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Mrs. Ida Fountane entertained
the Ladies’ Friendship Club at
her home, 211.5 Clarke Street, on
June 27th. Two tables of bridge
were played with Mrs. Thresa
Anderson winning first prize and
Mrs. Florence Morris, booby.
A delicious repast was served.
The next meeting will be held at
the home of Mrs. Louise Hill.
Mrs. Ida Fountaine president
Mrs. M. Burns, reporter.
Mrs. Frank Cole, 2010 N. 26th
Street, entertained at a 10 o’clock
breakfast Thursday morning,
June 27th, at her home.
Those present were Mrs. Laura
Johnson, of Chicago, Mrs. S. M. C.
Baker, Mrs. Robert Harris, Mrs.
M. S. Burch, Mrs. Jesse Jones and
Mrs. M. B. Evans.
The house was decorated with
beautiful cut flowers from the
lovely flower garden of Mr. and
Mrs. Cole. Each one declared the
morning delightfully spent and
Mrs. Cole an ideal hostess.
Beginners and Advanced classes in
swimming will open Wednesday, July
11th at the Christ Child Center. Be
ginners classes 6 to 7 p. m; advanced
classes 7 to 8 p . m Physical exam
inations required for entrance. Reg
istrations closed Wednesday, July 18.
There are no charges- Phone WE
1539 to register and for further infor
Mrs. Frank Cole, 2010 N. 26th
street, entertained at a 10 o’clotfc
breakfast Thursday morning, June
27th, at her home.
Those present were Mrs. Laura
Johnson, of Chicago, Mrs. S. M. C.
Baker, Mrs. Robert Harris, Mrs.
M. S. Burch, Mrs. yJesse Jones and
Mrs. M. B- Evans.
The house was decorated with
beautiful cut flowers from the love
ly flower garden of Mr. and Mrs.
Cole. Each one declared the morn
ing delightfully spent and Mrs. Cole
an ideal hostess.
Mrs. Jda Fountaine entertained
the Ladies’ Friendship Club at her
home, 2115 Clark street, on June
27th. Two tables of bridge were
played with Mrs. Thresa Anderson
winning first prize and Mrs.^ Florence
Morrria, booby.
Mrs. Ida Fountaine, president.
Mrs. M. Burns, reporter.
The /Junior Beau Brummel Club
went on an overnight Hike, to Mor
mont Hollow, at Camp Gifford, where
a lean-to was built and meals pre
pared. An enjoyable time was had
by all. Those attending the hike
were Herman Stevens, Milton Moore,
Russell Lewis, James McAllister, Ike
Carey, Eugene Rice, Theosar Stone,
Joe Ellington. Others not belonging
to the Club who attended were Robert
White and Vernon Brown.
The Ladies Household Club met at
one o’clock with the President, Mrs.
R. Thomas One new member was
admitted to the membership roll, in
the person of Mrs. W. C. Morris.
Mrs. R. Thomas, President
Mrs E. Foster, Reporter
Phytians Meet
Birmingham, Ala.. July 3.—AX
P—The forty-eighth session of the
grand lodge of the Knights of
Phytias of Alabama opened here
Tuesday morning with the larg
est number present in the history
of the order, 42 counties being
The sessions were devoid of dis
sension, harmony constantly pre
vailing as the reports of the year
were rendered which showed that
during the past year more than
$150,000 had been paid to bene
ficiaries and that the membership,
through reinstatements and new
members had increased substan
tially. Oscar W. Adams is the
Grand Chancellor.
Council Bluffs, la., News
By Eddiestean Seals
Miss Maderia Shelton and Miss j
Geraldine Herndon have just returned
from a three day stay in Des Moines
where they attended the National As
sociation for Colored girls. Miss
Herndon was elected first vice-presi
dent of the association and Miss
Shelton was elected assistant secre
Mr. Sanford Harvey has returned
from Keokuk, Iowa, where he rep
resented Council Bluffs in the Metho
dist Sunday School convention.
