The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, February 01, 1936, CITY EDITION, Page FOUR, Image 4

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    SOCIAL Q _ _ 1 „ + , CLUBS
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
I. Rafferty Celebrate
20th Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Rafferty
celebrated their twentieth wed
ding anniversary Sunday, January
19th, at their residence, 2901 Ers
kine street. Mrs. Rafferty was
gowned in white crepe secquin,
with gold and rhinestone trim
ming and accessories to match.
The table was beautiful in pink
and green, with American Beauty
roses and jonquils.
More than one hundred guests
braved the cold weather to at
tend the affair, while many others
tendered regrets. Those assisting
were mesdames Shirley Yancey,
James White, Walter Hibbs, Sadie
Bly, Howard McDaniel, Simon
Harold, Stephen Taylor, Joseph
Taylor, M. L- Preston, Will Moore,
I. S McPherson, Miss Dorothy
Scott, Messrs. H. L. Preston, Don
Strawther and Shirley Yancey.
Many beautiful and useful gifts
were received.
Miss Dorcas doens, 2G13 N
24th St., entertained at a hit-1
chen shower Tuesday, Jau. 24, j
at her home in honor of Mrs. i
Flora More ’. The bride re.'oiv
ed many useful gifts. Monop!} i
was played after which a dolus-j
ous luncheon was served
• _- <(
Mis Helen S'ligleton enter
tained at a lf-nen shower at. 2414
Maple street, Friday night in
honor of Mrs. Flora Morris. A 1
number of useful and beauti
ful gifts were received. About
fifteen guests were present. De
lirious refreshments were sein
ed by the hostess. The guests
departed after having had a
very delightful time.
Little Oo'lins Paul no, 10071
North 23rd St-., six year-old .son1
of Mrs. Helen Pauline, was to j
turned to the custody of his
mother, Jan. 24th, by Corpus
Court. John Adams, Jr., was.
the attorney.
Mrs- Fred Dixon entertained1
friends at her home Saturday af
ternoon- A delicious luncheon
was enjoyed by all who were
prebent. Bridge was played
There wil be a bridge party i
Friday, Jan. 30th, 9:00 p m., til
the Elks Club room. Cash pritv s
$2.00, $1.00—booby. Tickets 25c.
Betty Jones, daughter of Mr. ]
and Mrs. Toby Jones, 2851 Wirt |
Street was on the Central High
Honor Roll. Miss Jones re
ceived: four and one-half As in
her subjects. Mrs. Jones says
her daughter has no favorite
Mrs. Helen Scott returned
from Chicago where she visited
her sister, Mrs. Vera Pettiford
for the past week.
The Dramatic Club of the Y.
W. C. A., otherwise known as
the “Y” players, resumed its
practice for the two plays which
they plan to give in the near
future. Watch for the dates.
Willing Workers
The WiU'ng Workers Club of
t li e Metropolitan Spir tual
Church of Christ held its first
anniversary with w banquet, on
Thursday evening, Jan. 23rd,
in the home of the president,
Mrs. fieri rude Mayberry, 2422
Erskine Si. The table was very
beautifully decorated with p’nk
and old rose tuli|«s-ou the end o
the table were two beautiful
silver eandleholders, in which
were two large green candles.
By each place card was a beau
tiful swan basket, Clled willi
assorted nuts and pink an!
white m'nts Our pastor,ltev. It.
W. Johitson, was appointed
master of ceremonies. After the
blessing, the president made a
short talk at which time she
dwelt on how mu h she loved
nach niemlmr of the club; how
r ithful the members are and
that she would be w illing to pnt
tin; Willin ' 'A'orlwr; Club up
a; any chib of our race in
the city. The president was pv -
seated with .a lovely gift from
the c'ub members. The color
scheme need was ml and while,
the decorations having been
made by Mr.;. Alma Waiting.
