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Rev. F. B. Banks, pastor.
Sunday School was opened on
time with the superintendent,
Mrs. A. J. Johnson in charge. The
lesson was reviewed by the
pastor, Rev. F. Banks.
The tea, given at the home of
Andrew Johnson Sunday, was a
decided success. Misses Ceola
Nelson and I). Parker proved
themselves quite charming host
esses, who were chosen by Master
Johnson to preside over the tea
table. The table was very beau
tiful. Mr. Louis Stromile assisted
in making the tea a success.
At 11 o’clock devotional serv
ice was conducted by Deacon W.
Smith and G. W. Wilson, after
which the pastor took charge. He
chose for his subject “A Conceal
ed Thought,” Nehemiah, 2:6.
“For how long shall the journey
be and when wilt thou return?”
Thtj Mission Society held i s
service at 3 p. m. The mission
sermon was preached by the pas
tor. A splendid paper was given
by Mrs. A. M. Jones, “Prayer.”
The closing remarks were made
by the president, Mrs. Lee McGee.
At 8 p. m. the pas.or delivered
another great message. The sub
jeet was, “Oh, ye dry bone, hear
the word of the Lord,” Ezekiel
3:4. After having such an im
pressive sermon from our pas.or,
Mrs. A. J. Johnson gave eight rea
sons w'hy she knows Jesus is the
Son of God.
The Heart to Heart club met
Tuesday night at vhe home of Mrs.
A. M. Frederick. Cake and ice
cream were served.
The willing workers met Thurs
day w'ith Mrs. G. W. Stromile.
Sandwiches and coffee were serv
ed. Mrs. M. Williams is the presi
You are invited to come and
visit any part of our church serv
ices. Come, vou are welcome.
M rs. G. W.Stromile, reporter
“The Friendly Church.”
Rev. L. P. Bryant, pastor.
The service at St. John’s last
Sunday were very good. The
Sunday school attendance is
growing every Sunday. The doors
nrrur * 11 r-a»» i»r*n. ■ —
are always open for those, who
wish to join. Why not come and
make yourself a member?
Rev. Bryant preached in the
morning from this subject.
“Stand Still a while.” He preach
ed a very string sermon from
that subject.
In the afternoon the leading
choirs of the city came to St.
John’s for a Spring Musical.
This was a very fine program,
about which you will read more
in another column of The Guide.
In the evening the Sunday
school program was very good.
The young people are hoping to
see more of their parents at Sun
day school in the future.
The rally is still moving on.!
Mr. L. L. McVay and his Lincoln
car group drove ahead of Aman
da Offu.t last Sunday night,
but can they stay? It will only
take one more week to find out
as the rally closes April 7.
Many visitors were seen in St.
John’s last Sunday, but did not
pass in cards. They are always
If you get any service out of this r,
Before you buy your household
church directory write us a line or needs^ consult the pages of the Oma
two w* waut to serve. ha Guide first That W'H make your
paper a bigger and better paper*.
Notice-Because I have been unable to reach the pastors of some churches
1 am asking that any church omitted, will please get in touch with me or send in a
written statement, regarding your church activities, and 1 will gladly enter the same
in this column Any error or omnusion inthe present arrangement, if brought ^o
my attention, will be cheerfully corrected The Editor. urougni to
We live not by bread alone The soul is like unto any other part of the hndv It
must be fed and where is the food? The Church is the only place Make viui
choice of the following Churches and attend some church every Sunday. J
St. Phillipe Episcopal Church—21st
and Paul St. Father B. E. Holly.
Sermon and Holy Communion First
and Third Sunday at 11 a. m.
Sermon and Holy Communion second
and third Sunday at 7:30 p. m.
Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Mr. Dil
lard Crawford. Supt
Regular morning services every Sun
Vespers meet second Tuesday in each
month. W. M. Haynes, Senior w*rd
en and B. B. Cowans, jr. warden.
Women's Auxilliarv—Mrs. John- A1
bert Williams—President.
Mrs. J. C. Donley—Secretary.
Meets every Thur&day afternoon.
Altar Guild—Mrs. Augustus Hicks
Mrs J. C. Donley—Secretary.
Meets Every Tuesday night.
