The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, September 21, 1935, CITY EDITION, Page THREE, Image 3

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    Je"estn Science
Notes On. .
A new kitchen implement cores and
slices grapefruit in one operation.
Japan produced 14 percent fewer
spring silk cocoons this year than
A new lead pencil is flat enough
to be used as a book mark without
injury to a book.
Cuba has again prohibited instal
lation and operation of coin operated
vending machines.
Approximately a million pairs of
wooden shoes are made and sold in
the United States annually.
Passenger and mail air service will
be established between London and
Dublin as an experiment.
New York police have developed a
method using silver nitrate to reveal
finger frints left on textiles.
Of German invention is an electric
safety razor that is operated by a
flashlight battery inserted in its
Radio warnings of danger of flood
are sent out automatically by a water
level guage installed in a California
Production of iron ore in Austria in
the first half of this year increased
by 73 percent as compared with a
year ago.
Vibrations of machinery and build
ings are measured in two horizontal
and one vertical direction with a new
The largest Swedish turbine loco
motive in the world, a non-condens
ing engine, has been delivered to an
English railway.
Adjustable wrenches that hold
firmly to nuts, pipes and rods with
a vise-like grip have been invented
by Nebraska men.
In Denmark it is estimated that
about one-fourth of the total retail
business is handled by coin operated
vending machines.
A sound producing instrument that
simulates the voice of a frog has
been invented by a Californian for
calling those animals.
A 2500 horsepower steam turbine
invented by a German engineer is ex
pected to drive airplanes at a speed
of 260 miles per hour.
Electrically operated, a new device
makes coffee on a breakfast table
by whirling hot water through coffee
grounds at high speed.
Call boxes have been installed along
the streets of an English city to
enable any person to summon police,
firemen or an ambulance.
Starting and warming an automo
bile motor at zero temperature is es
timated to cause as much wear on
its parts as 130 miles of driving.
Cuba exported 1,550.803 long tons
of raw sugar up to July 15 this year,
compared with 1,016,659 tons in the
like period of 1934.
Intended to save merchants time,
a new contrivance makes change, dis
penses postage stamps and serves as
a receptacle for sales tax money.
f -
Spare tires of a new French rail
car serve as buffers, being enclosed
in projections at each end of the car
with the treads projecting.
Raising currents of warm air re
volves a decorative shade that had
been invented to be placed on the
electric bulb of a table or wall light.
Food for livestock is being made
from sawdust by a German scientist,
the non-edible sellulose being con
verted into edible carbohydrates.
...... —
An electric sewing machine that
operates in both directions has been
invented that is light enough to be
held in one hand while being used, j
The Jtalian government has requir
ed all motion picture theaters to
show one national sound film for ev
ery three foreign sound films exhib
A speed of 45 miles an hour can be
obtained by a California inventor’s
merry-go-round for one person, who
propels it by turning a hand crank.
An Australian church uses a phono
graph record of "Westminster chimes
in England, powerfully amplified, in
stead of a bell to summon worship
To lessen the noise made in driving
nails a steel capped rubber disk has
been invented to be screwed on the
head of a hammer to act as a silencer.
Buses are guided through fogs in
London by men who ride ahead of
them and signal to drivers by color
ed lights on the rear of the cycles.
A Montreal hospital has installed
an electrical stethoscope and ampli
fier that enables 100 physicians to
listen to a patient’s heart beats at
Air is pumped into a new knapsack
sprayer for spraying plants that a
California man has invented by its
user manipulating a lever strapped
to a leg.
Powered by a six-cylinder automo
bile engine, a racing motorcycle has
been built with a view to establishing
p. speed record of more than 300 miles
an hour,
A process has been developed in
Germany for transferring photo
Vra ph to documents so permanently
that they cannot be removed without !
damaging the paper.
For long distance business trips a
California physician has equipped his
automobile with sleeping compart
ment on the roof and a kitchenette on
the rear bumpers.
