The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, September 26, 1936, CITY EDITION, Page ELEVEN, Image 10

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    You’ve .ill read and heard of
Henry Armstrong, feather
weight champion. That line
means a title holder who might
be introduced to you as Henry
Jackson of St. Louis. Henry de
parted some five or six years
ago for California, with no
blare of trumpts or big send-off
from the people of St. Louis.
Only a lad who believed in
himself could have gone so far
from home to make himself
world famous. He hooked up
with Wirt Ross, a fight man
ager who believes that colored
boys are capable of holding
their own with {he best fighters
ever produced. Ross also has
Young Peter Jackson. Recent
ly Henry defeated Baby Ar
mendzi for the featherweight
championship after battering
his way up in the featherweight
According to reeent press re
leases we learn that it is like
lv that Joe Louis may quit the
United States next month and
journey to England for a joust
of the leather mittens with Ren
Feord, England's heavyweight
Rumor Hazzit that Xavier, a
school in New Orleans, is seek
ing Ralph Metcalfe ,aee sprint-1
er. for a herth on its coaching'
Ixmking over the sport hori-1
zon, w(> learn that Oze Simons,
gridiron flash of Iowa, will fill
a dual role this fall for the
Hawkeye team. He will pass
as well as carry the ball
Jesse Owens’ name Is J. C. ^
Owens, and not Jesse or John
Cleveland Owens.
—. I, —*
Walter Thurman of Mem
phis. Tenn.. won the title of
champion tire ehamrer in a com-*
petition at Akron, 0., in 1924. |
Contestants were entered from I
every part of the United States!
and Canada.
Alcorn Is Out For
Gridiron Honors
Aloom, Miss., Sept. 26—(C)—
Alcorn college awaits its first
kickoff on Sept. 26, when Philand
er Smith college will oppose the
best squad the Mississippi college
has developed in years, at Alcorn.
Coaches Abraham and Porter have
the teams in fine shape. The sched
ule runs—Southern U., Oct. 3 at
Alcorn; Tennessee State, Oct. 17,
at Nashville; Iceland College, Oct.
24, at Baton Rouge; Rust College,
Oct. 31 at Holly Springs; Tougaloo
College, Nov. 7, at Alcorn (home
coming); Campbell College, Nov.
2l at Alcorn, and Florida A. and
M„ Nov. 26 at Alcorn. One other
game will be played Dec. 5.
Violator Of
Parole Caught
Montgomery, Ala., Sept. 26—(C)
—William Ross was taken to At
lanta last week by U. S. Marshall
W. B. Smith to complete a term in
Federal Prison for violation of the
internal revenue law. After being
paroled, Ross is alleged to have
committed an offense for which
he was sent to Kilby prison. On
completing the term for the state,
the federal government revoked
his parole and took him back to
Atlanta prison.
Republicans Steal
March With Owens
New York, Sept. 26—(C)—The
Republican managers of the cast
stole a march on the Democrate
when they announced in the Daily
News that Jesse Owens is backing
Landon for President. JJesse posed
with Representative Joseph W.
Martin, jr., head of the New York
office of the Republican campaign
at 41 East 42nd street. Jesse was
quoted as saying: “Right now, the
most important thing, I think, is
to elect Gov. Alfred M. Landon
President.’ His election will be good1
for America, and for the people of
the colored race.” In the picture,
Martin was handing Owens a Sun
flower, emblem of the Republican
Owens May Retain
Amatuer Status
New York, Sept. 26—(CNA)
—Indications that Jesse Owens,
triple Olympic champion, may re
tain his amateur status despite
his appearance in the theatrical
world as a professional entertain
er was manifested this week when
the Caledonian club of New York
announced Owens as one of the
drawing cards for its first annual
track and field meet Sept. 17 at
the Yankee Stadium. The meet is
sanctioned by the A. A. U., which
recently barred Owens from A. A.
U. competition for refusing to
barnstorm around Europe with
the American Olympic team.
Owens is expected to compete in
fihiee events: the 100 metet and
200-meter sprints and the broad
jump. Among the other Negro top
notchers Who are scheduled to ap
pear in the meet are John Wood
ruff and Cornelius Johnson, Olym
pic title holders.
500 See Magistrate
Paige Begin Work
New York, Sept. 23—(C)
About five hundred persons,
representing civic troups, saw
Magistrate Myles Paige go to
work in Harlem Court, 121st j
St. and Sylvan place. Tuesday,1
after having observed proeed'
ure only one day under Magis
trate Solomon of Brooklyn.
Judge Solomon pronounced
Paige “OK” after a lengthy
conference in bis chambers.
Ordinarily a new magistrate ob
serves for at least a week be
fore starting out alone.
Gugsa Gives
Mussolini Robe
Rome, Sept. 26—(C)— Ras Gug
sa, the Ethopian traitor, gave Pre
mier Mussolini the mantle, decor
ated with a lion’s mane, which Em
peror Haile Selassie had given
Gugsa, when Gugsa interviewed
Mussolini in the Palazzo Venzia
Saturday. Correspondents describ
ed Gugsa as “popeyed.”
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Negro Housing
Conditions Tn Pa.
Phildelphia, Sept. 26—(ANP)—
Where do colored people live in
Phildelphia? In what kind of hous
es ? And what living facilities do
they enjoy? These and similar
questions can now be answered
since the completion of a close and
comprehensive study of colored
housing made under the supervi
sion of Adolph Siegrast, superin
tendent, Phildelphia Real Proper-,
ty Survey.