Choir Guild—Mrs. Msrgaret Wil
Mrs- Valaria McCaw—Secretary.
Meets every Thursday night.
Dorcas Society—Mrs. H. Wiggias—
Mrs. J. C. Donley—Secretary.
Meets every Friday afternoon.
Pleasant Green, 22nd and Paul Sts.
Rev- P J Price, Pastor
Mrs. Lottie Keys, Reporter; Mrs.
King, Clerk
Servces—Sunday School-9:30 am;
Supt Mr Vealand ..Morning Ser
vices, 11 a- m every Sunday morning
B Y P U , 6 p- m , President Mrs
Eddie Collit—Evening services every
Sunday night.
Weekly Meetings
Mission, Thursday night...Prayer
meeting. Wednesday night, led by one
of the Deacons—Autumn Leaf Club,
Monday night. President Mrs. Estelle
Waters- — Pick-Up Club, Tuesday
night, President Mrs. Mamie McIn
tosh. Choir rehearsals, Friday night,
President, Mrs. Ida McGu«re.
Jit. Jloriah 24 and Ohio Sts. Rev.
F. P. Jones, Pastor
Services, Sunday school, 9:30 a. m.
Jlrs. A. B. Speese superintendent.
Sermon 11:00 a. m. and 8:00 p. m.
B. Y. P. U. 6:00 p. m- Mr. JL Niles,
Mission society Jleeting, exery 1st
and 3rd Thursday afternoon, conduct
ed by Mrs. F. P. Jonee.
Zion. 2215 Grant St., Rev. C. C
Harper, Pastor. •
Services—Sunday school, 9:30 a- m*
Mr. Harry Anderson, superintendent.
Sarmon, 11:00 a. ra- and 8:00 p- m
Prayer meeting, B. Y. P- U. 6:00
p. m. Mr- Murray Landrum, Presi
Paradise 23rd and Clark Sts., Rev.
N. C. Cannon, Pastor; Rev. P. M.
Harris, Assistant, Pastor
Sunday school, 9:30 a. m., Mr. C.
H. Garner, superintendent.
Sermon, 11:00 and 8:00 o’clock.
Prayer meeting wed. evening B, Y.
P. U. 7:00 p. m. Mr. J. Henderson,
Mission Art Club, Thursday afternoon
conducted by Mrs. A. M. Busche.
Rt. Benedict The Moore. 2423 Grant
St. Father J. C. Daly S. J.. Pastor.
Sunday school. 9:30 a. m., Sister
Mary Daniel, Superintendent.
Low Mass, 9:00 A. M. High mass,
and Benediction, 10:15.
Altar society Tuesdpj* afternoon, 2:00
p. m. Mrs. M. Sterling, President.
Peter Claver Guild Monday 8:00 p.
m. Mrs- Ona Glass, President.
Week Day Mass every morning, 8:30.
Christ Temple Church, 26th and Bur
dette Sts—Ke- 1726. S. J. McIntyre,
D. D., Pastor.
Sunday Servie®—Sunday school,
»:30 ». m-; Preaching, 11 a. m.; Young
People’s meeting, 6 p. m.; Evening
service, 7:30 p. m.
Week Day Services—Bible class,
ruesday p. m.; Choir rehearsal, Wed
nesday, p. m.; Prayer meeting, Friday
p. m.; Board meeting monthly. Vis-,
itors Are Always Welcome.
St. Johns. 22nd and Willis Ave. Rev.
L. P. Bryant, Pastor.
S. S. 9:00 a. m. Mr. W. E- Webb,
supt., A. C. E. League. 6:00 p. m.
Mr. Rucker.
Sermon, 10:45 a. m- and 7:45 p. m.
Class Meeting, Tuesday evening, con
ducted by the Pastor, Rev. Bryant.
Cleaves Temple, 25 and Decatur Sts.
Rev. O. A. Calhoun, Pastor.
Services, S. S. 9:45 a. m. Mr.
Charles Stallworth, Stiperntendent.
Sermon, 11:00 a. m. and 7:45 p. m.
by the Pastor.
Prayer Meeting, Wednesday evening
Mission Society, Wednesday after
noon .