-- ■
Construction of a reclamation pro
ject within two years has saved an
area of nearly 240 square miles of
China from annual inundation by the
Yangstze river.
- 1
An auxiliary wing the pitch of
which can be controlled by an aviator
in flight has been invented by a New
York man to prevent airplanes diving
or crashing.
To help children to study music a
German has invented a chart each j
note of which ontains a metal plate
that sounds the pitch of the note i
when it is struck.
Experts have estimated that more
energy is absorbed from the sun by
forests in the United States and stor
ed away every year than is expended !
in coal burned.
British aeronautical engineers have
made plans for a seaplane that could
cross the Atlantic with 1500 passen
gers and hundreds of tons of freight
in 15 hours.
A new front door knocker for resi
dences contains and electric light in |
its hammer that is switched on when
the hammer is raised to illuminate the
keyhole in a door.
The German owner of an amphi
bian automobile recently drove it from
his home to London, crossing the En- |
glish channel from Calias to Dover 1
in eight hours and 20 mintes.
An electric lamp equipped with a
reflector that can be fastened to a
wall with push pins has been invented !
to aid growth of potted plants where
sunlight is not available.
Japan produced 1,822,760 400 pound
bales of cotton yam in the first six
months of this year, a gain of 9.8
percent compared with the produc
tion for the first half of 1934.
The steel of a ship’s hull is used
in a new system of telephony to
convey messages from its bridge to
passengers and crew through loud
speakers at various points in a vessel,
Mexico is planning to prohibit the
importation, warehousing and sale of
packaged foodstuffs and beverages
unless previously registered with the
Department of Public Health,
Built for a New York organization,
a hospital ship that can carry 1500
persons has been constructed that is
asserted to be unsinkable, even should
the main hull be destroyed.
To assist the domestic charcoal in
dustry Spain has levied a tax on all
wood charcoal imported and has re
quired importers to purchase domes
tic charcoal in proportion with im
RevOived by a motor, a loudspeak
er that constantly emits a note of
known intensity has been constructed !
by the United States Bureau of Stan
dards to test sound absorbing ma
An English scientist has bred a
new species of chicken the sox of
which is distinguished by markings
on the feathers as soon as hatched, a
valuable feature when b&bv chicks
are sold.
A new trailer designed to trans
port 100-foot logs is steered from the
rear by a man riding in a small seat
who can communicate by signals to
the driver of the tractor hauling the !
A French railway is experimenting
with the first motor-rail freight car
service in that country, the motor
cars carrying loads of ten metric tons
and hauling approximately 60 metric
The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity
Sponsors National Negro
Achievement Week
November 10-17 (Inclusive).
Theme Will Be: “The Achieve
ment of the Negro in Business.”
The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity
?s launching its initial activities
in celebration of National Negro
Achievement Week.
1. It is sponsoring ESSAY
CONTESTS on the Achievement
of the Negro in Business; one for
College Students and the other
for High School pupils. For
prizes there will be cash awards,
books on Negro History, and sub
scriptions to Negro magazines
and Negrb newspapers.
2 It has suggested the fol
lowing program for Negro
Achievement Week in each com-*
munity, wdierever possible.
(a) SUNDAY, Nov. 10, 11:00
a. m. A sermon to the Ne
gro Business Men of the
Community, 4 p. m. A
reception for Negro Busi
ness Men, General Public
invited to attend; some
out-of-town Business Per
son of distinction as a
special guest.
(b) MONDAY, Nov. 11, 8:40
p m. A musical program
with an admission
charge, Negroes engaged
in Business to assist by
advertising in the printed
on the mimeographed pro
(c) TUESDAY, Nov. 12, A
radio program on The1
Rise of the Negro in Busi
(d) WEDNESDAY, Nov. 13,
8:00 p. m. A mass meet
ing, symposium, andbusi-j
ness exhibit, Negro busi-1
ness directories to be dis
(e) THURSDAY, Nov. 14.
