The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, November 14, 1936, CITY EDITION, Page SEVEN, Image 7

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NOTE—Your question printed free in this column, ror privai*
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B. A- G—I am a reader and
saleslady for this paper. Will I
succeed as a saleslady and get
a living out of it and must I listen
to my jealous, narrow-minded hus
Ans: Y«u possess all the neces
sary qualities of a successful sales
lady and by all means develop this
talent Your husband will be very
proud you in a few years you are
able to show him the wonderful
progress that you have made.
M- B B.—Shall I expose this girl
that arranges to see my husband
or what would be the best way t<>
stop it I lost interest in everything
and want to tell her friends about
Ans: Don’t make a scene it
would only involve yourself as It
is just as much YOUR HUS
BAND’S fault as it is hers. Call on
her and ask her to stop seeing him
and if she doesn’t.there is al
ways time to take the worse pro
eeedure to stop such an affair.
It’s A Racket;
Smuggled Furs
By Edward Pododsky
A young man, well-dressed, good
looking and a plausible talker calls
at the home of some wcdl-to-do wo
man- He usually has a small car
in which there are several large
bundles- If the lady of the house
consents to see him, which she usu
ally does, he launches into his
story without delay.
The story is as follows: He has
brought home with him from nor
thern Canada a quantity of valu
able furs which he has managed
to buy from some native trappers
for practically nothing He has
heard that Mrs- Black is a good
judge of furs and is sure that she
will not hesitate to buy a valuable
fur if she can get it at a bargain
Of course, Mrs- Black is always
on the lookout for bargains. He will
gladly show her the furs, but she
must not say a word about them to
anybody, as they are smuggled and
no duty has been paid on them
The bundles are brought in, op
ened and the furs shown. They
look quite impressive. The price
asked is so reasonable that Mrs
Black cannot resist buying. She
1 <y3 several- The young man leav
es promising to keep her in mind
when he returns from hts next fur
smuggling expedition.
When the furs are carefully ex
amined a day or two later they are
found to be dyed and doctored
skins hardly worth the price paid
for them- The story of having ac
quired them cheap from trappers
in the fur country is, of course, a
fairy tale. This racket has been
worked for years. It is still being
worked today and still people fall
for it
Southern Educator
Speaks of “Courtesy”
New Orleans, La-, Nov. 14 (C)—
Dv. Charles Pipkin, dean of the
Graduate School of Louisiana State
university, as Founder’s Day speak
er at Dillard university last Mon
day, said in part:
“Courtesy is no weak thing.
Secure in its own strength, con
scious of a great tradition of
power in human affairs, court
esy is the diplomacy of justice
and it is the intent of those who
love (their fellowmen. The endur
ing basis of civilization is just
ice.. So long as there are those
who love justive with intelligent
devotion, and so long as there
are institutions founded upon the
rule of reason in human affairs,
there is hope for the future of
Rob Taxi Driver
Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 14 (C)—
Two men, said to be colored are al
leged to have held up Dorris Bland,
taxi driver, and robbed him of $7.
making their escape before officers
could arrive on the scene
C- A. E—Please let me know if
I should carry out my plans that
I have been thinking about doing?
Ans: It would not help you one
bit to carry out these plans and
make a change- Stay where you are
as this is your REAL MOTHER
even though you are inclined to be
lieve otherwise.
T T S—I am very' much in love !
svi'h my wife and want her to live)
ivith me and be happy- What Is
he best thing to do?
Ans: If you will make a CHAN
GE OF CITIES your wife would
be glad to come back to you. She
has had to face quite a bit of crit
icism since living in your present
surroundngs and unless you leave
now'—she may never return
'll- A —I am planning on open
ing a little business and want a
man to build a place for me. What
do you think of this little venture?
Ans: This man will be glad to
help you get started in business
.pthough it seems to me that it
would be cheaper to operate in a
place that already has building
than go to the expense of putting
up a new BUILDING.
A- W—What does this woman I
work for mean ? What would be
the best thing for me to do? I
have never had any trouble get
ting new jobs?
Ans: Have a talk with the woman 1
you work for and tell her that you
expect your money at regular ln
terals.if she is going to continue
holding your MONEY UP then she
ivill have to get someone else to
work for her. Don’t get mad and
juit without your money.
E- P D—1 am going to leave my
husband and a man I went with
before I married wants to divorce
his wife and marry me. I am un
decided and would this be the pro
per thing to do? Please help me?
Ans: Even though you leave
your husband_ don’t be selfish
enough to want to break up this
man’s home you have in mind. He
has a child and a wife and he should
stick to them- Arrange to move to
a larger city and find employment
as you are going to have to provide
for yourself
E- F—I would like to know how
I can write to an orchestra and
get a job? I am so anxious to go
in this kind of work,
Ans: It will be quite impossible
for you to secure a job in this
manner. Arrange for an AUDI
TION over the air for it seems to
me that this will be the means of
your singing with an orchestra- It
will be several months or a year
before you get the kind of work
you have dreamed of
A Baby For You?
