The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, February 01, 1936, CITY EDITION, Page TWO, Image 2

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NOTE—Your question printed free in this column. Tor private
reply send 25c and (self addressed stamped envelope for my New
Astrological Reading and receive by return mail my advice on three
questions free. Sign your full name, birthdate and correct address.
Address Abbe’ Wallace, P. 0. Box—11, Atlanta, Georgia.
A. L. B.—Will my brother-in-law
bo suceesful in leaving town?
Ans.—Your brother-in-law had
better think twice before he de
cides to leave town- He’ll be mak
ing a big mistake to give up a
satisfy his desire to go some
B. C.—Which one of the boy
friends would you advise me to
cling to?
Ans—One of the boys you go
with is in love with you and wants
to marry' you, but it would be fool
ish for you to cling to him since you
are not In love with him. The one
you arc IN LOVE WITH is the
one for you to hold on to, even if
ho does go with the girl L J.
C. M-—Wil you pleaso tell me
what happened to the two rugs I
have missed out of my house?
Ans.—In a case like this I will
suggest that you ask your hus
band what happened to the two
rugs. He will be able to tell you
PLENTY about them.
R. L. P—Poes this brown skin
man mean more to mo than tho
other man?
Ans—T should say not. The
man at the RAtlLROAb CROSS
ING wil turn out to be a true and
steadfast friend.
- |
M. IT.—I am a good clean woman
but pld 1 don’t have ary men as
friends. What seems to be the
trouble ?
Anj—Don’t bo fool enough to
sit around and lot tho women you
live with take the men away from
you a"d not allow ycu to have
company v here you live. Find an- j
other piano to live where you can
liave a little privacy and at hast
be able to entertain your friends
at home
W. J—What ti'ado do you think
would be best for mo to follow T
Ans.—Since you did not finish
high school, it wil be some whit t
difficult for you to find work
without some kind of training—
In a case like this I would suggest
that you take a course such os
Beauty Culture, Sewing or some
thing similar to it.
M. O. It—I had some land willed
to me and I want to know if I will
Campbell Tells Of
“Movable Schools”
In Alabama
Tuskegee Institute. Ain., Feb. 1,
(ANP)) In wliat has been acclaim
ed as one of the moat interesting <
books published recently, T. M.
Campiiell, di-ector of he Exten
sion Work of tho United States
Department of Agriculture de
scribes the work of the “movable
schools’ throughout the state of
Alabama which is one of the ex
tension activities of the Depart
Under the caption "The Mov
able School Goes to the Negro
Farmer” Mr. Campbell, a graduate
of Tuskegee Institute, outlines how
twentv-fivo years ago the late
Booker T. Washington devised the
plan of takirg improved methods
of farming and ways and means
of making home life in the rural
districts were attractive to the
wives and children of farmers by
teaching them how to beautify
heir horryis and improve tlieir liv
ing conditions.
For more than two decades Mr.
Campbell ha8 been directing the
work of the “school on wheels”
with a “faculty” well schooled and
employed by the United States De
partmen of Agriculture. Through
his cxperienco in this work he has
proved himself well qualified, ns
the volume will show, to depict
this phase of the extension work
which had its genesis as one of the
activities of Tuskegoe Institute
and later taken over by the gov
The book is published by the
Tuskegee Institute Press, an in
foresting new venture instituted by
President Patterson in :onnection
with the trade school printing de
partment- The Institute Pres has
a complete book binding depart
ment and is equipped to publish
volumes of various typos.
lever como into possession of It?
Ans: — Everyone makes mis
takes and you made one when you
put so much confidence in this man
you have working for you trying
to get this land. This land seems
to have been willed to you when
you were twelve years old, and
| you certainly can’t expect to gain
jKwsession of It after waiting
forty five years.
E M. H. S.—Ploaso tell me if
my husband and I will marry
Ans:—Your husband will try to
make things appear rosy for you
if you marry him again, but don’t
fall for everything you hear The
feeling you have for him now is
just temporary and It won’t last
long. You’ll both marry again but
not each other.
J. P. J.—Is there a possibility
of me over being able to make up
with my old boy friend?
