The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, May 25, 1935, Page SIX, Image 6

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Realm of Sports—
Wherein We Digress to Dig Into Joe Louis’ Flood
of Fan Mail and Find a Letter G ving Him
Some Sound Advice and Telling or tne
Esteem in Which He is Held by Both Races.
As oi l to Chester L. Washington
and William G. Nunn
Joe Louis knocked out Lee
liar.age in their sensational sec
f.eeond engagement ou in Cali
P" had bee t invited up to
’Frisco by popular demand to
1 i>t “neds” Hirry, another
West Coast favorite. And now
Joe is ready to knock out Barry
in our serial story, but we’re go
ing to ask him for he first time
in his thrilling career to “pull his
painch’’ un il nexr week so that
we can reveal a leder written to
Louis recently which is such a
masterpiece that i “speaks for
So here’s the letter, folks:
Joe Louis, brown bomber, who
has injected the e'ixar of life in.o
the fight game with his devas at
ing punching, receives on ihe av
erage of 50 lefiers each day from
various parts of the world. En
couraging words are incorporated
in every missive that crosses the
d< or; die office John W. Roxbor
ough has se. up at 1727 St. An
toine s reet. However, one of the
best Joe Ins receiv 1 came mst
week from a man who can look
many miles back down the fistic
trail and point out the obstacles
that fighters will encounter in
their march toward success.
This man is Jack Weske, mana
ager of Johnny Cou'on when the
little Chicagoan was bantam
weight champion. Weske retired
from the game many years ago
and is now living a peaceful life
in Chicago. But why say more.
Read the le.ter that praises Joe
for his noble ways and his two
colored managers for their smart
handling of this promising young
“Mr. Joe Louis,
“Detroit, Mich.
“Dear Joe:
“I presume, like all young fel
lows, you will cast this letter aside
without giving it a moment’s
thought. I know it is just one of
the many you receive but please
realize, some le ters may be more
important than others. However
that is not going to sop me from
writing to you as I have taken a
liking to you, and if you read my
message it may make your future
greater and a little easier.
“Frist of all let me introduce
myself. My name is Jack Weske
and am proud to say I was mana
ger of that grand little fighter of
other day’s Johnny Coulon, former
bantamweight champion of the
boxing game for over 17 years,
five of which I managed Coulon,
but finally severed my connection
with the game because of the
sickening and nauseating methods
of the so-called outstanding mana
gers, of whom I will have more to
say as I go along.
“Now that I have identified my
self and have shown that I must
know something of the boxing
game, I will proceed with my
thoughts which I hope will make
some impression upon you.
“Today, through your gentle
manly conduct, you are as high
ly regarded by the whites as you
are by the members of your own
race, possibly more so. That in
itself is remarkable. Further
more, you can by your fine box
ing ability, personality, diplo
macy and good behavior, continue
to be the good-will ambassador of
the Negro race to the Caucasian
people, which will do more to
place your race on an equal foot
ing than anything I can think of
at the moment.
“Think this over very carefully
as it is a matter of vitaj concern,
not only to you but to all you love.
"What a wondeful opportunity
you have—are you going to ac
cept it?
“Ia mow going to write in ref
while you
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i ~ — '
erence to the manager’s end. I un
derstand that on account of reach
ing the legar age very shortly you
will be a free agent, and if I am
not mistaken, speaking from ex
perience, the mercenary hounds
—mmanagers, are already after
>*ou. Bo not forget, the bigger
hey are, the more mercenary. Do
no. let their suave talk and col
■ssal and glowiner promises fool
u. Take my advice and forget
hem entireA.
‘‘if you wil' analyze the situa
'.or I feel sure you will let well
rough alone and stick by the
men who have s;uek by you.
1 011 have been a great success so
far. You are a “natural’r and a
throw-back of the great old
timers. But you must not forget
that intelligent handling you have
eived has helped considerably
in making you the success you
It is .rue you h'’ve, as a great
' hter. s t a precedent, in having
\egro managers. But i Ls also
"e both your representatives
have done a remarkably efficient1
job in handling your affaire, and
are certainly doing their end in
their nice, quiet and pleasing way
in making you the new idol of the
boxing world.