8 rOO p. m. A radio pro
gram on Opportunities
for the Negro to Engage
in Business.
(f) FRIDAY, Nov. 15, A
business tour (Inspec
tion of Business, White
and Black, that Negroes
support) or a parade
8:00 p. m., Oratorical
Contest, Theme.* Pio
neers in Negro Business.
(g) SATURDAY, Nov. 16,
Completion of Business
■ b) SUNDAY, Nov. 17, Cer
tificate or medal awards
to the three outstanding
Business Men in the Com
munity with appropriate
Further information or sug
gestions may be obtained by
Herman Dreer.
4335 Cote Brilliante,
St. Louis, Missouri
Director of the Achieve
ment Project.
March of Time Shows
Scenes of Crisis
In Ethiopia
Ethiopia and the diplomatic
maze which surrounds the war
plans of Benito Mussolini make 7
up one of the principal episodes
of the sixth issue of the March of
Time, which was released to first
run theaters throughout the
country on September 19.
To give a complete picture of
the Ethiopian crisis, March of
Time points out England’s prac
tical interest in the affairs of
Haile Selassie, England's plan to
have an American engineering
firm build for the Emperor a
dam at the outlet of Lake Tana
in the Ethiopian highlands. This
lake is the source of the Blue
Nile, which annually floods and
fertilizes the cotton fields of the
British Sudan and Egypt.
As Mussolini continues 10
move his troops southward
through the Suez canal the pic
ture recounts the events of the
last few months, focusing not
only on the capital city of Addis
Ababa, but throughout the wild
interior country, where natives
chieftains gather their tribes for
March of Time shows Addis
Flint-Goodridge Social Work
New Orleans, Sept. 21—Miss E.
Ophelia Settle has recently been
added to the staff of Flint-Good
ridge Hospital of Dillard Univer
sity as Director of Social Service
Immediatle yprior tb taking up
her work in New Orleans, June
first. Miss Settle had studied for
three months as a special sudent
in the Social Service Department
of the Washington University
Clinics in St. Louis, as a fellow
of the National Society for the
Prevention of Blinedness.
Miss Settle is a graduate bf the
college department of Howard
University, Washington, D. C.,
and has a Masters in Sociology
from the University of Pennsyl
vania. For five years she worker
wih Dr. Charles S. Johnson in the
department of Social Science at
Fish University, as instructbr and
research assistant in Sociology.
She came to New Orleans during
this time and made a study of Ne-!
gro Housing in this City for the]
Hoover Housing Commission. At
Fisk. Miss Settsle erved as chief'
field worker on practically all bf |
the studies that have been pub- ]
lished by the department of Social
Science. One of the most recent
of these studies provided the
foundation fbr Charles S. oJhn
son’s “Shadow of the Planta
tion- Miss Settle is a member of
the American Sociology Society,
and last year read a paper enti
tled “Social Attitudes During the
Slave Regime ’ at the .annual
meeting of the Society in Phila
delphia. She is also a member
bf the Zeta FhiBetaSorority.When
relief work became so heavy in
St. Louis, Miss Setle was catled
there to do field work with the
Provident Association, a private
relief giving agency of that. city.
One of the case records done by
Miss Settle while with the Pro
vident Assbciation was on exhibi
tion a the National Conference of
Social work which met in Mon
treal, Canada, in June.
perial, nerve center of today’s
news with writers swarming
through the lobby, packed into
the bedrooms as best they can.
To dramatize the position of
the United States, the Foreign j
Affairs Committee. American law !
makers of the U. S. House of *
Representatives ,takes part in j
the closing sequences, which
make clear the fact that no mat
ter what other nations m a v do I
America is for peace.