Ans:—You have tried to tell this
hoy the truth but everytime you
get around him you are speechless
—Why don’t you write him a' let
ter and explain everything to him
--He’ll think differently about you
when he finds out thee real truth
W. M. Y—What caused this
ihinpr to happen to my friend’s
mother ?
Ans:—Your friend’s mother has
been sickly nnu nervous and has
hud too heavy a burden to shoul- [
cr—This trouble was more than !
eho could stand and caused her to f
lose her mind- However, it isn't
lost permanently.
P. T.—Will my son’s mate jjet
pardoned ? I
Ans:—Your son’s mote is schc.d-1
ulod to go before the board diir- J
ir>g the month of May—I am happy '
to predict tiiat ut that time he
will get paroled.
A- E. Rt—Will i get work as I
desire and need?
Ana:—Certainly you will—Just
bo patient and your Aunties will
find you a job
Liberian Attorney
Wnis Libel Suit: ]
Awarded $4,999.99
Monrovia, Liberia, Feb. 1, (A
N. P.) Charging he had been li
belled in material written and cir
culated by William A. Kent, said
to bo an escaped TJ. S- criminal
and in cahoots with certain for
ces inimical to the government,
Attorney General Monroe Phelps,
of Liberia, was awarded $4,999 99
damages in circuit court here yes
It was declared in court that
Kent is one of 18 alien gangsters
who filtered into Liberia eight
years ago, holds no passport, and
has not secured permits of resi
dence to cover his period here, has
prospected and mined for gold 10 ,
months without a license, has paid >
neither street nor lighting tax
es, has lived on scheming here for
seven years and has burned down
a house belonging to Phelpa and
made threats to do him bodily in
In awarding judgment for libel,
the court also ordered Kent held
for the wilful commission of arson.
He is to be trie^i in the February
term of court.
24TH and LAKE STS. WE 5444
Va. Governor Ans
wers Lynch Query
Richmond, Va., Fcbr. 1— (C)
Governor George C. Peory has
given to Calvert's Newspaper
Service a copy of his reply to
Dr. James E. Shepherd presi
dent of the North Carolina
College, D irham, who wrote tc
him recently urging that hhe
Governor take a strong stand
against lynching.
The letter, dated early in the
month, reads. “1 am in receipt
month, reads. “T am in rese'pt
of your loter of the second, and
have read the same with much
interest. Law enforce merit is
essential to our future security
but the enforcement of the law
must be left to the courts. When
a mob takes the Ijw into its
own hands, it is a direct defi
ance of law and should be se
verely punished, just as other
crimes arc punished.
‘In regard to the crime of
lynching, we have an anti-lyneh
ing law ,'n Virginia that was
enacted in 1928. (See Sections
1427A to 44271,) inclusive, of
the Code of Virginia, 19:10.)
Since 1he passage of this law
in Virginia, we have not had a
lynching in this stato.
“I believe that other slates
might well consider the advis
ability of adopting a similar j
law. This is the answer to n fed
eral anti-lynching law. It U a
matter for the slates to handle,
but :.t should be bandied effec
tively. *'
Dr Shepherd wrote fourten
governors, and Calvin's Ser
vice has ashed ai’ of them for a
statement on his letter, ’ihe
other thirteen to be heard from
are: J. C. B. Kringheus, North
Oarolijia, Olin It. Johnson, S.
Carolina; Ktlgar Tn.l.mad;*o, of
Georgia: Dave Sholt/. Florida;
Bibb Giavts, Alabama; M. Sen
nett Conner, Missis i ppi; Oscar
X. .Allen, Ijouiswtna; damns V.
Allred, Texas; J. Marion Fu
trd!, Arkansas; 1 ,;il Mc Alis
ter, Tennessee; K. Vf, Marl and,
Oklahoma; Harry W. Nice, of
Maryland and Happy Chandler,
'Kentucky. Their replies, if any,
w ill he made pubi:c
Moon«'i FmoruM Oil Cuarauteed to
Stop All I’aln and 9uroneas and
llauish Ofrniitt Colors
In just one minute after an appli
cation of Emerald Oil you’ll get the
surprise of your life. Your tired,
tender, smarting, burning feet will
literally jump for ioy.