The Hollis Art Club gave a recep
tion Thursday night, June 27, at the
home of Mrs- Emma Turner in honor
of our former king and queen, Miss
Corinthia Harvey and Mr- Austin,
and the reigning king and queen,
Miss Janice Russell and Mr. Wm
Givens. Twenty guests were present.
The Federation of Negro Women's
Clubs of Nebraska, which was held
in South Omaha last week, was at
tended by Mrs. Geo. Slater, Jr., and
Mrs. Minnie Herndon. Mrs. Slater
g“ave a splendid address on “The ac
complishments of Negro Women.”
Mrs. Herndon brought greetings
from the Iowa Federation which she
recently attended in Waterloo, Iowa
Mr. Theodore Hughes and Mr.
Robert Pinson of Des Moines, were
the guests of Mr. Harold Reynolds
last week.
Mrs. Gertrude Galloway who has
been in the hospital for about eight
weeks with an infected foot, has re-j
turned to the home of her sister, Mrs.
Ocie Cooper, 1813-8th avenue. Wej
are very glad that she has improved
and we all wish her a speedy recov
The Ministerial Alliance of Omaha
gave a picnic Tuesday at Elmwood
Park in honor of Rev. Geo. Slater, Jr.,
pastor of the Bethel A. M. E. church,
and Rev. Calhoun of Omaha, who
were the only Negro graduates this
year of the Omaha Presbyterian
Theological Seminary
A district meeting of the Church
of God in Christ was held July 1 to 7.
Many out-of-town guests attended.
Mrs. Juanita Bibbs of Topeka,
Kansas, spent the weekend with her
mother, Mrs. Gamble.
Mrs. Cave is convalescent at her ^
home. Mrs- Madison and Mrs. Mabel
Fletcher are on the sick list.
Please give your news to Miss
Eddiestean Seals, 2508 8th avenue by
Monday of each week.
F. B Washington
Appointed to 2 Posts
By the Associated Negro Press
Atlanta, Ga., July 4.—Forrester
B. Washington,, director of the
Atlanta school of Social Work
was notified this week of two ap
pointments which are considered
of much significance and import.
The first was to the board of di
rectors of the Child Welfare
League of America Inc., with
headquarters in New York City
and the second to serve as co-di
rector of the 1935 session of the
Institute of Race Relations which
will be held at Swarthmore Col
lege, July 1.
Florida Appropriates
$644,000 For College
Tallahassee, Fla., July 6, (ANP)
—Florida A & M. college received of
ficial notice today that the state
legislature recently adjourned, had
appropriated a total of $644,000,000
for operating and building costs dur-!
ing the biennium of 1935-37.
President J. R< E. Lee, in making
public the appropriation, stated that
$334,000 of the amount was desig
nated for operating expense, with the
remaining $300,000 to be used in the
erection of two new dormitories, one
for boys and one for girls.
To my many friends who were so loyal to me in my recent
bereavement in the loss of my wife, Alberta Yokem Johnson, I
wish to express my appreciation for their many acts of kindness.
I shall always remember you in my prayers.
William Edwin Johnson, husband, 2875 Maple Street.
Special to The Omaha
Omaha, Nebraska.
Below please find a list of my
party sailing June 29th, for our
tour of Europe, Asia and Africa.
You will note there are 26 of us.
I am very proud of my accom
plishment in getting such a large
group together. I am sure I am
the only Negro doing this sort of
work, surely the only one to suc
cessfully do so for such a long
period. I feel that next year will
find my number greatly increased,
as my tours present a splendid
opportunity for our group to en
joy the advantages and thrills of
foreign travel. I shall have a
picture of my party taken on the
boat and send it to you from
Dean E. P. Davis, Howard Uni
Mrs. Laura Knight, principal,
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Chicago, Illinois, Miss Thelma
Payne, Mrs. Mary Williamson,
Mrs. Louisa Turpeau.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
Miss Lucille Nelson.
