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The club met on its usual date with
Mr. Marcellus Hayes as host. Fol
lowing the business, was the election
or off.ctrs for the ensuing year. Mr
J. E. Dorsey, a man of social promi
nence of whom the members will be
proud, was elected president. Mr.
PhiWips was elected vice-president.
Mr. R. A. Mills was reappo.nted. The
former president was given a vote of
thanks for her loyalty to the club.
The previous meeting of this club
was held at the home of Mr. R. A.
Mills. It was very much enjoyed. We
had three guests, Mrs. Evans, Mrs.
Bailey and Mr. Jackson. Prizes were
awarded at that meeting to Mr. James
Dortch and Miss Thearis Taylor. The
guest prize went to Mrs. Evans.
Prizes awarded Thursday night
went to Mrs. Daniels and Mr. Dortch.
We were glad to have Mrs. Addie
Dorsey, who has been ill- with us
A lovely evening was spent, and the
club adjourned to meet next week.
Mr. J. E. Dorseyi, President
Mary Banks, Reporter
Mrs. Eva Phillips entertained the
club this week at 2616 Maple Street.
There was a very successful business
meeting, after which bridge was
played. Mrs. Levingson won first
prize, and Mrs. Adklnte won the
Mrs. Mattie Tate, President
Mrs. Washington, Reporter
The club met Thursday at the home
of Mrs. Gretchen Smythe, 2414 Bur
dette Street. After a lovely luncheon
was served, the evening was spent at
fcrige. Miss Fannie Freeman won first
prize, Miss La Verrts Wesley, second,
and Miss Gladys Walker, booby.
Miss Mary Gates was assigned the
office of club reporter.
After the meeting was adjourned,
the members visited the better night
spots of the city.
Anna B. Lovely, President
Mary Gates, Reporter
The club met at the home of Mrs.
Dallas, 119 N. 37th St. All members
were present, and they are doing very
nicely with their needle work, thanks
to Mrs. Roland. They are working on
gloves and collar sets.
There were three tables of bridge.
After the business meeting, a delight
ful repast was served by the hostess
We adjourned to meet at the home
of Mrs. Frazier, 3618 Jones Street.
Lillian Mills, President
Gladys Clayter, Reporter
The club met at the home of Miss
Preoia Harrold Monday evening at
4:30 o’clock with the president, Miss
Irene Harrold, presiding. After an
important business meeting, the club
Eight girls of the club visited Pil
grim Baptist Church Sunday morning.
It was decided by the club that the
officers of last year hold the same of
vce for one more year. The officers
are as follows: Mrs. Mable Ray, spon
sor, Miss Irene Harrold, president,
Miss Iantha Hall, vice-president. Miss
Ceola Nelson, secretary, Miss Ada
Walker, assistant secretary. Miss
Precia Harrold, treasurer, and Miss
Leona Davis, reporter. Fannie Lue
Levison is the Honorary Member of
the club. NeOw members taken into
the club. New members taken into
Ruth Gray, Melba Robbins, Marian
Wharthen, La Nelle Perry and Thelma
Irene Harrold, President
Leona Davis, Reporter
The club met with a very good at
tendance this week. Cards and danc
ing were the main attractions of the
evening. We had with us one visitor
in the person of Mr. Eskel Chiston,
of Chicago, who is visiting Mrs. Flos
sie Mayberry. 2602 N. 27th St.
The next meeting will be at the
home of Mr. Isaiah Jones, 2511% N.
26th St.
Mrs. Leona Allen, President
Mrs. Minnie Burns, Reporter
A special call meeting was held this
week at 2920 Grant Street. Owing to
the extreme bad weather, few mem
bers were present. Two new mem
bers were enrolled, Mr. Walter Wil
liams and Mrs. Mary Williams.
We adjourned early to meet next
week at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Stringer, 2731 Blondo Street.
Miss Marguerite Harold, President
Mrs. Myrtle Stringer, Reporter
The club met at the home of Mis.
Tresa Anderson, 8867 Maple. After
business was discussed, bridge was
played. Mrs. Florence Morris won
first prize again this week, and Mrs. Hope won the booby. We were
delighted to have three visitors this
week. They were Mrs. Murray, Miss
Opal Murray and Mrs. Johnson.
Tho hostess served a luncheon in
courses which suited the appetite of
ever tone.
The next meeting w.ll be at the
home of Mrs. Minnie Burns, 8920
Grant St.
