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chool Lesson
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Institute of Chicago.)
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* ■ ■ ■ ■ ' ■■ |
Lesson for July 29
MICAIAH speaks the TRUTH
LESSON TEXT—I Kings 22:1-40.
GOLDEN TEXT—And Micaiah said,
As the Lord Hv«th. what the Lord saltb
unto me, that will I speak. I Kings
S2 ! 4.
• ;JMART TOPIC—A Man Who Told
tin: Truth.
to Tell the Truth.
IU -Telling the Truth Under Difficul
IC—Courageous Truth-Telling.
1. A League Between Two Ktnge
(tv. 1-4).
L Who these kings were (r. 21.
ft. Jehoshaphat king of Judah. He
was for the most part a good king,
ha'ing done much to put down ldot
•try and restore the worship of the
true God.
b. Ahab, king of Israel. He was a
jreak and wicked king.
2. The occasion (t. 2). It was on a
Visit of Jehoshaphat to Ahab, perhaps ,
vfor the cultivation of a friendly rela
tionship in case of an attack by the
Syrians, or it may have been becauss
ef a social relation incident to the mar
riage of Jehoshaphat’s son to Ahab's
daugnter, the wicked Athaliah.
3. The purpose of (vv. 3, 4). It was
a merger for the purpose of conquest
The fortified city of Ramoth-gilead had
been ceded to Ahab as the result of;
a previous war. but it had not been!
actually turned over. Jehoshaphat!
pledged unreservedly the support of
his people, without seeking the mind
of God.
II. Advice From the Lord Sought
(vv. 5 28).
Even though the merger had been
formed Jehoshaphat was unwilling to
go into battle without inquiring of the
L Through a group of prophets
(v. 6; 9-12). Some four hundred
prophets responded to the call of
Ahab. Who those prophets were we
are not told. Evidently they were not
prophets of Baal (I Kings 18:19);
neither were they true prophets of
the Lord. They knew Ahab's wish and
therefore sought to curry favor with
AiUt bx of.'unrn— in- him lU.follOW OUt
bis desire. Zedeklah, their leader,
symbolised the success of the Joint
campaign by the use of horns of Iron.
Jehoshaphat sensed the falseness of
these prophets.
2. A message from the lord's proph
et desired (v. 7). The king of Judah
was unwilling to carry out his contract
with Ahab without knowing the miad
of God as to the matter. This he
fthould have sought before consenting
i to the merger.
| 3. Micaiah speaks the truth (vv.
13 28).
a. He first speaks in irony (v. 15).
The kings messenger who brought
\ Micaiah from prison advised him to
(Speak that which would be pleasing to
'the king, but Micaiah was not a man
ser\er but God’s faithful servant He
I courageously declared that his message
| would be what God told him to say
‘ (v. 14). Regardless of result he would
1 do only as God directed.
' b. Micaiah speaks plainly (vv. 16
28) Ahab detected the prophet’s ironic
speech and demanded of him the plain
• truth. To this demand Micaiah re
i sponded by making clear the peril
which awaited them. He also told
j Ahab that through lying spirits he
, would be lured to a place of death,
i This faithfulness on the part of God’s
prophet was rewarded by flouting and
'smiting by the false prophets and with
{imprisonment from the king. The true
pProphet will speak God’s word regard
less of consequences.
1 From Micaiah s experience we should
, (1) The inevitable opposition be
tween God’s message and the purposes
} of evil men. This explains why true
preachers of the Word of God are un
popular, and are called narrow and
(2) The folly of the attitude of
hatred against those who truly wit*
,n«a against them. Ahab hated Mi
caiah because Micaiah told him whet
would coat to him for such e course
at action. God’s prophet did not make
the evil hut only made it known.
* III. Ths Doom of Ahab (tt. 29-49). ]
1. He went forth to battle 1b spite of'
Mlcaiah’a warning. The Issue proved1
that Mleal&h was right
X He disguised himself as a com
mon soldier. He thought to escape
the predicted fate through disguise
but an arrow from the enemy pierced
him in spite of his armor. Ahab died
as predicted and his blood was licked
by the dogs as Elijah had said fi
Kings 21:19). There Is a bitter end
coming to those who wlR no: heed
God warning. The only way to **s
C" •• > to tort: H tut '
The Church Of God
2025 North 24th Stret
R«V. E M Ashley—Pastor
Mrs. John Willis—Reporter
Sunday School mot fit 9:30 a. in.
with Supt. Joe Edden, pr siding.
A wonderful lesson was taught,
afterwards; Rev. E. M. Ashley
preached a wonderful sermon, and at
7:30 p m. we had a good burning
message all were revived^ The
subject was, "Why Call Me Lord,
Lord And Do Not The Things I Say.”
Salem Baptist Church
22nd and Seward Street
Rev.. E H.. HiLscn—Pastor
Minnie Harris—Reporter
Salem Baptist Sunday school opened
at 9:30 a. m.. with a group of smiling
youngster on time. The lesson was
revived by Mr. Joe Henderson, teach
tr of the boys senior class. Our
Sunday school is planning for the
August picinic. The Sunday school
is also preparing a lunch for each
At 11 a. m. we listened to an im
pressiv. message from Rev. D.
Nicholson, his subject was. “A Shin
ing Example,” text, St. Matthews
6:33. We always enjoy Rev. Nichol
son’s preaching.
The BYPU op:ned at 6 p. m., its
opening hour with Mr. B. Turner
acting president for one Sunday. A
timey program was given by group
No. 5, the immediate of the union.
