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By Miss Pel’s
Wkat to Serve at Bridge Clubs
I remember when I was president
of a taidge dub When they had
their first business meeting, I pur
posely called their 'attention to the
matter of serving for fear someone
would overstrain her pocketbook
trying t* give sixteen iadips all the
fried chicken or oysters they could
eat. It was mentioned by the chair,
discussed by the group, and lastly
voted an by the body; that the »'r
vica he limited to two courses,
namely; a sai’ad and a dessert A
beverage was understood- What a
good Imc our bridge club had that
yoar because no one felt the fin
ancial strain of the club In order
that others may profit by the ex
perieace of that club, I am listing
a few menus; 1- Shrimp and apple
salad, potato chips—eh'ackers; ten
with lemon; Neopolitan jello topped
with whipped cream—crackers 2
Tun* fish, salad; cheese straws;
ec.cna; ambrosia 3. Open-feed toast
ed cheese sandwiches with bacon
curls, coffee; prune whip- 4 Pine
apple cream cheese sandwiches,
ooffee and apple pie. 5. Waffles—
syrup—crisp bacon and coffee
By R. A- Adams
(Fer the Litei'ary Service Bureau)
One of the most forceful state
ments of recent times is one a wo
man writer who made the assertion
“The problem child is the product
of problem parents ” The problem
aspect of the childs life is what it
is bemuse of failure in dealing with
the problems of the parents
The mother failed in the problem j
of selecting the father for herj
child and vicious heritage was the!
result She failed in the conduct of
her own life during the pre-nat'al
period; and hereditary weakness
wero accentuated by prenatal ne
glect- Perhaps she was too busy
with other things to attend to the
early training of her ehild; and here
.faulty enviorment had its damag
ing effect- Perhaps the father made
the same mistakes In his selection
of the mother, and then failed to
Aid in easting the life of the child
Again, both parents might have
been too indulgent or too imoatient
and harsh Yes, it is true; and deal
ing with the child is dealing wth
effect when the trouble is with caus
es- We are fortunate to have the
truth propounded and emphasized,
in this way, yet the information
will he *f little service unless par
ents and prospective parents will
give heed and adopt subjectiveg
corrective methods.
Bishop Wright Says
Ohio Colored Vote
Goes To Roosevelt
New York, Oct- 31 (Calvin Ser
•dce)—Bishop R R. Wright, jr.,
chairman of the National Colored
Committee of the Good Neighbor
League, 103 Park avenue, said in
his office, room 1217, on his re
turn from Ohio Monday afternoon:
“ I met leaders from 29 cities and
town in Ohio where there are over
150,00 colored voters. Heretofore
these votes have been overwhelm
ingly Republican—in fact they were
tho most dependable votes the Re
publicans had- But a change has
come over them- They have lost
confidence in the broken promises
of the Republicans who have de
luded them for three decades- I
feel conservative when I say that
70 per cent of them will vote for
tho re-election of President Roose
Observing that there a million
colored votes in noirthern states,
the bishop added that most of these
will for Resident Roosevelt
Giving the reason for this belief,
the bishop added:
“The colored citizens believe in
the humanitarianism of President
Roosevelt. They believe in his Good
Neighbor policy and in the treat
ment, imperfect though it has been,
which they have received under the
Roosevelt administration More Ne
groes have registered this year
than ever before and they intend to
do all thy can bo re-elect President
Selma, Ala-, Oct. 31 (C)—Thos
Traver wag found by State Highway
Patrol officers C- T Donaldson 'and
Whitby on the side of Selma-Mont
gomery highway at 12:30 Friday
morning with injuries believed to
have been caused by 'an automobile.
W. C- Allen, of Demopolis, was ar
rested by the officers near the
scene ef the accident on a charge
drtvlag while intoxicated.
Chicago Attorneys In
Ten Million Dollar
Law Suit
Chicago, Nov. 7 (ANP)—Legal
circles in Chicago are interested in
the retention of two prominent col
ored lawyers in a famous case in
volving $10,000,000 and in which
all litigants are white
S- A- WaUdns and James E
Whi'e are the lawyers who have
been retained in this most import
ant litigation which has been pend
ing in the courts for some years
and which involves title to valuable
lands extending back a period of
mere than 150 years
Several well known eastern law
firms are also associated in the
matter and the retaining of Messrs.
