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A. K. A. Sorors Hear
of Sordid Conditions
Clinio Head Brings Reports of
Peonage In Mississippi
Washington, Dec. 14, (ANP)—
A sordid story of almost unbe
lieveable conditions existing in
rural Mississippi was revealed
to Xi Omega chapter of Alpha
Kappa sorority by Dr. Dorothy
Boulding-Ferebee here recently.
The talk by the physician was the
report on her organization’s
health project held last summer
in Lexington, Holmes county,
Miss., in connection with National
Basileus Ida Jackson’s suggestion
that the education Negro reach
down to help those on the lowest
levels in the South.
The 12 who made up the group
obtained permission from health
officers In the Mississippi county
and the endorsement of official
Washington. A clinic to immun
ize 3,000 pre-school children was
to be established at the Saints
Industrial School in Lexington.
But on their arrival, an immedi
ate change in their plans had to
be made. The group found the
children living on plantations in
a state of peonage, which forced
the clinic to come to them by car.
No Names Nor Ages.
Of the 28 white planters con
tacted, 27 gave permission for the
A. K. A. group to come on the
grounds Here improvised clinics
were set up under trees or what
ever was available. When reluct
antly brought to these centers
from cotton picking, neither their
names nor their ages could as a
rule be learned. Some were ad
dressed only as “Fat back,” etc.,
having no other, and birth dates
were placed as “she was born
around cotton picking time.”
Although 215 of the 2,667 chil
dren examined were very 111, noth
ing could be done as there was
neiher money nor medicine avail
able. According to Dr. Ferebee,
the only answer to sickness in this
part of Dixie is death. Illness
brought on more illness, for their
shacks were congested, in one in
stance 15 living in a two-room
Tell of Peonage.
The old “Grannies” of the plan
tations had horrible tales to tell.
According to their stories, the
tenant farmers plant all the cot
ton but never receive a cent of
wages. The money is supposed
to go Into a commissary against
which the fanner can draw what
he needs, but the only things ob
tainable are flour, meal, salt,
sugar, grits and fat back. At the
end of the year, Negroes usually
find they owe the system. One
elderly woman said that on a
large plantation of 600 , Negroes,
only five had received wages one
year and one of these was a boy
paid $1.90.
Although 1934 was a good cot
ton year, the federal government
bought a large quantity and re
quired a list of the people produc
ing It, when the money came
farmers were called in and signed
their X’s but never received the
cash for they were told they had
simply a receipt showing they
produced the cotton. Few are able
to read and write. They cannot
move without consent of the own
er and can take nothing with
Have Official Killers.
Rural schools are watched. A
teacher can instruct carpentry,
but teaching how to make a re
ceipt or figure a tenant’s share of
the produce is strictly prohibited.
If a Negro displaces an owner he
does not punish, but calls on his
“official killer’’ known as the
“Big Bully’’ who induces the of
fender to fight with him, shoots
him down, and goes on about his
All of the women have from
8 to 15 children, the physician
said. They are encouraged to have
large families to produce future
workers for the plantation. These
workers are intensely ignorant
and live only by superstition.
Practically all of the schools
there were erected by Rosenwald
but there has been no upkeep, and
they are dilapidated and falling
to pieces. There is no drinking
water near their schools, forcing
pupils to bring their own in bot
Few Schools, Poor Teachers,
Rotten Pay.
In 1930, there were 602,000 Ne
gro children of school age in the
state but 299,000 had none to at
tend. There are 95 schools in the
county studied, 29 of them being
one-room. Of the 202 teachers, 21
have college degrees, 17 have two
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Knoxville Observes
National NegTO
Achievement Week
Knoxville, Dec. 14, (ANP)—
Iota Alpha Chapter, of the Omega
Psi Phi fraternity here observed
National NegTO achievement week
by visiting places of business
conducted by race men and women
of the city. Guest speakers were
sent to Knoxville College and va
rious city schools in an effort to
inspire in the students the spirit
and value of cooperation as well
as racial self-respect and pride.
First and second prizes of $3
and $2 respectively were offered
to both Knoxvlle College and
Austin High School writing the
best and second best essay. The
prizes were awarded the winners
at the concluding program held at
Rogers Memorial Baptist church
this afternoon. Knoxville College,
First: Miss A. Pauline Strong,
Second, Miss Ethelyn Williams.
Austin High School: First, Ray
mond Stephens, Second, Miss
Maggie Chestnutt.
Among the most note worthy
features in this connection were
the annual sermon ably delivered
by Rev. Thomas A. Jenkins at the
Shiloh Presbyterian church of
which he is pastor. A special ad
dress by Dr. M. C. Allen of Pet
ersburg, Va. and a radio pro
gram broadcasted over station
WROL, consisted of musical
numbers by Profs. Fitzpatrick
and R. H. Tate, also, and address
by Dr. D. Albert Jackson, pastor!
of Mt. Zion Baptist church.
Another Long
shoreman Shot
« ■ " r
Beaumont, Texas, Dee. 14,
(ANP)—Wilfred Wilson, 29, I.
L. A. worker, was shot to death by
Ernest Espree, strike-breaker,
here Friday, after a gun duel be
tween the two men.
The shooting took place at
Calder Avenue and Mariposa
Espree, who had been shot at
several days previously, presum
ably by longshoremen, was ap
parently ready for trouble when
Wilson chased him In his car.