Mrs. Ida Fountain*, President
Mrs. Minnie Burns, Reporter
The Las Amigas Club entertained at
i Valentine part1/ at the home of Miss
Louise Robinson, 2309 N. 27th Ave
nue. The house was beautifully dec
orated, and a red heart was pinned on
each guest at the door. Music was
furnished by Mr. Fred Davis. A trio
Mr. E. Hudspeth, Mrs. Minnie Cooper
and Mr. H. D. Piggue, sang one num
ber. Pit and Old Maid were the chief
forms of entertainment.
Sandwiches, fruit punch and ice
eream made a dainty repast.
Each guest was given a comie val
entine. The guests included Mes
dames. J. D. Thornton, Charlotte
Beams, Helen Kane, Frances Cloud,
Katherine Williams, Minnie Cooper,
Anne Bowler, Maggie Smith, Kathe-.
rine P.ggue, A. E. Beck, C. E. Lee,
Misses Mable Richardson, Margaret
Beck, Evelyn Beck, Helen Key, Etta
Mae Woods, Hilda Woods, Josie
Woods, Messrs. E. Hudspeth, Fred
Davis, Frederick Sloan, 0. C. Oliver,
Herbert Patton, E. Brown. H. D.
Piggue, Lester L. Carter, and Rev. J.
W. Williams.
This is a Church club of Bethel
A. M. E. It is doing great work un
rer the president, Miss Margaret Beck,
and the sponsor Miss Hilda Woods.
The club will hold its regular meet
ing Friday night, February 22, at the
home of Miss Evelyn Beck.
The Mitzi Club held their meeting
Wednesday, February 13, at the home
of Mrs. James Peoples. After a short
business meeting, luncheon was
served. The table was very pretty,
carrying out the Valentine decorative
scheme. There was a red heart for
a center piece. After luncheon, con
tact bridge was played- Mrs. Jack
Scott won first prize, Mrs. James
Peoples, second, and Mrs. Wm. Mooje,
booby, after which the club adjourned
to meet on February 27th with Mrs.
Jack Scott
Mrs. Ethel Kirtley, President
Mrs. Ruby Reese, Secretary
The Club Tri-Vi-Ra held its regular
meeting Thursday night February 14,
at the club rooms, 2417 Erskine St.
After club business was disposed of,
the usual game of bridge was indulged
in. Mr. Luther Johnson won first
priee, and Mr. Calvin Ware won the
Our Sunday night social entertain
ment for visitors and members is
growing very popular. We were hon
ored last Sunday night with the pres
ence of two brilliant and beautiful
young ladies, of Chicago who are vis
iting their sister. Among other in
teresting visitors and members were
Mr. Raymond ‘Strut’ Whiting, he of
the inimitable feet, who obliged with
a couple of specialty dances that set
the guests and members wild with ap
The club will hold its next meeting
Thursday night, February 28th.
Mr. Carl Hefdelberg, President
Mr. C. Ralph Watson, Reporter
The Fair Play Club met at the home
of Miss Elizabeth Winn, 2410 Decatur.
We played four games of bridge. Mrs.
Smith won first prize for ladies, and
Mr. Smith won first for men. Mr. Sims
won the booby.
The next meeting will be guest
night. Each member will be privileg
ed to bring one couple. Prizes will be
awarded to both the members and the
The meeting adjourned to meet next
Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs
Moore, 2130 N. 27th Street.
Mrs. Carolyn Sims, President
Mrs. Alice Moore, Reporter
Mrs. Bertha Patterson, 2118 N. 28th
Street, entertained the Golden Rulers’
Club this week. At 9 o’clock the reg
ular business meeting was conducted,
with the vice-president in charge. The
discussion of the evening was sug
gestions concerning the next social to
be held. A George Washington Tea
was mentioned.
One new member, Miss Selector
Cannon, was received into the club.
Amelia Thomas, President
Bertha Patterson, Reporter
The Beau Brummel Club held their
last meeting on Wednesday, February
13- The meeting was conducted by the
president, Virgil Shobe. He would
like very much to see all members
present at the next meeting, which
will be February 27th.
V. Shobe, President
J. Jackson, Reporter
The club met a the home of
Mr. II. J. LaFall. The election of
officers was included in the rou
tine of business.
Mrs. M. A van! was elected pre
sident. L. Johnson, vice president,
S. Weed, secretary, H. J. LaFall,
Four rounds of bridge were
played, and refreshments were
served. Everyone had an enjoy
able evening. Two members were
admitted to the club, Messrs. O.
Dennis and V. Harris.
