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“The Friendly Church
Rev. P. Bryant, Pastor.
Sunday March 17th. 1935 was
another banner day at St. John s.
This was quarterly meeting day,
and proved to be very successful
iu every respect.
The presiding elder, Brooks,
preached at the morning service.
Rev. W. C. Conwell, of Claire
Chapel, . E., preached in the after
noon, and Rev. C. C. Baker in the
Rev. Conwell was assisted in the
afternoon service by his senior
and junior choirs, combined. Their
singing was very good. The young
choir adds a great deal of
strength to the senior choir.
Rev. Brooks, the presiding elder
took for his subject in the morn
ing service: “The I»rd Jesus!
Chris., The Author and Finisher
of our faith.”
Some of the outstanding
thoughts that should be remember
ed :
The Lord Jesus Christ for whom
we are working should always be
with us for lie is the Lord of
Lords, and King of Kings. He is
touched by our infirmities and
moved by our sorrows.
One must have spiritual food!
if he is to grow in spirit and un-|
derstanding. If we would be
free, we must see Jesus Christ in
ad His glories.
He wants the gospel to be a
lamp to our feet and a light to
our pathway. If we are going to
walk, He is our best guide.
If we want to get our hearts
set right, we must think on
nobler things. Letting others tell
ns of the low news that will not
help lift us up, will tend to pull
us down and cause us to loso
our own Soul.”
rut tort!) all etlorts to burnt
rather than tear down.
I>on’t go any place or do any
thing you think Christ would not
do or go with you.
In the afternoon, Rev. Conwell
preached a very strong sermon on
“Truth.” He gave a number of
good thoughts that will be good
food for the soul. Rev. Conwell
always has a great message to
give. He makes his messages so
very plain everyone who hears
him can enjoy them.
At the evening service, Rev. C.
C. Baker, one of the assistant pas
tors of St. John’s, preached on
“Value of Responsibility.” Rev.
Baker is young in the ministry,
but has some very, very good
thoughts in his seitmons.
The rally is moving on fine.
Mrs. Georgie Barkers drove her
ear up to the side of Miss Am
manda Offutt last Sunday night.
So now they are ready for a race.
But some of the other captains
say they will be passed before
they reach the city of New York.
You just come to church each Sun
day night and see what your car
is doing.
Sunday March 31st at 3 p. m.
is the time and date for the Big
Spring Musical, by all the lead
ing choirs of Omaha and some of
the musical clubs. Come, see, and
hear a very fine program. Rev.
P. F. Jones of Mt Moriah Baptist
will give you a fine twelve minute
message on the, “Relation of the
Choir to the Public Worship.”
Rev. Jones is a very fine speaker.
You can not afford to miss hear
ing him.
22nd. and. Seward Sts.
Rev. E. H. Hilson, Pastor.
Sunday being a beautiful day,
the attendance was very large.
At 9:30 the Sunday School was
opened and the lesson was thor
oughly enjoyed by all present
For the 11:00 o’clock service, Rev.
Fort, who occupied the pulpit
spoke from the subject. “Heav
en” his passage of scripture be
ing Matthews 6:20. As we hurry
along the dusty highway of life,
we must plan for the future and
remeber, “There are no perman
ent investments, except in Heaven.
Also that a man at death is worth
only what lie has sent on before
Among the many persons pres
ent. we were happy to have in out
midst, Mrs. V. Harris, of St
John’s; Mr. and Mrs. Bennett
and the State President of the B
Y. P. U. and Mr. Dacus. Wc
pleasingly acknowledge these visi
tors, and look forward to theii
early return.
