The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, February 29, 1936, CITY EDITION, Page TWO, Image 2

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J. L. R—I danced with a boy at
a dance the other night and I
would like to know if he is inter
ested in me or not?
Arm—This fellow always has a
congenial air about hin\ and tries
to be nice to the girls he dances
with, but he was particularly in
terested in you- He showed very
plainly that he was MORE THAN
V. D. W—Wilt you please tell
me where my husband is? What
is there in store for me?
Arm—Your husband appears to
be with ANOTHER WOMAN. You
are wasting away waiting for your
husband to return to you for he is
more satisfied now than he has
ever been. There is another mar
riage indicated for you in the fu
p. H.—Am I doomed to old
maidenhood ?
Ana—-Yon are acting too hasty
in forming such ideas about your
Cooper Heads
Virginia Federal
Vocational Survey
Hampton Institute. Va., Feb- 26,
The work to be done in Virginia
survey of vocational education for
Negroes is to be aupervised by
William M- Cooper, who has been
engaged for many years in insti
tutional and emergency education
al project*.
At the present Mr. Cooper is
the district supervisor for east
ern Virginia for adult education
projects initiated by the Federal
Emergency Administration and di
rector of Hampton Institute’s ex
tension work.
His appointment was anounced
this week He will serve part-time
and without pay. The assistant
project manager working in coop
eration with him will be Miss Con
stance Fisher. She will be in direct
charge of the research work to be
done in Virginia as part of the
survey. Miss Fisher will serve full
The survey is being conducted j
by the oflce of Education of the i
United States Department of the
Interior, under the direction of Dr
Ambrose Caliver, senior specialist
in Negro education- It is intend
ed to answer the questions “What
opportunities for vocational edu
cation are available to Negroes,
and to what extent should they be
modified and enlarged." Differing
somewhat from a number of other
studies being made, this survey will
be carried into certain selected
rural sections of the state, as well
as to the cities.
Prof. Cooper is directly respon
sible, under the regional director,
for the expenditure of the funds
allotted to Virginia fo ♦he study
Tho headquarters of wo of
ficials wil be in Richtnor.u.
Prof. Cooper is a graduate of
Hampton Institute, and holds the
degree of master of arts from Co
lumbia University, for specializa
tion in teacher training and edu
cational administration. A success
ful school executive, he was called
to Hampton Institute to become
director of its extension work, a
position which he has filled with
such ability that he has been des
ignated to assist in a federal hous
ing project in addition to being a
district supervisor of the FERA
•dolt education.
Mias Fisher holds the degree of
bachelor of arts from Fisk Univer
sity in social science and the M A.
degree from Western Reserve Uni
versity. She has done one addi
tional year of graduate work to
ward her doctor’s degree in the de
partment of mental hygiene and
psychiatric social work, . in the
New York School of Social Work.
She served one year as a girl’s
camp director for the Phyllis
Wheatley Association of Cleveland
Ohio, and has been a case-worker
and supervisor of trainees for the
Cleveland Associated Charities, for
eight years, which included one
year as the supervisor for the Cuy
ahoga County Relief Administra
tion of Ohio
To this experience she has add
ed one year as teacher in th* At
lanta School of Social Work
self, for no one at your age of
SEVENTEEN is considered an old
maid- By not getting married so
young, you'll be able to find the
kind of man you want for n hus
band. He will be your social elect
and will be intelligent and NICE
K. W—Please tell mo where my
daughter is and what I can do ?
Ans—Your daughter seems to be
very heartbroken over this love
affair which turned out so bad for
her, and took a SHORT TRIP
to HIDE OUT till she got over her
hurt pride The best thing you can
do for her when she returns is to,
pretend nothing has happened and
don’t mention the name of A. T.
W. J.—Will you please tell me
where I can locate my overcoat?
Ana.—You seem to have left
your overcoat down in the POOL
ROOM and one of the men who
came there that night from out of
town took it before you had a
chance to return for It You will
not get this overcoat back.
A. L- G—I don’t want to go
with this man but I can’t make him
leave me alone wthout hurting his
feelings. What would you do?
Ana—This man’s feelings are
not as easily hurt as you believe,
therefore you should tell him just
how you feel about him. His wifo
thinks a lot of you and would
think mighty bad of you if you had
anything to do with her husband
L. M. S—Do you think I will!
get over this trouble I am so wor
ried about?
A ns—An operation will bo the
means by which you will overcome
your trouble- This operation will
prove to be a successful one if you
tako the proper care of yourself
afterward ?
S- R—Please tell me if my hus
band is gambling or just cheating
when he goes out nights?
Ana—Mostly cheating, although
ho roes spend a lot of time gam
bling. Your husband is known to
be interested particularly in a cer
tain girl in your city, and he spends
many hours with her. However,
'this won’t keep up much longer.
N- P. R.—I got a valentine and
I would like to know who it is from
and what was the meaning of it?
Ans—Don’t get sore about a
little thing like that, for a girl
friend of yours just wanted to have
a little fun. This valentine was sent
with the Valentine spirit and you
should take it that way.
M T- B—I would like to know
if I ask for a rnise in salary will
I get it?
