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    SOCIAL Q ; A + tr CLUBS
Ladies Friendship Club
The club met at the home of Mrs.
Florence Morris, 3016 Burdette. A
wonderful game was played. Mrs.
John Merize won first prize. Mrs. I
Louis Hill, boobie.
Florence Morris, -President
Minnie Burns, Reporter
The club met at Mrs. Flossie May
berry’s, 2608 N. 27, Thursday, Sept.
5th. Visitors: Mr. and Mrs McGee,
Mrs. Fexie Randall, Business meet
ing was held. A dainty luncheon was
served by the hostess.
Mrs. Allen, President.
Mrs^ M. Burns, Reporter
Tho club held its weekly meeting I
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Murray, j
2911 N. 27 Street, Saturday, Sept.
7. The club was entertained by Mr.
Raymond Towels, The evening was
spent playing bridge and dancing.
Refreshments were served. Guest of j
honor was Mrs. Frank Lowery, Chi- ;
cago, .Illinois. Invited guests were as
follows: Mr. and Mrs. James John
son, Miss King, of Kansas City, Mo.,
Mrs. Farnam, Mr. Davis, Mr. Wash
ington, Miss Harrison, Mr. Fields,
Mrs. Johnson, and Mr. and Mrs. Mur
Russel Cook, President
Gertrude Johnson, Reporter
Tho Ladies Household Club, met
at the residence of Mrs. Lee Hill,
3115 Burdette street, at 1 o’clock with
the president, Mrs. R. Thomas pre
siding'. Scripture was read from Ma
thews 3 chapter, to the 9th verse, by
Mrs. Morris. After business was tran
sacted, a new member was admitted,
Mrs. Daisy Rhodes. Because of cold
weather and rain, the picnic was
postponed, we went to the president’s
home, and did we have a dinner! Our
husbands were the guests of honor.
Those present were: Mr. R. Black
ston, Mr. Lee Hill, Mr. S. H. Payton,
Mr. W. C. Morris, Mr. J. W. King,
Mr. J, D. Foster, Mrs. Bell, a sister
of Mrs. Robinson, and Revj J. C.
Mrs. R. Thomas, President
Mrs. E. Foster, Reporter
Met at Mrs. Charles Hawkin’s, 26
40 Harrison street, Thursday morn
ing at 9 o’clock, We worked on our
Flower Garden Quilt as usual. Next
meeting will be at Mrs.j Fred Lee’s
6920 Gilmore Ave.
Mrs. Jos. Lewis, President
Mrs, Chas. Hawkins, Reporter
The 100 Club Executive Commit
tee met Wednesday night, Septem
ber 11, in the Guide Reception
Room ,C. C. Galloway presiding
as chairman. The following offic
ers were elected to fill vacancies:
Attorney Charles F. Davis, 1st
vice president; Attorney Ralph W.
Adams, secretary; and Mr. Arthur
B. McCaw, chairman of member
ship committee. The meeting was
highly enthusiastic.
A giant mass meeting will be
held at 8 p. m., Monday night,
September 16, at the Community
Center. The following persons are
scheduled to speak: J. D. Lewis,
Mortician, subject. “Food Distri
bution and retailing”; Mrs. John
Fields, subject, “The Medical Pro
fession"; J. R Martin, “Why I am
Interested in Drug Business”;
Mrs. Arthur B. McCaw, “The Le
gal Profession”; C. C. Galloway,
“Teeth, Artisans and Incidentals”.
Attorney Charles F. Davis will
discuss th|e purpose of the 100
Club. The Plan of Procedure of the
organization will be explained by
Jacob C. Carey. Remarks relative
to the Perspective of Negroes’ Ec
onomic Future will be made by At
torney Ralph W. Adams. An awak
ening plea will be submitted by
Arthur B- McCaw, with, the subject
“Are You Ready?’’
It is estimated that four hund
red fifty interested persons will be
present. The nature and geliteral
benefits of the TOO dub project
will be described to the public. It
is said the venture is dedicated to
the economic security of Negro
Head of Women’s
Organization De
fines Aims
Chicago. Sept. 12— (ANP)— As Dr.