Wilmington, Delaware, Miss
Arleon Bowser, Miss Caroline
Washington, I>. C., Miss Car
lotta Peters, Miss Alice Wood
New York City, New York,
Mrs. Louise Johnson and son,
Mrs. Laura Thomasson, Mr. Ann
Greene, Mr. Harcourt Tvnes.
St. Louis, Missouri, Miss Blan
che Lyles.
Columbus, Georgia, Miss Ethel
Lynchburg, Virginia, Miss Ora!
Jacksonville, Florida, Mr. S. D.
McGill and nephew.
Middleburg, Virginia, Miss De
lia Morler.
Cincinnati, Ohio, Mrs. Laura
Turner and son, and Mr. Claude
Holman, Washington, D. C., Mr.
C'has. Dunston, Danville, Virginia,
and Mrs. Adolph Hodge.
Very truly yours,
Adolph Hodge.
- -
Rushed *0 the Bedside
of Her Sick Daughter
_ I
Mrs. Annie Crenshaw, of Fort
Worth, Texas, was called to the bed
side of her daughter, Mrs. Alma
Robinson who lives at 2411 Lake St.
She is the wife of Mr. Pellam Robin
son, Proprietor of the Grant Street
Pharmacy. She arrived at 2 P M.,
July 1. Mirs. Robinson, has been
threatened with a severe case of ap
pendicitis, for about 5 days. She is
under the care of Dr. J. H. Hutten.
Mrs. Crewshaw, has been on the go
for the last 10 days- She was called
to the bedside of a sick nephew, ac
companid by her sister, the nephew's
mother. The nephew passed away
and was buried in Denver, last Thurs
day. Enroute to Mar. hall, Texas,
her former home for a visit with her
mother for a few days, she was
hailed by a telegram informing her
of the serious illness of her daugh
ter, Mrs Alma Robinson. She left
Marshall, Texas, Sunday night for
Omaha. She will remain in Omaha
Buffet Supper
Miss Lorene Lewis, daughter of
Mrs. J. D. Lewis was a charming
hostess tc a lovely Buffet Supper
Tuesday night, June 4, given in honor
of her sister, Miss Charlene Lewis,
who hrs been away attending school.
A delightful evening was spent in'
playing interesting games, and prizes
were gven. The young men’s prizes
were won by Mr. (Jasper Dixion, 1st
prize; Mr Tom Jones, 2nd. The
young ladies prizes were won by Miss
Juanita Cole, 1st and Mrs. Olive
Davis, 2nd. Guests present were:
Madeline Brown, Dorothy Scott, Julia
Williams, Lorraine Fletcher, Cathe
rine Williams, Lucille P. Patterson,
Ethel Cole, Juanita Cole, Paul Turner,
He dry Leave 11s, jJulian McPherson,
William Thomas, Gerald Phillips,1
Tom Jones, Cornelius Young, Orville
Jones, Lloyd Gee, Claude McKinney,
Mr. and Mrs. William Davis, William
Conwell, Henry Thomas, Mr. and
Mrs. Jasper Dixion, Mrs. Lillie Dor
sey and Mr and Mrs. Fred Dixion.
Miss Charlene Lewis was honored
with the guest prize.
Churchmen Meet
Jacksonville, Fla., July 6, (By
ANP)—Ministers and laymen mem
bers of the Floriada Ministers and
Deacons Association, gathered here
this week in attendance upon the an
nual meeting of the Association. The
meetings were held at Mt. Aarat
Baptist church, of which Rev. G. J. j
Graham is pastor.
Mrs. Louise Martin, nee Caldwell,
was a visitor in the city a few days
on her way to Sedalia, St. Louis,
Chicago and Highland Plains, Mich.
Where Mr. and Mrs- Martin will
spend their three months Honeymoon.