Forward Step Club, Tuesday evening,
by Rev. 0. A. Calhoun
Stewardess Board Friday Afternoon;
Choir Rehersa, Friday evening
Allen Chappel— 25th and R Sts
(South Omaha) Rev. W. S. Metcalf,
Services, S. S. 9:30 a. m., Mr. John
Fellows Supt.
Sermon, 10:45 a. m. and 7:45 p. m.
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening,
Metropolitan Spiritual Church, Lake
St-, near 24th. Rev. R. W. Johnson,
Services, S. S. 1:00 p. m., Mrs.
Church services, 11:00 a. m. and 7:30
p. m. Sunday, Rev. Johnson
Church Services Tuesday and Thurs
day, evening at 8:00 o'clock. Kev.
Prayer Clubs Monday, 8:00 p. ra
conducted by Mrs. Payton.
Penny Club, Wednesday 8:00 p. m.
by Mrs. Grffin.
Choir rehersal, Friday evening.
Salem, 22nd and Seward Sts., Rev.
E. H. Hilson, Pastor.
Services—Sunday school, 9:30 a.m.
Mr- F- L. Wesley Superintendent.
Sermon, 11:00 a. m. and 8:00 p. m.
B. Y. P. U. 6: p. m. W. M. Cooper
Prayer Meeting.
United Sabath Day Adventist, 2320
N. 28th Ave. Rev. M. M. Boodle,
Pastor. Sabath day services (Satur
day), Sabath school, 9:30 A. M- Mrs.
L. Smith. Supt Sermon, 11:00 o’clock
Jr. and Sr. Mission meeting, 3:00 *>.
m., conducted by Mrs. A. B Wright,
and Mrs. Edith Boodle. Sunday,
Sermon and Song Service, 7:30 P. M
Senenth-Day Adventist Church, 28th
and Lake Sts.
Brother George Anderson. Church
Elder, Acting Pastor.
Si’n Down Vespers, Friday Evening.
Saturday Services, Sabbath-school,
9:45 A. M-, Mrs. Ethel Anderson, Su
perintendent. Sermon, 11:00 o’clock,
Missionary Volunteer Society, 4:00 P
M-, conducted by Mrs. Anna Part
ridge. Prayer meeting. Wed. evening
8:00 P. M.
Clair Chapel, 22nd and Miami Sts.
Rev. Conwell, Pastor.
Services, S. S- 9:30 a. m., Mr. R. R.
Boone Superintendent.
Sermon, 11:00 a. m. and 7:30 p. m
Lucille Gray, President*
Choir Practice, Friday at 8:00 p. m.
Board Meeting. Monday 7:30 p. m.
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening
Bethel A. M. E. 2430 Franklin St.
Rev. J. W. Williams, Pastor.
S. S. 9:45 a. m. Mrs. Maggie
Smith, Supt.
Sermon. 11:00 a. m. and 7:45 p. m.
A. C- E. League, 6:30, Mrs. Etta
Mae Woods, President.
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening,
Choir Rehersal, Thursday evening,
Hillside Presbyterian Church
39th and Ohio Sts.
John S. Williams, Minister, HA. 7024
Sunday School, 9:45.
Mr. Alex Halton, S. S. Supt.
Morning Worship, 11 a. m.
Prayer Service, Wednesday 8 p. m.
Choir Rehearsal, Thursday 8 p. m.
Circle No. 1, Mrs. Zeda Eddens,
Willing Workers Club, Mrs. Helen
White, President.
Pilgrim—1320 N. 25th St. Rev. J.
A- Dotson, Pastor.
Sunday school, 9:30 A. M., Superin
tendent, Mr. Fred Dixon.
B Y. P. U. 6:00 p. m. Mr. J. W
Baker, President
Tuesday evening, 8:00 o’clock. Gen
eral Group Meeting,
i 'Ten’« Laymen, Mr. George Lewis,
I President.
Heart to Heart Club, Mrs. Fannie
Porter President
Willing Workers Club, Mrs. Fannie
Porter, President.
Ever Loyal Club Miss Nicholson,
Prayer meeting Wednesday, 7:30 p.
Senior Red Circle, Thursday, 6:30 p.
m. Mrs. Fletcher, President.