The data, made public through
John H. Rankin, director of Dis
triots 4 and 5, Works Progress
Administration, were obtained dur
ing a recent city-wide Real Pro
perty Survey under the Civil
Works Administration and further
studies are being made under the
sponsorship of Thomas A. Logue,
secretary, Internal Affairs of the
Commonwealth of Pa.
Figrues Reveal Poor Houses
Structures occupied by colored
people—47,884 in total—are main
ly of single-family type—83.8 per!
cent; and 90.0 per cent of their
dwellings are row houses. Colored
people occupy 2,721 structures of
the store-and-dwelling type—which
miake up 4.7 per cent of their
structures containing four or more
household dwelling units.
One of the most significant tabl
es of the data is that covering ape
of structures. Of the total number
of houses less than 10 years old,1
47,432 of these newer structure
frere occupied by whites, but onl> j
634 by colored—or 1.3 per cent. As
the table mounts into the older
ape groups, colored occupancy
pains in percentage—reaching 42.2
percent for buildings 100-years
okl or over—-of which 2,227 are
occupied by colored people. Per-,
haps the most telling comparison
in this connection is found in the
mediam apes for white and colored
housing, which are 32.7 years for
white and 52.7 for colored.
Less Than One-Third Colored
Houses in “Good” Condition
It is also significant that leiss
than a third of the colored houses
were found in “good” condition
and almost half of them needed
repairs. Of the vacant housing in
neighborhoods, 3,390 of the struc
tures were unsuitable for use.
Rented houses unsuitable for use
numbered 7,215.
No. Water, Heat, or Bathrooms
As regards living facilities the
data for colored housing shows
855 structores not equipped with
heating apartus, and the percent
age of houses having no running
water either in the house or yard
is 1.2 per cent while the city fig
ure is 0.4 per cent. Dwellings with
out bathrooms number 9.3 per cent
for the entire city, while for color
ed housing the figure is 21.1 per
cent, this percentage being -about
the same for bathtubs and showers.
As regard# gas 'and electric in
stallations, lack of these facilities
is greater in the colored dwellings
and the percentages for houses
having no indoor water closets, are
7.5 Iper cent for the city and 19.6
per cent for colored buildings.
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St Louis—Frequently we notice
women who have given a great
deal of time and attention to their
‘appearance, and yet have careless
ly overlooked some simple little
detail which spoils the whole ef
Women who wear short-sleeved
summer frocks or sleeveless even
ing gowns sometimes neglect their
unattractive elbows, which detract
from the well-groomed appearance
every woman should have. Even
when a wealth of attention is lav
ished on the hair, the complexion
and the hands, no woman can look
her best if household tasks have
left her elbows reddened, chapped
or calloused.
Its easy to keep our elbows look
ing slim ‘and attractive if we will
give them the same consideration
we give our hands or fingernails.
Don’t acquire tho habit of lean
ing on the elbows everytimo you
sit down. This is the chief cause
of many enlarged unattractive el
bows. Watch for this tendency in
yourself, -and if you find that you
frequently sit with your chin cup
ped in your hands and your elbow
rotating on the table or chair-arm,
break yourself of the habit
The appearance of the elbows
can be improved considerably by
messaging them with a beauty
cream, or with olive oil. With one
arm extended straight forward,
take the slack skin on the outside
Free Fugitive
In Chicago
Chicago, Sept. 26— (C)—Chief
Justice items Normoyle freed Sam
uel Bennett, of Dust Arkansas, on
a writ of habeas corpus Thursday.
Bennett was wanted in Forrest
City for alleged assault to kill
charges. Governor Horner denied
Bennettls extradition.
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Feel full of pep and possess the
slender form you crave—you can’t
if you listen to gosslpers.
To take off excess fat go light on
fatty meats, butter, cream and sug
ary sweets — eat more fruit and
vegetables and take a half teaspoon
ful of Kruschen Salts in a glass of
hot water every morning to sUlC*
nate waato.
Mrs. Elma Verllle of Havre do
Grace, Md., writes: "I took off 20
ibs.—my clothes tit me fine now."
No drastic cathartics—no consti
pnuou—out ULjT: daily ty-wel ac
tion when you take your iuus uiuiy
dose of Kruchen.
marMirtmtsar -y-K- .«.. »'^aaw- ~ -»■
r by the Founda- f _
r the best paper
beauty culture. •
of the elbow in tihe fingers of the
other hand and massage it thor
If the elbow's have become un
isually coarsened and don’t res
pond easily to treatment, try put
ting a heavy oil on them and leav
ing it on overnight. A light band
age can be wrapped about the el
bows to keep the oil in place.
Warm olive oil, or any beauty
preparation which has an oily
base, can be used for this pur
pose. Many women keep the skin
of the elbows soft and pliant by
resting the elbows in shallow
isaucers filled w'ith warm olive oil.
Naturally, the elbows tend to be
come darkened even more than the
skin of the forearms. For that rea
son, bleaching the elbows regular
ly is a wise beauty precaution. A
j regular bleaching cream can be
used, or, if you prefer, lemon juice
can be rubbed into the elbows. If
this is done regularly, the skin will
become noticeably lighter, and the
| w'holo appearance of the arm will
be improved.
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3 Hurt In Arkansas
McGehee, Ark,, Sept. 26—(C)—
George Mitchell, Miss Tilda New
xnan and another man were in
jured seriously Wednesday morn
ing when a car driven by O. O.
Kemp, a planter, catapulted down
a twelve-foot embankment, and
trailer, in which several cotton
pickers were riding, crashed. Mit
chell suffered <a severe head in
jury, Miss Newman sustained a
broken arm, and another man’s legs
were broken. The accident occur
red near McArthur, six miles eaet
of here.
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