Mary F. Waring, recently re-elected
president of the National Association
of Colored Women, returned to her
office here this week, she outlined
the objectives of her organization.
“We are asking, said Dr. Waring,
that all groups and organized bodies
join with us to cooperate in putting
over the following program;
“First; Abolishment of the separ
ate coaches.
Second; Passing Anti-Lynching
“Third; Conservation of property
owned by groups to psevent its re
verting to original owners because
of poor business arangements of Ne
groes in purchasing.,
‘ Fourth: The full participation in
all benefits relative to employment
in Government projects.*
“Fifth: More publicity as to the
true standing and personal efforts
of men and women in scientific and
educationas fields, as an encourage
ment of the youth to continue to
“Sixth: The misuse of leisure time
by people on relief; a check on giv
ing financial help to lazy, indolent
men and women who make no effort
to contribute to public welfare by
decent conduct or psysical effort.
“Seventh: During the past fifty
years we have made wonderful pro
gress in educating the masses in
health topics and hygiene. As the
President of the N. A. C. W., and
firm believer in preventive medicine,
suggest that you continue forming I
Health Clubs and advocating use of
clinics and public health measures
wherever available.
The information and education
which we get from the press is in
valuable. Club women should pur
chasechase papers and magazines
written by Negroes, more than they '
do. We say, “Believe, and your ship
will come in, but you must study and
work, and it will come in all the j
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408 Manhattan Ave., NEW YORK CITY
S-C-F. Ex. S.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Betts, 1820
N. 25th street, entertained 60
guests with an afternoon luncheon
for their daughter and son Mrs.
Gertrude Kindricks and little Le
roy of Chicago. Everybody re
ported having had a nice time.
Mrs. Kindricks left Sunday for
Mrs. Ollie Willis and Mrs.
Buelah Olliver ,of Kansas Oity,
Mo., the sister and sister-in-law
of Mrs- Addie Seals, 2808 Binney
street. While in the city some of
|the many friends of the Seals
entertained for them very lavish
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Seals en
tertained with a dinner party.
Mrs. Effie Bryant entertained
jWith a cocktail party for the two
Charming matrons. Mr. and Mrs.
Fred McDaniels were host and
hostess at a dinner party in honor
of Madames Ollie Willis and
Buelah Olliver. Mrs. Robert Har
ris entertained at early morning
I breakfast, covers were laid for
ten. Mr- and Mrs. Louis Artison
| entertained with a dinner in their
honor. Mrs. Allison is known for
being a lovely hostess. Mr. and
Mrs. Chas. Harold also entertain
ed for twelve at dinner.
For the past ten years Mi's.
liWillis has visited her sister some
during the summer months.
The guests departed the latter
part of last wreek for home
Among the many social affairs
given for Mrs. Edna Boyd Gilmer
and Mrs- B. Peters, of Los An
geles, California, house guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Saybert C. Hangar,
was the Sunday Evening Musical
and reception given by Miss Ethel
Jones ,at her home on September
i Soft shaded lights ,red roses
;and palms throughout the rooms
made a scene of unique beaut fill
and a fitting setting for the beau
tifully gowned ladies and escorts.
Receiving the guests at the
door were Mr. J. B. Horton Jr.
and Mrs. Alfred Jones, Jr.
Assisting Miss Jones were Mrs.
A- L. Hawkins, Mrs. J. S. Will
iams, Mrs. Herbert AVtggins, Mrs.
Simon Ilarrold, Airs. Otis Jami
son, Airs. J. Chandler Norman,
Airs. Helen H. AlcAVhorter, Aliss
Alary Ileddy AViggins and Aliss
Florence Jones.
Soloists of the evening were
Airs. Frank Blackwell, Airs. Venus
Starnes, Airs. Earl Wheeler, Airs.
Irene Cochran Norton and Air- H.
L. Preston.
Among- others present were:
IDr. and Mrs. D. W. Gooden, Mr.
and Mrs. S. C. Hanger, Mr. and
Mrs. Wm- Davis, Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Vir
gil Shobe, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Webster, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Tur
ner, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Clark,
Mr. and Mrs- Arthur Rafferty,
Mrs. Joseph Taylor, Mrs. E. W.