Espree claims that Wilson
caught him, jumped out of his ma
chine and approached him with his
gun in his hand. Bullets began
to fly, and almost at once Wilson
crumpled to the ground fatally
wounded. He had been shot in
the center of the forehead and In
the heart.
Espree was shot in the cheek.
His wound is not serious. Espree
was held on a charge of murder
after the shooting.
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years of college, 8 have one year,
61 finished high school and 91
never went to high school. The
average rural salary for these
teachers is $20 monthly. High
school instructors receive $20,
and after three years may be
paid $22. Whites, on the other
hand, receive $35 with a monthly
increase. There is only one Ne
gro supervisor in the entire state.
The committee concluded that
the masses are fearfuly in need
of help because of physical and
mental handicaps and domination
by plantation owners. Educated
Negroes must reach down by actu
al contact and help lower classes.
The y must direct their own proj
ects and spend their own money,
and not leave it to other officials.
Refuses U. S. Aid.
Last year when the govern
ment established federal school
lunch projects intending that such
food would be prepared by Negro
women and served to Negro chil
dren the state backed down de
claring it had no Negro women
capable of performing these
duties. Dr. Ferebee pointed out
that whites throughout the state
have all their lives eaten food
cooked by these same Negro
women they declared “incapable.”
There was great surprise on the
part of planters that intelligent
Negroes were willing to go there
and aid these people whom they
consider as chattels. The speaker
suggested that some scholarship
be given for Negro students to
study Negro conditions of health
and economies in Dixie, pointing
out that, “We need no foreign
missionaries as long as we have
our problem in the South.”
Governor Addresses
Chicago Audience
Chicago, Dec. 14, (ANP)—
Governor Harry W. Nice of Mary
land addressed an audience of
colored Chicagoans at Metropoli
tan Community Center last Tues
day night. The Maryland execu
tive declared himself in favor of
equality of opportunity and treat
ment for every colored citizen on
the country on the same basis that
by other citizens received them.
Nearly a thousand persons at
tended the 10 o’clock meeting
which was scheduled so as not to
conflict with his speech at the
Hamilton Club, o n e of Chicago’s
leading Republican organizations
which he had come to the city to
Governor Nice, after an intro
duction by former Congressman
Oscar DePriest, who described
the Marylander as a man who be
lieved in a square deal for all re
gardless of race, creed or color,
explained that he had not come to
the center to make a political
speech. During the meeting in
Baltimore last August of the
Biennial Council of Community
churches, the governor had deliv
ered an address of welcome and
had been so impressed by the
speech of Rev. Joseph L. Evans,
pastor of the Chicago church that
a friendship had sprung up be
tween them, so that visiting Chi
cago he said he desired to meet
the congregation. Explaining that
he was the son of a Methodist
minister, he feferred so easily
and eloquently to the bible as he
discussed the necessity of bring
ing the principles of religion into
closer harmony with politics, and
business, that Rev. Evans invited
him to occupy Metropolitan Pulpit
at a Sunday morning service the
next time he visited Chicago.
In an interview with and ANP
representative later, the governor
described his attempts to serve the
160,000 Negro voters of Maryland
and said he had sought to give
them fair treatment because they
deserved every right and privi
lege any other citizen of the
state enjoyed. He said he had
sponsored a bill which placed
$100,000 at the disposal of Mor
gan college, and that he had
worked for an appropriation of
$50,000 for a Negro tubercular
sanitarium. He called attention
to the four Negro magistrates
now functioning in Baltimore, to
the appointments he had made
of women parole officers and
beautician inspectors as well as of
the only coroner of color the city
had ever had. He said that he had
appointed colored boards to run
every institution in the state
established to serve Negroes. The
governor expressed himself in fa
vor of an ' anti-lynching bill, but
declined to discuss the University
of Maryland student exclusion
case because it was in the courts.
He added that he had made $10,
000 available for scholarships in
higher education for Negro youths
and that it had been used up.
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Business League
Seeks Way Out
Tuskegee Institute, Ala,, Dec.
14, (ANP)—A way out of the
present depression and how best
the National Negro Business
League can help in the prosecu
tion of such a program consti
tuted the major problems dis
cussed at the recent meeting here
of the executive committee, at
which it was disclosed that the
advice of the president of the
Ijeague, Dr. Robert R. Moton,
should be sought and his decision
brought before the body at a
forthcoming meeting.
To carry out this decision, C. C.
Spaulding, chairman of the execu
tive committee was appointed the
emissary to confer with Dr. Mo
ton, and Washington was selected
as the place of the next meeting
of the committee. Hampton, Va.,
will perhaps be named the meet
ing place for the meeting of the
League in 1936. Those attending
the recent meeting were C. C.
Spaulding, A. L. Lewis, J. O.
Thomas, Eugene P. Booze, Don A.
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Free Women Of
Arson Charge
Washington, Dec. 14, (ANP)—
Mrs. L. Louise Carpenter and her
daughter, Miss Mary Lucy Car
penter, were acquitted of the
charge of arson in nearby Fair
fax, County, Va., Circuit Court
Tuesday. The women who lived
at Herndon, Va., had been ar
rested and charged with burning
their home in an effort to collect
insurance. Attorneys raised the
question that no Negroes were on
the jury lists from which the jury
was drawn, but three Negroes
were selected on the jury which
heard the case. The jury held that
the state failed to show malicious
intent or any attempt to defraud
anyone in the burning of the build
ing, which practically said they
had a right to burn their home if
they wished to. What attitude the
insurance company will take was
not disclosed.
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