Friends the smaller children
seem to be gladJohn’stdlirebgkc
seem to be gleaming much know
ledge, concerning the Son of Goc
who died for all. I think it would
please God, and help us much, ii
we would partake of themselves
of his house more. For readei
thy time on Earth is short. Ask ]
thyself honestly, “Am I prepar
ed for eternity?” Give thy con
science time to answer? Listen, it
speaks to thee today. Drown not;
i s voice lest it speaks to thee no
Friends and members of the
church extend sincere wishes of
the speedy recovery of Mrs. Ruth
Johnson. Mr. Walter Kennedy,
both inmates of the hospital and
also Mrs. Vic.oria Hester, who is
seriously ill at her home, and
Mrs Anna Redden. It may be pos
sible for each and every one to;
visit these fellow workers, but all
can at least find time for a few on his or her knees be
fore God in the interest of these;
sick friends.
B. Y. P. U. opened at its usual
time with Mr. Rosenbaugh pre
siding.. Although the atmosphere
was filled with a bit of restless-:
ness, the inspiration program
rendered by Group No. 2 proved
a hugh success. Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. |
Singleton and Mrs. Holloway, as-;
sisted by Mrs. Alexander and Mrs.
Johnson were the par.icipants.
The object and pledge was led
by Mrs. Pettis and the Sunday
feature was given by Miss Min
nie Harris.
A very strengthening and en
lightening sermon was preachtd
by Rev. For; at evening worship,
on the “Holy Spirit.” Found in
I Thessalomia. 5:19. Reader hast
thou been born again for an
eternal Heaven! If so well; but if
not, the horrors of an eternal hell
are awaiting thee, and thou art
nearer its unquenchable flames
than ever before.
Bertha Patterson, Reporter.
The Services at Pilgrim Baptist
Church was about the same
as usual. The Rev. John F. Thom
as delivered the sermon for both
morning and evening. His sub
ject for the morning was “The
Spiritual Telegraph Line” while
the subject of the evening was:
“Come and See.”
The attendance at the regular
services Sunday were somewhat
smaller than usual while that ef
the Sunday school was about the
same. The B. Y. P. U. meeting
was the largest of the year.
All members are urged to at
tend the free banquet at the
church, Tuesday evening. There
will be a splendid luncheon and
a good time for all. Also further
details for the new financial ef
fort launched last Sunday will be
Rev. J. F. Thomas, Acting Past
There was a well attended Sun
day school reported for Sunday,
March 17th and we had a wonder
ful message brought to us by our
pas.or at the 11:00 o’clock service,
in Acts, 25: 4, 5,6 on the subject
I “Religion.”. Giving us to know
that people put too much stress
on religion and not enough on
The H. Y. P. U. began at ,he
usual time of 6:30 the lesson being
the 2nd chapter of St. John.
Group No. 6 has put on a penny
rally beginning March 17 to
Easter Sunday, April 21. The
money will be used for the bene
fit of the $1,000 rally staged for;
June 2. All visitors are cordially
invited and will be given a hearty
Edna Pankey, Reporter.
At our regular meeting last
Thursday night dur lesson was
i taken from the fifth chapter of
Revelatidns, a book of seven
seals. The long roll of parchment
contained seven chapters or divi
sions, each division being a pro
phetic record of a distinct class of
events. They finally found some
one to open the seven, and our
next lesson will be the opening
of the seven seals.
Come and get a clear under
standing of all the misteries of
these seven divisions at 2012 N.
27th Street, at 7:30 p. m.
Mrs. S. Go rim, Reporter.
Elder W. I. Irving, teacher and
We had a nice time at
Mt. Xebo, Sunday. Rev. Young,
former Pastor of Zion, brought to
us a very inspiring sermon. Rev.
Cannon, who is now pastoring a
church in East Chicago, was also
present at our morning sermon.
Our B. Y. P. U. is gradually in
o*reasing under the leadership of
Mr. C. L. Crawford. Rev. Union,
the pastor gave us an nspiring
message in the night service. We
are inviting our friends to visit
us. We are more than glad to
have you.
Rev. F. K. Union, Pastor
Miss Emily V. Williams, Re
1818 N. 24th. Street.
Rev. R. W. Johnson, Pastor
Mrs. Georgia Peoples, Reporter.
