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    Ti peka Man 1 s Named County Treasurer
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|U copy j
~~ ' _ = = OMAHA, NEBRASKA, SATURDAY, JANUARY 2,1937 \\ , M
VOLUME 13 _____ __!=
Topekan Ss
Topeka-—John M. Wright,
who has been depiity treasurer
of Shawnee county for 33 years,
has been appointed to the of
fice of county treasurer to fill
out the unexpired term of J. C.
Glenn Davis, white, vrtiose re
signation will become effecti' e
January 9th. The county com
missioners made the appoint
ment. ,
Mr. Wright is the oldest oinciai
in point of service at the county
cofurthrtuse. He was first appointed
deputy treasurer in 1903 by Capt.
H. M. Phillips. He has geen in of
fice continuously since that time
wjth the exception of two years he
spent as county clerk and six
months which he spent in Y. M.
C. A., work during the World War.
lOnce before, Mr. Wright was
named to fill out the unexjpired
trm of a cdunty treasurer. He held
this treasurers position in 1928,
filling out the term <«f Tom Boyd.
Well Known
Mr. Wright is one of the best
kivnvn citizens of Topeka, regard
less of his color.
Mr. Wright is particularly valu
able in the county treasurer’s of
fice because of hs ability to find
ral estate on the tax rolls despite
the fact that owners of the prop
erty g|peak in U-fms of street ad
dresses and not number of lots.
Each year, he has charge of the
tax rolls during tay paying season.
Mr. WYight says he does not con
template any changes in the per
sonnel of the treasurer’s office.
Davis resigned to take over the
duties of county clerk to which he
was elected in November. He is
serving his second term as county
Dorine Wise, 8, of 923 North 25Ui
St. was bruised when grabbed by a
large police dog, the property of
L. B. Pixley, 2510 Cuming St.,
Monday, Dec. 28th.
When Dorine and little companion
ran up on the porch of the house
at 918 No. 25th, Dorine was seized
by a large police dog. She was
treated at the police station and
later taken home.
Rochester, N. Y., Jan. 2 (C)—
The Voice, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Coles
editors and publishers, 39714 Clar
issa street, has exposed “The Green
Scandal Sheet” as doing “all Afro
Americans residing here a great
injustice.” The editors of the Voice
have personally on the editor of
“The Green Scandal Sheet” (white)
and asked that he desist from this
course of jr^sreplrefeentationl of
4,000 colored people in Rochester.
New York, Jan. 2 (C)—Ten thou
sand people jammed the Paramount j
theatre as “Pennies From Heaven,” |
with Louis Armstrong and Bing
Crosby, had its premiere on Wed-!
To Appear Here
For One Week
A • .. . fc»S
Starting New Year's eve at
midnight and continuing for
one week at the Orpheum thea
ter, Louis Armstrong, baud
and entire ensemble of enter
tainers from the Cotton club,
all in person.
Louis Amrtrtrong, king of
swing, says swing music is the
kind of music that just happens
along. It is the height of iu
formpjillyyy. Tlii rei(n Hies i| s
greatest attraction,
You walk into a place where
swing is being played and you
wonder if the boys are really
together. It is informal and one
would think tihe boys were tilli
ng up, except that they all seem
in closest harmony and working
on the same rhythm.
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Walker,
2721 Parker St., entertained at din
ner Monday night, Dec. 28th. Guest
list included Mr. and Mrs. Ben
Gpay, Mr. and Mrs. Oglesby, Mrs.
Gordon, M^s. Mary Pidgett of Kan
sas City, Mr. Monroe Wyatt, Mr.
Jimmie Woods, Mr. Nels Rutledge,
Mr. Walter Bassett and Mr. and
Mrs. Andrtif Logan. The evening
was spent ipjaying bridge.
One of the most outstanding af
fairs of the holiday season was the
dinner held Thurs. Dec. 24th, at
the lovely apartment of Miss Annie
Lee Carter Johnson, 2624 No. 25th
St. »
Covers were laid for 12. The ta
bles were beaut iflul, all in keeping
with the season. The red and green
service added to the tables’ beauty.
During the course of the evening,
many other friends dropped in,
contributing their merriment to
this gala affair.
Miss Johnson was voted, by those
enjoying her hospitality, as one of
Omaha’s most delightful and gra
cious hostesses.
A six pound boy was born to Mr.
and Mrs, Dan Merrigan, 2731
Blondo. Mother and son are doing
nicely at the Methodist hospital.
i |
' From the Staff of
H. J. Ford, Executive O. M. Shepard, Advertising
Flurna Cooper, Executive Dudley Wright, Advertising
Boyd V. Galloway, Manager D. Rucker, Office Secretary
C. C. Galloway, Manager Edward Lane, Linotypist
j Correspondents Paul Barnett. Machinist Chas. Wake, Linotypist
j L. L. McVay Hazel Funches, News Dep. Edna Mitchell, Circulation
Rev. 0. J. Burckhardt Win. McLride, Adv. and Cir. Lillian Harrington, Cir.
| j
f .