Two large while and gold cakes
were pros nted my Mesdames
JBeotrisc Fidmor and Bue John
son. On Mrs. Joluwvtt’l enke
1, arc these words; “Cogratu
latlons, fist minivers' ry of tin1
Willing Workers Club/’ Mrs.
Ollie Forrest, one. of the mem
bers, was again with us, after
having been palled to the sick
bed of her sister. Everyone had
a lovely time.
Airs .Gertrude Maylmrry, Pee
AT ‘s. Willi*1 Varner, eporter
Rev. . W. Johnson, TVstor
The Trojan Club is preparing for
its summer conference which will
bo held on April 29th. The candi
date has not been chosen yet. The
girl must bo prepared to discuss
and know the objectives and topics
to he diseased at the conference.
Fascism, P/ialism, Communism,
Capitalism, household Wmoloy
mont, Racial Problems rnd Vo'u i
tary Leadership will be basic
topics for discussions.
Two little Trojencttes have join
ed the club, namely Franklin Leon
Torter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sol
omon Portxr, and Bcvwrly Acs n
Essix, daughter of Mr. and Mrs
Robert Eusix.
Miss Minnie Pryor, a member
j of the Trojan Club, became the
i bride of Leonard Kercheval on
December 28th.
The telegram sent to theTrojnns
through the Facchamtes was sign
ed by Mr- Adrian Stamps, a mem
ber of the Eacchanites- The hand
work that was done cn the Bac
ehanite table was supervised by
Mr Lewis Carpenter- Miss Geral
dine Harold and Ernestine Kerr
are reported ill. We hope for them
a speedy recovery as they are
missed very much from the club.
Dorothy Pollard, President
Roberta Pharr, Reporter
Mrs. Emily Loren of Omaha, has
been in Ottawa, Kans., where si ?
visited her mother. She returned
to her home Jan. ldth, reporting
an enjoyable trip.
A girl at 2025 Willis Avenue ij
hunting for a husband He must
have a light complexion and dark
hair—age 22 or 25- Call address
given—don’t rush.
Mr. TIarry Nelson Rooks, well
known orchestra man passed
away at a local hospital on Sun
day. dan. 2fith, after a short ill
Mr. Rooks is survived by his
widow, mother, father, broth
ers and a host of friends. For
ft x years Mr. Rooks was a mem
ber of the Dixie Ramblers or
chestra. Funeral services will be
held at his home in Memph's,
Word was received of the
death of A’onxo lvew's, former
member of St, Johns church.
Mr. Lewis passed away Sundiiy
| morning.
Mrs. .Jessie Seott, 2885 Miami,
/ho has been quite ill with bron
chitis mac bbetter. Wo hope
to sie Mrs. Scott around again
JEnroute to California
Mrs Schweni, who has been
in Indiana visiting her motlicr,
stopped in Omaha to v:sit her
son and daughter Mr, and Mrs.
(Jordon Hop!? m and fiunilv.j
Mrs. S<diwein is cnroute to her J
home in California.
Tho home of Mr. end Mra. Eld
ridge, 2f>Sii? Maple Ctreet, was des
troyed hy firo Tuesday.
Mr- James C- Wilson, Cumiug
Hotel, IMG Cuming is suffering
with two broken ribs received as
ho was alighting from a W. F. A
truck at lunch hour. He was taken
to I>r- Jones’ office whore he was
treated and then taken home. He
is resting easy and expect to be
out vsoon.
We wish to thank our nifsny
kind friends and relatives for the
kindness and sympathy shown us
during the illnes and death of our
wife and mother. We also extend
thanks for the many beautiful
floral offerings
Mr. J O. P. Nawland
and Family
I'ieaMint Green Baptist Church
Tho Willing Workers Club which
■was recently organized, mot on
Thursday, evening, Jan. 23rd, at
the home oi Mrs. Eugenia Johnson
1844 N 22.-d St. Do- >ite irelem
e t weather fourteen members
vero present The newly elected
off ere of this club are as follows:
Mt . Viola Wilhite, President
Mrs. Eugenia Johnson, vice-pres
j Mrs. Ida McGuire, secretary
Mrs- R. Pearl, as. t. secretary
Mr. Bishop Pear1, chaplain
i Mr- Woods, asst- chaplain
Mrs l ot fie Koyoa, chairman of
Program Commit to
Mrs. Warwick, chairman of Hoe
i pitubty Committee.