Rev. S. Marrion. who is a very
wonderful speaker, preached a
very interesting sermon, Sunday
at our church. The whole con
gregation enjoyed his message,
which was taken from the text,
“Wait on Jesus.”
Rev. Marrion took the place of
the pastor, who has been ill for
the past week.
bhproved II SUNDAY
International 1 SCHOOL
Member of Faculty, Moody Bible
Institute of Chicago.
©, W’estern Newspaper Union.
Lesson for March 24
LESSON TEXT—I Peter 3:8-18.
GOLDEN TEXT—But sanctify the
Lord God in your hearts: and be
ready always to give an answer to
every man that asketh you a reason
of the hope that is in you with
meekness and fear. I Peter 3:15.
PRIMARY TOPIC—Pleasing Jesus
Every Day.
JUNIOR TOPIC—Jesus’ Way of
TOPIC—Living Like a Christian.'
TOPIC—Practicing Our Christiar.
Having give* instructions to cit
izens (2:13, 14), servants (2:18).
wives (3:1-6), and husbands (3:7).
I’eter now sets forth the attitude
and motives which nre required for
the perfection of all the relations
of human life.
I. Characteristics of the Christian
Lite (vv. S-tl).
These And expression in personal
attitudes and manner of living.
1. Toward fellow believers (v. 8).
a. "All of one mind.” Thi9 means
unity of thought and feeling. Chris
tians being united to the one Lord
.Testis Christ, animated by the one
Holy Fpirit and governed by the one
Book, the Holy Scriptures, will in
evitably come Into possession of
h. "Having compassion one of an
other.” This means more than sym
pathy in times of sorrow. It means
the sharing of Joys as well as sor
e. "Love as brethren." Being of
the one family, a common affection
should dominate Its members.
d. “Be pitiful.” This means ten
derhearted, expressing ttself In
Fjmpathy toward the helpless and
e. "Be courteous." Tills mean
friendliness, Christian politeness.
2. Toward the world (vv. 9:11).
a. “Not rendering evil for evil."
Positively expressed, this means do
Jug good for evil. The natural mao
renders evil for evil. The bo
bever has been called thus to man
lfest the spirit of Christ.
b. “Eschew evil and do good" (v.
T1). This means to shun or turn
away from one’s course at the ap
proach of evil and the positive do
ji trg of good.
c. “Seek peace, and ensue If."
It is not enou"h for a t»<>’lcver to
reiram irom coniucu xie ujuol i
bend every energy In the direction
of peace.
II. Incentives to Christian Living
(vv. 12-14).
1. "The eyes of the Lord are over
the righteous, and his ears are open
unto their prayers” (v. 12). God
not only takes account of their ef- '
f forts to live righteously, but his'
! ears are open to their cries for help, j
I 2. “The face of the Lord is
against them that do evil” (v. 12). •:
! God will surely visit in judgment j
those who depart from the way of j
’ right living.
3. God will protect and keep
those who bend their energies to
the doieg of good (v. 13).
i 4. Happiness in suffering (v. 14).
This means the suffering which
[| results from the*pursuing of the
| ways of righteousness.
| III. How th# Christian Life Can
j Be Lived (vv. 15, 10).
It cannot be lived in the power
of human strength. A divine dy-'
namic is provided.
1. “Sanctify the Lord God in;
your hearts (v. 15). The Revised t
Version says, “Sanctify Christ as
| Lord,” enthrone Jesus Christ as
: the Lord of life.
2. Be ready to give a reason for
j your hope (v. 15). A Christian
should have an understanding of
; his faith, such as to give a reason
to the inquirer. The Christian’s
faith rests upon the highest reason.
3. Live a conscientious life (v.
! 16). One's life should be so lived
| that the consciousness that actions
i are consistent he'ore God and man
: is possible. Such a lCe will put to
; shame evil men who falsely accuse
and despiteful!y use the believer.