In an argument over money, Gol
ieth Murrell, 1918 No. 25th St.,
was cut with a tazor Saturday,
Dec. 26th by Fred Robinson, 2817
l^arker St., at the home of R. S.
Murrell was tr*aied by Dr. G. B.
Lennox. Robin ;on could not be
The Northside YWCA was
the scene of a beautiul wedding
reception on Saturday night,
Dec. 26th, following the mar
riage of Mr. George Simpson
to Miss Erma Speese. The ta
ble, on which the refreshments
were (served, was covered with
a rich lace cloth, upopn which
reposed a beautiful array of
cut flowers. I lighted candles
were placed at either end of
tihe table. The bride, beautiful
in a popular shade of blue, car
ried a bouquqet of pink roses.
The groom looked stately in a
full dress suit, included in the
receiving lne with the bride
and groom were Mrs. Clara
Speese, mother of Mrs. Simp
son, anjd Mr. and Mrs. I. Riv
ers. The young Ladies who as
sisted in serving looked chic
in formats.
Mr. (Simpson was formerly
of Omaha, having left last year
for Wyoming where he now
owns and operates a ranch. Mrs.
Simpson ofrmerly lived at 2864
Miami St., is popular both in
church and social circles.
Mr. and Mrs. Simpson left
Thursday for Wyoming where
they will make their home.
Mrs. Sampson, 2606 Lake St.,
whp 1ms been ill is now able to be
Miss Gertrude Rucker enter
tained Wednesday, Doc. dOth,
at a luncheon honoring Miss
Kathleen Macey, K. U. studetat,
who is in the city for the holi
days. Guest list included Miss
es Willette Emhry, Eva Mae
Stewart* Juanita Macey, and
Rachel Covington.
While drinking Tuesday, Dec.
22nd, with a man by the name of
Charlie, Mrs. Josephine Wesley,
1611 No. 11th St., was cut by a
pocket knife on the back, left arm
and left hand. Charlie fled the scene
before police could get there.
- ■
Misb Christine Dixon, 2889
entertained Friday, Jan. 1st
honoring many college students
who are spendin the holidays
in the city, among which are
Miss Charlene Lewis, Mesisirs.
Wm. Glenn, Herbert Gamer,
W. S. Fletcher, Tlios. Jones,
Eugene Skinnerand Ed Wig
gins. Present were guests of
honor, Miases Eva Mae Stewart
Lorene Lewis, Hester Brown,
Asilee Dotson, Mary Gordon,
Charlotte Hicks, Versie Win
ston and Lavna Adams and
Messrs. Julian McPherson, John
Woods, J. C. Williams and
Ralph Adams.
Mr. and Mrs. C.. B.. Fredercks,
2220 Lake Street, entertained Mr.,
and Mrs. George Simpson, newly
weds, at a dinner on Sunday Dec..
27th. Mr. and Mrs. Simpson left
Thursday, December 31st for Wyo
ming, where they will make their
Miss Amanda Offutt is ill.
Boyd Allen, 518 So. 2Gth, driver
of a Safeway Cab, was robbed of
$3.03 Wednesday, Dec. 23rd near
28th and Dcdcatur Sts by an un
identified Negro, whom he picked
up at 25th and Farnam Sts.
Mrs. Edna Mitchell Entertains
Mrs. Edna Mitchell, 2431 Parker
St., entertained at dinner Christ
mas Day.
The house was decorated through
out in Christmas colors. The table
was beautiful, the colors of red
and white predominating. Red ta
pers were to be seen at each
end of the table. Gorgeous red
roses made a centerpiece.
The five course dinner that was
served was enjoyed by Miss Violet
Holt, Rev. and Mrs. Geo. Harring
ton, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Mitchejl
After dinner, Christmas calls
were made and upon returning to
Mrs. Mitchell’s Christmas carols
were sung.
It goes without saying that
when the time for departure came,
everyone voted Mrs. Mitchell a
dharming hostess.
Fight In Derby
Beer Garden
In an argument between Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Hightowell, 1518 No.
25th St., who with Mary Jones,
were drinking in the Derby Tavern
24th and Clark Sts., on Dec. 25th
Hghtowell struck his wife in the
face with his fist. She in turn pulled
out a small pocketknife and stuck
him on the left, side of the abdomen.
Hightowell left the tavern stat
ing that he was going to a doctor to
be treated. When the women went
h<ime, Hightowell entered with a
hammer and struck his wife on the
head cutting her scalj) and putting
a out over her left upper eyelid and
then fled.
Mrs. Hightowell was treated and
book t» the charge of “Investiga
Football Stars
Hold Banquet
Minneapolis, Minn., Dec. 31—
Twin City Negro football
stars were eulogized at a ban
quet Saturday night, at Phyl
lis Wheatley House. The affair
was sponsored by the Minnea
polis Big Brothers.
Coach Bernie Bierman, Go
phVF Coach, vdasl among tilie
speakers. Other speaker were
C. O. Seversoki, principal at
South high sch<tll: Rf|v. C. F..
