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    Omahan Welcomes Dr. Aaron McMillians Return
Per Copy
Thwart Attempted Lynching in Miss.
®-—-—-— _
Thwart Attempted
Lynching in Miss.
.Jackson Miss., July 17, ANP—
Prompt action on the part of
Sheriff Ennis Crawford and his
deputies, thwarted an attempt of
a mob of whites to lynch Alex
Ruckhalter, charged with at
tempting to rape a 12 year old
white girl in Mt. Olive Tuesday
The attack is alleged to have
taken place a fortnight ago and
Buckhaltor was arrested a few
days later charged with the crime.
His arrest was kept a secret but
Tuesday the news leaked out and
a mob formed and prepared to go
to the jail. Hearing of the pro
poed mob violence, the sheriff and
two of his deputies placed the
prisoner in an automobile and
rushed him to the jail here for
“Y” Workers Return
From Camp Gray
Mss Estelle Robertson, presi
dent of Quaeh Club and Miss Ella
! Mae Mills, membej* of, Trojin
| C1 u b. representatives of the
! North Side Branch of the Y. W.
C. A., returned from the Leader
' ship Conference, held in Sauga
tuch, Michigan, July 2-12, Sunday
night. July 14.
Both have expressed them
selves as having enjoyed them
selves to the utmost, swimming in
Lake Michigan, crossing the
Kalamazoo Rver in a ferry, at
tending classes on Leadership and
how to work with groups, three
times a day, eating all they could
get, and loads of other things.
They spend several days in
Chicago, visiting od friends, re
1 tuning to the ole town on JulJ 14.
Mr. Roland Holmes and Miss Carrie Key, who was married at the Bethel
Baptist Church, in South Omaha last Sunday.
Carrie Key, Ronald 5
Holmes Wed Sunday
Take Nuptian Vows at Bethel Baptist
Church In South Omaha.
(Bethel Baptist Church was the
scene of the wedding of Miss Carrie
Key, daughter of Mrs. Carrie Key, to
Ronald Holmes, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Louis Banks, Sunday evening, with
Rev. F. S. Goodlet officiating.
The bride who was given in mar
, riage by her brother-in-law, Mr. Mel-1
win Curren wore a gown of white silk
taffeta with shot puff sleeves, with a
f short jacket trimmed with fur. The
tulle veil was attached to a wreath
of orange blossoms. She wore crepe
sandals of white and white gloves.
She carried sweet pe; , rtvite roses,
and a shower of baby breath.
Miss Sarah Key, her sister, maid
otf-honor, wore pink organdie and car
ried American beauty roses and baby
The bridesmaids were Miss Bertha
Anders, wearing white organdie, at
tendant, Charles Austin. Mrs. Ella
Anderson, wearing green organdie,
attendant, her husband, John Ander
son- Miss Julia Key, wearing white
organdie, attendant, Tommy West.
Miss Fannie Morgan, wearing pink
organdie, attendant, J. W. Curtis.
Miss Carrie McGinty, wearing yellow
taffeta, attendant, Carl Williams, and
Miss Sarah Murdock, wearing pink
neit over pink taffeta, her attendant,
Herbert Toole. The attendants wore
white flannel pants, dark coats, and
white shoes.
The ushers were Patsy Austin, Ad
die Lambert and Peggy Mitchel.
George Parker was Hhe best man.
The flower girls were Mae Partridge
and Gloria Morrow, who wore peach
and blue. Mary Curren carried the
The reception was held at the
home of Mrs. Pearl Walker. There
were 50 guests attending.
The couple will be at home at 2417
Frank’ n Street.
ML • A. Foxall played the wedding
ma r-he i and accompanied Mrs. Robin
son, and Sylvester Strod, who sang,
l.eported by Mrs. Dorothy Brown
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newsboys. Send them to the Omaha
Guide Office, 2418-20 Grant Street.
It was moved by Mr. Arthur B.
McCaw, seconded by Attorney
Ray L. Williams that the Legal
Redress committee be commended
for the efficient and expedient
handling of the case of State vs
Horace W. Jones. The motion car
It was moved by Mr. John B.
Horton Jr., that Mrs. lone Hang
er be given recognition for the
part played in the case of State
vs. Horace W. Jones. The mo
tion was lost for want of a second.
On the matter of Jake Bird:
It was moved by Mrs. Victoria
Turner, second by I>r. Wesley
Jones that the report on Jake
Bird be adopted and opened to
discussion. The motion carried
It was moved by Arthur B. Me
Caw, seconded by Mr. John B.