Junior Red Circle Wed. 4:30 p. ra.,
Miss Mildren Dotson, President.
Missionary meeting, Wed. 2:00 p. m.
welcome to St. John’s, and in
vited to make it their church
home while in the city.
2524 Lake St.
The Pacific Movement met
Sunday afternoon, at 3:30 o’clock
with its regular mass meeting.
The President, Mr. J. A. Harris
opened the meeting. The topic
under discussion was “The Power
of Intelligence.” Some of the
speakers on the subject were Mrs.
Faye Washington, Rev. W. Hud
son Rev. and Mrs. Tangamore.
Many helpful thoughts were
brought out by the various speak
The juvenile department met
Friday evening. The young peo
ple are very much interes.ed in
their work. Mrs. Hanger was the
special guest. She gave a short
address on the “Beginning of
Education.” She also pointed out
the struggle that the Negro boys
and girls contact. She also said
that the new youth more than
ever should acquire an education.
The educational department un
der the leadership of Rev. Tanga
moro is doing wonderful work.
You are cordially invited to at
tend the Pacific Movement of the
Eastern World, Inc.
Mr. J. A. Harris, President.
Minnie Harris, reporter.
Rev. O. A. Calhoun, pas‘or.
Sunday March 24 was another
grand day at Cleaves Temple. Be-j
side being perfect weather, the
spirit in the church seemed to re
vive. There were several mani-j
fes ations of the spirit. Three ad-1
ditions in the persons of Mr. and
Mrs. Blue and Mrs. Minnie Kim-j
brough last Sunday, made the
membership very happy. There
is always room for more. “Who-1
soever Will, let Him Come.” The
pastor spoke from St. Luke, 24:34.
“Then said Jesus, Father forgive
ihem for they know not what
they do.”
Sunday night his sermon was:'
“Today shaft thou be with me
in Paradise.”
Sunday March 30th, the lesson
was, “St. John 19:26:27. “Worn-!
an Behold Thy Son.” These serm
ons constitute a series of pre-|
Lenten sermons, imbibing the sev
en last words of Jesus.
On Easter Sunday, Bishop J. A.
Hamlett of the First Episcopal
dis.rict will occupy the pulpit.
“The Way of the Cross” a re
ligous pageant, will be given by
the member-ship and the combin
ed chorous of Hillside Presbyteri
an church and Cleaves Temple
will present the Cantata, “Seven
Last Words.”
;Mrs. F. M. Garland who has
been ill for some time was able
to be out again.
The wedding of Andrew II.
Brown and Madam Queen, Thurs
day March 28th was a very amus
ing and entertaining affair. The
Forward Step Club was very
well satisfied with the results,
and wish to take this opportunity
to thank all who participated in
the wedding.
You are w'clcome to attend our
service at all times.
The services were very inspir
ing at the Seventh Day Adventist
church, 2726 Lake St. Sabbath
Day. The pastor gave a very
sirring message that moved ihe
hearts of the people. The Sab
bath school was largely attended,
and after recitation period, an
interesting program arranged by
Mrs. Nathaniel Scarbrough was
given. The offering on the speci
al occasion was then taken up
which amounted to $23.58.
The Sunday night musical was
a grand success. Mr. J. T. Alli
son director of the chorous, al
ways does things that way. This
program was listened to by a full
house, and their new pastor was
given a real send off.
His fifteen minutes talk on the
program was well taken as he
showed the progress of the race
in both the North and the South,
since the days of freedom. He
null speak next Sabbath at 11:00
o’clock service, and then again
Sunday night at 7:45 o’clock. All
friends and visitors are cordially
invited to hear him.
Rev. R. W. Johnson, pastor.
Mrs. Georgia Peoples Reporter.
The Sunday school opened at
its usual time with the President,
Mr. S. Arnold, the Rev. S. Mar
rion, preached a very interesting
sermon last night. He is a won
derful speaker. His sermon was
from the 14th chapter of St. Mat
hews. 14th verse. His sermon
was “Compassionate Savior.” He
is taking the place of Rev. John
son, who is ill. ,
We all hope and pray for a
speedy recovery. Visitors are al
ways welcome.
, - :
Larry Barnett, John Regan and
Holsey Dorsey are no longer at the
Fox Hunt Club. Oh, didn’t you know'
that they had been playing there.