M. Avarrt, presiden .
Raymond Gains, reporter.
The Misses Dorothy Beck, Ruth
Burleson, Stenola Williams and Mes
dames Dorace Bowden and Beatrice
McRae entertained their friends at a
S . Valentine party at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Leland, 2824 N
26th Street. The house was very at
tractively decorated with hearts and
balloons. The guests of the evening
were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Leland, Mr.
and Mrs. John Fields, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Pickens, Mrs. Lucille Hey
wood, Mrs- Jeannette Farmer, Miss
Faith Patterson, M ss Willa Johnson,
Miss Julia Williams and Miss Mar
jorie Smith, Mr. Booker Gordon, Mr.
Adrian Stamps, Mr. Ernest Williams,
Mr. Dave Eleb ", Mr. James Farmer,
Mr- ‘Skeets’ Morgan, Mr. James Cal
loway. The out of town guest was
Mr. Rodger Williams, of Chicago, Illi
nois. A most enjoyable time was had
by all the guests, who will long re
member such a joyful evening.
Friday night, February • 15, was
family night at the Mid City Com
munity Center. The Dramatic Club,
under the direction of Mr. Buddy De
loach, presented the play, “Devil
Laugh”. The players included Willie
Chaptman, Hildred Harvey, Calvin
Bradley, Helen Sherwood, Harold Bid
diex and Hattie Northington.
There was a very appreciative aud.
ience, and Mr. Deloach says that there
is some very promising talent in this
club. The entire staff of the Commun
ity Center was present. Each class
instructor is under the supervision of
Mrs. Evelyn Singleton,
In conjunction with the play ivas
the first class exhibit in tap and soft
shoe dancing, headed by Gloria Clax
ton with eight chorus girls, and also
a snappy military drill arranged by
the athletic director, Mrs. Dell Lewis.
Another class in tap and. buck danc
ing contributed to the entertainment
of the evening, and Mr. Deloach gave
a song and dance number.
Anyone interested in the classes of
fered at the Community Center should
register now while the classes are
still open.
The wedding of Miss Theressa Sey
ton and Mr. Harold Hunter was sol
emnized Wednesday, February 13, in
Council Bluffs, Iowa, with Rev.
George White off.ating..
A lovely reception was given the
couple at the home of the groom’s
parents, 2414 Binney Street, Sunday,
February 17, from 6 until 9 p.m. They
were the recipients of many beautiful
Mrs. Hunter is from Vicksburg,
Mississippi, and Mr. Hunter is the
son of Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hunter,
'2414 Binney Street. At present they
are making their home at 2021 N. 27th
Appearing in the cast for the third
annual production of the “Y” Play
ers of the North Side Y. W. C. A. are
Messrs. John Williams, Eugene Mur
ray, Alvin Goodwin- J. C. Harris and
John Elliot, also the Misses Lavin.a
Scott, Margaret Dickerson, Fanny Lue
Levison, Katherine Williams and Mrs.
Madoline Sterling. Paul Green’s, “OP
Wash Lucas” “Cru.ter” by Jonathan
Matthews and “Suppressed Desires”
by Cook and Giaspcll have been chos
en for this year. Mrs. Dorothy Ware,
former director of dramatics at Ben
son High, a member of the Prairie !
Play Makers is dramatic coach. The
production this year promises to sur
pass all those of former years. Tick
ets are on sale at the North Side Y.
W. C. A. and in the hands of members
and club members of the Y. W. C. A.
The plays will be presented again
this year by the House Committee
Mrs. Lenora Gray, Chairman. The
place is St. Benedjct Church and the
date is February 26. Get ; our tick
ets in advance!
Rev. Lawrence Plank, Pastor, Firs
Unitarian Church opeeed the second
series of Sunday forums. Sunday af
ternoon. February 17 at 4:30 at the
North Side “Y”. Rev. Plank present
ed the subject “What is Morality?”
following: there was a gen
eral di cussion. Mr. James Hughes,
Pastor of the Church of Liberal
Thought presided.
Tlie North Side Y. W. C. A. was
filled to capacity Sunday afternoon,
Feb. 10, 1935, when the Boy. and
Girl Forum Comm ttee presented as
the second program of their yearly
series, a “Hall of Fame Tour” of
famous Negroes. Pen and ink
sketches and photographs of out
standing Negroes were mounted on
screens attractively placed within
view of the audience. Interesting
facts concerning the Negro were giv
en in a most interesting manner by
the following speakers:
Science and Invention—by Rachel
Business and Economics—by Ada
Lee Walker.