Mrs. Bess.a King, chaivr«an of
Membership Committee
Mrs. Mary Davis, chairman of
(Sick Committee.
Mother Howard, treasurer.
The V/illirg Workers Club, the
youngest club of the Pleasant
(ircen, is making real 'progress
spiritually, numerically and flnsn
cte.ily under the leadership of the
wide-awoke president, v ho always
lias something of interest, to offer
the club each week- This club
meets Thursday evcn'ngs from
8:1*0 to 0:30 p in- Tne next meeting
will be at the home of Deacon
Bostic, Jan. 30th. Everyone is in
cited to attend.
Mrs. Benola Pear!, Reporter
I Rev. P. J- Price, Pastor
f! trar. 0 CLUB
M s. L'\rv/.lda ArtLson was
ostcss to the e!ub members Jan,
i5th. Mrs. Delia Mae iPuer and
(Mrs. Fannie Dee wtr awarded
bridge prizes.
Mrs. I«ee, President
Mrs. Ousley, Penortcr
A seven pound boy wa3 bom to
Mi*, and Mrs. George Wheeler, at
their home 2522 Hamilton Street.
I\ Lloyd Hluford, son of Mr.
and Mrs. E dBluford, 28(54 Biu
I ney St. is confined to his bed.
Little ITdrn Kasavo McMil
lan lias been quite i I, but is
much improved at the present
Mrs. Sally Boone is ill with
a severe eolcl at her home, 2892
Miam’! Strot.
Eugene Murray, who h°s been
eon fined to his home with an
altaek of scarlet fever, is able
to resume his work at the Ur
ban League.
Mrs. Greco, Cummings Hotel, is
convalescing from influenza.
Mrs. Bedford of the same ad
dress, who has been ill, is also re
Mrs Mabel Ray Avant, neigh
borhood secretary of the Urban
League, is still confined to her
home at 2865 Miami Street
Mrs. Chas. H- Davis, who has
been ill for some time, is much
0' t:> Coleman Jr., 2624 N. 25.
vl’o was tahen to flip hospital
f , h»r o h: tonsils removed, has
suddenly tpl >n a liini for the
'•T” ° •. \ tiemorrh i"e followed
the operation and ho is now in
a vrr • ; pious condition.
Mrs C. S. Thomas, 1614 N
23th St., is in a very serious eon
dition at the University Hos-t
pital. j
--* i
' U B-ek died at his home,
2626 Decatur St., on Jan. 24th.
Mr. Beck had been for the
host two and one-ha’f months
Tie leaves to mourn his death,
his widow nnd one daughter
Mrs. Wm Buster Kin". flMir
"arct) who was marred Trust
two days before her father’
\ slmrt fiu'ernl ar'rvi'’e ws
held at the Mvprs funpr-l ho"-*
on Sunday .The Mrsonie Lod"
had charge of the s'r'-iee Th
family left with the body n‘
~ -20 Sunday afternoon for Cp:
houdale, Illinois, for burial.
TV’ 1,rr O’r.b Fntrrtains
"’hr Fnendlv Sixteen Bridge
Flub was entertained bv Mr
Hassie Avant at 2915 N. 25th
S' Monday everinp’, .Tan. 27th
r: i ehanpe of bridge were
bn ‘*d Mr. Llyod Gray and
Mr . Plvillins won hiyh scores
Mr .T. Philips was accented as
i vember of the chib. A d di
i n r i«*pasi " "<5 sn”''ed bv
1' '».f
Mr 1* \thins "'ill entertain
the Chib F«1v. 3rd, a* Ihiw”
oil Tlall.