Watkins and White was caused by
th<< important question at law in
volved with which they are fami
liar and had demonstrated in liti
gation they prosecuted before the
Supreme Court of the United States
Recause of the legal ethics in
volved the attorneys would give no
information except that the pro
perity is near Charleston, West
Virginia on which are coal mines
and oil fields in operation and that
the amount of property involved
is valued at 10 million dollars Be
sides them there are no lawyers or
litigants of color interested in the
Washington, Nov. 7 (ANP)—
Cortez W Peters, second speediest
typist in the world and conductor
of a business school in Washington,
this week, filed suit for absouPe
divorce from Mrs. Ida M- Peters
Mr Peters charges desertion,
c'aimlng that his wife left in 1934
and that he has not lived with her
since. The Peters were married In
January, 1925, and have two child
ren, Cortez, jr. and Jewel IjaVerne,
age 11 and 8 respectively
Father Divine Taken
Into Court Again
New York, Nov. 7 (ANP)—law
yers are still trying to learn some
thing of the financial affairs of Fa
ther Divine, Harlem messiah. Last
week A My. William Lesseibaum
had the cult leader in court again
but again he failed to find out any
thing, just as he did two weeks pre
viously and last spring
The attorney is trying to collect
$7,245 judgment obtained against
Divine by Mr. and Mrs Isaac Bay
less, white Baltimoreans hurt when
their tar was struck by a Father
Divine Peace Mission bus a year
ago near Baltimore. The latest
hearing was held in the supreme
court building
Father Divine, dapper and com
posed although obviously annoyed,
answered every questin put to him
but sad nothing He asserted he
had no source of income, no wealth
no prperty, nothing wich which to
satisfy the judgments.
Questioned as to how long he
had been identified with the peace
mission movement, he said; “A year
maybe five years, not quite 10 years
probably seven years.” Asked how
long he had been a clergyman
Father Divine said: “I don’t recall;
many years, no doubt seven ”
Clark Foreman Now
PWA Power Director
'Nashville, Tenn-, Oct. 31 (C)—
Dr Clark Foreman, former adviser
on Negro affairs to the Secretary of
the Interior, who was succeed by
Dr. Robert Weaver, is now a PWA
Power Division Director, it was re
vealed when he visited here last
week visiting 13 cities applying for
WPA aid in the construction of el
ectrical distribution systems.
7 Years In Stabbing
Charlotte, N C., Oct. 31 (C)—
Hoyt Hibson, 30 was givan 7 to
10 years for fatally stabbing Henry
Neal with an ice pick
Jinx Removing Incense 25c
’Incense 25c
Lucky oil believed to prevent
evil, misfortune; to attract
good luck, happiness and pros
Send 25c for Jinx Removing
Branch-Japo Oriental Incense
Co-, 2419 Seward St, Omaha.
Nebraska- Mail orders given
prompt attention.
Reccommend Fine
ForD. C. Policeman
Washington, Nov. 7 (ANP)—A
fine of -50 was recommended by he
police trial board, Tuesday, after
Policemaan J- P Zier, white, of the
Second Precinct, was found guilty
of unprovoced assault on James A
Dausuel local eab driver.
Zier told the police board that he
was at Seventh and S streets, north
west1, assigned to a Daddy Grace
parade on August 28th, where he
allegedly struck Dausuel In an ap
parent fit of anger as his cab,
blocked by traffic, moved too slow
ly thrugh the intersection of S St
on Seventh- Zier pleaded his own
case and claimed that he could not
have kept pace with the moving
machine long enough to strike th"
taxi-driver twice as he alleged in
his comp>aint
Pour eye witnesses testified that
they saw the officer hit Sausuel
through the window- Prosecutor
John O’Day, white of the corpor
ation counsel’s ffice, maintained
that it was not a matter of whether
Zier struck the man once and twice
but that he was there and struck
him at all
Policeman Howard Pilling, white,
of the Third Precinct was found
guilty of drawing his gun without
necessity Pilling was accused by
John Bradford, local government
employee, was pulling along side
his car and drawing his pistol on
him, when the driver sped up- He
was reprimanded by the board
The case of Policeman William
Melvin and Homer L- Pearson of
the Ninth Precinct, charged with
assault and dnmkedness by William
Marshall, was again continued, be
cuse of the absence of the defense
Masons’ Supreme
Temple Holds 50th
Annual Session
Baltimore, Md-, Nov. 7 (ANP)—
Willard W Allen In his allocation
which marked the opening of the
Fiftieth Annual Session of the Su-[
premo Council of the AASR of FM,1
declared: “Love, as the basis of I
national and international relations,j
has never yet been tried- Power, I
might and authority, physical and
financial and even ecclesiastical,
have been tried and have filed. Here,
then, is the great secret of Free
masonry—-a secret of Freemasonry
—a secret only because the world
will not heed it ” This accounting
of his stewardship together with
the discussion of matters of cur
rent import was the high spot of
the first business session of the
On Sunday night at a public meet
ing held at Shiloh Baptist church,
the assembled Masons of 33 were
greeted by Governor Harry WT. Nice
of the State of Maryland and Mayor
Howard W Jackson of Baltimore
Respnse to those official addresses
of welcome was made by James A
Jackson of New York, a deputy at
large of the Supreme Council.