Literature—by Irene Harrold.
Music—Evelyn Lucky.
^Dramatics—Mary Green.
Athletics—Allen Gordon.
Miscellaneous—b.4 Frank Jackson.
Katherine Wheat who wras to talk
on prominent educators was unable
to appear.
Miss Rachel Taylor gave an inter
esting “foreword” making public
many sociological facts pertaining to
the Negro. Special music by Negroes
included: “I’m So Glad Trouble Don’t
Last Alway” for trio by Dett sung by
Katherine Taylor, Margaret Beck and
Vonceil Anderson; “Seems Lak’ to
Me” by J. Rosamond Johnson was
sung by Mar / Ellen Dickerson. The
meeting was a most dignified affair
with the excellent Frank Jackson as
the presiding officer. Others who as
sisted were: Bernice Dorsey and Wil
lie Chapman. Miss Ruth Whitfield
w'as complimented for her excellent
pen and ink sketches exhibited at the
The 1934-1935 Boy and Girl Com
' mittee includes: Walter Rhodes,
Chairman; Allen Gordon, Irene Har
rold. Carlette Lewis, Rachel Coving
ton, Ada Lee Walker, Katherine
Wheat, Ned Moore, Mary Heddy Wig
gins, Mary Green, WillJe Potts and
Evelyn Lucky.
A large, interested group attended
the opening of the series on Morality
and Convention, sponsored at the Y
W. C. A. Sunday afternoon at 4:30.
Rev. Lawrence Plank, Minister of the
First Unitarian Church presented in
r. most provocative way the subject
“What is Morality?”
M .ss Lena Dallas, member, Educa
tion Committee, will speak on this
coming Sunday from the subject
“What is Convention?” There will be
special mus.c and Miss Gertrude
James, teacher in the Woodson Cen
ter, will preside- The meeting starts
at 4:30, is free and open to the public.
Persons are urged to be on time.
Mrs. H. B. Bergquist, President,
Omaha College Club, will be the third
speaker on the series March 3 and her
subject is: “How Can We Merge Old
and New Conceptions of Morality?”
Mrs- Bergquist is a member of the
Board of Directors of the Social Set
tlement and the Woodson Center. She
is a fine speaker.
The “Y” Pla. ers of the North Side
Young Women’s Christian Association
will present a fine evenings entertain
ment Tuesday, February 26 at St.
Benedict Church. Performance will
start promptly at 8:15. Mrs. Mado
line Sterling, who has attracted much
attention in previous performances
has the lead in Cruiter. M'iss Lavinia
Scott who joined the players last
year does a fine piece of acting in
“The Man Who Died at Twelve
O’clock.” Eugene Murray, remember
ed as the No ’Count Boy of last year
appears again. Miss Fann.e Lue Lev
ison W'ho has been with the players
for three years portrays again her
fine acting ability, etc. The new
players all add a realist'c touch to the
evening perfoi nuance. They are:
Messrs. John Williams, Alvin Good
win, J. C. Harris and Lloyd Lee and
also the Misses Catherine Williams
and Margaret Dickerson. Reserved
seats are 25c and general admission
15c, two for 25c. rI ickets are in the
hands of Mrs. Earl Wheeler, Mrs
Clara Dacus and Mrs. John A. Wil
liams. A large crowd is being ex
pected. The players are being pre
sented this year by the House Com
mittee- Mrs. Lenora Gray is Chair
man assisted by Mesdames Malcolm
Scott, Lula Williams, Jane Johnson,
Marie Lecoq, Solon C. Bell, Aimnda
Jenkins, A. V/. Anderson, Mae Jack
son, Essie Harris, G. B. Lennor, E. M.
Moore and Sarah Bradley.
The Mid-City girls’ basket ball
Nteam had their first game Saturday
night at the Omaha University Gym
nasium. The first team played the
second, the first winning by one point.
The girls looked exceedingly well in
their new suits of black and orange.
The game was well played, but due
to the fact that the time w'as very
limited, and the quarters were cut
short, the game never reached its us
ual peak of excitement.
The line-up is as follows:
First Team
Madree Jackson. Captain & Forward.
Bertron Johnson, forward.
Ola McCraney, center, forward.
Cleo Sales, guard.
Elsie Alls, guard.
Ruth Griffin, guard.
Second Team
Gladys Brown, forward, center.
Elizabeth Hunter, forward.
Berniece Dorsey, forward.
Adelaide Nelson guard.
