The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, February 29, 1936, CITY EDITION, Page SEVEN, Image 7

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...SPOR T S...
Joe Louis Goes To <
Watch Golden Gloves
Detroit, Mich., Feb. 19—Joe
Louis is getting fat and likes
it. The young Negro heavy
weight. here to visit his mother
and attend the Detroit Golden
Gloves boxing tournament, said
Wednesday he is enjoying his
vacation from the ring by “just
catching up on my chicken eat
“I’m six or seven pounds over
my fighting weight right now,”
Louis said. “I want to be about
215 pounds when I start train
ing April 15 for my fight some
time next June with Max
Schmeling. ’ ’
Louis, announcing he will
train near Bangor, Me., said he
is adding to weight intention
ally. lie anticipates no trouble
taking off the excess poundage.
“I’m doing nothing much
right, now but eating and sleep
ing’,* he said. “The rest won’t
do me any harm, and once I
start training I won’t have any
trouble getting my timing and
footwork right again.
Joe said he couldn’t resist
attending the Golden Gloves
show, the: kind in which he got
hia start in 1933. The following
year he won the national ama
teur title. Then he started aj
professional career in which the!
score now stands, 27 fights, 23
knockouts, four decisions, all in
Joe's favor. — World Hernl
Jn these days of boxers who fight
only when the century plant is in
bloom, this yam about Oscar Ran
kin, the red-hcaded sepia middle
weight title contender seems like a
fairy tale to be classed with gaso
line at 10 cents a gallon and eggs
at a nickel a dozen. I merely quote
Larry Morrison, Rankin’s manager
who swears his boy fought two
men in two feature bouts in the
same ring on the same night.
As the story goes, a few months
ago in Detroit, Rankin was to show
his stuff on a card featuring four
10 rounders The Californian stop
ped his white opponent, Manuel
Vittorio, in the initial frame and
was in his dressing room taking a
shower when the promoter came
and asked him to go on. in the fi
nal bout. He was to substitute for
Tom Patrick, who had been booked
but who failed to arrive.
Rankin's opponent was Leo Kel
ley,, 175 pound deacon of a cullud
church in Detroit, who was found
attending services and hustled to
the arena where he agreed to meet
his lighter foe. Rankin gave away
ten pounds and won what Morris
son swears was a sizzling decis
J don’t vouch for this. The tale
has merely started going around
and round and it comes out here.
On Monday, March 2nd, Mr.
Fred Myers, formerly at the Horse
man Recreational Parlor, at 2115
Famam St, will open a first-class,
np-to-date Sporting Event Parlor
at 2314 N. 24 St-, in the old Jen
sen building, with all colored em
Mr. Myers is well known in the
sporting world, having lived in
Omaha practically all hi life. For
years he was a very close asso
ciate of the late Jack Broomfield.
He is highly spoken of by all who
have formed his acquaintance
To an Omaha Guide representa
tive ho states that he comes to his
new location not as a stranger,
but to his friends; and that he
expects to conduct a first-class,
respectable Sporting Events Place
of business. Ladies are invited,
and will receive courteous treat
Mr. Meyrs wll have direct wires
to all parts of the sporting world.
He is coming into this neighbor
hood, Mr. Myers states, to be a
part of this community, and ex
pects to spend his money with the
merchants of the neighborhood
He invites all North Omahans to
pay his new place of business a
Jack Kearns has out his letter
heads for his newly acquired box
ing property, Lorenzo Pack, and
the Foxy One is already stirring up
a possible Pack-Joe Louis match.
Printed in the upper corner of the
envelope in bold, black type is the
following: “Reward $10,000 for
any promoter who can deliver Joe
Louis’ body, alive in a 24-foot
ring for Lorenzo Pack’s.”
Heywood Storey, the "Black
Shadow” whom you niay remem
ber as Golden Gloves and national
amateur champion of the welter
weights, back in 1930-1931, is
thinking of retiring at 26 from
professional middleweight ranks.
IHe’s tied up with a manager who
hasn’t got him a fight in a year.
If Storey can’t break the contract,
he’ll quit
Wonder what Joe Lillard thinks
of the ousting of Doc Spears from
the Wisconsn U- coaching job. If
memory serves me right, Lillard
went with Spear to Oregon a few
years ago to play football—and Joe
was so good they practically
wrecked the entire Pacific coast
conference, to throw in charges of
professionalism and got Lillard
out of college football
Poland’s Anti
Semitic Drive,
Nazi Style;
Spreading from the Corridor and
other districts bordering on Ger- j
many, a nation-wide terror against
Jews is raging in Poland- Inflanv-1
matory anti-Semctic literature
printed in Germany, is smuggled j
into Poland and the Jew-baiting
newspaper Warta 1s being sold on'
the streets by Polish Nasi Party
members wearing swastika arm
bands. Anti-Jewish outbreaks in
the universities and secondary
schools are frequent and violent. In
the Universities of Warsaw and
Posen, “ghetto" classes have been
established and Jewish students
are frequently! beaten. In the Pol
ytechnic School at Lwow, a Jewish ,
student died as a result of a beat
ing received in a school riot- In the
Polish Y.MO A.’s, the -introduc-1
tion of an official “Aryan Para
graph,” prohibits Jews from enter
ing or using the club rooms, or
recreation halls, etc., and no Jew
is allowed to participate in, any of
the organization’s activities.
