The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, November 28, 1936, CITY EDITION, Page TWO, Image 2

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It was erroneously stated in
last weeks issue that Mr. Carl
Fisher, Pacific St., was dead.
We wish to eorrect this state
ment by saying that Mr. Fisher
is not dead, hut is improving in
health at the County Hospital.
Mrs. Velma l**e, S. 17 St., is
Mrs Howard Fi Ids of Kan
sas City, Mo,, has coinc to t h«*
city to attend her mother, Mr
Velma Lee, who is ill
M rs. E mestine Terry and h r
nieee, Rayetta Young, have
gone to St. Paul, Minn.
_Mrs. Thelma Hall left Monday
Nov. 23, for Milwaukee, Wis.
Mrs. L« na (livens left-We 1,
nesday, Nov. 18. for Cheyenne,
Mrs. Sadie Williams of Coun
cil Bluffs, In., spent the week
end visiting Rev. and Mrs. A.
Mr. Charlie M. 1 arborough,
of Raorne, Wiseon^n, is in the
city visiting his mother, Mrs.
L. Johnson.
J. D. Hines, cleaner and tail
or, 2523 Q St., rejKirts that the
paM week w as a good one in his
Celebrates First Birthday
John (hirtis, son of Mr. anti
Mm John Curtis, sr„ R St., cel
ebrated his first birthday Sat
urday afternoon from two to
four o'clock. Attending were
some six or seven w’ee tots.
Gateway Quartette at St. John
The Gateway Quartette will
give a three night, program at
St. John Baptist Church, on
Pierce St., beginning Dec. 2. All
lovers of music are urged to
hear this quartette.
A Ten Cents Safety Pin Club
has been organized by Mes
dames Estela Mae Anders and
Estella Lyles. The club will
meet, with Mrs. Lyles, 27l*f> R
St., on Sunday, Nov. 29th.
St. John Baptist Church join
ed Pleasant Green Baptist Sun
day in a 3 p. in. service. Rev.
Young delivered the message.
Bethel Missionary Society met
with Mrs Garner, S. 30 St., on
Nov. 24.
Mrs Emily Jackson of Penn
sylvania. is visiting her daugh
ter, Mrs. Whitelow, S St.
Little Annie ,M a e Wright,
daughter of Mrs. llallie Wright,
2814 R St., who was taken to
the University Hospital the past
week suffering from an attack
of pneumonia, will be brought
home some time this week.
Mrs. Margaret Bolds, City
Missionary of Bethel Baptist
Church, visited Salem Baptist
Church Sunday in the interest
of her work.
Little Dennis King, who had
the misfortune to break an arm
some time ago, has had his east
removed. He is not able, how
ever, to return to school.
Little Betty June King, year
old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Lawrence King is indisposed.
McGill and Davis
2516 Q Street
J. C. Harris Grocery Store,
5224 S. SO St.. -MA 0741.
Dorsey Oliver,
§709 S. 29 St. MA 2678
Mrs. Margaret Bowles
HIT S. 28 8t.
Miss .Juanita King, who grad
uated from West Side grade
school on Not. 24, will spend
! the week end with hrr aunt.
Mrs. Jessie Gain, 2903 Parker
Stt. Mrs. Gain will entertain for
.Miss King in celebration of h r
recent graduation.
20th and U Sts
Elder G. S Hayden, Pastor
It gular services were 'held,
the pa-t Sunday. Elder Ilayden,
pastor, preached morning and
evening sermons. Atteiulan v
was good.
UNION M»JM 'Mtl.-VL >1 K
Ucv \V m II Glam*. I'aslor
Morning service was in charge
of the pastor. Good afternoon
services were held. Attendance
was excel I lit.
Pierco Street
Rev. E. D. Johnson, Pastor
Attendance was good in all I
services the past Sunday. The!
church had one addition at its
morning service. Morning and
night sermons w*re preached 1
by Ucv. Johnson.
Have y<>u often wondered just i
whnt to do w'th left over turkey
the next day? Let me help you.
Here are some suggestions that
will make a little turkey go a 1
long way Try them!