: IV. The Issue of the Christian
| Life (vv. 17, 18).
Christ said to the disciples that
they would receive the same treat
ment that the world accorded hin .
l’aul says, “All that will live godly
in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecu
tion” (II Tim. 3:12). If God wills
, that we suffer for well doing, let
i s rejoice, looking to Christ as our
; supreme example.
Mr. Purcell W. Baugh, father of Sir.
Jessie E. Baugh, chief cook at the
Iowa School for the Deaf is seriously
ill a‘ .Mercy Hospital, Council Bluffs,
Mr. J. H. Walton residing at 2118
• N. 28th Street, has been seriously ill
for the past week.
Rev. E. H. Hilson, pastor of Salem
Paptist Church, has not as yet re
turned from his last sojourn in Okla
Miss Lillian Black, of Los Angeles,
California, is the house guest of Mrs.
Lizzie Buford, 1804 N. 30th Street,
and will remain in the city for a short
time. Miss Black is a former Omahan
and organized the Elite Club, of Om
aha, more than twenty-five years ago.
Marion Macklin, Versie Mae Wil
liams and Robert Coulson graduated
from Technical High School Wednes
day, March 6.
Mr. Halton Servant, of Chicago,
I brother of Mrs. Jasper Brown, 2883
Miami Street, is visiting here in
Omaha for a few davs.
Miss Claudel Agee, who has been ill,
returned to her work last week. Miss
Agee is employed at the Woodson
Center in South Omaha.
Mr. Scott, Omaha’s own golf cham
pion, 2889 Miami Street, plans a big
golf season in Kansas City, Missouri,
and Des Mctnes, Iowa.
Mrs. Jones, 2532 Blondo Street, who
has been ill for about three weeks is
feeling much better. She is able to
be up and around.
Mr. Marcellus Ransom, 2627 Grant
Street, has been ill for the past few
days. He is reported as improving
Mrs. Josephine Bell was the dinner
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Napier,
1524 N. 20th Street, last Wednesday.
Mrs. M. G. Chandler, 2604 N. 25th
Street, is expecting her daughter
Vera home for her vacation. Miss
Chandler has been attending the Fiske
University, where she is in her senior
year. She has not been home for a
year and a half.
Helen Sherwood and Stephen Tay
lor will be married Wednesday, March
20th at 2225 Lake Street. The couple
will live at the home of Mr. Taylor’s
parents, 2618 N. 26th Street
Leonard Wright, 2413 Binney Street,
will leave for the east sometime this
Mrs. Frank Thomas was taken to
the Lord Lister Hospital Friday,
March 15th.
Mirs. Harry Franks, 2215 N. 22nd
Street, is ill in bed with a severe cold.
Percy Hall and Melba Roberst were
married Thursday, March 14th.
Mrs. Whiteside, 3007 Ohio Street,
has been ill for some time with a cold.
A reception will be given Wednes
day, March 20th, at 2225 Lake Street,
for Mr. and Mrs. Steve Taylor.
Lawrence Stewart, 2814 Harrfilton
1 Street, plans to leave Omaha this sum
mer. He will travel through the east.
Mr. James |Jewell, popular young
Omaha sportsman and backer of good
sports teams, again plans to send an
other championship kittenball team
over the middle west again this year.
Mr. Jewell and his teams are well
known in this part of the country.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Easley, former
ly of Omaha, who now reside in Chi
cago, Illinois, have been the house
guests of Mrs. Ollie Robinson, 2701 N.
25th Street, for the past week. Mrs.
Easley is the mother of Miss Celestine
Smith, of this city. Mr. and Mrs.
Easley will visit Lincoln, Nebraska,
Kansas City, Missouri, and Saginaw,
Michigan, before they return to their
home in Chicago.