A Baby For You?
If you are denied the blessing
of a baby all your own and yearn
for a baby’s arms and a baby’s
smile, do not give up hope. Jusl
write in confidence to Mrs. Mildred
Owens, Dept. D 662, Hanan Bldg ,
Kansas City, Mo., and she will tell
you about a simp'e home method
that helped her after being denied
16 years. Many others say this has
helped bless their lives. Write now
and try for this wonderful happi
For the Theatre or Any Social
i i
11 <>
: ' ' ^
" n|
' ' -I I
' 1 - I
Compare Our Rates
Colored Man Is
First Motor Victim
Richmond, Va-, Oct 31 (C)—The
Rev. Edward Jeffries, 70, of 1618
Idlewood avenue, was the first ped
estrian motor casualty In October
when he was one of three vctims
of motor accidents Friday. Rev Jef
fries died in St. Philip hospital from
injuries received when, crossing
laurel treet at Floyd avenue T L
Lipford, 32, of Clayville, was arrest
's! on a charge of involuntary man
slaughter, and was released on bail*
Reverend Jeffries death was
the 26th this year Clarence Bur
n'll, 22, of Northumberland County,
died at the same hospital Friday af
ter being found by the roadside
with multiple injuries Thursday
Kentucky C M. E’s.
Hold Conferences
Carlisle, Ky-, Nov 7 (ANP)—
This city was the Mecca for all
CME Ministers at the state con
ference. Bishop Ohas H Phillips of
Cleveland, Ohio, president of the
conference, presided at the sessions
and over 500 ministers, delegates
and visitors were in attendance and
received the annual Holy Commun
ion Wednesday on th« opening
morning- Bishop Phillips has been
connected with that conference ei
ther as pastor, presiding elder, or
bishop for over 36 years. The Pro- J
siding elders of the conference were
Revs- C- L Howard of Louisville,
Kyand J H Stewart of Lexlng
on, Ky.
Thu reports showed marked pro
gress and a hundred per cent re
tun on the general claims was re
Recreation Need Told
Jackson, Miss-, Oct. 31 (C)—Dr.
G- T- Glllesipie, president of Bel
haven college, and Frederick Sul
icns, editor of the Jackson Daily
News, addressed a meeting of color
ed leaders at Central church Friday
night on greater recreational op
potunities for colored youth. The
meeting was sponsored by the
Jackson Council of Boy Scouts. The
local boy scout program has been
extended to colored youth for five
t The Elite Cigar Store
(Direct Wire On All Sports
i Indies Especially Invited
Fred My era, Mgr HA 4225
2314 N. 24th St
Now Open For BnsineM
WE 3162 2228 Lake 8t.
2509 N. 24th, Street.
Here is a way to help calm
quivering nerves
IV> you feel ho nervous that you want tr
•cream? Are there time* when you are eros*
and irritable . . . time* when you scold those
who are dearest to you?
If your nerve* are on edge, try I.YDIA F.
help* calm your quivering nerves and shouli'
give you the strength aud energy to lace lift
with a smile.
When your worries and cares become too
much for you and you want to run away from
It all . . . take I.YDIA K. PINKHAM’S VEG
ETABLE COMPOUND. Many women have
nad nerve* a* jangled a* yours, but they have
been able to build up their pep and energy and
get back to normal with the aid of LYDIA E.
When yopr mother and your grandmother
uaedto become nerroua. Irritable and rundown
they depended upon tbla famous old medicine
to pep them up again ... to help theit nervea
... to help give them a cheerful dlepucltlen.
Andy Kirk and His “Clouds
Of Joy’’ have become such an
important recording unit for
Decca Record Company that
Jack Kapp, president of the
firm, have signed them as ex
clusive Decca recording artists
and they are soon to make 12
new sides. All of the past re'
cordings of the Kirk outfit have
been excellent waxings and
four of them are listed among
the year’s best sellers.
Topping the list is “I'ntil
The Real Thing.Comes Along'
with Pha Terrell singing the vo
cal. It has been a sensational
favorite both in America and
Europe, and already this disc
has grassed more than 75,000
sales. The other three best gross
records sales were from Andy
Kirk's “Christopher Colum
bus’’, “Froggy Bottom’’ and
“Walking and Swinging”. The
two new platers, “(lit” and
“Steppin’ Pretty made by the
Kirk orchestra were released
by Decca last week.