Turkey a la King . '
Saute one-ha f cup finely chopped i
mushroom^ 'n one-c'ghth cup I
shortening for five minutes- Melt ]
another one-fourth cun shortening
'n a double boiler over a low flame, i
Add tw<> table poons fl<>ur and stir;
to a smoth paste Gradually add two I
cups milk, stirr'ng constantly, then |
add the mushrooms, one-half cupj
finely chopped green pepper, one- ,
half cup finely chopped stuffed ol
ives, and two cups of diced left
over turkey. Contnue stirring and
add one-half cup mayonnaise, one
tablespoon worchstersh're sauce, 1
one-half teaspoon salt and a dash of
pepper. When thoroughly blended
remove from fire and serve on hot
toast Garnish with spr'gs of par
Scalloped Turkey and Macron*
Au G rat'a
Two cups boiled macron), two
cups cold turkey, cut In large pie
ces, one and one-half cups wh'te
sauce, two tablespoons grated
Arrange jha'.f thfd Quantity of
macron! 'n a baking d'sh Cover |
with cold turkey. Cover turkey j
w'th remain'ng macronl. Pour white
sauce over all Sprnkle with grat
ed cheese- Hake In a moderate ov
en about twenty m'nutes or until
a l'ght brown on top.
One and one-half cups washed
and drained rice, two tablespoons
fat, one cup turkey stock, one table
spoon fat, two cups d'ced turkey,
ane apple, d'ced, one-half cup ral-j
sins, two onions, m'need, one cup
tomato sauce, one teaspoon salt, i
one-half teaspoon pepper
Melt fat in saucepan, cook r'ce
to a golden brown, add stock and
cook covered until tender- Melt fa<
Insk'llet, brown turkey, add apple
raisins, on'ons, tomato sauce and
seasonings. Place *n casserole, cover
w'th cooked rice- Garnish w'th
browned almonds and parsley.
Battery Station
3014 N. 24th Ja9999
Means WE Write and YOU
Get the Credit
Letters, social and business;
popular speeches and talks for
Teachers, Ministers, Civic, Bus
iness and Lodge leaders; ar
ticles for publication. Your
own work rewritten, revised,
or criticised. Write us your
needs and send 6 cents stamps
fr more details.
141 West 126th St.,
Neiw York City
(By A1 Moses for A. N. P.)
New York, Nov. 28—THE SCOOP
OF THE TOWN concerns Itself
with that perenn'ally excellent
“good <<’py” BUI (B<>jangles)
'i hat wanky “heat wave spot"
LE CLUB UBANGI,’ ran afoul
some order of mln'ons of the law
and fo’ded up, tighter than a
long 'sland clam. Whether you take
your “Bojangles," hot or cold
..or before or after meals *s
purely a matter of personal feel'ng.
One thing remains a fact. IN
I'lSIUTABIE. the men who
have the final say In the iu''ng of
a l'l rock pi'e known a “MAN
place In ther heart for the ‘HIGH
PRIEST’ of tap dancing second
to NOBODY. BUI, clanked up
the ole DUESENBERG stopped
oir at a certa'n internationally fam
ous calling place, and PRESTO
STAN OAR’ which Is PUHlenty
important business, these lean and
cold afternoons There ate other
angle? to this yarn, and It so hap
pen*. that w'e know them all, even
L" the one that concerns itself w'th
a SKYMAN of more than
roiss'ng renown. But adding them
a I up together, vve get BILL
ROBINSON one of the best lov
d characters of the stage and
■.'teen that l? to say BY
vh" make the carousel, go roun’,
in’ roun’H!
• • •
KARL (‘father’) HINES
iwept 'nto the APOLLLO THEA
I RE, with the breeziness the c'ty
io s" n<>bly represents In the mus'
al realm, 's noted for
IHYTHM and now THE
SARL HINES UNIT, have already
alebrated .... ANNIVERSARY
VEER, In Harlem, and each unit
ms outdone itself In 'ts desire to the fans whose patronage
made their sustained appearances
i box-office possibility
IHnes, is a rare showman at the
dlls !s an artistry that is unques
onably tho very last word 'n poise
»nd self assurance. Standing far
■nek 'n the wings ns we often do
we find It po.-s'Ide to employ
[.ho “yardstick of true greatness"
io this pleasing personality be
•ause HE INVARIABLY, forces
us to regard hi? pianoforte and
technique 'n the light of some
brand new entity, suddenly swept
into national prom nonce And s-o-o
like the end’ess w'nd'ng brook,
the immaculately groomed EARL
(‘father’) HINES, heightens the
bid of any house h1- crack orches
tra and Glee Club u”lt, appear'ng.
