The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, November 14, 1936, CITY EDITION, Page TWO, Image 2

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Mrs. Lillie Johnson, Mrs. Jas.
Edmonds and Mrs. E. D. John
son attended the Western J>is‘
trict Board at Sioux City, la.,
Nov. 5th.
Mrs. Larry Nelson, 29 ami B
St., is ill.
Mm. II. Henry, Pacific* St.,
is indisposed.
Salem Baptist Churcih
Visits Bethel Baptist
Rev. Bilhrew, pastor of the I
Salem Baptist Church, together
with his congregation, attend-j
e*l the J:0() o’clock service at
Bethel Baptist Church, the past
Sunday afternoon.
Mm. L. lv<*e, S. 17th St,, is ill.
Mm. Georgia Williams, Paci
fic St., is ill.
% Rev. E. D. Johnson, pastor of
St. John Baptist Church, Pierce
St., is in Valley Junction, con
ducting a ten-day revival for
Rev. Garrett. He will return to
the city Thursday.
Mm. Coleman, Pacific St., is
on the sick list
Mm. Cora Jackson. Grant St.,
has returned from the hospital
to her home, where she is re
Mrs. Janie Newman. S St.,
has returned- home from the tins
pital. Her condition is good.
Uev. F. K. Union, of Pinkney
St., was a visitor at Bethel Bap
tist Church Sunday afternoon.
Skillful Workers To
Give Fish Fry
The Skillful Workers of the
Bethel Baptist Church will give
a fish fry at the home of Mrs.
Until McGee, 5222 S. 30 Ave„
on Thursday, Nov. 19. Miss Ad"
die Morow, the captain of this
team, will he assisted by Mrs.
Bessie Gilmore and others.
Mrs. Womack's children are
■till ill.
Mrs. Josephine Combs and
daughter, Geraldine Stones,
plan to spend two weeks at Mar
shalltown, Ta., with Mr. Willard
Mrs. U, Suddth, 5200 S. 29th
St., will give a chitterling sup
per, Saturday night, Nov. 14.
• *
Mr. Willie Jones, whose hand
was cut Sunday, is improving.
Mr. Whiteside, who suffered
a broken arm in a recent auto
niobile accident, is improving at
the County Hospital.
Practice Makes Perfect
Mr. Ray Merrill, 2811 Q St.,
new in the art of hunting, got
one rabbit on bis first hunting
trip; the next hunt yielded him
a pheasant, and a rabbit. On
Monday, when the reporter was
out on the South Side, be had
not returned from his third
hunting trip, but since “Prac
tice Makes Perfect, ’’ we know
be was successful in getting
more game than before.
School Is Dedicated
Danville, Va., Nov. 14 (C)—The
John M- Langston school was for
merly dedicated Wednesday night
with Fred M- Alexander, state su
pervisor of ffcgfro education, as
main speaker
J. 0. Harris Grocery Store,
K24 8. SO St„ .MA 0741.
Dorsey Oliver,
0700 8. 29 St. MA 2678
•407 8. 38
Pierce Street
Rev. E. D. Johnson, Pastor
The church enjoyed good ser
does Sunday morning. Re.'
Young was in charge due to the
absence of the pa tor.
In the afternoon, the Mothers
Hoard gave a rally. Pleasant
(Jreen Baptist Church visited
at this time. Rev. J. H. Hey
nolds, pastor, preached'.
H.Y.P.U. and church in the
evening were well attended.
Rev Wm. H AHanis, Pastor
The chureh enjoyed good
services throughout the past
Sunday. Morning sermon was
preached by Rev. Caldwell. No
night service was held.
The church is planning a pro
gram for Armistice night, spon
sors I by the Improvement Club.
E.der G. E. Hayden, Pastor
The church and pastor went
to Rev. Allen’s church, North
Omaha, Sunday morning. Nigh*
sermon wap pfreached by the
pastor. Attendance was good.
27th and R Sts
Elder A- I)- Carter, Pastor
Revival began Monday at this
Rev. J. P. Mosley, pastor
The church is now having a
big revival conducted by Rev.
E. E. Wilhite. There arc seve
ral candidates for baptism. Ser
vices begin at 8:00 p. m. Every
one is invited to come and help
save souls for the Lord.
Rev. P. J. Sears, Pastor
29th aj?d T Streets
Sunday School opened at 9:30
with a large attendance and the
pastor reviewed the lesson for
15 minutes. The pastor deliver
ed a soul-stirring sermon at 11.
