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William (BiD I>onran<e
Republican Nominee For Sheriff Of
Onuglas < outlay Makes Statement To
Kepmrtk tivr Group of Colored Citizen
Mr m-ranoe says that it has been ru
mored tha he i s prejudiced to race,
color and (Teed. This is absoultely
without ‘oundation whatsever.
”T am « .• hoitt prejudice to race, color
or creed, and when l am elected Sheriff
of Doug) * ('ount.y, I will see that fair
play Is given to ail, regardless of their
color or eligion With this assurance
•n my t, I solicit your loyal support
«nd if ejected will prove to be worthy
of the v. me. You can expect your full
pro-rat:, of employment when I am
Ideas, do not let the eleventh hour
rumors prevent you from using your
own son d judgment. Let us have a
business administratin in the Sheriff’s
office ag ,in by n man of business ex
Republican for County Surveyor
Republican Candidate
! * ^
U. S. Senator
He is one of the lead
ing lawyers of Central
Nebraska. He served
two terms in the Ne
braska State Senate..'
the last term was presi
dent of that body.
He is in favor of an
anti lynch law and be
lieves the Negro race
should be accorded as
equal proportionate
share in appointmets
to public office.
" ■ J
i r *^oumy surveyor
.i. u. VAUGHN
C- '»*« for Register of Deeds
' I-II
Candidate for County Commissioner,
■^—li hi lltffc———
j CVandidate for Clerk of the District
A r Ur l WUHK ilij IU t«U
NEW YORK—'President Wm. Green
of the American Federation of Labor
has written to the National Associa
tion for the Advancement of Colored
People promising elimination of dii"
crlminaton against Negro applicants
for union membership. At the same
j Ume he denied general discrimnation
| against Negro workers existed and
I said that while “they are free to join
mo-stall organizations chartered by
tha American Federation of aLbor,
we have been somewhat disappointed
because of the lack of a general re
sponse on the part of the Negro work
tion in the ridiculous position of hav
era to become affiliated with organiz
Members of the N- A. A- C- P pick
eted the convention hall in San Fran
citfco recently urging the A. F- and
L. to lower the color bar in the 21 na
tional and international unions dis
criminating against Negro applicants
for membershp.
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On November 6, the citizens of Nebraska will be called upon to
exercise their judgment on a very important State issue. The repeal
of. the 18th Amendment. This amendment should be given serious
consideration by every voter. The following are a few of the things
you should consider before passing judgment on this Amendment.
If this Amendment is not passed on November 6„ will the law eforee
I cement body be in position to seep
| illegal liquor out of the hands of those
i who desire it? With every stat on each
; side « four state wet. even Kansas, shall
j Nobrska become an inepubator for the
now bootlegger? Of course, gangster
killings are alwya connected with the
bootlegging world. Shall we prevent
the many dollars tht will be pid for
taxes from being paid into the Treasure
in our state. In theise depressed times
of unemployment shall wre prevent an
industrial institutio of employment from
employing our own citizens or shall we
allow our money to be carried into other
states for employment? Will the sur
runding territory’s buying power come
:o hte Omaha markets to do their buy
ing or shall they go to Kansas City?
Will our Hotel cafes accomodations be
equal to our sister Wetroploitan cities
in teh light of the vaerage citizen’s
way of thinking in tue entertainment
world? Will we employ as amy cooks,
porters, w»fters, and musical entertain
ns in our Metropolitn cities iwth a
dry s ate, with our sister states wet,
a.s we would if our state was wet. We
believe the above mentioned items de.ser
ve your considration before you cast
your vote against the Kepol of teh 18th
The Ctoodfellows club of 1,00 has in
creased it* number to 6,00 registered
of both demcrafcl and republicans, fo
William “Bill” Green as County Su
Mr- John A- Woods, president of th
Club, says on investigation of the re
cords in Douglas County Court House
he cannot find the vouchers or pay
check', for the five Negroes that the
sppeaker at the “L’‘ Garage claimed in
voters of the second and seventh ward
his talk, worked in the County Surve
or^s office under the present County
Surveyor- Mr- Woodki says every Ne
gro in Douglas County should investi
gate the record of Bill Green for his
qualifications and his fairness in givin
the Negroes f Omaha, not a 7 per cent
but a 14 per cent Mr- Green says the
Negro has been kept out of his pro
rata so long that if it is doubled, now i
would be no more than fair- Mr
Woods says Bill Green will carry th
second third wards five to one.