Horton, Jr., that the Association
enter upon the case of Jake Bird
with his liberation, as their goal
and that the matter be referred
to the Legal Redress committee
for action. The motion carried.
Little Vivian Gregory, who had her
fun all to her self, ;n her own way
for four hours.
Two Year Old Child
Strays 25 .Blocks
Vivian Gregory, little two-year
old daughter of Mrs. Gregory, of
2314 N. 25th St., decided to go for
a stroll all alone, on Monday,
July 15, 1935. She walked 25
blocks, through three of Omaha’s
most dangerous highways; Lake
st., 24th st., and 19th street Boule
vard. She left home about 12:30
Monday noon- and after a great
deal of excitement and a search
of the neighborhood by the family
and friends for a radius of about
10 blocks, all hope was given up
and the police department wras
notified at'4 p- m. A policeman
noticed a little girl happily walk"
ng down the street, full of gaiety
and fun, at 17th and Spencer, she
was asked by an Omaha Guide
Reporter, why she went for a
walk, she smiled and said, “just
for fun.”
Dr, Aaron McMillian, at his desk in his executive office in Salangue
Anaola, West Africa. The following is a copy of a letter received from
Dr. McMillian enrowte to America from Lisbon, Portugal by his bosom
frend, George W. Hibler.
See Page 5 for more detail pictures page of Dr< McMHilian’s stay iki
Africa. »
Attorney Charles F. Davis, as
chairman of the finance commit
tee submitted a written report
covering an audit of the books of
the Branch, and its financial
standing. Tt was moved by Mrs.
Victoria Turner, seconded by Mr.
John Adams Jr., that the report
be adopted with instructions that
vouchers for all amounts dis
bursed be signed and filed for
record. Motion carried. The
chairman directed the committee
to make a supplement report
showing receipts and disburse
ments of Pickens meeting of Mar
17, 1935, not shown in the report
of July 16, 1935.
Board Meeting of
Omaha N. A. A. C. P.
The Regular Board Meeting
of July 2.
The Executive Board of the
National Association for Ad
vancement of Colored People con
' vened in regular session, July 2.
j 1935, at the Urban League Com
munity Center. Dr. Wesley Jones
presiding, called the meeting to
order at 9 p. m. The following
board members were present. Dr.
Wesley Jones, C C. Galloway.
Ray L. Williams, Arthur B. Mc
Caw, John B. Horton, Jr. and
Charles F. Davis.
The minutes of the Branch’s
| regular Board meeting of June
18, 1935, were read and adopted
with necessary corrections.
way, and at this point Mr. Gallo
way assumed the chair and pre
sided over the meeting. It was
moved by Mr. Mc(Jaw, seconded
by Mr. Williams that nomina
tions b closed. The motion car
red. A rising vote was taken and
Mr. John B. Horton was elected
to fill the vacancy on the board
created by the election of Mr.
Uavis as secretary.
Mr. R. R. Boone tendered his
written resignation to the presi
dent, addressed to the board,
wtuen was delivered by Hr- Jones
to the secretary. The resigna
tion oi Mr. lioone was read to tne
board by the secretary. A motion
was made by Mr. Horton, sec
onded b yMr. Williams, that res
ignation ox Mr. Boone be ac
cepted. The motion carried.
The chairman declared nomina*
tions were in order to elect board
members to lid a vacancy created
by the resignation of Mr. Boone.
A motion was made by Mr. K.
L. Williams, seconded by I>r.
Wesley Jones, that Mr- M. C
amJes be elected by acclamation.
New Service Added by
The Omaha Guide
The Omaha Guide has been fortu
nate enough to secure the services of
Science News Service.
In this service you will be told all
about the new inventions and many
household questions will be asked.
Watch for this in our next issue of
July 27,
Left Monday Morning
By Plane
Mrs. Mable Brooks, of 918 N. 19th
Street, left by plane, Monday, at
3:00 A. M„ ^July 15th for Chicago.
She will visit with her mother, Mrs.
Ella Mikes, who resides at 4744 St.
Lawrence Avenue. She will visit
with her about 10 days, and will re
turn by plane.
Woman Bound Over
The Trial of Mrs. Gladys Herman.
2013 Izard Street, wife of Eugene
Brown, who she shot and fatally in
jured last week was bound over to
District Court Her trial will come
up in the September Court At pres
ent she is in the County Jail, unable
to make bond.
Ur. Wesley Jones, president, re
quester leave to submit written
financial reports covering his ex
penditures as a delegate to the
National Convention held in St.