Stewart of St. Peter AME church;
Rev. D. P Young and Phil Brain,
University of Minnesota coach, who
exhibited motion pictures of the
highlights of the 1936 football of
the Gophers.
John F. Thomas, head of boys1
worker at the settlement house, ser
ved as master of ceremonies.
riayers introduced included Her
ace Bell, Gopher guard; Bill Wal
'ac-e and Tyler Howell, Ray John
'snif, Maurice iPuwett,* South high
Minnea.polis players. Bobby Mar
shall, old time Minnesota star, and
Bill Smalls, former Central high
About 160 people were in atten
dance at the banquet.
Mi*, and Mis. Earl McConnell,
2634 Maple St., entertained Roberta
and Clyde Longmyer, children of
Mrs. Alma Longmyer, 2723 Miami
St., and Almeda Lou and Buddy
Holiday, children of Mr. and Mrs.
Mol Holiday, 2112 Elm St. on
Christmas Eve at a delightful three
course dinner party. Assisting was
Mrs. Mel Holiday. The evening was
spent in playing games.
Attends Kappa Conclave
Mr. Carlton Goodlett, who
has been visiting his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Goodlett,
2815 Biraiey, left Friday, Dee.
25th, for Washington, D. C.,
where he will attend the Kap
pa Conclave. From Washing
ton, he will return t» Berkley,
California to resume his school
Claude Atkins and wife Mannie,
Willie Ross and another man were
in the Apex Pool Hall, 1820 No.
24th St., on Dec. 25th, when Ross
and the unnamed man began ar
guing. When Atkins interferred, he
was cut on the hand. No arrests
were made.
Mr. Homer McCraney, Omaha
and Miss Margaret Dallas, of Chic
ago, were married Dec. 28th in
Council Bluffs, la., by Rev. Geo.
W. Slater, jr.
Mr., and Mrs. Watson 3212
Corby entertained at a lovely
Christmas dinner party an Christ
mas day. The color scheme, in
keeping with the holidays, was
green and red. The guest list
includd Mr ..and Mrs.. Willis, and
daughters; Miss Hazel Parker
and Mir. Coleman; Mr., and Mrs..
Ramsey and Mr., and Mrs.. Bry
ant. The Watsons will be remem
bred as enwlyweds.
1936 Records
Show Decline
In Lynching
According to title record)*
compiled in the Dejtartment of
Records and Research of the
Tuskegqd Institmtpv of whiieh
Mr. F. I>. Patterson is pre
sident, there were 9 persons ly
nched in 1936. This is 11 lefes
than the number 20 or 1935; 6
less than the nlmber 15 for 1934;
and 19 less than the number 28 for
1933. 6 of the persons lynched were
in the hands of the law; 2 were
taken from jails and 4 from officers
of the law outside of jails.
There were 35 instances in which
officers of the law prevented lynch
ing*. 6 of these were in northern
states and 30 in southern state*.
In 30 of the instances the prison
ers were removed or the guards
augmented or other precaution*
taki o. hi the 5 other Instances,
armed force was used to repel the
I would be lynchers. A total of 69
| persons, 7 white and 62 Negro, were
j thus saved from death at the hands
! of mobs.
Of the 9 persons lynched, all
were Negroes. The offenses charg
ed were rape, 3; attempted rape, 3;
murder 1; activity in share crop
per strike, 1; charge not reported,
The states in which lynchings oc
cured and the number in each state
are as follows: Arkansas, 1; Flor
ida, 1: Georgia, 5; Mississippi 1.
Louis Makes Slew
Year’s Resolution
—. *
Detroit, Jan. 2 (ANP)—“Tell ‘em
to watch Joe Louis in 1937.” That
was the Brown Bomber’s New
Year’s advice given out on Christ
mas cTay as he spent the holidays
witih his mother and family as well
as hundreds of well-wishers who
dropped by to extend the season’s
greetings and express their belief
that Joe will be heavyweight cham
pion before Yuletide comes around
"Next year is going to be my
biggest,” said Louis "Right now I’m
ready to fight anything and every
thing they put in the ring against
me. As soon as I get through cele
bratin’ the holidays, watch my
smoke. Pm going to train harder
than ever before, and the more
fights I have, the better for me.”
John Roxborough, co-manager,
added, "A big fight-a-month cam
paign is being arranged for Joe ia
1937. After he lost to Schmeling,
it meant another climb to the top
of the heavyweight heap. But the
strange part of the program is the
fact that none of the fighters Joe
met in his first climb to fame care
to meet him again. That’s pretty
good indication that Louis is by no
eans burned out or through.”
Joe’s tentative schedule calls for
a six round exhibition jn Buffalo,
N. Y. on Jan. 11th, a six-rounder at
Minneapolis on Jan. 14, a major
fight with Bob Pastor in New York
on Jan. 29th, and probably a bout
with Phil Brubaker in California
during February if the Rosenhloom
match is not made.