The Goodfellowi Club of 1,000 haf
made a check of the candidates foi
Public officers, having in mind at the
time of the investigation, to acquain
the voting public of the merits anc
qualifications of the respective candi
Do you know that the three hundre
positions are available in the County
Surveyor’s office? At the present tim
none of these ppositions are held by a
colored voter, caused by the fact tha
during the past 13 years we have plac
ed a man in office who hals tumecnhis
back on us when it came time to fil
these positions. Are we going to co
tinue to support men who do not giv
us representation? The time ha
come for the colored voters of Omaha
to Isay “NO.”
William “Bill” Green, has been fai
in the past, and we can depend upon
him in the future. Bill Green, during
his 11 yr?'. as loreman oi me umana
Street Cleaning Dep«,rtmfent, tinde
Dean Noyes, had employed more col
ored employees than any other depart
ment of our city government. Not be
cause they were colored, but because
as he says, they were dependable, an
rendered efficient service.
Bill Green -jays that if elected Com
ty Surveyor he will continue the sam
policy of giving colored voters theii
share of representation, and will b<
given jobs based upon our ability t<
perform them- '.
Such a fair Statement deserves th<
support of every colored voter in th
city and county. We, the Goodfellow:
Club of 1,00, urge our friends to voti
and work on the election of Bill Gree
for County Surveyor of Douglas Cou
Jhn A. Wood, Chairman, Chas. Mille
D. W. Young W Reynold
Hyle Patton Walter Jone
Neal Parker Dewitt Ra
Bill Owens E- T Summet, Ji
Harpy Igard F• L. Nelso
Richard Ward Jim Bel
Paul Towriaend
Harry Calloway
L. L. Wilson i
Clyde Gillogy
‘ Gus Lind
Harry Stevens
Joe Holman ‘ :
Paul H«ae
William Champency
John Flannigan
Ace Molner
John Keames
Charles Compton
Harry Kratky
Frank Morris
Walter Bergman
Frsty Nelson
William Johrt^on
Otto Mason
Robert Dawson
Louis King
Ed (Bearcat) Wright
Sam Green
Governor Jackson
William F. Senter
William Nash
Busk Barker
Louie Williams
Charles Mitchell
M. L. Harrid*
Presley Gamble i
Dutch Thomas
Oscar Rickets
! Sanne Jamieson - . -
i Arthur Watson
'Henry Hayden
j Janies P. Hoctor, better known a
, “Jim,” Li the son of the late Tor
I Hoctor, former mayor of South Om
; ha. Jim was born and raised in Om
ha. He was appointed as assistant cit
clerk hy that great Democrat, Jame
1C- Dahlman, whose close friendshi
and trust were further evidenced b
appointing him city clerk in 1924.
Mr. Hoctor enjoys a reputation fo
having given to the laboring man th
same courteous efficient' service a
rendered to the big business nterests
He i an ex service man, the father o
two children, and is well qualified t
fill the office of County Clerk.
Jim Hoctor believes in equality t
all creeds and races, and everyone wil
be given fair and square treatmen
when he $3 elected county clerk.
1 Endorsed by John Ward, Harr
Leland Lucille Skaggs Edwards, A
drew Stuart, Louis Grant, Mrs. Mad
line Sterling, Rep. Johnnie Owen.
Wiliam MJyree
Albert Cambridge
Curtis Curtey
William! I^ormpn
Connie Ware
' Ida Buriea ,
Vera Thomaif
William Lynch i
. Jim Burroughs
1 John Welch
Rudy Havelka
Forrn-t Mohr ,
Sam M-vxxie
■ TThomas Wilson
Ed Kjellson •' 1
Pete Alexander
Frank Cohn
Mike Colton
Herbert Drexel
Lawerance McCarthy
Clem WhithiU
T- Brewer
Dean Noyes
Richard Joseph
Jack Peterson i
Joseph Burng
John Kelpin i
James Carroll
Harry Servfis
Fred Smith
John Riley
Edward Lane
G. L. Aken
Ralph Manzer
Louie Larsen
Julius Beackext
Richard Brown i
Art Rasumussen
Jerry Slattery
1 Herbert Rogers
1 R- Bogatz
Oscar Bogatz
! Leo Morgan
V- Mositz !