* * *
theatre cr tic now visiting London,
as the greatest act extant- That
sort of dovota'ls with the stories
wo’ve been penn'ng for the pa t
sly months for (ANP) . and
while one well Informed letter wri
ter ma led us five type-written
tj i s |ca I’rg for pa'm to .
POPS and LOUIS, we continued t(
east our ballot for this ve-su
ite brothers act. Our European
For Backache, Kidney
And Bladder Trouble
Stop Getting Up Nights
Here’s one good way to flush
harmful waste from kidneys and
stop bladder irritation that often
causes scanty, burning, and smart
ing pasage. Ask your druggist for
a 35-cent box of Gold Medal Haar
lem Oil Capsules—a splendid safe
and harmless diuretic and stimulant
for weak kidneys and irritated
bladder. Besides getting up nights,
some symptoms of kidney trouble
are backache, puffy eyes, leg
cramps and moist palms, but be
sure to get GOLD MEDAL—it’s he
genuine medicine for weak kid
neys—right from Haarlem in Hol
Including Diploma by Mail.
Write Cuban Cosmetic Co.
Box 5315 Chicago, 111.
operat've (who happens to I've
abroad)’ make the claim that no
act In 30 years has been so wildly
rece'ved as the NICHOLAS BRO
• • •
M. H- M'nton, glding genius of
the RHYTHM CLUB, could tell
us enough about the plans he has
'n mind for the OILLANDO
unit “Mint” feels that these two
have a perfct r'ght to ask In on the
h'gh places they have won after
years of strenuous effort in the
hearts of theatre goers and w'th!
• he push and contact of his organ
ization It won’t be long before!
they’ll be right in the hair of the;
“solidly booked” units.
Durelle Alexander, Paul Whit
man’ t -inging “baby star” and fea
tured w'th his orchestra on coast
to-coast broadcasts, has her own
hand now. Durelle was feleeted
from a large group of pretty and
talented candidates to lead a new
pl'-glrl orchestra, the Swingirls,
which opened a road tour at Fay’s
theatre 'n Phlldelphia
The nucleus of that new organ1-,
zat'on was the famous Bon John!
girl band, recently returned from
e. three year tour of Europe- Miss
Alexander, wh» dances and s'ngs,
has developed into a charm'ng per
sonality, putting her fifteen-piece
l and through its paces w'th all the
fines-e of her or'glna! sponsor,
Whiteman h'mself.
Yascha Bunchuk has commenced
rehearsals for his new a'r show,
which will be presented under the
du-plces of Irv*ng Mills, and which
whl offer a new type of music de
scribed as “swing symphony " It
really Is popular music dressed *n
wh'te tie and tails—symphonic mu
sic without the top hat
fTho feature of the new program
will be its guest stars, singers and
Instrumentalists from concert ^nd
opera fie'ds who wll figuratively
“let the'r hair down" and swing out
on such numbers as “Mlnn'e thei
Mooeher" and “Stardust," with the
'•■'"kground of a J6-piece orches
Los Angeles, Cal'f., Nov. 28 (By
Bob Baker for ANP)—Daniel Leo
Haynes, who recently starred in
ihe drama “John Henry,” aecom-j
pan'ed by his eharm'ng wife, left,
Lo-- Angeles this week, for their j
h< me 'n Stanton Island. The Hay
nes aro motoring across country,
and expect to retrun to the coast
ph rtlv where rehearsal plans arc1
' :ig held up pending the actor’s
’turn for a starring role *n an
other production.
A Baby For You?
If you are denied the blessine
of a baby all your own and yearr
for a baby’s arms and a baby’s
smile, do not give up hope. Just
write in confidence to Mrs. Mildred
Owens, Dept. I) 562, Hanan Bldg.,
Kansas City, Mo., and she will tell
vou about a simp'e home method
that helped her after being denied
15 years. Many others say this has
helped bless their lives. Write now
and try for this wonderful happi
American and Chinese Dishes
Ivinsr Yuen Cafe
>010'/, N. 24th St. Jackson 857«
Open from 2 p. m. until 3 a. m.
Beware Coughs
from common colds
That Hang On
No matter how many medicine?
you have tried for your cough, chest
cold cr bronchial irritation, you can
get relief now with Crcomulsion.
Serious trouble may be brewing and
you cannot afford to take a chance
with anything less than Creomul
3ion, which goes right to the seat
of the trouble to aid nature to
soothe and heal the inflamed mem
branes as the germ-laden phlegm
loosened and expelled.