Louis, June 25-30. Leave was
given and the report was rend
It was moved by Mr. Arthur
B. McCaw, seconded by Mr. John j
Horton Jr., the president’s report
covering financial ependitures as
delegate to the National conven
tion, be adopted. The motion
Dr. Jones returned five dollars
to the Association saved from the
Convention fee.
It was moved by Attorney Ray
L. Williams, seconded by Mrs
Victoria Turner, that secretary be
directed to issue a receipt to Dr.
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1 " --
Dr. Wesley Jones, president,
called for an election of a secre
tary to fill the vacancy caused by
the resignation of Mr. John B.
Horton. Jr. Mr- Arthur B. Mc
Caw placed in nomination, At
torneys Chrales F. Davis for sec
retary; Attorney Ray L. Williams
placed in nomination Mr. M. C.
James. It was moved, seconded
and carried, that nominations
close. A rising vote on the nom
inees was taken, Charles F. Davis
receiving three votes and Mr. M.
C. James, two votes, one member
voting. Attorney Charles F.
Davis was declared elected branch
secretary and entered upon the
duties of the ofifce
The presiding officer called for
an election of a board member to
fill the vacancy created by the
election of Mr. Charles F. Davis
to the office of secretary. Mr.
Davis placed in nomination Mr.
John B. Horion Jr. for the vac
ancy; Attorney Ray L. Williams
placed in nomination Mr. M. C.
In order to enter the discussion
on candidates, the presiding of
ficer, Dr. Wesley Jones, relinq
uished the chair to the, branch
Vice President, Mr. C- C. Gallo
On call by the chair for unread
iness, Mr. McCaw stated objec
tions to such a manner of election
a being suppression of the rights
of other members to an open
and free choice. Mr. R. L. Wil
liams maker of the motion, with
the consent of Dr. Jones, the sec
ond, withdrew the motion to elect
Mr. M. C. ames, a member of the
board by acclamation.
Mr. Williams then nominated Mr
M. C, James to fill the vacancy ex
isting on the board; Mr. John B. Hor
ton noninated Mrs. Mabel Fields. Mr.
Arthur McCaw nominated Mr. John
ny Owen; Mr- C. F. Davis moved that
nominations be closed. Mr. Arthur
McCaw made the second. The motion
Di cussion of candidates followed.
Mr. McCaw wOthdrw from nomination
the name of Mr. Johnny Owen, Mr.
John B. Horton withdrew the name
iof Mrs. Mabel Fields.
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Two-Year Old Child Walks 25 Blocks Without Accident
. . . . — __ ■ ■ W
. —— ■ 1£\ * •"
Minutes of Regular
Hoard Meeting, Omaha
N. A. A. C. P. July 16, ’35
The Executive Board of the
Omaha Branch of the National
Association for Advancement of
Colored People convened in reg
ular session, July 16, 1935, at the
Urban League Community Center.
Mr. C. C. Galloway, presiding,
called the meeting to order at
8:45 p. m. The following board
members were present: Dr.
Wesley Jones, C. C. Galloway,
Charles F. Dtavia, Mrs. Victoria
Turner, Arthur B .VlcCaw, Hay
Williams, John Adams Jr., John
B. Horton Jr., and Y. W. Logan.
The minutes of the Branch’s
regular board meeting of July 2,
1936, were read and adopted' with
te correction, that Dr. Jones was
ordered by the chair to make
written report of activities as
delegates to the annual conven
A written report of the activi
ties of the Legal Redress commit"
tee was submitted and read by
the chairman, Attorney John
Adams, Jr.
A motion was made by Mr.
John K. Horton, Jr., seconded by
Mrs. Victoria Turner, that the re
port be adopted and acted upon.
The motion carried
It was moved by Attorney
John Adams, seconded by Ur.
Wesley Jones, that the report on
the George Crumbley case be
adopted as read. The motion car
A motion was made by Mr. Ar
thur B. McCaw, seconded by
Mrs. Victoria Turner that the re
port on the Daisy Anderson mat
ter be adopted as read. The mo
tion carried. >
It was moved by Attorney
Ray L. Wililams, seconded by
Mr. John B. Horton, Jr., that the
report on the Daniel Young mat
ter be adopted as read. The mo
tion carried.
A motion, was made by Attor
ney John Adams, seconded by At*
tomey Ray L- Williams, that the
report relative to the Fantastic
Cafe be adopted as read. The
motion carried.
It was moved by Mr. John B.
Horton Jr., seconded by Attorney
Ray L. Williams, that the report
in the case of State vs. Horace W.
Jones, age 70, alleged to have
committed rape upon a female
colored child, age 12, be adopted
as read. The motion carried.
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