IVT. Avert. Pres.
Sam Wcad, See’y.
Tli" Club met at the home of
Mrs. T/ottie Keyes. 2‘217 N. 25tl
Strait. The meeting was open
Iod by the vice-president, Busi
| nes was seen after by the presi
dent. Viec-prexdent Mrs Keyes
presented Mrs. Triplett n
birthday cake in honor of her
sixtieth birthday. The Club
wishes Mrs. Triplett many hap
jpy birthdays.
I Tu enty-eight were delightful
ly served. The next meeting will
be hold at the home of Mrs.
Kin.g, 1846 N. 22nd St.
Mrs. V. More, Reporter
Rev. P. J Price,. Pastor
Annual Meeting*
Y. W. C. A. A.
The 14th annual meeting of the
Northside Branch of the YWCA
was held Wednesday night, Jan
22, at the YWCA. Mrs. John A
Williams presided. Invocation by
Rev. F. S Goodlett. A business
| meeting folowed which consisted
of the reading of the minutes of
1935; the annual meeting reports
of the treasurer, Mrs. Paul Flet
cher and report of the executive
! secretary and girl reserve secre
tary. The following persons were
elected to the committee of man
agement: Mrs. Dawes and Mrs.
Earl Wheeler who are to serve for
two years Mrs. Minnie Dixon, Mrs.
Herbert Wiggins and Mrs. John
A- Wiliams, to serve for three
The following was the nominat
ing committee for 1936: Mrs. Jen
nie Robinson, chairman; Mrs.
Mrs. Wm. Haynes and Mrs Min
nio Dixon.
The following persons made up
the committee that planned the
annual meeting election: Mrs.
J uth Wheeler, M rs Faith Patterson
Miss Dorothy Pollard, Mr3. Res
sie, Mrs. Edna Carr, Miss Hattie
Mao Worthington and Mrs- John
A. Williams.
Following the business meeting a
clever skit written by Mrs. Alyce
Wilson was presented. The skit
was an interpretation of the ac- j
tivities of the YWCA and it was
given by the members of the Af
ternoon Club, including the junior
and senior girls.
The January meeting of the Car
ters Charity Club met at the resi
dence of A. L. Hawkins, 2120 North
24th Stret.
After having dispensed with
the regular routine of business,
an interesting paper was read by
Mrs. Jessica Wright. The attend
ance was good. ,
Visitors were: Mesdames Ada
Woodson and Jessica Wright- The
hostesses, Mesdames A. L. Haw
kins, A. E. Black, J. O- Cunning
ham and Smith served the guests
with refreshments*. The meeting
adjourned to meet Febr. 6th at
2820 North 26th Stret
Mrs. G- W Galloway, Reporter.
The Postal Alliance Auxiliary
met Jan. 21st, at the home of Mrs.
J. C- Carey, 2636 Binney Street.
Election of officers was held and
the following were elected:
Mrs. J. C. Carey, President
Mrs. C. D. Wilkes, vice-pres.
Mrs. tl. Lewis, secretary.
Mrs. Craig, treasurer.
Mrs. E- L. Waldron, Reporter.
A delicious luncheon was en
by all.
The Mitzi Bridge Club was en
j tertained at a 2 o’clock luncheon
and bridge Jan. 22nd, at the home
!of Mrs- Ruby Reese- Eight club
members and four guests were
Mrs. Kirtly, President
Mrs. Reese, Secretary.
Mrs. E R. West entertained the
Anniversary Club Jan. 24, at her
home, 2916 Decatur Street, at. a
very lovely dinner party in honor
sary. Everyone reported as having
had a delightful time.
The Elite Whist Chib met at
the home of Mrs. Lela Paul. Mrs.
Ruth Wheeler, playing for Mrs.
Shelton, won first prize and Mrs.
Adams won the booby prize
The Alohoa Club wil give a
dance on Fcbr. 14th.
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