We can hardly keep up wJith some of
our musicians, so please pardon us if
sometimes we are a little late with
Shorty Gray of the Dixie Ramblers
is still celebrating his return to Oma
ha. We’re still wondering, how long
will this go on. “No, No, a Thousand
Times No’’! I’d rather die than say
say yes said Asa Oglesby when they
asked him to sing, so now Sam Grev
ious is playing trombone (and sing
ing?) with the Dixie Ramblers.
The Dixie Ramblers rehearse every
I day and we hear that they put on a
show that is really up to date.
A unit of sixteen musicians former
ly of Desdunes Band made three pa
rades down town last week advertising
the picture “Mississippi”.
The City Service Orchestra w-ill give
a concert April Ilth at Zion Baptist
Harry Rooks says it w'on’t be long
before he will be pouring oil on all
you trumpet players.
The musicians still ‘riff’ around to !
Jessie's Tavern and Mason & Knox’s
Cafes seems to be the Musicians Head
quarters as they can be found there
morning, noon and night.
By Dr. A. G. Bearer
(For the Literary Service Bureau)
Text: He took to Wife Jezebel.—
I Kings, 16:31.
Heree is an illustration of a good
name gone wrong. Doubtless it was
the belief of the parents of this wo
man that her life would have been
honest, honorable, chaste and contri
butory to helpfulness. But, both in
character and conduct, Jezebel, wife
of Ahab, King of Judah, belied her
name. As indicated by her actions
her character was the antithesis of
the name given.
1. She Was Vovetous. When Ahab
her husband coveted the vineyard of
Naboth. Jezebel joined him in this
act of covetousness against a neigh
bor. And covetousness is a cardinal |
2. She Was Merciless. Jezebel con
considered ends—not means. Like
cruel men and women of all ages, she
was will ng to do anything to accam
Plish her desire. So she had Naboth
murdered in order to secure his prop
erty for Ahab, the weakling on the
3. She Paid the Penalty. It was
a life for a life. It was a verification
of “Who sheds a ir»n’s blood by man
shall his blood be shed.” In some
cases the penalty is sudden and tragic,
like Jezebel’s; in others, “The mills
of the gods grind slow;” but retribu
tion is inevitable. Had this vile wo
man lived up to the interpretetation
of her name all would have been well.
In this we have a warning to parents
and a lesson to all.
Attorney Ray L. Williams, Room 200,
Tuchman Bldg.. 24th and Lake St.
In the Matter of the Estate of
Hattie Austin Ford, Deceased
Notice is Hereby Given:
That the cred.tors of said deceased
will meet the administratrix of said
estate, before me, County Judge of
Douglas County. Nebraska, at the
County Court Room, in said County,
on the 27th day of May, 1935 and on
the 27th day of July, 1935, at 9 o’clock
A. M., each day, for the purpose of
presenting their claims for exxamina
tion, adjustment and allowance. Three
months are allowed for the creditors
to present their claims, from the 27th
day of April, 1935.
Begin 4-6-35 Bryce Crawford,
Ends 4-20-35 County Judge
New Y ork, Mar. 29.—Attorney
James Marshall, a director of the Na
tional Association for the Advance
ment of Colored People and a member
of its national legal committee, has
been appointed a member of the
Board of Education of this city by
Mayor LaGuardia. His term runs un
til 1938. Mr. Marshall is the son of
the late Louis Marshal], a noted au
thority on constitutional law, who
served for many years as an NAACP
director and a member of its national
legal committee.
Colored people here are highly
pleased at Mr. Marshall’s appoint
ment. He is expected to oppose any
attempt at color discrimination in the
mixed school system of the city.
And His
With Complete Floor Show.
16th and Douglas Streets.
International I SCHOOL
Member of Faculty, Moody Uibl.
Institute of Cblcaco.
©. Western Newspaper Union.
Lesson for April 7
GOLDEN TEXT—Like as a father
pltieth his children, so the Lord
pltieth them that fear him. Psalm
TOPIC—Why We Call God Father. ■
TOPIC—The Fatherhood of God.