If you are denied the blessing
of a baby all your own and yearr
for a baby's arms and a baby’s
smile, do not give up hope. Just
write in confidence to Mrs. Mildred
Owens, Dept. D 562, Hanan Bldg-,
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you about a simp!e home method
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! 15 years. Many others say this has
helped bless their lives. Write now
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Jinx Removing Incense 25c
’Incense 25c
Lucky oil believed to prevent
evil, misfortune; to attract
good luck, happiness -and pros
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Nebraska- Mail orders given
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Dalas Paper Cites
Negro Achievements
Dallas, ox., (C)—The Dallas
last week in an article headed
Morning News said editorially
“Negro Achievement”: “The
Negro Building ajt the Texas
|Centenial has given many white
visitors as well as Negroes, a
clearer view of the achievement
which the black man has attain
ed in America. The various ex'
liibits lend weight to the state
ment of Harvey Allen that ‘no
race has shown itself more ca
pable of assimilating Western
civilization than the Negro.1’
“While the plight of the
Negro is still disheartening in
many ways, the race as a whole
has made notable strides in this
country in the last seventy
years. The United States now
has sixty-nine colleges and uni
versities for Negroes, most of
them headed by Negroes. Of j
these institutions, thirteen have
mi A rating and have their grad I
nates accepted by the leading
graduate and professional
‘Writing in the Christian
Century, Robert R. Moron says
that seventeen national trade
bodies are operated by Negroes,
that the General Electric Com
pany has bought numerous pat
ents from a Negro electrical in
ventor and that of the three
Richmond hanks to survive the
depression one was headed by
a Negro woman. Opportunities
for Negro advancement are al'
so gradually expanding.
“Individual Negro achieve
ment began long before Jesse
Owens created a sensation at
the Olympic games at Berlin.
Patrons of the arts have paid
homage to the poems of Paul
Laurance Dunbar, the singing
of Rioland Ilayes and Katerina
Jarboro and the acting of Rich
ard B. Harrison, to mention on
ly a few. Much of our popular
music in recent years has been
of Negro origin, and the Phila
delphia Symphony Orchestra,
with Leopold Stokowski con'
ducting, recently played a sym
phony written by a Negro. Such
achievements, attained under
heavy handicaps, have gone far
toward giving the Negro a po
sition of high rank in American
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t Events
♦ I
1 Ladies Especially Invited |
Fred Myers, Mgr HA 4225 i
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Kidneys Must
Clean Out Acids
The only way your body can clean out
Acids and poisonous wastes from your
blood is thru 9 million tiny, delicate Kid
ney tubes or Alters, but beware of cheap,
drastic, irritating drugs. If functional
Kidney or Bladder disorders make you
sufTer from Getting Up Nights, Nervous
ness, Leg Pains, Backache, Circles Under
Byes. Dizziness, Rheumatic Pains, Acid
ity, Burning, Smarting or Itching, don’t
take chances. Get the Doctor's guaran
teed prescription called Cystex (Bies
Tex). Works fast, safe and sure. In 48
hours It must bring new vitality, and is
guaranteed to Ax you up in one week or
money back on return of empty package.
Cystex costs only 9c a day at druggists
and the guarantee protects you.
By A- B Mann
(For the Literary Service Bureau)
The parable runs: “The cat’s j
paws are soft, but the claws are j
'there.’’ When the cat would play,|
(the soft paws come Into service;,
(when it would do harm, the claws i
paws 1
: neari
to each other
So, in human life, the most dan- j
gerous things are camouflaged so
as to deceive- An oily tongue, suave
manners, a cunning smile, a gentle
voice, any or all may be but simu
lations Intended to deceive so as
to make the working of Injury pos
sible. In these and in all such cases,
the soft paw is used preparatory to
use of the claws. Of these it Is well
to beware.
Golden Brown
Hair Dressing
Make* your hair beautifully
noiooth and *»*» U> drew,
bit SKllHI that K>ld hJ ■'*
llont at Me. *< roar tomtit
drug store NOW 16s.
KOc Algerian M»J« Lock Bag
and aamplet Hair Draaalng. Pow -
der. Ointment Free Bead 10c to
cover mailing coat Goldan Brawn i
Chemical Co., Dept. O, Memphla, Too*.
YVPA Supervisor Is
Accused of Attack
On Young Woman
Cleveland, Nov. 14 (By Leon
Lewis for ANP)—The local branch
of the NAACP and the county
grand jury have taken a decided in
terest in the attack case of Mar
gery Brown against Charles Mc
Cune, WPA supervisor.
Atty. Chester K- Gillespie, pre
sident of the local branch called
Miss Brow'll and obtained her auth
orization for proceeding with her
case as her attorney- Mr- Gillespie
called a conference of the Involved
parties in the office of Police pro
secutor Perry A- Frye, He address
ed a letter to Mrs- Lucia McBride,
foreman of the county grand jury.
Tho grand jury summoned the 5
women to appear and relate their
dories. They have been heard and |
procedure for action has been tak-1
Here is a way t? help calm
quivering nerves
Do you fwl no nervous that you want to
•cream f Are there times w hen you are cma.i
ami Irritable . . . time* when you aeolcl thoao
who are dew rest to you?
If your nerve* are on edge, fry LYDIA K.
help* calm your quivering nerve* and about.) (
give you the strength and energy to face life
with a smile.
When your worries ntul cares become too
much for you and you want to run away from
It all . . . take LYDIA E. PINKIIAM S VEG
ETABLE COMPOUND. Many women have
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!'7r \—
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french HAIR coloring
Cattantx’ga, Tenn, N<>v. 14 (C)
— Walter Lewis, 7, was injured Fri
day afternoon when struck by an
automobile driven by Harold Car
cack, at Third and Beech streets.
Oarnvack took the boy to Child
ren's hospital.
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:is.—my clothes tit me fine now.”
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DO YOU KNOW WHYr?-1 Man Caul Rnd HU Tilings --- SeiMtlnres? orm ** ims t& By Ffster
U ^r^*** fcp' mis t\uecL..bu(.4uNrN)1r~] ^ WiRi- OK ] \
\<££*n«s £..r f\m\&-\ e*HTl 0 L-ta^uPro
e ) Pcxe. rMWr ^fvT- J FIND MN \ J w-H&fie you f '
I • *mowu i ufMo S i_uxf '—J <^vy youifa,^ * . 5
V »r op rw>s r^uuej I rvr^' y > vm^s ?; “ ? **
T C^rit ’ ^
I. ■ _ _ tisHcra.—