‘ They have shown exceptional
ability and proven equal, if not
the superior, of ,he Kearns’ the
Jacobs, the Johnsons, and others
equally well known. In fact, I
feel almost certain had ihe above
mentioned alleged master minds
been placed in the same position
they could not have done as neat
a job as Mr Roxborough and his
co-par ner, Mr. Black, have done
so far. In my humble opinion, as
I see it, they have not made one
I mistake. Under such admirable
coi didons, why listen to a lot of
hungry chiselers?
“From the results thus far at
tained, you have shown yourself
a shrewd young fellow and I
might also say, a fortunate one in
surrounding yourself with peo
le that are of such able assistance
I understand your s;aff would
sacrifice almost anything to fur
ther your interests. That is
great, and I hope it is appreciated.
This also includes the man you
have as your trainer, Jack Black
“What a dandy selection was
made in him and what a fighter
thta “Baby” was in his prime.
! There is no doubt with his great
knowledge of the manly art, OF
Jack has been instrumental, in a
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large degree, in your success. Ab
I sorb every bit of advice he gives
| you as you can not go wrong in
: following it. Jack is of the old
school, when fighters were fight
ers, and not a bunch of human
punching bags. What the old fel
low does not know about boxing
is not worth knowing, and boy
tiifcie sure is a lot o know.
“In conclusion I can only reit
erate, have faith in your mana
I gets ana nameis, a.*a nave im
| piicne faith in yourself. Make
yourself believe, without becom
ing conceited, tha. you are the
greatest fighter in the world. Be
a psychologist, an optimis. and a
gent.eman. With my best re
gards for your continued sussess,
1 remain,
Jack Weske.
Here Y’are, Jesse; Step
Up, Break 4 Records!
Ly The Associated Press
Los Angeles. Calif., May 26.—
Jesse Owens, Ohio State’s great
1 Negro track star, would be given
an opportunity to break four
‘world’s records under plans pro
posed Wednesday by Coach Dean
Cromwell for Southern Cali
fornia’s dual meet wi.h the mid
dle westerners here June 15 at
Memorial coliseum.
Coach Cromwell suggests that
the usual dual meet order of
even.s be departed from in order
that Owens, competing for the
first time on the fast ienth
Oimypaid trade, would have a
sufficient breathing spell between
I his favori.e contests, the hundred
and furlong sprints, the 220-yard
lo”’ hurdles and the broad jump.
Cromwell considers the Me
morial coliseum track and the
University of Nebraska track at
Lincoln the two fastest in the
country, and is capable of .urning
in unprecedented performances
here if given the proper aid in
spacnig of the events.
Will Negroes Be Put
on Alabama Juries?
By Robert Wood
(Alabama Leader of Internation La
bor Defense)—(Special to C- N. A.)
The tremendous Scottsboro victory
has thrown.the Alabanma state offi-.
cials and their press, into complete
panic. Blustering Solicitor H. G.
Bailey, who made the infamous “Jew
gold from New York” speech to one
of the lily-white Scottsboro juries
now uncomfortably confesses that “it
looks like something will have to be
done ” The decision he character
izes as “a body blow”.
The Birmingham Post editorially
cries quits. “What is to be done?”
it asks. And quickly answers, “Let
us be through with the whole affair at
the earliest possible moment”. The
Birmingham News calls for “remed
ial action”. For “if this should not |
be done” it continues “every case,1
either of major or minor nature, in
volving a Negro defendant, hereafter
tried in Alabama, could conceivably be ,
appealed to the United States Su- j
preme Court, and each conviction set
Scon after the decision was render
ed, Governor Graves of Alabama,
aware of the fact that the eyes of the
entire working class was on his state,
'•ondered lip service to it- He issued
"- statement instructing all jury com
rvssioners to empty the jury boxes
and refill them after adding the names
ci' eligible Negroes- He also stated
that he would seek “remedial legisla
tion to cover the refilling of jury;
boxes. ”
He added, after stating that the de
cision was the most important thing
tilt had occurred in the South since
“the War between the States”, that
“this decision means that we must put
the names of Negroes in jury boxes
I in every county of the State.”
