started ir. either the kitchen
or in the living quarters of a pro
fessor on the first floor of the
Will Cover English
Coronation and Con
tinental Capitals
Chicago, Jan. 9 (ANP)—Sa l
ing from New York harbor Jan
9th, for Pariis, Prance, Fay M.
Jackson, newly appointed Eu
ropean correspondent for th
Associated Negro Press, arriv
ed in Chicago New Year’s day
enroute to New York.
One of the west’s mo>it out
standing journalists, Miss Jaek
fttfn has served as editor and pu
blisher of the California News and
West coast representative of the
ANP for a number of years and
Was the first Negro accredited by
the Motion Picture Producers and
Directors Ass’n as a Hollywood
correspondent fdr motion picture
news. 1 \ '«!S|
In Paris Miss Jackson will have
a special presentation before the
French Parliment as agent of good
! will from the Associated Njegro
Press and will cover <he coronation
of King George in London. She
will remain in Europe approxim
ately eight months
Her appointment by Claude A.
Barnett, director of the news syn
dicate, is stid to mark a distinc
| tive advance in plans of the organ
ization to increase its service to
member papers by maintaining a
special correspondent in Europe
for the dispatch of material of
particular interest to American Ne
gro readers.
Mexico City, Jan- 9 (ANP)—With
25,000 spectators in the arena,
Henry Armstrong, recognized in
California and nine other states
jets v^rld's (feadlirw^ight cllam
pion, knocked odt Rodolfo “Baby”
Casanova, sturdy Mexican puncher
in the third round of a scheduled
10-round fight New Year’s Day
Armstrong weighed 125 to 124 for
Casanova, who is Mexican cham
the Larieuse Beauty Foundation fo
beauty culture. William O. Walker
land Call and Post, made the award
of the beauty foundation.
NAACP Receives
$2 0 0 Donation
New York, Jan. 9—The last
day of the year brought the
NAACP a contribution of $200
as a result of the thoughtful
ness and interest of a colored
employe of a wealthy resident
of Connecticut.
The employ ajsked his col
ored worker to name an organ
zation working for the interest
of colored people \generally which
would make good use of a cash
contribution. The employe named
the NAACP and the checked ar
rived promptly as a sort of New
Year’s eve gift.
In a letter expressing appre
ciation for the gift Walter White
sec’y, said that incidents such as
this, coming out of the clear sky,
g-av«j the association officers the
spirit to carry on the fight for full
citizenship rights for Negroes.
your -<]
cn4 EU1IJRE ••
e/ Aflee' WALLACE-J
St** n*A+«l*W’ oa tha
P-. C. C.—I w^ Id like to know if
my husband made a mistake in the
changq that ho made some time agi.
Ans: Things are quite dull for him
nu<w since he made a change of CI
TIES. He. must not let it discourage
him for it is very important that he
keep a stiff upper lip and find some
thing to do in th« place he is locat
ed at present. Encouragement goes
a long way with him.
P. S. C—We have had an offer to
sell o>u.r land at a good price and my
husband want-s to sell. Tell me what
you think about getting rid of this
land right now?
Ans: Hold your land. The land ad
journing yoifrs has an OIL WELL
and this is why you have been offer
ed such a good price for your land
If you hold to it a while longer you
will get a much bettelr price for it.
R. X.—You have given me so
much consolation before and now
I want you to help me in regards
to my love affairs. Does this boy
caro f'V me like he says he does?
Ans: Indeed he does. You should
try to break him of his very JEAL
OVS NATURE for he is making
hin^,i|f qui^o misegAble< ev<fry
time you go out with anyone or
mention another p,arty before him
- i
C. M. E.—Would you please tell
if I will be successful in getting
the money that I let out?
Ans: It’s my opinion that you
arq going to lose both MONEY
and FRIEND. It is better to find
out the party now.rather than
at some later date for you are not
losing so vCtry much.
P. L. O—Am I doing the right
thing to keep on asking the man
I am in love with to marry me
and what does he intend to do?
Looking to see my answer soon.
AJps: 'YJtm '.|aver fcgfcst him
.he won’t enter MATRIMONY
with you. Give him up and out
and make other friends for it is
just a waste of time to continue
with this man. Change your habit
of running after your friends.
P. B. S—This is a matter of
tbusiness so please help me right
away. My husband and I bought
a car and traded it for another and
now we can’t pay for this one.
Will we lose the car and all the
money wo have paid in on it or
what will happen
zAns: If you do not meet the
payments the finance company will
take the car and you won’t get
anything back that you have put
into it .Why don’t yrtu try to sell
the car if you know that you won’t
bo able to pay for it. You may
make a little if you sell it.
H. G.—Should I make the, trip
that I have been looking forward
to or should I wait until spring?
Ans: The trip will do you as
much g^od as your frienjd tells
you. Arrange this vacation so that
it will not be STRENUOUS and
it won’t hurt you one bit.
M S. S.—Is my husband really
sirry f<ir me for treating me
mean ?
Ans: He is and he is going to
show you that he has your in
terest at heart and won’t let such
an INCIDENT happen again. He
wasn’t in love with this woman..
ho just passed time off with her.