Even tf ether remedies have
ailed, don't be discouraged, your
druggist is authorized to guarantee
Oreoniulsion and to refund your
money if you are not satisfied with
results from the very first bottle.
Get Creomulsion right now. (Adv.)
and EUIPRE —
»/ A86E' MU LACE
rmmtaUU — 4m
■/fry*"*??0 •_n._
NO I F—Your question printed free in this column. For private
reply send 25c and (self addressed stamped envelope for my New
Astrological Reading and receive by return mail my advice on three
juestions free. Sign your full name, birthdate and cr*Tect address.
Address Abb*1* Wallace. P. O. Box—11, Atlanta, Georgia.
I. J. C.—Have much confidence
in you and want your opinion on
my particular problem. Should I re
main in the plate that I am or 's
!t t'me for me to make the change
I have contemplated?
Ans: Wa't until spr'ng before
you give up your job and go in bu
s'ness for yourself. This 's a bad
season for you to begin and since
you have been made MANAGER
of the store you are work'ng now,
you can save quite u sum of money
before spr'ng.
M. E. W.—Should I go ahead
and marry the man that I am going
with feei ng the way that I do about
his ch'ldren?
Ans: If you feel lhat you can’t
accept this man’s children and try
to be a mother to them then
don’t GET MARRIED. He is anx'
ous to get someone to help rear
them as well as make his I'fe en
joyable and you are too young t°
assume this responsibility.
S. G.—-I would like to know !f
I’ll get to carry out my plans about
my talent for music and when?
Ans: As soon as you complete
your h'gh school train'ng your par
parents will make it possible for
you to attend the CONSERVA
TORY In Washington. They feel
that your education is just as im
portant as your mus'c training.
R. W. A.—Please tell me If 1,
should hes'tate about going back
to the same school to teach this,
fall? I have just about worr'ed my
self to death.
Ans: Your worrying is qu'te un
necessary for the nc'dent that hap
pened 'n the school yhere you
taught la-t year has been CLEAR-1
ED UP and you name has been,
cleared. The subject will not arise'
aga'n so if you are called_then
go ahead and teach. i >
M. C.—We are l'ving with an I
uncle and he don’t like my boy.
Help me as I don’t know what to
do, stay here or leave.
An?: Even though 't is very un
pleasant for you at times .you
must rema'n where you are until
your HEALTH has improved. Try
to expla'n t° your son the impor
tance of staying on the good s'de
of your uncle instead of keeping
h'm upset.
letter from my old lover about a
m«>nth ago say'ng he would send
for me if I would come and write
him that I would but he won’t an
swer. Please tell me what I must
Ans: Forget your past love af
fp.'rs and try l'ving true to your
present HUSBAND for a change.
Stop and Shop
24th and Lake Street
WEbster 5444
.-.. I
This man jilted you years ago and
he doesn’t care one thing about
you. Y<>ur husband loves you and
| you had better keep h's respect or
you w'll be left drifting alone.
f7- B.—I am in a very t*ght spot
' and can’t seem to see my way clear
for myself and family. How can I
get the money to pay my debts?
i BILE. Your income 's not great
j enough for you to have an auto
I mobile and meet yur current bills.
You appear to be going backwards
each month and the best time to
make a change is now.
H. T.—For sixteen years I have
g'ven devotion, kindness and loy
alty to my husband that has never
| ceased to have a wondering eye
A year ago I renewed an acquaint
ance of my girlhood and now I
find that he too is untrue. What 's
wrong ? >
An-: You are at
though your husband kept you up
set with his continuous flirtations
he never tried to make anything
out of these affa'rs. No man takes
a married woman’s attention’s ser1
ously and you should have known
better than to believe th's other
man ln l«ve with you. Your hus
band will never change.
Paint, Glass and Varnish
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shades to order
1822 24 N. 24 WE 1607
You must be free from constipa
tion to have a good, clear complex
If not eliminated in due time, the
wastes of digestion produce poisons
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share in helping to get rid of them.
So for a clear, healthy skin, re
member the importance of bowel
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stipation, take Black-Draught — the
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such refreshing relief from ordinary
constipation troubles, and tends to
leave the bowels acting regularly
until some fu
ture disturb
ance interferes.
Insist on
You can get
it in
Entire Bundle Finished—All Men's Shirts Hand-Finished
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HE you lonely us I used to he?
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It. ForGodefroy sLarleuse can bring you
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