The nim In the lessons of this
] quarter is to place before the pupils
of the Sunday school some of the
great doctrines of the Christian)
faith, as set forth In God's Word.*,
with their practical application tot
the common relations of life.
I. Who Is the Heavenly Father
i (Gen. 1:1).
He is the almighty God who cre
mated the universe (l’s. 00:2). He
I was before all things. God is the
infinite and perfect Spirit in whom;
we live and move and have our
being. He is omnipotent, omnisci
ent, and omnipresent. He was not
only before all things, but the cause
of all things.
II. What the Heavenly Father
1. He created the universe (Gen.
1:1; cf. vv. 2(5, 27). The universe
came into being by the will and
net of the personal Heing called
God. Man himself is a creation of
2. He has provided salvation for
tost men (I John 4:!)). He gate his
| only Son, that whosoever helleveth
In him might live through him (John
3. He preserves us (Ps. 103:1-11).
The preserving mercy of God em
braces the following gracious bene
ficent acts:
a. He forgives all our Iniquities
(r. 3). This lie Is aide to do because
fof Hie righteous provision he mad*
for alii in tlie atonement wrought
out hy Jesus Christ.
k He heals all our dis*‘.i“i**
8). This healing refers to '! • *><xlf
sod ths soul. He first renem**#
mao's moral nature and t; <•* hi*
physical nature.
a H« redeems the life from da
struetloa (r. 4). IJedempMea Im j
pllas ths payment of ail tavunda
against the d*»htor.
d. He satisfies the mouth (v. 5).
God satisfies all legitimate desires,
so that youth is renewed like the
eagle's. In redemption man’s orig
inal capacities are restored to their
native vigor.
e. He executes righteousness and
Judgment (vv. 6-12). The wrongs
of life are righted and man Is thus
relieved of the burdens which they
f. He pities his children (vv. 13,
14). The pity of an earthly father'
is but a faint suggestion of tho sym
pathetic compassion of the heaven- ’
ly Father.
4. He chastens his children (neb.
a. The fact (w. 5, 6). Every one
who is God’s spiritual child experi
ences chastening, as unmistakable
evidence of sonship.
b. How It should be received (vv.
6-8). It is the token of his love
(v. 6).
c. The purpose of (vv. 9-11). It
is to bring the child into subjec
tion to induce reverence (v. 9). Iti
is to produce holiness (v. 10). It :
is to develop fruits of righteous- I
ness (v. 11). I
5. lie cares for his childri n j
(Matt. 6:11, 25). The child of God;
who has come to know his heavenly ,
Father as the almighty Creato-. and j
Preserver, whose very essential he- I
lng is love, will trust the Father }
for daily bread without anxiety f.|
III. The Heavenly F .ther . J
vealed in Jesus CHrl*t (Jol'r 14:
8, 0).
The supreme purpose of tf e com
i ing of the Son of God wej to re
veal God (John 1:8). Only a being |
■ of God’s essential nature could re- l
veal him. Jesus Chris;, became man f
in order that he might reveal God J
to man. Only the one who knows |
Jesus Christ knows God.
IV. How Men Come to Know God j
as the Father (John 3:3-6). «
It is through regeneration. The \
new birth is absolutely essential to
a knowledge of God as the Father. L
We are children of God by faith i
tn Jesus Christ (Gal. 3:26).
V. Our Responsibility to the
Heavenly Father (Matt. 6:24-34).
The true child who has come to
know his Father.
1. Will give him undivided affec
tion (v. 24). The child of God makes
the unequivocal choice between the
heavenly Father and tire world.
2. He will not be anxious about
food and clothing, as stated above.
3. He will diligently seek Hip
kingdom of God and his righteous
ness (w. 33. 34). He wili subor
dinate temporal tilings to the tilings
of the Spirit. This is not a warn
tug against legitimate forethought |
,but against anxious worrr.
Help Kidneys
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Pains, Rheumatic Pains, Dizziness, Cir
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Burning. Smarting or Itching, you don't
need to take chances. All druggists now
have the most modern advanced treat
ment for these troubles—a Doctor's pres
cription called Cystex (Siss-Tex). Works
fast—safe and sure. In 48 hours it must
bring new vitality and Is guaranteed to
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druggists and the guarantee protects you.