Wright, Mrs. Eugene Shew, Mrs.
H. L. Preston, Mrs. A. Woodson,
Miss Millicent Smith, Miss
Suzanne Witeside, Miss Irene
Harrold, Rev. J- S. Williams, Mr.
J. D. Lewis, Mr. Simon Harrold,
Mrs. Frank Blackwell, Attorney
Ray L. Williams, Attorney John
G. Pegg, Mr. Earl Wheeler, Mr.
Orlo W. South, Mr. Earl Wald
ron, Mr. Fred McDaniels, Mr
Donald Morton, and Mr. Alfred
Jonese, Sr.
Mrs. Dora Alexander, 509 S. 27
street entertained at 1 o’clock
luncheon at the residence of Mrs.
Walter Seals, 2808 Binney, on
Thursday of this week. The table
decorations consisted of pink
candles ,and a lovely center piece
of assorted fall flowrers. A de
licious four course lunch was serv
ed. The honored guests were the
charming matrons, Mrs. Ozell
Paslms ,of Dallas, Texas, sister
and house guest of Mrs. David
Brown, 2617 Blondo, and Mrs
Ollie Willis, of Kansas City, and
the sister of Mrs. Addie Seals,
and Mrs. Buelah Oliver ,of Los
Angeles, California, the sister-in
law of Mrs. Seals.
All of these charming
ladies were feted and enter
tained while in our city, and
expressed their appreciation at
the hospitality shown them while
here. They all said they expect- j
ed to return in the near future.
Among those present were: Mrs.
David Brown, Mrs. P. Jenkins,
Mrs. Bert Bailey, Mrs. Arthus
Flanning, Ms- Robert Simons,'
Mrs. Viola Turner, Mrs. J. E.
Todr, Mrs. Thomas Vann, Mrs.
John Fields, and Mrs. Artison.
The pleasing personality of
both Mrs. Alexander and Mrs.
Seals made the afternoon a very
enjoyable one.
Council Bluffs,
Iowa News
Mr. and Mrs. George Hale have
returned to their home in Love
lock, Nevada, after a seven week
visit with Mrs. Lula Hale.
Mr. and Mrs. George Cooper
accompanied by Mrs. Jeanette
Farmer, and Miss Eddiestean
Seals, returned recently from an
extended motor trip through
the east, which included Chicago,
Detroit, Niagra Falls, Canada,
New York City, Philadelphia, At
lanta City, New Jersey, and
Washington, D. C. While in New
York City, they visited the Cot
ton Club in Harlem, and saw the
new' dance' sensation, “trucking’*
One of the gala jevents of the
season as the beaut.ful reception
given Sunday night by the Chris
tion Endeavor of Bethel A. M. E.
church, honoring Rev. and Mrs.
George W. Slater, Jr., who are
leaving for the annua conference
in Des Moines, Iowa. An interest
ing program was given under the
direction of Miss Geraldine Hern
don. Those taking part were
Misses Tulsege Henderson, Cleo
Wright, Maderia Shelton, Mes
dames Inez Willis, Eva Finyalson,
Hazel Means and Minnie Hern
don and Mr. M. L. James. It is
the sincere wish of everyone that
Rev. and Mrs. Slater will return
to Council Bluffs. They will be
accompanied to Des Moines by
Mrs. O. Davis, Miss Geraldine
Herndon and Olive Good ow.
-- |
Mrs. Bruce Napier
Goes On Vacation
Mrs. Marie EngNland, 2832
Franklin, entertained with a four
course dinner Monday evening,
September 9th, in honor of Mrs.
Bruce Napier, 1524 No. 20th who
will leave shortly for a lengthy
visit in the east. Among the
guests were Mr- Bruce Napier and
Mrs. Mary Harris. The room was
beautifull ydecorated with flow
ers and draperies, a beautiful
bouquet bedecked the center of
the table, around it was a row
of golden candelsticks with pink
and green candles, above the
table hung a beautiful cut-glass
chandelier with dangling shickels
that gave the table the appear
ance of the setting of sun against
the waters of the Niagra Falls.