No fuss, no trouble; you just ap- j
ply a few drops of the oil over tbe
surface of the foot night and morn
ing. or when occasion requires. Just
a lithe and rub it in. It's simply
wonderful Ihc way it ends all foot
misery, while for feet that sweat
aud gi»e off an offensive odor,
n> A there’s nothing better In the
yvjr world.
Moone’s Emerald Ofl is
gurtrauteed to and your foot
im troubles or money back.
ItoM'Vrj* fc r*4i.>* f»*»»
MA ***u»*4 kV .5 »»£*$*; * a for■».* t»oin
%U«»« pj^ii< *v* k4^<k«J .u; jrttn~
• iCd* II-J 4l««ik4l • 4 l«A<ldwi
ESUftltMi] •*« ♦{. rt*»* * *fl A P o* I*.
** attnina-4* 'Vr*« f$r fr»p w /> <)♦< l
i .ii
Chi«V III#** ** * »i"i».v ft .*»•»%•&■« <*Jr.*l.-*f» »
ttoUtttpff »t 4’*, hort v»*ia o ***>« Ip
iritki idfl I :*?jk r *4 »*•<! w a \»t\*
J*ii4 \# M *'igr J* ii*t t*
!»►’ t> i* * .1- **.
*» . W ’■*•-> tc'dfer
N*i ‘•*vwi IJ*AM O’ IN ,*< n
9H (MtiiCii^ rljk-: n-ti,•> K-.i\
/V t^Atf r * 0r$tn
by R. A. ADAMS
for The Literary Service Bureau
There are Negroes who do not
believe that any “white folks”
have religion, because of the fail
ure of so many to practice the
principles of Christianity. This is
an unjust conclusion, because there
are in the world just thousands of
■white people who believe infair
. ness and who stand for justice
and equity. But, considering the
present state of pandemic psy
chosis, as it refers to the nations
of the world, there are grounds
for scepticism.
Stronger nations oppress weak
er ones, dominate them, crush them
rob them and destroy their free
dom. In several countries dictators
trample the rights of the people
mercilessly, and even murder those
who oppose their tyranny or even
disagree with theny
Racial prejudices and persecu
tions are everywhere. In Germany
this form of prejudice vents it
self on the Jews. In Russia, the
“under dog” is sometimes less
than a dog. In America mob mur
der of colored people is called
"The American Pastime"
In every country rich Christ
ians (?) rob poor ones, and many
of the robbers hold official posi
tions in the churches, sing psalms,
make large contributions to char
ity and profess to be followers of
Jesus who was honest and who
condemned injustice of all kinds
Is it surprising then, that there
should be doubts as to the genu
ineness of the white man’s relig
ion? The Negro should be fair
and not make a blanket condem
nation and the white man should
improve and demonstrate that he
is really a Christian.
for 71-e Literary Service Bureau
Judge not what other men may do.
Lest when you come to judgment,
Standing before the judgment seat
The sarrve to you may others fete.
Judge not, because you cannot
Another’s circumstance, and so,
’Twould manifestly be unfair.
His guilt, in judgment to declare.
J)udge not, pronounce no stem de
No matter what the sin may be,
For thus, altho to you unknown,
You may pass judgment on your
So, once again, to this give heed,
Judge not another’s word or deed,
Unless it shall be, verily,
In pity and in sympathy.
* - -
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Ask Income Tax
From Relief Work
ers In U. S.
New York, Feb. 1—(ANP)—
Somebody is kidding Uncle Sam
and playing a joke, not so practic
al, on his Internal Revenue Depart
ment here in Harlem. Anonymous
letters to the collector of Income
tax have declared that a number
of residents of Harlem have had
income which should be taxed
Some 90 persons received letters
from Deputy Roy Morse to come
down to be questioned concerning
their incomes, among them, a
group of men and women on the j
relief rolls and on the WPA pay- j
rolls whose salaries are less than
one hundred dollars
Not only have thee individuals
been summoned to appear before
Mr. Morse, but others have had
their books examined, their stores
gone over carefully by representa
tives of various tax collecting bu
reaus on the advice of letters
which are purely fabrications.
At the same time, well known
number bankers and conductors of
Illegal businesses have not been
molested and continue to ply their
Ladies’ and Childrens’ Work
A Specialty.
2422 Lake Street.
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hair o&od(t;oa fry Iubrirua*
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