Newark, N. J.—A murderous
attack by city detectives here last
week sent Henry Jordan a Negro,
to the City Hospital Prison ward.
Workers who saw him describe
his as having one eye knocked
out, blood pouring from wounds
in his head, and the flesh of his
face torn to ribbons. The detect
ives are cooking up a burgularly
frame-up against Jordan, and are
also hinting at a “rape” angle in
the case.
An investigation of the case
convinced representatives of the
International Labor Defense that
Jordan is innocent, and his wife
has signed a retainer authorizing
the I. L. D. to defend him. New
ark authorities have denied the
I. L. D. attorneys the right to in
terview their client, but the at
torneys are applying for a writ
of habeas corpus.
By Dr. A. G. Bearer
(For the Literary Service Bureau)
Text: “And Leah said Happy am I,
for the daughters will call me blessed;
I and she called his nan>e Asher.”—
Genesis 30:13.
This child Asher was the second son
of the patriarch Jacob, and the gift of
Leah, Jacob’s wife number two, who
was sister to Rachel, his favorite wife
for whom he worked fourteen years.!
Here are the lessons:
1. Motherhood and Happiness.—
The greatest happiness of wmmanhood
comes through motherhood. It seems
strange that Leah should have been
so happy, since she did not bare the
child, and knowing he was borne by
Z.lpah, her maid. But it was consid
ered motherhood, and she was happy.
2. Satisfying a Husband's Great
est Desire.—Real men and real wo
men are alike in the matter of parent
hood. A real woman cannot be con
tented without motherhood and a
rmn; a real man, can never be satis
fied without children to bear his name
and comfort his heart. A woman who
refuses to satisfy this supreme desire
of her husband has herself to blame
if his affection should stray.
3. Not Only a Privilege, But a
Duty.—Motherhood is a privilege; it
does give the greatest measure of hap
piness; but it is more. It is a duty,
an escapable duty; and woman can
not evade with impunity. Better have
motherhood and happiness than neg
lect and pay the penalty.
Birmingham, Ala.,—CNA—Sol
Williams, militant labor organizer
; here was kidnaped by Jack
Brown, white and two other thugs
of the Tennessee Coal and Iron
mines and brutually beaten las:
Wfilliamal was carried outside
the city limits of Birmingham
I where the thugs threatened to
j lynch him and told him if he did
j not get out of town he “would
be filled with bullets and drag
! ged through the streets of Bes
: semer and Birmingham.” The
thugs also tried to put his head
in a gunnysack but he successful
ly fought this off.
When they threatened to lynch
him on the spot Williams replied:
“Shoot me. That won’t keep
me from carrying out my work
and organizing Negro and white
workers for better conditions.
Williams was stripped of all of
his clothing and left in the
swamps where he was forced to
remain for 5 days in the most
severe weather. He finally found
his way to Montgomery and there
met a sympathetic worker who
furnished him with clothing and
Williams was an organizer in
the Miscola mine, which is the
biggest ore mine and controlled
by the T. C. I. interest here.
Fort Smith, Ark—CNA—Twel
ve sharecroppers and relief work
ers were arrested on charges of
“battery”—anarchy here.
The arrests were part of the
drive by the big landowners and
state officials to further beat
down the living conditions of the
sharecroppers and relief work
Reverend Claude C. Williams,
white, recently ousted from his
church for his support of the
struggles of the sharecroppers,
was among those arrested.
Miss Charlotte Redd, became the
bride of Mr. Eli Brown Monday after
noon at the home of the bride’s par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Redd, 2317 N.
29th Street
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We are still trying to find out if all
of the musicians have secret ambitions
so Sunday afternoon we dropped in at
the Dreamland Hall where the Synco
Hi-Hatters were swinging down a.nd
had a talk w*.th them . Strange as it
may seem we discovered that these
boys are bashful and modest too,
imagine, but after much coaxing we
brought a few secret ambitions to
light, so here goes.