Ethel Hunter, guard.
Mildred Dorsey, guard.
Watch this paper for announce
ment of game dates.
upon receipt of 10c in coin or stamps to cover
shipping costs. Also most attractive agents
proposition on one of the best known and
fastest selling race lines. Write
Memphis Tenn,.
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The Lincoln and Douglas Banquet,
given at Beth.l A. M. E. Church Tues
day' night, February 12, was a decided
success. Many were present to wit
ness the peerless program and par
take cf the banquet repast. The pro
gram was as follows:
Opening song, America; Invocation
by Rev. J. H. Harris; Instrumental
solo by Mary Laster; Vocal Solo, E.
Hudspeth. The Life of Frederick
Douglass was reviewed b. Ralph Hol
liday. Mr. Holliday is a student at
Tech High School. His oration on
the life of Frederick Douglass was
both educational and .nteresting. In
strumental solo by Mrs. Mickens. Life
of Abraham Lincoln by Rev. W. V.
Preston. The main incidents of the
Emancipator’s life were sketched
briefly by the speaker. Following are
a few of his main points: Where there
is unity there is strength. Rev. Pres
ton brought out that point to show us
that if we ever hope to succeed, we
must, unite as one great family, and
he sa d we must not give all the credit
to Abraham, but must realize that
Lincoln was on?/ an instrument in
God’s hand, bringing about the Eman
cipation Proclamation. And, too, we
must shape our lives so God can use
us to the extent that we render better
service to humanity.
There was an instrumental solo by
Florentine Turner, vocal solo, Mrs.
Sarah Jenes, which was carried out in
pantomime while Mrs. Jones held a
beautiful red rose, Instrumental solo
by Lois Turner. Very
talks were made by Mr. L. C. Craw
ford. of Nebo Baptist Church, and Rev.
Kennedy, a missionary of Pleasant
Green Baptist. Beth of these men are
active members of the Associate
Board, which sponsored the banquet
and program.
The closing remarks were by the
pastor, Rev. J. W. W.lliams. Program
Committee: Mrs. Matilda Young,
chairman, Mrs. Jessie Turner, Iv:rs.
Maupin. Mrs. Alice Seals, president
of the Board, made a brief talk on the
purpose of this club.
The Ladies Aid of Clair M. E.
Church met at the residence of Mrs.
Sallie Simpson, 2216 Grant Street,
Thursday, February 14. Plans were,
made for a George Washington Tea
at the residence of Mrs. Corrine Hun
ter, 2318 N. 27th Avenue, Thursday i
ni'ght, February 28th. Admission is
one cent for each letter in the nanre
George Washington. The public is in
Mrs. L. Gray, President
Mrs. G. Bell, Reporter.
Mrs. Deila Hopkins, of Tuscon,
Arizona, is visiting her sister, Mrs. G.
W. London, 1524 N. 25th Street.
Mrs. Ijaura Love-Wagner is ill at
her hcaoe.
Miss Cllie Redd, 2230 Willis Avenle,
v-as confined to her home with a cold
last week.
Mr. George Hiblor. 2125 Ohio Street,
who has been conf.ned to bed for the
past three weeks, is able, to be up
Mr. Joseph Gathright, of Minr*?
apolis, Minnesota, was called to the
bedside of his mother who is very ill
at 919 NT. 26th Street. Her cond.tion
is not improving; so Mr. Gathright’s
stay will be indefinite.
Mr. J W. Harrison, 2719 Wirt
Street, injured in an automobile acci
dent last week, is able to be up and
out now.
Rev. E. H. Hilson has returned from
his trip to Oklahoma
The mother of Mrs. Wesley, 211.3
N. 25th Street, passed away Thurs
day in Oklahoma. Mrs. Wesley had
just gone to Oklahoma for the funeral
cf her brother and found her mother
ill. Mr- Wesley left the city for an
indefinite stay his wife and
daughter in Oklahoma.
Mr. Fred Moore spoke Wednesday
at 7:30 P. M. on the Townsend Pen
sion Club work at the Pioneer Club
Mrs. Beulah Watts and Mr. Charles
Sims gave a surprise birthday party
at 1839 N. 23d Street, in honor of Mrs.
Evelyn Sims, Mrs. Alice Moore and
Mr. Archie Watts, whose birthdays
are in the same week. Everyone en
joyed a delightful evening playing
cards and dancing,
pauiiepia^ua pun sui;s
with a ukelele and by tap-dancing.
Delicious refreshments were served by
Mrs. Watts.
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