P9 VOll K¥OW WHY--- Fw ffe Yet &W the Great Woman Problem? iSL^<*Drawn for im> paper °y Fisher__^
Jawc'i-MueaV' l {
' tlJT'i ( , S'--'Vl0 7
Pitta (lelt) receives a $50 check irom
r submitting the best suggestions on
right), managing editor of the Cleve
on behalf of Marie Downing, dire'”,or
Chas. Johnson Elected
Vice President of
American Society
Chicago, Jan. 9 (ANP)—The
dozen-odd Negro scholars who
were in attendance at the twel
ve national scientific societies
meeting in Chicago, Dee. 28-30,
mnde a creditable showing at
(hose huge gatherings. The ses
sions were held in thO Congress
and Stevens Hotels and the
prinicpal societies in joint con
clave were; The American Sociolo
gical Society, American Political
Science Ass’n, American Economic
Ass’n-, American Statistical Ass’n,
and the American _Ass’n for La
Lor legislation.
At thq section on the American
family." Dr Frazier mentioned the
Howard university read a brilliant
paper entitled, “The Impact of
Urban Civilization Upon the Negro
arnily.” Dr Frazier mentioned the
“Blues” as a transcript of the senti
ments and situations of the wan
dering Negro man or woman from
the south to the Northern or sou
thern city. He showed that the
four types of Negro families—Ma
triarchal, Patriarchal, Traditional
Nf'gro-'w'h'te-Indian — stood the
shocked urban life according to the
decree of economic and cultural or
Tells of Tribe Ruled
By A High Priestess
Washington, D. C. Jan. 9 (ANP)
—Dr. H. Wiechhoff, noted an
thropologist and a member of the
faculty of the University of Penn
sylvania, addressing the annual
meeting of the Society of Ameri
can Anthropologists on Dec. 28th,
told <*f a tribe natives in south
eastern Africa that is ruled by a
high priestess who acts through a
king, to wbom she transmits all
orders and decisions. He discover
ed evidence of of the existence of
such a pries'ess from the customs
of the (people, and from other in
formation obtained while excavat
in ancient ruins in southern Rhod
esia. IIo said he attempted several
times to reach the little mountain
kingdom where she was reported
to rule, but was repulsed time and
again by the natives.
The strange woman, Dr. Wies
chhoff said, is regarded both hu
man and divino by her subjects,
and all important tribal business
is relayed to her by the king,
through personal messenger or
secretary, who is the only person
permitted to see her.
Meetings Wednesday and
Sunday Nights.
Special Meetings at 5 o’clock
Sunday morning. N
Everybody welcome
1201 N. 24th St. JA 5343
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Negro and White
Equality Asked By
Ministerial Ass’n,
Whether intermarriage between
Negroes and whites would result
if Negroes were given atcual equal
ity with whites here was a ques
tion raised Monday noon at a meet
ing of tho Milwaukee Minister
ial association at the YMCA.
Prof. George E Teter, head of
tho English department at Mil
waukee State Teacher’s college and
chairman of the Milwaukee Race
RaJ«tions council, asked the min
sters to preach on race equality
on Febr. 14th, which has been de
signated as race relations Sun
| day, He urged greater equality be
i tween Negroes and whites
Negroes, ho said, should be per
rnitted to live where they please ;
' instead of being segregated and
| should have equal opporunities for
! work in factories, department
.tore and other fields. He said that
although Negroes had the worst
living conditions in the city the.y
would not be permitted to live in
either of tho government’s housing
projects here.
Social equality between the races
would lead to intermarriages,
warned the Rev Roscoe A. Barnes,
minister of St. John’s Methodist
church, adding, “I do not believe
in that.” Prof- Teter discounted
that possibility.
Hot Springs, Ark , Jan. 9 (ANP)
—In order to convict a Negro for
manufacturing whiskey without a
license, a jury in Perry county
Tuesday accepted fingerprints and
evidence on that science for the
first time in the Petrry county his
A still was raided early in De
cember and several fruit jars con
fiscated There were turned over
to the Hot Springs bureau of iden
tification and photographs made of
tho fingerprints found. A week
ago James Gary, 20, was arrested
brought here and fingerprinted.
The sameness of the two sets of
prints, as attested to by experts,
resulted in Gary’s conviction an
imposition of a fine of $50 and
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©vwf** _
5AR& .^Ov
tOOfc TOu4f
Oo Pur
H*r on
Charged with Burning
Home to Buy Poolroom
Akron, O., Jan. 9 (ANP)—Fos
ter Williams cared more for a pool
room than for his furniture insured
or $500, according to police who
arrested Wiliams the day after
Christinas when his home burned
Officers had a tip on Christmas
evo that Williams intended to set
fire to his house, burn the furni
ture, collect the insurance and buy
poolroom he wanted to own. So
they watched the house all night,
but nothing happened. Then two
days later, the house burned d‘'wn.
At police headquarters Williams
confessed firing his house, ac
cording to officers. State fire of
ficials ^tre investigating (the Re
puted arson case
Start Work on New
Trades Building at
.Va. State College
—f -'W* -* • »• ^ '
Petersburg, Vn., Jnn. 8 (ANP)
-—WPA workers last week start
ed the task of razing the old Trades
building at Virginia State college
hero as the preliminary to con
struction of a modern, $70,000
■ building to house the Division of
Mechanic Arts, of which H. E
Fauntleroy is the director. The old
building now being razed formerly
housed the plant of th© Seams
Silk Mill, which years ago was one
of the show places of the state. It
ts expected that the new building
will bo ready to receive students
in the spring of this year.
Maupin Stuuio
1839 North 24th Street
Functional ¥} A I]UQ
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tion, cramping
spells and jan
gled nerves
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woman of her
natural, youth
ful freshness.
PAIN lines too
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monthy periods, it may be that
Cardui will relieve you.
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take Cardui. They said
it seemed to ease their
pains and they noticed
an Increase In their
appetites and finally a
strengthened resistance
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Try Cardui. Of course If It doesn’t
help you, see your doctor.
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