The words of his text were:
“Try me now’ saith the Lord
of Hosts. If 1 will not open the
window of heaven and pour out
a blessing, there will not be
room enough to receive it.
At 3:00 p. m., Rev. M. lb Bil
brew of the Salem Baptist
Church with his great choir and
congregation was over in our
special afternoon services. This
service was under the auspices
of Brother and Sister Raudell
Roberts Group. Rev. Bilbrew de
livered a powerful sermon and
it was enjoyed by all. The a
mount taken up in the afternoon
was $15.00. The church has on a
financial drive for $850 which
started Nov. 1 and will end on
Dec. 6. The pastor delivered a
powerfid sermon at 8:00 p. m. to
a large congregation. Ilis text
was “The Wicked of the World
of the Past and Present.” (hi
next Sunday at 3:00 p.m., our
pastor, choir and congregation
will be the honored guests at
the Paradise Baptist church.
23rd and Clark Sts. in a special
service of Rev. Banks and his
membra. Welcome is extended
to everyone to come and wor
ship with Bethel Baptist church
at any time he wishes.
Rumor John W. Davis
To Head A. U.
New York, Nov. 14 (C)—A ru
mor persists that Dr. John W- Da
vis, president of West Vir{!**ia
State college and a graduate of
Morehouse. Is favored by many of
the trustees for the presidency of
Atlanta university. Dr- Davis has
long been known as one of the late
Dr. Hope’s “more successful young
Essay Contest Among
Atlanta Uni. Students
Atlanta, Ga , Nov. 14—To stimu
ato wider Interest and greater pr* - I
fiiciency In the, study of phlloso- |
phy, the under graduate students !
of the Negro colleges of Atlanta
have been invited to participate in i
an es.-ay contest which, it la an - i
nounced, become an annual j
contest. The subject for this year’s
eo’t . t will be “Can Philosophy I
Practiced?” Two awards will tx*
offered: $25 as a first prize, and
$10 as a second. The winning es
say will be published in Opportun- !
Ity, Journal of Ne^ro Life, during I
the spring of 1937.
i' (omm , ee of three, Dr- O- W.
Eaglescon of Spehnan college; I>r. ,
Leroy E. Leomker of Emory uni- !
vcsity and Kev. 1). Witherspoon
Dodge, chairman of the Atlant’a
Urban League, will setve as jud*coss
of this year’s essay, and their
judgment will be final.
lh<- rules of the content provide
that essays should not exceed IS - I
600 words ami that three typed
copies of each e-say be submit.tori
| to Dr. Richard A. Schermerhon !
i(Sark university, not la!«r than
[March l, 1937 Winners of the con- j
test wilt be publicly announced on j
A t!1 1st. and the prizes awarded ;
durlrg the, commencement season j
jin the colleges In which the win j
ners are enrolled
The spionsors of t,he contest sti- j
pulate that not more than one-1
third of the essay should cons*s’ |
of quotations from any source, and
that all quotations used be indicated
•as .‘xuh. In order that each essay
may be judged without, reference
to the Identity of Its writer, the?
rules provide that the title pa jar® |
l*eai\ng the name of the author
be removed before It goes to the
judges. The contest is op*en to any
undergraduate student enrolled in
Clark university, Morehouse colle-jgx?
Morris Brown college or Spelman
“The Goose Hangs
High” Atlanta IJ .’s
First Production
Atlanta, Ga . Nov. 14—“The Goose
Hangs High,” Lewis Beac-H’s suc
eessful comedy of the conflict be
tween the younger and older jgon
evaMons In American Hfe, will t>o
the first production! of the 1936-37
season of the University Players,
which Is made up of the students
j at Atlanta university, Spelman
college and Morehouse college. T'Vi's
three-'act comedy, judged on of the
best plays of the New York season
{when it was produced in 1924, will
i be the seventeenth production to
be staged by the University Players
slneo its org | >.ation In 1931. rrhe
play will be given in the Howe*
Memoral Halt on Friday and Sat
urday evenings, Nov. 20 and 21
The play will be acted by an all
student east, and the entire pro
duction will l>e bandied by students
of Spelman and Morhouse colleges
acting under the supervision of
John M. Ro-s, teacher rf drama
tics In the Atlanta unlvers'ty syss
tern. Maudlyn Stokes, of Atlanta, ■
will be the stage manager. C’lara j
Ivy, also of Atlanta, will design
the scenery, which will be con
strucked by Jefferson Curter, < f
Grand Rapids, Mich. Eva Noal, of
Atlari'a, Is serving as property
mistress for this play, wh le Km'!