1 Edward Gardine
f Leo Murphy
Barney Curran
Joseph Fagman
I Cliff Brewster '
1 Fritz Gerhardt
Jamea Fitzgerald
Roy Ruby
John Linaham
Cal Bersch
October 25, 1931
Special to The Omaha Guide
2418 Grant St.,
I Omaha, Nebraska.
On the guenfciijg content on the
weight of the Giant Bar of Blue Bar
rel Soap exhibited last week at th
Omaha Guide Housewife Food Show
the following were the ten closes
Mrs. D- Miller, 2516 Maple St Omah
Thelma Faulkner, 2225 N. £4th St
J. Crawford, 2506 Maple St Omaha
George Watson, 2413 Lke St., Omah
Mrs. ©• Robinson, 2701 N. 25th St
Edith Wright, 2910 Franklin St
J. H. Glover, 2619 Decatur St, Omah
Mrs. S.. Webster, 2820 N- 25th St
Roy Stewart, 2814 Hamlton St., Om
Mr- A. Brannon, 2802 N. 30th St.
Omaha -
We are giving you this advice a
we thought possibly your subscriber
would be interested in knowing wh
were the prize winners
Yours Truly,
Haskin Brothers and Compan
(Continued from page 1)
could function with two boards of dir
rect esroqual in authority.
II. A one-house legislature wiU make
possible the definite fixing of respon
sibility for action taken on aD bills in
troduced; where two bodies of persons
are involved it Is hard to fix blame.
It will not be possible ax. now to shift
htAme from one house to another. Pub
lic attention will be focused upon a
single b*dy. permitting close scrutiny
of all egislative proceedings while laws
are in the process of enactment. Kach
member of a one-house legislature will
be more important and therefore more
conspicuous. The public will be enabled
I to watch his acts and reward or pun
ish him accordingly.
HI. A one-house legislature will de
crease greatly the opportunity for cor
ruption; special interests desiring to
kilt proposed legislation find their w*y
twic® as easy when it Is necessary
conks*! or corrupt only one of two
IV. Legislation by conference com
mittees will be abolished.
Approximately 15 per cent of all bills,
and 75 per cent of all important meas
ures, enac ed into law are the product
of some conference committee. When a
bill passes one branch of the legisla
ture, is amended in the other house,
and the first house refuses to concur
In the amendments, a conference com
mittee is selected by the presiding of
ficers of the two houses. This con
ference committee in reality constitu
tes a third house. The people have no
voice as to who its members shall be,
its work is performed in secret, and
committee is submitted to the House
and the Senate, it cannot be amended
It must be voted up or down as a
I whole. Members must take what they
believe to be bad in order to secure
what they believe to be good. Legis
lation by conference commiteee is
secret, irresponsible legislalon by fivte
or six men appointed at the suggestion
of party leaders. A one-house legisla
ture w1l end all of thia.|
V. The t*x burden of til* state will
be reduced by the adoption of the one
Irouse legislature proposal.
Appropriations for the 1933 session
of the Legislature totalled $301,663.13.
Of this, $110,504.73 was expended for
salaries and mileage of 133 members;
$37,275.25 for salaries of 15 officers and
70 employees; $4,360.20 for postage;
$8,4*0.27 for supplies and incidentals,
and $12,403.54 for printing of the House
and Senate Journals. Under the pro
l*osed plan $75,000.00 will be the maxi
mum amount that can be paid out Jn
salaries for members of the Legisla
ture. Instead of 10 cents a mile, the
members will receive actual traveling
expenses only. The amount necessary
to be spent for employees, postage,
printing and so on, will of course be
more than cut in half.
VI. By providing that the members
shall be nominated and elected on a
nonpartisan ballot, the one-house legis
lature will be divorced from partisan
Honest emn may disagree on tho NRA
tariff, and League of Nations, but the
Legislature of Nebraska has nothing to
do with those quesionst «nd its mem
bers should neither be elected nor de
feated on those issues. The bst qualified
men and wmoen should be elected to
ih Legislature regardless of their views
on national issues.
The representation from the rural
areas will be decreased by reason of
the fewer members to the same extent
and in the same proportion as the re
presentation from the cities will be de
creased. The relative strength of* the
farm territory and the cities in the
Legislature will of course remain ex
actly the same.