It has always been DeWitt Ray’s
ambition to be a successful orchestra
leader and to be presented only in the
most exclusive N.ght Clubs, and Ho
tels in the country.
Bill Owens would like to gain recog
nition as a composer writing the best
song hits of the day.
Oh, how far away from the thoughts
of music is Walter Harrold’s real am
bition, which is to be a chef cook of
world fame and the highest paid cook
in the profession.
George Crumbly wants to be a suc
cessful farmer owning one of the fin
est farms in the country with all the
latest farm implements.
Archie Brown wants to glorify the
name of Brown and become a great
Trombone player as Lawrence Brown.
Niel Parker’s ambition is to be one
of the country’s foremost arrangers
even better than Donald Redmon
Ted Summit wishes he could be a
second Muff Mo'e, but it is also his
ambition to be a very versatile musi
cian, and as sensational as Cab Callo
ihe Fynco Hi-IIatters have been
engaged at the J. B. Cavern for over
two years, and we think it is also their
secret ambition to some-day be the
proprietor of the place. That couli
be arranged very nicely by George
bringing in all the products for the
dining room from his farm, and Wal
ter will be the Chef Cook. A1 Abney
says h « will be the head waiter. Paul
King says he will take George’s place
in the band; because he loves Omaha.
Now who will play the drums wm'.le
Walter is cooking-Oh yes, we’ll
have to send for their original drum
mer. none other than Little fJoe Jones.
Then people will come from far and
near to hear that great band and see
the Prince of Personality De Witt Ray.
Ten years from today, who knows
these secret ambitf.ons may be real
ized. Sez you.
Sam Turner says he plays the
guitar for the fun of it, but he’s a
fiddler at heart. Incidently did you
know that Sam was packing them
in every Sunday night at the Elks
Smoker. Dorothy Beck is playing
with him too.
Dave Alexander- has moved out
to the Saddle Creek Garden with the
Biggest little band in town.
Mr. Hopie Bronson has been ill in
bed for several days at his home, 2614
Decatur Street, with a sprained
shoulder. He is reported much bet
ter at tlf.s writing.
Attorney Ray L. Williams, 24th and
Lake Sts., Room 200, Tuchman Bldg.
In the County Court of Douglas
County, Nebraska:
In the matter of the Estate of
Hattie Austin Ford, Deceased.
All persons interested in said es
tate are hereby notified that a petition
has been filed in said Court alleging
that said deceased died leaving no las:
will and praying for administration
upor. his estate, and that a hearng
will be had on said petition before
said court on the 30th day of March,
1935, and that if they fail to appear
at said Court on the said 30th day of
March. 1935, at 9 o’clock A. M. to
contest said petition, the Court may
grant the same and grant adninis-!
tration of said estate to Maude
Thomas or some other suitable persr-n
and proceed to a settlement thereof
County Judge.
Begins 3-9-35
Ends 3-23-35.
f All the beauty treatments In the
world will not bring you a clear,
healthy skin if you are absorbing
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phaf ipnenga Medicine Co., and sold ■
New York, March,21—The Kan
sas City Call, a prominent week
ly newspaper published by C. A.
Franklin, is aiding the fight for
the passage of the Cost igan-Wag
ner anti-lynching hi 1 by urging
its readers to write to their re
spective U. S. senators and repre
sentatives, h<- President and the
legislative leaders of bo.n houses
of Congress, is asking them to sup
port the bill. The names of all
persons who write this series of
letters are being carried in an
"K^or ■ 1 ’ on th" front page
of the newspaper. Several dozen
rr mes ar >ear i • 4he 'irst list pub
lished las week. fThe paper’s
slogan over i s editorial is,
“Spend nine cents to Ile’p end
r TV. rr. V^-on who is an in
terne at the North Carolina Sani.or
ium will return home when his time
expires three months from now.
lgvo oemands a
light clear skin
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