Copeland, of Tlfton, Ga-, w 11 tm ira
charge of the costumes and Kmi
sting Sellers will handle the liig-bit
Work of the University Players
will be directed this year by tbie*
following officers: president. Hazed
Washington, of Kansas City, a
graduate student in Atlanta. uni
versity; secretary, Edwina West
moreland. of Atlanta, a senior in
Spelman college; business man a
ger, George Washington, of Cot
alcanna, Texas, a junior in More
house college; recording secretsa.i-y.
Eloise Usher, of Demark, South
Carolina, a junior in Spelmon col
lege; publicity agent, Freeman YV.
Hinson, of Daytona Beach, Florida,
a senior in Morehouse college, and
head usher, Raphael Mclvei*, of
Slavannah, Ga,, a graduate stu
dent in Atlanta university.
Colored and White
Held To Grand J ury
Bowling Green, Ky., Nov. 14 <C)
—-Fred SkUes, colored, and Arthur
Darter, white, were held to the
December federal grand jury- FVi -
day. Sidles faces a charge of lar
ceny, due to the disappearance of
a pistol of Col. John Robinson, of
the ROTC at Western State Tea- |
ehers college. He is held In $5001
bond. Carter Is held on a charge of (
owning a stilt and having liquor f
•n his possession
T usktegee’s Course for
Cooks and Chefs
'I n akegee InsOtute, Ala-, Nov. 14
r>r- F D- Patterson, president of
Tuskegee Institute has received
From the officers of the American
Hotel Ass’n- resolutions adopted an
annual meeting held recently in St.
I tuIs, endorsing the course in Com
mercial Dietetics now being offered
'T~u;'cecee In ti-tute for Chefs
Cooks and Caterers- At. this meet
in-rr, Nf r. Frank A MrKowne, chair
man of the Edurational Committee
oF tV»e American Hotel Ass’n and
F’rof. H B. Meek of Cornell uni
versity gave a resume of the
conrse- of study Tuskegec Institute
Is ofFering The Ass’n. adopted the
Following resolutions which were
sent to Resident Patterson as a
go st ore of apprec'aUori for what
Tuskegw Ins’itute is doing to make
it |>ossible for men and women to
prerare them-elves as competent
cooks and caterers.
T'illotsonPres. Travels
A xistir, Tey.. Nov. 14 (Cl—Fhr
s i* 1 ** n t Mary E Branch of Tillotsan
"p li'g'n left Wedne day night for j
Memphis to attend a meeting of
presidents of colleges operated by
t h ■ American Missionary Ass’n.
F>r. Ri tnch will visit Dallas and
,,r " k fore sh«> returns.
Spellman College Has
Record Enrollment
Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 14—Twenty
seven states- the District of Col
umbia, and the Bahamas have sent
students to Spelman college this
fall. The student body of 302 young
women is the largest collegiate, en
rollment in the institution’s his
tory Of the 302 young women en
rolled, 110 are freshmen; 78 sopho
mores; 60 juniors; and 54 seniors.
Spelman students come this year
from 119 cities and towns, a study
of the geographic distribution
shows: Georgia leads all states
with 194 students from 41 cities
and towns- Alabama is second with
19 young women from 12 commun
ities; South Carolina third with 13
students from 12 communities, and
Florida fourth with 11 students
coming from eight towns and cities.
Mississippi, Ohio and Texas each
have six students to Spelman this
yt*ar- Five have come from each of
the following: Michigan, New York,
Tennessee and North Carolina.
Three are registered from Pen
nsylvania, and two from t*ach f
the following >tates: California,
Connecticutf, Illinois, Mssouri, New
Jersey and Virginia- One student Is
"nri.ied from each of the follow
ing: Arkansas, Color ado, District of
Columbia, Kentucky, Louisiana,
Massachusetts, Oregon, Rhode Is
lund, West Virginia and the Ba
hamas. I
Geo. Schuyler Is
Hampton Speaker
Hampton, Va-. Nov. 14 (C)—
George S- Schuyler, noted journal
ist -and author, spoke In Ogden
Hall on “The Negro Press” last
“The Negro press is as free as
the press of any other group
anywhere,” Mr. Schuyler declar
ed- “Even the poorest of the pa
pers manage to keep going with
out surrendering any of their
independence. Their editors in
variably say what they think on
any nnd all questions.”
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