Mrs. Martin before her marriage
was a teacher in the Public Schools
of Boonville, Mo. Mr. Martin is
Senior Baker at the Kemper Military
Academy, Boonville, Mo They will
be at home Sept. 8 at Boonville
W!hile here they were the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Mortimer on
Ohio Street and were entertained at
a bridge party by Mrs. /J. C Carey,
where she was greeted by a number
of Omaha’s elite.
Mrs. Elnora Campbell, 978 N., 27th
Ave., has been confined to her bed for
several days, but is feeling much bet
ter at this writing.
A group of boys have organized a
club which will be known as “The
Royal Juniors”. The officers are as
follows: Bobby Whiteside, President;
H McCowan, Treasurer; James La
zine, Secretary. The privates are
W. Holloway, B. Lawson, N. Gray,
L. Gray, J. Williams, W Williams,
B. Maroney, C. Makins. They will
hold their flirt meeting at Billy Law
sons house. The club is to give par
ties, hikes, dances and entertain
ments The club meetings will be
held at differnt members homes. It
has a constitution of its own and has
its own laws.
Miss Helen B. Wheeler, of Phila
delphia, Penn., is visiting her moth
er, Mrs. Ella Wheeler, 867 N. 27th
Street for three months. Mrs. Ella
Wheeler, also has as a guest her son
Mr Ben Whelr who is visiting over
the Fourth and will return to CCC
Mrs. Lamar Peters and infant,
Joanne, of Texarkana, Texas, are vis
iting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Al
bert u ohm on. They were accompan
.ed by the Misses Katherine and
Johnnie Fay Peters, sister-in-law of
Mrs. Peter„ and nieces of Mrs John
Archie, of 506 So. 21st Ave. Mrs.
Lamar Peters was formerly Miss
Maxie Mae John-on.
Mrs. C. B. Parks, 2302 N. 25th
Street, left Omaha last week for
a two weeks’ sojourn in Tulsa, I
Oklahoma. She will be the guest
of her daughter, Mrs. A. L. Phil
lips, of Tulsa and will stop off,
with her daughter, Buelah Brown,
in Kansas Ci y Missouri.
Mrs. C. B. Parks, 2302 N. 25 street, I
left Omaha last week for a two
week s sojourn in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
She will be the gue ,t of her daugh
ter, Mrs. A. L. Phillips, of Tulsa, and
will stop off with her daughter, Mrs.
Beulah Brown, in Kansas City, Mis
— ———
^ isitors: Mr. J. J). Lewis, Oma
ha. Nebraska; Mrs. Smith, Kansas
City, Missouri; who is Mrs. Bry
ants trained nurse; Attorney
Ralph Adams, recent graduate of
the law department of the Uni
versity of Nebraska; .Miss Bes
sie Wye;t, Bright, Missouri.
Mrs. Inez Hudgins and Mrs.
Teresa James, sister and two of
Omaha’s very popular young
matrons, left Sunday night, June
30th, for an extended visit in Bir
mingham, Alabama. Accompany
ing ihem are the three young
children of Mrs. Hudgins. They
will be missed by their Omaha
friends who wish them a very
pleasant stay.
Mrs. Mattie Taylor
and Son Win Suit
Chicago, July 3.—AXP—Judge
Eugene McGarry ruled here Mon
day that the Riverview Park
management must pay Mrs. Mat
tie L. Taylor and her son, the sum
of $50 and all costs because they
were refused service at the Bow
ery restaurant, one of the con
cessions owned and operated by
the amusement eorporatoin.
The discriminatory action oc
cured last Labor Day and the case
has hung fire since that time. At
torney Irvin C. Mollison. counsel
for the local branch of the N. A.
C. P., represented Mrs. Taylor,
and her son and the judgement
was satisfied in open court.
C. A. Franklin, editor-in-chief of
the Kansas City Call, visited the
Omaha Guide office Wednesday after
noon while enroute to Lincoln to wit
ness the National A. A. U. Track
and Field events in which Metcalfe
and Owens, famed colored athletes,
will compete.