The idnne raws heartlv enjoyed
b yall. The ladies wore the latest
of the seasons gowns. Mrs. Napier
will be the house guest of Mrs.
Mamie Stevenson, 4243 Perrio
Ave., Chicago, Illinois. From
Chicago she will go to Cleveland,
an dthen to Cinncinati to vis t
Mr. Napier’s mother, Mrs. Mary
!H. Napier, who has been very
ill for sometime- Mrs. Napier ex
pects to return home some time
in October.
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Plied with.
Joe and Will Melton, sons of Mrs.
Eula Melton, 1908 N. 28th street, left
Sunday, September 8th for Kansas
Vocational school in Topeka, Kans.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Davis, 2015 Paul
street, are both confined to their
bed. Mr. Davis was taken ill Friday,
and Dr. Jones was called in and pro
nounced the cause of illness due to
neuritis. Mr, Davis was taken to his
bed on Sunday night, but as yet he
has not had the doctor called. Both
are very ill. Mrs. Edna Bedford and
Mrs. Anna Dortch, neighbors, are
very attentively seeing after the sick.
Mrs. Mildred Estes is back in Oma
ha to make her home with her two
daughters, Mrs. IJrances and Mrs.
Ebenda Flowers, of 2923 * Burdette
street after an absence of 2 years.
Mrs. Francis Lee and Ebenda
Flowers are glad to announce the
engagement of their brother, Mr.
Vernon Estes, to Miss Lois Wilson,
2121 N. 28th Ave., daughter of Mrs.
Ceola Bailus. The wedding will take
place April 2, 1936, at the home of
Mrs. Lee.
Mr. Leon People, son of Mrs. Hat
tie People, 1827 No. 23 returned home
September 5 from Fort Riley, Kan
sas, after spending about 3 months
in the CCC camp. He will go to
school this fall, and will go back to
camp when school is out again. Mr.
People reported that the treatment
in the camp was fine.
Mrs. Elizabeth Sample, of Danville,
Illinois, is the house guest of her
sister, Mrs. Ardira Watson, 2718 N,
28th Ave.
Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Howard Smith,
executive secretary of the Y. M. C.
A. of Detroit, Michigan, stopped over
in Omaha enroute to Oakland, Cali
fornia, where he was transferred to
the Y of that city. While in Omaha
he stayed at the residence of Mrs.
Martha Taylor Smith, 2211 Ohio st.
Dr. and Mrs. F. A. Humphrey of
Boulder, Colo., passed through the
city enroute to New York. They stop
; cd at the home of Mi's. Martha
Smith, 2211 Ohio street.
Mrs. Georgia Peoples, who has
been confined to her bed for the past
week is improving very nicely. We
hope for her speedy recovery. Friends
who wish to see her or call, may do
so. Address, 1630 No, 22, Telephone
WE 1171.
Mrs. Arthur Flanagan, 2817 Bin
ney, entertained with a lovely lun
cheon on September 5, in honor of
Miss Margaret Dallask, formerly of
Omaha, now of Chicago. Covers were
laid for 8. All reported having a nice
Miss Edith Hope is ill at her home,
and all friends and club members are
requested to visit her.
Mr. R. Johnson, deacon of the
Morning Star church, and Mrs. J.
Bryant, spent the week-end in Kan
sas City visiting Mrs. Bryant’s sis
ter and brother-in-law, Mn and Mrs.
W. Smith.
Mary and Clifford Sessions of 2514
N. 22 just returned from a five week
visit in Missouri, Kansas and Texas.
The native home of their mother. In
Texas they visited their grandmoth
er, Mrs. Ej L. Davis, and aunt, Mrs.
Mable Ruffins, at 2610 Flora street.
They also visited St. Peters Catholic
church. Father Murphy has a large
membership. In Kansas City, Miss.,
they visited their aunt, Mrs. Mattie
Fridia, 1109 Paseo, who accompanied
them to Texas. Also visited their un
cle Dr. A. Porter in Kansas City,
Kansas, and other friends and rela
tives. They attended the Catholic
church in Kansas City, also.