It should be noted that Governor
Graves’ statement refers only to the
necessity for putting Negroes’ names
in “jury boxes” but that he is silent
as to the necessity for putting Ne
groes ON THE JURY. This gesture
therefore evades the clear mandate
! contained in the language of the Su
■ preme Court's opinion in reversing the
lynch verd.cts after inquiring not on
ly into the fact of whether jury ser
vice was systematically “denied in ex
pressed terms but also whether it was
denied in substance and effect”.
To Continue Jury Exclusion
It is clear therefore that Governor |
Graves’ statement omits any instruc
tions as to actually placing Negroes
on Alabama juries.
The press wasted no time in clari
fying the meaning of this statement.
The Birmingham News quickly ex
plained that “the Governor’s order
does not require that Negroes be
placed on juries, but does require that
their names must be placed on jury
rolls and in the boxes from which
jurors are drawn”.
ine views of the rest of the Ala
bama press and of its officials defi
nitely shows that not only is a de- 1
termined effort to be made to get leg
ally lynch these innocent boys but :
also that the systematic denial of the
right of jury service to the Negro peo- 1
pie will be sought to be continued.
Press Lies About Jury Conditions
The Birmingham News, in the edi
torial referred to above, with true
ruling class dishonesty, lamely at
tempts to show that the conditions of
wholesale exclusion — unquestionably
existing throughout the South—is con
fined merely to Jackson and Morgan
counties. “For,” it states, in refer
ring to the local FEDERAL courts,
“Negroes have not only been included
on jury rolls in Alabama, but they
have in some instances actually served
as jurors, in federal courts in this
state. ”
As to the condition in STATE courts
it continues, “PROBABLY, they have
served, or at least THEY HAVE
ies in state courts in some counties.
The Supreme Court is convinced that
in Jackson and Morgan counties,
' scenes of the Scotsboro trials, Ne
groes were “systematically” excluded
1 from the jury rolls. This is ALMOST
CERTAINLY not true of every county
in Alabama. (My emphasis—RW).
The final paragraph of this weasel
statement points to the urgent need
for the workers to redouble their ef
forts many times at precisely this
juncture, _n order to enforce the right
of the Negro people TO SERVE on
Southe’-r juries.
Ihe warning is clear in the state
ment that though “the court’s opin
ion unquestonably calls for remedial
action in these counties where the Ne
groes are excluded from the jury rolls”
yet all this amounts to, according to
th s mouthpiece of the Southern
lynchers, is that “this is the ABSO
necessitated by the cour.’s ruling”.
Th: r.'.r; nificent victory attained in
the Supreme Court calls for renewed
and greater effort to free the Scotts
boro boys and to translate into actual
fact the words of the opinion of the 1
Supreme Court. But the Scottsboro
decision affects not only the jury
It raises, in addition, to a higher
political level, the entire struggle for
national liberation of the Negro peo
ple. Its revolutionary implications be
come plainer to the Negro masses of
the South with each day.
The decision explodes, in addition,
for all time, the ruling class’ vicious
“Divide and Rule” poison as to Ne
groes “propensity for attacking white
women”. It signifies a tremendous
stride forward in the daily struggle
for working class unity in the trade
and sharecropper unions and other or
Start Fake “Natives’
Parliament in
South Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa. —
(CNA)—To check- the mounting dis
satisfaction and discontent among the
Natives, South Africa has hit upon a
new idea.
A so-called “Natives Parliament” on
the order of the Bunga in the Tanskei
territory, is to be established in the
Petersburg district of the Transvaal,
ostensibly to give the Natives self
government. South Africa is in eon
l trol of Bri .ish Imperialism.
According to press reports, the
“Parliament” is to consist of nine
members, three of whom are to be
nominated by the Governor-General
and the six to be elected by the Native
inhabitants of the district. It is to
be noted that the presiding officer will
be the Native Commissioner, Mr. H.
Sinclair Fynn, a white official.
Like the much-heralded “Bunga”, it
will be controlled and dominated by
the white landowners, the Natives
having the right only to make recom
mendations to the “master class”.
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Boy Friend Told a Lie About Going
Out With Another Woman—Girl Got
Hot and Gave Him the Air—She
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