Parents Meet At
Rordentown Manual
BorUertown, N J Oct. 31 (C)
Parents Day will be observed at
Manual Training school on Nov- 5,
according to Principal W- R Val
ix-ia. o. Jersey City, N. J. I
Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 31 (C)—Geor
gia produced the largest number of
freshmen a< Morehouse this year—
67, Florida sent 14; Alabama 8;
and New York, North Carolina and
Mississippi 6 each; from Ohio and
Tennessee each sent five, and three
from Louisiana and Michigan
Beware Coughs
from common cc!ds
That Hang On
No matter how mat y medicine,
you have tried for your „our,h, ckcsi
cold or bi.ii chlal Imtatlcr on
get rdlai ntr.v with Crcumuialon
Serious trouble may b - brewing and
yon cannot afford to take a char.c
with anything k. ; t.lian Creomui
slon, which goes right to the sea
of the trouble to aid nature tv
soothe and heal tlio lntlamed mem
'innes ns the germ-laden plilegir
loosened mid
Jvea if other remedies httv
.tied, don’t tig discouraged, you
rug-dst is authorised to guurantei
ureontulslon and to refund yom
money If you are not. satisfied with
lesults from the very first bottle
Oet Creoniulsion right now. (Adv.
Help Kidneys
• Don’t Take Drastic Drugs
Vour Kidney* contain !) million tiny
tobea or Alter* which may he endangered
by neglect or drastic, Irritating drug* He
careful. If functouiai Kidney or Bladder
dlaordera make you auffer from Getting
t’p Night a, Nervouaneaa, Roe* of Pep. Leg
Paint*. Rheumatic Patna. IHr.alneat*, t'lr
clea Under Rye a. Neuralgia, Acidity,
nurnlng, Smarting or Itching, you don’t
need to take chance* All drugglnta now
have the most modern advanced treat
merit for the*e trouble*- a Doctor’" pro"
crlption called Gyatex (HI** Tex) Work?
fa*t—aafe and aure In 4ft hour* It moat
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week or money back on return of erupt}
package Gyatex coat* only 3c a dn*e >•
druggluls and the guarantee prote*
r- ------ ■■
| amp Wash
Beautifully washed and returned just
damp enough to IRON.
Ifeir.imum bundle 48c
I lalnderer and dry cleaners
Edholm & Sherman"
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A New Discovery; Recommended By World Famous Doctors
nd gave me the youthful vkal
ty of a person of twenty years
nays Lieut. Clifford of New
York. MATE is giving to
thousands of run-down, nerv
uis and weak elderly men and
women new energy and vital
ity and the thrill of youth and
love again.
Oi\b DOLLAR for one month’s supply.
Money returned if not satisfied
FREE—Books on Sex Secrets worth $1.00 given absolutely fret
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your package of ANGELA MATE and Lieut. Clifford’s Story
408 Manhattan Ave., NEW YORK CITY
S-C-F. Ex. S.
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Gas, alactricty, heat furnished to
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Apply 1711 Cuming Street
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vest $500- Job pays $60 per month.
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position as salesman
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Don’t try to reach me by phone
come to the office.
1711 Ouming Street
Feel full of pep and possess the
slender form you crave—you can't
If you listen to gosslpers.
To take off ere«>oS fat go light on
fatty meats, but.,a, cream and sug
ary sweets — eat more fruit and
vegetables and take a half teaspoon
ful of Kruschen Salts in a glass of
hot water every m<—"'ijg ,n
uate excess waata.
Mrs. Elma VerUie of Havre d«
Qraco, Md., writes: "I took off 20
'bs.—my clothes fit me tine now.”
No drastic cathartics—no consti
pation -t>u< oiiesful "y jpv*1 ac
tion when you take yout little jab/
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iness and Lodge leaders; ar
ticles for publication. Your
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fr more details.
141 West 125th St.,
New York City
| Don’t put up
! with useless
Get rid of it
1 if you can
For the functional pains of
menstruation, take CARDUI.
Cf it doesn’t benefit you, con
sult a physician. Don’t neglect
such pains. They depress the
lone of the nerves, cause
sleeplessness, loss of appetite
tuql wear out a woman’s re
Get a bottle of Cardui and
find out by trying it whether
it will help you like thousands
)f women have said it helped
Besides easing certain pains,
Dardui aids in building up the
whole system by helping wom
3n to get more strength from
the food they eat.
DO YOU KNOW WHY - - - It’s Hard To Get fl Woman’s Monlion When Dams Fashion’s Talking ? By nsher