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Father Coughlin
Supports Invasion
Of Ethiopia
Detroit, Mich., Nov. 23—For the
second time in two weeks, Father
Coughlin, radio priest, came out
in open support of Mussolini’s in
casion of Ethiopia.
In his nation-wide broadcast
Sunday, Coughlin denounced ‘ the
iniquitous sanctions” of the League
of Nations, and heaped abuse and
slander upon Ethiopia. Using all
of Mussolini'fc arguments for both
broadcasts, Coughlin stated that
Ethiopia, not Italian Fascism, is
the aggressor despite world-wide
opinion to the contrary.
‘‘Ethiopia is nothing more than
a camouflaging marauder,” he said
“who on 90 recorded occasions in
vaded Italian territory in Africa.”
Coughlin echoed Mussolini in
using Britain’s exploitation of
weak nations as an argument for
opposing sanctions against Ital
ian fascism. He libelled Ethiopia
as a nation “where 6,000,000 slaves
were listed in the last census and
in which a usurper holds sway.”
The population of Ethiopia is
estimated at from 5 to 15,000,000.
Coughlin’s figures would give
Ethiopia more slaves than there
aro people, according to reliable
Haile EEelassie, Coughlin brands
“usurper”, is the most progressive
force in Ethiopia, unbiased ob
servers state, and has been doing
all in his power to stamp out the
existing remnants of slavery-which
exist in Italian Eritrea and So
maliland as well.
24 Arrested For
Picketing The ‘Am
sterdam N e w s’
New York, Nov. 30.—Twenty
four Newspaper Guild members
were arrested Tuesday for peace
fully picketing the Amsterdam
News, which a month ago locked
out 17 of its editorial staff for
union activity.
The arrests indicate the last
desperate efforts of the Amster
dam News management to hold
out. Of the 24 arrested and
charged with “disorderly con
duct,” eight were arrested in the
afternoon. A picket line of 16
was locked up in the eveining.
Circulation of the Amsterdam
News, after a slight rise when the
price of the paper was cut in half,
fell sharply again this week un
der the successful picketing of the
Guild. The Guild last week re
ceived the endorsement of the
Central Trades and Labor Council
of New York.
Ethiopian Tactics
Harass Troops
Of Mussolini
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Nov. 30,
—The Sidamo division of the
Ethiopian army under the com
mand of Ras Demtu is marching
Into Italian Somaliland.
Troops have crossed the fron
tier betwen Dolo and the Webbe
ghibeli river and are acting in
concert with Imi forces on the up
per Webbe Shibeli.
A Imi contingent is moving
<|own the river to draw off the
Italian troops concentrated at
Bilet Uen, Italian Somaliland,
thus leaving the route to Mogad
iscio open for an Ethiopian ad
vance Into Italian territory. These
tactics were adopted more than a
fortnight ago by Haile Selassie
when Ras Desta Demuta left Sid
amo to join his army.
On the Northern front, the
Ethiopian army has permitted the
invaders to move Inland in order
to separate the main mass of the
Italian army from its munition
and food supply bases. The guer
illa warfare tactics of the Ethiop
ian soldiers has seriously under
mined the morale of Mussolini’s
In Italy, the Fascist regime
faces a crisis with the enforce
ment of sanctions due Nov. 18.
The Italian people already have
been forced to restrict food con
sumption. Meatless days have
been inaugurated by the rulers.
Hunger and unrest among the
working population is evident.
Militant workers have held scores
of anti-war demonstrations for
the defense of Ethiopia in many
Rockefeller Concern
Ships Oil To #
M u s s o 11 n 1
Bayone, N. J., Nov. 30.—The
: Standard Oil Company of New
| Jersey, Rockefeller concern, is
'filling its coffers by supplying
j Mussolini’s army with oil.
Nine thousand barrels of oil are
! piled on the Standard Oil docks in
Bayonne ready to be shipped to
the Italian army in East Africa.