Mn Johnson Carter of Cleveland,
Ohio, left the city last Saturday,
September 7. He stated that he liked
Omaha very much and expects to re
turn in the near future. He was the
house guest of Mrs. Martha Smith,
2211 Ohio.
Mrs. Mary Wilson of Chicago, who
has been visiting her mother, Mrs. H.
A. Higdon, 2524 Charles, returned
home Saturday, September 7 after
spending a 30 day visit with her j
mother. She leaves with pleasant
memories after meeting old and new
friends. Mrs.' Wilson regrets she
could not get out more than she did,
because of the illness of her mother.
Mrs. Beulah Watts and Mrs. Sadie
Shaw attended the State Fair, Wed
nesday at Lincoln, Nebraska Thej
reported a fine time.
Mrs. Edna Banks of Omaha, who
is now temporarily located in Denver,
Colorado, spent a delightful 10 weeks
in California visiting Beatrice Ma
jors, Mrs, Anna Higgins, and Mrs. j
Voila Rowine, relatives of her hus
band, Ernest J. Banks.
Her trip was from Denver to Los
Angeles to San Diego, Catalina Is
land, Tiajuana, Augja Caliente, Mexi
co, Pasadena, San Francisco, Oak
land and Denver. She was highly en
tertained with beach suppers, lun
cheons, bridge parties and scenic au
to trips.
t 1
Mr. J. C. Carter was royally en
tertained while in the city by many
of Mrs. Martha Taylor Smith’s
friends. Among those entertaining in j
Mr. Smth’s honor were Mr. and Mrs. |
Hiram R. Greenfield, Mr, and Mrs. ]
Air honso Wilson, Miss Anna Logan, j
and others.
Mrs. Z. E. McGee, 2521 Blondo, had
Miss Ruth Seay as overnight guest
last Friday. This was a most enjoy
able event*
A stag party was given for Mr. Ed
Killings worth, 2222 Willis Ave, on
his 68th birthday. About 50 friends
Mrs. Wm. B. Reed, the former Ir
ene Jones, of Denver, Colo., and son
Billy Reed, Jr., spent Friday and
Saturday in Omaha, visiting her fath
er, Mr. Alfred Jones, Sr., and fam
il" Mrs. Reed is enroute to Chicago,
Washington, D. C* New York City,
Canada and other eastern points.
With Mrs. Reed was Mrs. A1 Waiton
also of Denver.
A party was given by Miss Mildred
McClinton Saturday night, September
7, in honor of her cousin, Aubrey
Wise, at 6614 S 27. About 35 guests
attended in spite of the bad weather.
A good ime was enjoyed by all.
»„„■ --—
Ernestine and Eleanor Starks, of
2533 Washington Street, spent the
j past week with their uncle and aunt,
Mr. and Mrs. L. Richardson, 2406 N
26th street. They had a very enjoy
able stay. They also spent Labor Day
with their grandfather, Mr. James
Woods. They are the daughters of
Mr. and Mrs. E. Starks.
| _ i
Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt Ross and
children, Elizabeth Ann Weldon, Mrs.
Annie Bell Woodridge, Mr. and Mrs.
Leroy Smith, all spent the week-end
and Labor Day in Kansas City, Miss.,
visiting relatives and friends. On
their return, they stopped in Nebras
ka City, to visit Mr. Smith’s mother
and heir daughers^ They reported
having had a nice time in both cities.
After spending such an enjoyable
time in Kansas City, Mr. Ross was
called back the next day at the death
of his sister, Mrs. Mary Gibson, who
seemed to have been quite well the
day before.
Mrs. Gibson was a resident of Oma
ha for many years, but for the past
l’our years had been making her
home in Kansas City.
Mr. and Mrs* Richard Matlock, 16
14 N. 27 street, wish to announce the
arrival of a fine five pound boy,
bom August 30. Dr. Wiggins was in
attendance. Both mother and baby
are doing fine.
Mrs, E. Maxwell, 2632 Franklin,
Mrs. E. Avant, 2432 Parker, and
daughter, Mrs. B. G. Johnson, of Mo
bile, Alabama, were the dinner guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Spann, 20
18 N. 26, Thursday evening, Septem
ber 15.
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