Ans.—You have already been
with the manager of this store for
over seven years, and your work
has proved to be most satisfac
tory. You should ask for a raise in
salary for you certainly do de
serve it. This job will pay quite a
bit more in the future.
J. H—Will I ever get my money
back? What can I do about it?
A ms.—There is absolutely no
thing you can do about it. When
you invest money in stock you are
merely taking a chance with it. J
am happy to predict that some of
the stock you bought will pay div
idends within the next few months
although it will only be a few dol
Mulatto Proving: 2nd
‘Tobacco Road”
By Floyd J. Calvin,—Special
New York, Fdb. 26—You can
never know from where a new
leader wil spring! Who would have
thought that "Mulatto”, the
South, would be hanging around
all this time, now in its fifth big
month on the Great White Way?
Who would have thought that
Langston Hughes, a colored man,
would have the honor of penning
lines that would be spoken over
and over by an interracial cast
(some of them whites from Texas)
on a subject that is sub-rosa talk
by white folks all the way from
tho Batery to the Galveston Sea
Well, "Mulatto" is still on the
boards, (to the chagrin of the "de
cent people" even of New York),
and there is no telling now just
when it will close. It is proving a ]
second "Tobacco Road "
You know the story of “Tobacco
Road”, the play of Georgia "po
whites” by Erskine Caldwell, author
of the erotic "God's Little Acre."
The whites of "Tobacco Road" are
so poor a futhcr soils his daugh
ter for a “mess of turnips.” Yet
tho play has taken such a hold on
the consciousness of New York
that artists have made its theme
a motif for cartoons in the ultra
smart “New Yorker.”
Will "Mulatto" really turn out
to be a second "Tobacco Road"?
That is a big question. To answer
it you must know, first, how "To
barfoco Road” has stayed in the
lights for over 24 months. It was
about to close. Crowds were slim,
and all because the language was
so raw the self-same “decent peo
ple" wouldn’t bo seen in the then- :
tre or heard indorsing tho show !
The New York Daily News, a tab- j
lend that is regarded by the atari- 1
dard sheets as a bit ‘‘cracked",!
took up the cudgels, editorially, i
and made the Big Town take note
of tho clay raters from North
Georgia- The News carried edit
orial after editorial, Maying people
ought to see tha play so they could >
learn, at first hand, in a way they
would never forget, just what kind
of people help to make up the pop
ulation of these United States, and
ipso facto, help elect our president,
send representatives to Washington
that may help to keep off the
statute books some laws that the
“decent” people might have their
hearts set upon. In other words,
The News said the play was dirty,
yes, but so are the people who live
in the tumble-down tenant shacks
in many parta of the South, and
the best way to get their necks
washed is to become so nauseated
with their dirt that we will “do
something about it. Don’t just leave
them in their dirt. That is why
they are still in it But figure out
a way to get the dirt off
After theso hammgues the
empty seats at the Forrest began
to fill up, nnd now the play is in
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Herman's Market
24TH and LAKE STS. WT5 5444
wa DMj*m
Harlem Fire
Trreatens Families
Twenty-two Negro and Latin-Am
erican families were menaced last
Monday night when fire swept
through a six-story building at
117 West 118th Street, near Lenox
With memories of recent tra
gedies in Harlem’s fire-trap build
ings still fresh in their minds,
panic stricken tenants were threat
ening to jump from windows when
the police arrived- They were final
ly persuaded to wait for fire appa
ratus, delayed by icy streets.
Leopold Atherton, 20, severed
an artery by thrusting an arm
through a window, and five others
suffered cuts.
its third year in Gotham, and may
ers over the country are making it
last longer by barring the appear
ance of the road cast
Will some newspaper take up
tho cudgels in behalf of “Mulat
to”, in the hope of shaming into
better conduct the white male of
tho "Black Belt?Hardly, yet you
never know what will be the next
sensation on Broadway. But the
fact remains that "Mulatto” is do
ing very well, in spite of the news
papers. The critics beat it furious
ly on the opening night and left it
for dead- It got up, staggered
along and finally recuperated- Then
Rose McClendon, the colored star,
took ill. Another blow that left it
groggy. Predictions were again
made that it would close. A white
couldn’t carry the role of the great
Rose. But week after week passed
and for a second time the wobbly
legs of “Mulatto” grew firm and
strong, it is still with us, now
boasting proudly of its nine lives.
“Mulatto's” appeal is unique in
these parts—stark sex realism
between black and white in Dixie.
Here, for tho first time, is shown
in the open tho origin of the "high
Yallers ” Both 3ides come because
they don’t like- it—the story. They
come to hate—and the box office,
strangely unemotional, gloats- The
publicity man puts still larger ads
in tho papers.
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Hearst Hotel Sued
For Discrimination
New York, Feb. 26, (CNA) At
torneys for John Ryland, colored
doorman and superintendent of the
Empire Theatre Building, are
pressing for a decision in Munici
pal Court on his suit for $1,000 ,
damages against the Hearst Hotels
Corporation- The suit charges the
management of William Randolph
Hearst’s Warwick Hotel, 66 West
Fifty-fourth Stret, with the viola
tion of the New York State Civil
Law prohibiting racial discrimina
tion by hotels, restaurants, private
schools, etc.
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