It is the plan of the company
to load this oil in greatest secrecy
onto German ships, chartered by
the (Italian government to “avoid”
demonstrations o f anti-fascists
and sympathizers of Ethiopia.
Recently Bayonne workers, in
cluding em(ployees of the Stand
ard Oil Company, demonstrated
in the streets for the independ
ence of Ethiopia.
tnentaLet on tho
Swge • »—
M. B. R.—I am madly in love
with a girl and I want you to tell
me how I stand with her ?
Ans. About ‘ tail end” on her
list—She has more boy friends
and admirers now than she
knows what to do with.
G. F. D.—Will I ever have any
children ?
Ans: You would be making a
serious mistake to have any now
—You may send for my Astrol
ogy Reading and I will be glad ao
go over your case for you pri
M. J.—When will I get in with
the kind of boys and girls J would
like to go with?
Ans: As soon as you start mix
ing with the right kind of people
and are more particular who you
choose for your friends—Attend
ing your Church and community
affairs would be a good way for
you to get in good with the kind
of boys and girls you would like
to associate with.
D. A. B.—Will I ever be any
thing in life?
Ans: Yes—but not what you
think. It seems that you’ll turn
out< to be a housewife, but a
VERY GOOD ONE. L. M.. your
present boy friend, appears to be
the one that you’ll work for the
rest of your life.
B. B. N.—Do you think I'll ever
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get any support from my baby’s
Ans: No—He is married now
and has several children and it Is
1 more than he can do to take care
of his family half way decently.
E. L. M.—Will we have any
success in our plans?
Ans: I don’t believe it would
be a safe thing for you to carry
out your plans and begin house
keeping now—I advise you to con
tinue rooming at least until
spring—You’ll have more money
at that time and will be able to
get a place of your own.
A. J. K.—Does my husband
love me. Does he do the things I
have in mind?
Ans: Your husband seems to
have turned against you since you
are not the kind of mate he de
sires—He not only does what you
have in mind, but several other
things. If you desire a private
reply I suggest that you see note
attached to this column.
G. S.—I am lonely and unhappy
and I would like to know what to
Ans: The best thing you can
do is to stick to this friend of
yours for they will prove to be a
friend will help you out and see
to it that you are not unhappy or
‘Suspect’ Lynched
By Deputies of
The Sheriff
By Louise Preece
Fort Worth, Tex., Nov. 30,
(ANP)—Murdered by Detective
H. E. Cleveland, white, who
claimed that he merely aimed at
the legs of his victim, an unidenti
fied worker has been the latest
kill of the police force here.
The ‘crime’ was that he had two
turkeys in his possession. Offi
cers claim that he turned and ran
when asked if he owned the turk
The ease with which officers
hiring down their prey, and on any
excuse, is seen in a letter which
Chief of Police A. B. McKenzie of
Mexico recently sent to the police
chief of Oklahoma City in which
he assured him of hearty cooper
ation in helping to hunt “sus
“We want to assure you we are
doing all we can to get that nig
ger for you all. The sheriff’s
bunch killed a nigger here the
other day, expecting it to be him,
but it was the wrong nigger,”
McKenzie wrote.
“He ran when they went up to
the house and some of the boys
stopped him| and stopped him too
much, so we want to assure you
we are doing all we can to get
him for you all.”
Notice of Administration
In the County Court of Douglas
County, Nebraska.
In the matter of the Estate of
Northern Jenkins, deceased.
All persons interested in said es
tate are hereby notified that a pe
tition has been filed in said Court
alleging that said deceased died
leaving no last will an praying
for administration upon his estate,
and that a hearing will be had on
said petition before safd court on
the 14th day of December, 1935,
and if they fail to appear at said
Court on the 14th day of Decem
ber, 1935, at 9:00 o’clock A. M. to
contest said petition, the Court
may grant same and grant admin
istration of said estate to Thomas'
P. Mahammitt, or some other suit
able person and proceed to a set
tlement thereof.
Bryce Crawford,
Begins 11-23-35 County Judge
Ende 12-7-35 H. J. Pinkett,
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