In the market places Jewish
tradespeople are terrorized and
robbed; and in Przytik and in the
vicinity of Lodz (hearquarters of
the Polish Nazi Party) an active
campaign is being carried on to
make it almost impossible for
Jews to obtain food and other nec
essities. Throughout Poland, Jew
ish homes, synagogues and stores
have been bombed and set on fire,
and an increasingly large num
ber of Jewish shops have been
forced to close because of boy
cotts, plundering raids and open
Son Succeeds Father
As Head Of Business
Jacksonville, Fla., Feb. 26, (AN
P) J. H. Lewis succeeded his fa
ther, A. L- Lewis, as president of
the Afro-American Life Insurance
Company here Thursday when the
annual meeting of the stockhold
ers of the million dollar corpora
tion was held- here. Young Lewis,
by his promotion now bears the
distinction of being the youngest
executive head of a big corpora
tion in the South
Under the direction of A. L
Lewis, who is now the chairman
of the board of directors, the Af
ro-American Life Insurance Com
pany lias grown from a local in
situation to one of national im
portance and one which boasts of
having survived during the depres
sion. Through the manner in which
the business has been conducted
the corporation has gained the con
fidence of the policyholders as well
as the stockholders.
Cleveland AF of L
Endorses Scottsboro
Cleveland, O-, Feb- 26, (ANP)
The united Scottsboro Defense
Committee received the endorse
ment of organized labor when the
Cleveland Federation of Labor vot
ed at its membership meeting to
issue credentials to the committee
to visit local unions to solicit their
North Carvlinians
Boycott Store
Negro Clerks Are Reinstated
In Durham
Durham, N. C., Feb. 27—
(ANP)—Using their buying
power as the weapon local cit
izens here were successful in
having two dismissed Negro
clerks in the Kroeger grocery
store m the Hayti section, rein
stated, after several hours of
The Negro clerks Monday
were discharged and replaced
by white men. When the report
of the action of the Kroeger
management, was circulated a
mass meeting was called by cit
izens in the section and a com
mittee appointed to call upon
the manager, who was request
ed to reinstate the men. When
he refused pickets were station
ed bearing signs urging Ne
groes not to buy from the store.
Following the advice of the
pickets every prospective cus
tomer passed up the Kroeger
store and tine patronage is al
most one hundred percent Ne
gro. Seeing his sales practical
ly stopped the manager called
tho pickets in the store and ad
vised them that he had recalled
the Negro clerks and that they
would be put to work as soon
as they arrived. This was done
and the boycott was lifted.
Encouraged by the success of
this movement, the citizens com
mittee moved to the A. & P.
Store and the Pender store, two
other chain stores in the district
and demanded that Negroes be
employed threatening to boy
cott the stores if the demands
were not met. Managers of both
stores told the committee that
they would take the matter up
with the main office and report
their decisions Thursday.
Order To Segregate
Teachers Withdrawn
New York, Feb. 26, (ANP) The
Board at Education has rescinded
an order that would have segre
gated all Negro teachers on the
Adult Education Project, WPA,
which work it is sponsoring.
Withdrawal of the order follow
ed wide-spread protest by the Pro
ject's Delegates Council, an affil
iate of the City Projects Council.
The CPC is composed of 6,000 Ne
gro and white WPA workers.
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borview Ave., Bridgeport, Conn.
Legislator Outlines
Program For Race
Frankfort, Ky., Feb. 26, (C) In
a special statement to Calvin’s
Newspaper Service, Hon. Charles
W. Anderson, Jr., newly elected
representative in the Kentucky
Legislature from the 58th Dis
trict, Jefferson County, (Louis
ville), has outlined his program
for the race in his state. He says
in part:
“My first bill introduced in the
Kentucky Legislature was House
Bill 148, which provides that the
state pay the tnition of students
compelled to pursue professional
and graduate education at insti
tutions outside the state
“My second bill was to create
tho office of a Third Assistant
Commonwealth’s Attorney for the
City of Louisville- My purpose for
drafting this kind of bill was to
open the avenue for the future
possible appointment of a Negro
“My third bill relates to both
races. It provides that any teach
er having taught school for five
years within the state may marry
and retain her job.
“A fourth bill provides for the
state to pay the expenses neces
sary in the defense of persons
charged with felonies, who are un
able to employ counsel. A Pau
per’s bill, and especially helpful
to our race
"My whole program concerns
legislation where necessary to cre
ate or open avenues of employ
ment for our race; to give us bet
ter opportunities and abolish dis
crimination in the employment of
our race on state projects- Like
wise, I arn interested in progres
sive legislation irrespective of race
or those matters which will aid
the progress of Kentucky."
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Florida Gives Race
New School Build*
ings This Year
Ta.''sliassee, Fla , Feb. 26, (C)
D. 1 Williams, State Agent of
tho T- "artment of Public Instruc
tion i *srida, W. S. Cawthon,
superfr' jodent, in a special state
ment Calvin’s Newspaper Ser
vice says: “There will be several
hundred thousand dollars worth of
buildings constructed for Negroes
in Florida this year. We cannot
give definite reports on this con
struction until the year will have
On the interracial angle of edu
cation in Florida, Mr. Wiliams
told Calvin’s Service: “White peo
ple are continually becoming more
generous in their attitude towards
Negroes. The change of attitude
is like the growing of a plant,—it
is imperceptible at the time the
change is taking place- However,
a perspective of the situation in
Florida for the past decade shows
an amaaing growth."
This is the third state to give
an optimistic report on education
al conditions in the South in re
sponse to the Calvin query. The
first was Kentucky and the sec
ond North Carolina
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Ladies’ and Children’* Work
A Opeaiahr.
2432 Lake Stnot
Two of S. C Quad
Ruplets Die
Charleston, S. 0., Feb. 27—
Two of the quadruplets born to
& Negro couple here died early
Friday when they failed to re
spond to incubator treatment.
The four babies were born
Thursday in a hovel near
Charleston and rushed to a
hospital by Dr. Leon Banov,
county health officer. The
quadruplets, which arrived un
der the ministrations of a mid
wife, were not weighed but
their combined weight was est
imated at 12 pounds.
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