The claim that two houses insure
careful deliberation and prevent ill-con
sidered and carelessly drawn legisla
tion now pouring out of two-chamber
legislative factories. With fewer mem
bers to introduce bills and no last
hour conference committee reports to
consider, the one-house Legislature
would be an unhurried deliberate body.
In this manner rash and hasty legis
lation can be prevented.
Under the one-house system the
Governor will still have his right of
veto. The people will still possess the
power to suspend any bill under the
Referendum and submit it to popular
vote. Thd Supreme Court will still
have authority to nullify any act in
contravention of the constitution. In
order to prevent hasty legislation it is
not necessary to render the Legisla
not necessary to render the Legisia.
ture feeble, in impotent, and inefficient,
by dividing it into two antagonistic
The members of the Executive Con
mittee of the North Side Democrati
Headquarters held a meeting on las
Thursday evening to discuss point
of interests concerning the comin
election. The Session was short an
held to the point by the Chairman
Mr. C- C. Galloway. One importan
decision reached was to the effecS
that the North Side Headquarter
would sponsor a large Democrat Rail
and conduct balloting instructions
Another item of interest was th
proposal of the organization to a
sist with the distribution of Uteratur
among the second ward voters, co
1 ceming movement** of certain cand
I dates toward disfranchisement of N
braska voter*.
The Committee will meet aga
Saturday evening 7 o'clock-_
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J. H. Kemp, of Fulton, Nebr., Re
publioan candidate for United States
Senate, unexpired term says he be
,lev«n in Negroes' pro rata of employ
ment in proportion to his population
an the votes he casts, and if he is
I elected to the United States Senate
he will inequivocably take that stand
J. H. Kemp has been a c&ndidat
five times for public office- He serv
ed two terms as State Senator fror
his own district, two terms froi
Nance County and one term on th
Board of Education. In 1914 he ra
for Governor of Nebraska against R
B. Howe. Mr- Kemp is one of tha
highest class citizens of Fulton, Nebr*
a leading attorney and a pioneer cA
the Western plains
J. H. Kemp was born on a farm
near Luray, Va., in 1872. He gradual
ed from the William and Mary Co
lege at Williamsburg, Va., and s*r
ed three years as principal of Han|
burg School- He came to Nebrask
in 1896 and graduated from, la^
school of the University of Nebrask
with the claas of 1898. He settled ill
Fulton Nebr-, that same year an
has been there every since. His mai
interest is in farms and farming- Fo
the pa»t ten years he has given mo*
of his time to agriculture and stock!
Mr- Kemp says he believes Nebra3
k» must be represented in the extra
j session he feels sure will be calle
•shortly after the election »n Novemr
ber 6- The fact that many of tha
Recovery Acta are expiring and th*
appropriations are runing low, ana
aho the fact that there are mor
people on the Federal Relief tha
ever before practically assures a
extra session- Mr. Kemp says the Iff
of Nebraska is in the soil and in liv
stock production
Mr- Kemp says the trouble today i
not so much over production as it i
under consumption. He saysl it is e
tirely inconsistent, on the part of th
Government to require the farmer t
increase production and at the sam
time spend millions of dollars on it
rigation projects. He says the cos
of Government is mounting as neve
before. The p®st year and a hal
the cost has been $7,000,000 more tha
any equal period previous. Mr
Kemp says every person, howeve
humble, is paying a part of this i
create in government- The man i
tha factory, the man on the stree
and the farmer in overalls help t
pay this cost of government by pay
lng for what he uses. Mr. Kemp says
if he Is elected, he will use the ia
fluence of his office to curtail the e
pense of operation of our Govern
J. H. Kemp says if he is elected h
will support the NAACP. in their e
forts to make the lynching of a h
man being a federal offense. Mr
Kemp spy8 ho 'believes avenues o
employment should open up in ou
national and local government to
youth of the Negro race who is cor
ing out of the high schools and un
verstes and if ho is elected, he wi4
;use the influence of his office to ge
'as many appointments as possible fo
our girls and boys. He earnestly sol
! cits your vote for the unexpired terr
| to the United States Senate.
} ---- ---
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. I
In the past three years Grace
Berger, County Clerk, has steered
i the financial ship of Douglas Coun
ty through a stormy season; saved
the taxpayers thousands of dollars
through hones* auditing of ac.
counts; protected the rights of the
home owners; gave 100 per cent
service in the office
She merits your vote*
2404 Parker St
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party next Saturday nite, Oct. 27, at
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