Nation is Fantastical”
Says A. Philip Randolph
St. Louis, July 6,—Urging the col
ored workers to ally themselves with
the organized trade union movement,
A, Philip Randolph, president of the
Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters,
speaking Tue: day night at the N. A.
A. C- P. 26th Annual Conference
here, ridiculed the segrgationists’
“nation-within-a-nation” p h ilosophy
as “superficial, fantastical and un
feasablei” He declared that the na
tion within the nation would suffer
th same troubles as are now being
suffered by the states in the nation.
He especially warned the conference
against the programs of Father
Coughlin and Senator Huey P, Long
which he said were not feasible, and
held that colored workers could not
afford to stay out of the organized
labor movement kecaure some pre
judice was manifest. Politically he
urged the colored people to support
th building of an independent work
ing class party to fight for the
rights and security of all labor, black
and white.
“Association Will Change Program'*
Spingarn Promised
J. E. Spingarn, president of the
association, received an ovation when
ho was introduced at the opening ses
sion Tuesday night following the ad
iress of Mr. Randolph- In his open
ing remarks he recalled that he had
::poken in St. Louis twenty-one years
ago at a luncheon at the City Club
and when he began, in his frank
fashion, to speak in behalf of the
Negro his audience deliberately left
the room until at the nd of his speech
only about one-fourth remained
He reviewed briefly the history of
the association and its victories.
He pointed out that times were
changed and the association would
change its program to conform to the
new condition confronting the masses
of black and white people alike. He
| raid he believed the adjustment neces
sary could be mad under our present
constitutional democracy. He pledg
ed that the association would not re
lax its efforts in fighting for full
equality for colored Americans be
cause white America could not be
free until black America was free.
Southern White Man Cheered For
Attack on Peonage System
On Wednesday night, Howard Kes
ter, a young Southern white man of
Nashville, Tenn., who has been inves
tigating conditions of black and white
sharecroppers in eastern Arkansas,
received the greatest amount of ap
plause of any speaker up to that
time when he assailed the southern
agricultural system as ill-disguised
slavery. His dramatic address con
tained many of his personal obser
vations on the Arkansas plantations,
and he gave a praphic picture of the
plight of the white and black share
croppers. He called for aggressive
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Fear Louis Victory
Will Enrage Mussolini
i Bosotn, Mass., July 3.—ANP—
Fear that Joe Louis's victory over
Primo Camera will incur the
wrath of Premier [Mussolini and
bring about further reprisal
against Ethiopia, was expressed
here Wednesday by Prof. Ray
ford W. Logan of Atlanta Uni
versity, in an address before the
fourth annual New England In
stitute of International Relations
at Wellesley college.
Decrying Mussolini's policy
with regard to Ethiopia, the Sou
thern professor added: ‘‘I am
afraid that the defeat of Primo
Camera by Joe Louis will be in
terpreted as an additional insult
to the Italian flag which will
permit Mussolini to assert again
the necessity for Italy to annihi
late Abyssinia.”
Negroes and Whites
Profit Through
Negroes Bequest
Lexington, Ky., July 3.—ANP
—A trust fund of $50,000 for the
advancement of the education of
Negro arid white youth was pro
vided for in the will of Robert
Henry Hughes, who died here
last week.
The will was admitted to pro
bate Wednesday and included
many philanthropic bequests, in
cluding one of $10,000 to the Old
Ladies’ Home and a similar
amount to Lincoln Institute, while
his home was left to the St. Peters
Catholic church of which he was
a member.
Lanes Visiting in City
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lane of
Kansas Ciiy, Mo., are vacationing
here with Mr. Lane's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Jack Lane, of 2831 De
catur Street. .Mr. Lane who is a
former Omahan is on the staff
of the Plain Dealer at Kansas
City, Kans. Before returning to
Kansas City, the Lanes will ac
company Mrs. Amanda Carey, an
aunt, who is also visiting here
back to her home in Chicago.
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