The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, September 26, 1936, CITY EDITION, Page SIX AND SEVEN, Image 6

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ii*» define* of hi* country
Young Republican
Appointed St •' c
Arthur B. MeCaw i < i ' th
appointment of the Negro Re
5 obi *-nn Director in the State of
Ha s a clerk In the county
assessor’s office, was se
mittccmsn, Mr. Hugh M. Butler
and Mr. Lylo Jack on, ehairman of
the Slate Republican commit \
as director of the colored dh' ion
of the R publican party for Ne
Mr. MeCaw has boon active in
(Republican panics for the past six
years. He has headed the young
Republican organization for two
years and is now a member of
Douglas County exoctutive com
mittee, and the Douglas Coun
ty Young Republican’s executive
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Our children ate hzitiq
; educated and mil became
; «*«f id tiliizm arid apuw?~
• wall «i|taiifr'ef life!
September 22 marks the 74 anniversary of the Kmam'ine'
tion Proclamation. Its issuance was proceeded by year of edu
cation by American patriots Durinpr this period of ' ■ >t' n
and imitation, the liepuhlcan party was horn: and to ii v \
en the task of vt'dinu chattel slavery in Ameri-a.
Lincoln, hum in preparation Cor the task, v as ioarvurn'o 1
President in March of 1 SGI. Almost immediately secession •• • *r
ed its itplv heed: then Civil War. And for cars the 1
h >tt' cl ' 1 1 i'k -1 until the • aiise of fi- i m
Wil VT
Tim iimunciputiou Proclamation was ; m
sure, dosijrto d to weaken the states in rehcllion ■. ! s'it, 1::• ,
tl e North. It applied only to those states narticipalin i. lie
and ft 1 llion in ti < asure; an 1 of the million •
\ black iwcvi; ' .it r t they all did and •
dark hours o' oni ion I ' I. tip. Prod a ati< n am 1
hut empty words.
Once before in an li.iUr almost as dark, {li nap
in' th throes of Revolution.
It is, we sincere!> belmve, confronted today by for •» > ;nre
subtle and ■ nist • i!i n slavery and civil war of tlie pa t.
These new and dangerous forces seek to destroy the liber
ties of all the people, white* as well as black. And thus we turn
again to the party of Emancipation, repentant and regenerate.
oti the anniversary of its sublime, pronouncement and ask il in
the name of humanity to save the liberties of the American
Will the Republican Party in 1936 meet and vanquish the
foe as it did in those other tragic years and vindicate the
spirit of liberty for all men in America? Is there another
Lincoln to he sent of Hod out of the Western Plains to lead the
wav? We believe tihere is.
Let us, then, give thanks for the Proclamation 0f that other
day and rededieate ourselves to all it meant and means in this
hour of national danger.
Ex-Congressman Oscar DePriest, nominated by the republi
can® for Congress for the first district of Illinois in the City of
Chicago is Jj lingagaiif the present Congressman, Arthur W.
Mitchell, the Democratic nominee.
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48« 4*0 COW,,,, V >w£\\
— - ** ..*• ::
The above picture shows our representatives in the House
of Congress honied ately after the < ivi! V
suit of the Ne ro ballot in the south when tr
t I Atty. <Mi-arl sF, Davis, Democratic Stab I <• •
if Franklin D. Roosevelt is re-derled. In feu-.• the
expire th-rc isn’t any doubt in his mind but vrh-l t.
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5r 6*0, W. Muff Mr j S C**
ts -,r* 34’.? co*MMrtt if*t 9*_
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The Man That Broke the First Link in the Chain of
After kissing a little black boy on the head, he re
marked, “T willing go to the gallows; that you might
have a chance in life.”
vole will lie attain counted, and we will, have a now picture of
the i i•• ot i onjiie i ni .
. ' e. now : a »(> one l/eieoei ,t 111 .»• 1 *ri • s, liatll.’
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