The Ethiopian episode is one of
four which make up the new
March of Time, released through
the REO Distributing Corpora
Protest Color
Ban In Mexico
Mexico City, (CNA)—Protest
ing against the refusal of three
local hotels to admit Negroes, the
Association of Progressive Edu
sation of the United States de
manded that the hotels drop
their color bars. The complaint
eras forwarded to the Central De
partment whieh promised “ac
tion against the hotel managers.”
The Association of Progressive
Education is holding its conven
tion here.
Mothers—Let your boys be Guide
newsboys. Send them to the Omaha
Guide Office, 2418-20 Grant Street.
Alphas Prepare for
1935 Convention
At Nahsville
Joseph H. B. Evans, General Sec
retary of Alpha Phi Alpha Fra
ternity, Ine., of Washington, D. C.,
and Charles W- Greene, First
Vice President of Atlanta, Georgia
came to Nashville this week and
met w’ith the General Convention
Committee to make suggestions,
complete details of organizations,
and approve the convention pro
gram of Alpna Phi Alpha to be
held in Nashville, December 28
to 31.
Secretary Evans was highly
pleased with the plans of the
Nashville Alpha men. In the
course of an enthusiastic speech
to the Convention Committee, Sec
retary (Evans let fall a phrase
which Dean George W. Gere of
Tennessee State College quickly
assembled into a convention, “Out
of the Depression—On to Nash
ville * ’ December 28-31. Vice Presi
dent Greene reported that all
Alpha men in the Southern Re
gion were “ pointing ” for Nash
ville next Christmas. Dean A. A.
Taylor of Fisk University who
has just returned from six
months’ residence study in Cam
bridge, Massachusetts, reported a
most favorable response of the
Eastern chapters, and Andrew J.
Allison, Alumni Secretary of Fisk
University, reported that on a
recent tour of the Middle West
and Southwest not only Alpha
men but a large number of stu
dents who formerly attended one
of the colleges in the “Athens of
the South * w^ll be returning to
Nashville for the convention dur
ing the Christmas holidays, and
also to renew old college acquain
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Look Years Younger
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an hour—
And do it at home without fear of
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Making Others Suffer
(For the Literary Service Bureau)
Sometimes we hear the petulant
statement “It’s nobody’s business
what I do to myselF’, and “He harms
nobody but himself.” But such is im
A wife suffers when her husband’s
wrong doings bring their inevitable
penalties. The husband of a derelict
cannot escape, when she sins and suf
fers. Sorrow, grief shame, humilia
tion, come to parents when their chil- J
dren are wayward and bring trouble
upon themselves. And let it be re
membered also, that many a child
suffers because of mistakes and sins
of parents«
Yes, it is a fact, an inescapable
fact, that “Suffering follows sin,”
and it is true, undeniably true, that
the suffering is never confined to
the individual who is guilty of trans
gressions. Because of their relation
to such derelicts, many are made to
suffer innocently. These are things
to which most serious consideration
^hould be given, especially at times
l^hen there is inclination to go wrong.
Mothers—Let your boys be Guide
newsboys. Send them to the Omaha
Guide Office, 2418-20 Grant Street.
Legal Notices
Attorney Ray L. Williams, Room
200, Tuchman Bldg., 24 and Lake St.
In the County Court of Douglas
County, Nebraska.
In the Matter of the Estate of
Margaret Tucker, Deceased.
All persons interested in said es
tate are hereby notified that a peti- |
tion has l*een filed in said Court,
praying for the probate of a certain
instrument now on file in said Court,
purporting to be the last will and
testament of said deceased, and that
a hearing will be had on said petition
before said Court on the 28th day of
September, 1935 and that if they fail
to appear at said Court on the said
28th day of September, 1935, at 9
o’clock A. M„ to contest the probate
of said will, the Court may allow
and probate said will and grant ad
ministration of said estate to Charlie
Cage or some other suitable person,
enter a degree of heirship, and pro
ceed to a settlement thereof.
Begins^ 9-7-35 Bryce Crawford,
Ends 9-21-35 County Judge.
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thing you at
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