Rev. Foit brought the sermon at
8 p. m., his subject was, “The Pre
sence of Jesus.” He spoke from his
soul. He left with us much to think
The Mission Society of Salem is giv
ing a special program on the Fifth
Sunday, wth Rev. Fort delivering the
Our pastor is out of the city at
jersent. You are welcome all times
Church of the Living God
C. W. E. F.
2316 No*th 25 Street
R v. I.. Graham—Asst. Pastor
Cara Graham—Secretary
Sunday School opened at 9:30 a. m
with Supt. Robinson presiding. The
Sunday school was well attended, the
lesson was taught by Brother J. C.
day, teacher of the senior cass.
At 11 a. m. Rev. M. Steels
brought to us a remarkable sermon,
his subj.cct was, “Fear Ye Not;
Stand Still And See the Salvation of
the Lord.” He also told us about
a wonderful visit to Chicago, where
the forty finst annual assembly of the
Church of the Living God C. W. E.
was held.
At 8:30 p. m. Rev. J. Battles
preached to us a soul stirring sermon.
We are always glad to have visitors
come to our church.
Choir rehearsal, Friday at 8 p. m.
Sl. Benedic’s Cruhch
Rev. Father J C Daly—Pastor
Madoline E. Sterling—Reporter.
We are pleased to announce that
Father Daly, who has been confined
in the hospital for th past ten days,
will be leaving today, to resume his
regular duties at Creghton and St.
His sudden illness was brought on
by an attack or high blood pressure,
causing a severe nose bleed that was
diffcult to stop.
The St. Benedict’s Study club, spon
sored by the Altar Society, will meet
every Tuesday evening, in the church
club room, promptly at 8:00 p. m.
Those whe wish to learn more about
their religion the Mass> the Vestmen
and general church movements, local
ly and nationally are invited to attend
this pleasant round table meetng and
discuss their vews with others.
We were very glad to have Father
Boomer, S. J., to say Mass for us on
last Sunday, during the abense of the
j.usor, Father Daly. Father Bloomer
has assisted with the work at St.
Benedict’s on several occasions, and
is a ways a w. Icoine guest and as
The funeral of Miss Daisy James,
was held at St. Benedict’s, last Sat.
morning at 9 o’clock, with a large
•r wd in attendance. Miss James
was a recent convert to the faith and
very much interested in the study of
her religion. She was a patient suf
fe.vr, during her long illines and re
ceived the last rights of the church.
We offer prayers for the respon; of
her soul and for hr bereaved family
and friends.
Mrs. Victor Matoyer is planning
to leave for her vacation, visiting her
mother and relatives in Louisiana.
She is taking h:r children for the trip
Peasant Green Baptist
-2nd and Paul Streets
Rev. P. J. Price—Pastor
The Pastors Aid club members and
friends and, too. the well wishers of
Pleasant Green Baptist Church gave
the Rev. P. J. Price a very nice
suit of clothes, last Thursday night,
July 19. at the Pleasant Green church
The suit was pjTesented to Rev.
Price by Deacon Shelton Pearl.
The Progressive tea, given by the
Woman’s Home Mission Circle was a
nice affair, last Thursday night at
the church.
Rev. O. J.. Burckhardt—Pastor
Christ Temple members are serving
a chicken dinner w|ith vegetables,
Thur. August2 from 11:30 a. m. to
Attend Seme Church livery
If you get any service out of Before vou buv vour household
, , .. consult the pages of ihe Onra
cnurch direitory write us a line or r j.
I - ■■ ' 3 (:- ide first- That will make your
l*°« we ■ uat to serve- — —- — paper a bigger and better paper-. . j
No: ce—Because I have been unable to reach a fe' of the pastors of some chures.
I am a:! ing that any church omitied, will “lease get in touch with me. or said in
written statement, regarding your church activities, and I wiii giadly enter the same
in this column Any error or ommision in th*» present arrangement, if brought to
my attention, will be cheerfully corrected The Editor.
Y»’e live not by bread alone The soul is like unto any other part of the body. It
must be fed and where is the food? The Church is the only place. Make your
choice of the following Churches and aite nd some church every Sunday.
1 nited Sahaih Day Adventist. 2320
N. 28th Are. Rev. M. M Boodle.
Pastor. S'*hath d?y services (Satur- j
day), Sabafh school. 9:30 A. M Mrs.
l. , Smith Supt. Sermon. 11:00 o’clock
■Tr. and St. Mission meeting. 3:00
m. . conducted by Mrs. A. B Wr«<nt,
*nd Mrs- Edith Boodle. Sunday.
Sermon and Song Service. 7:30 P. M.
Renenfh-Pay Adventist Church. 28th
and Lake Sts. _
Brother George Anderson. Church
Elder. Acting Pastor.
Sen Down Vespers. Friday Evening.
Saturday Services. Sabbath-school
9:45 A. M-. Mrs. Ethel Anderson. Su-■
perintendent- Sermon. 11:00 o’clock.
.Missionary Volunteer Society. 4:00 P.
M-. conducted by Mrs. Anna Part
ridge- Prayer meeting. Wed. evening
8:00 P. M.
Zion. 2215 Grant St.. Rev. C. C
Harper. Pastor
S rvic<*s—Sunday schorl. 9:30 a. m
Mr. Harry Anderson, superintendent
S'rmon. 11:00 a m- and 8:00 p- m
Prayer meeting. B. Y. P- U- 6:00
p. m. Mr( Murray Landrum, Presi
Salem. 22nd and Seward. St*.. Rev.
E. W. Anthony, Pastor.
Services—Sunday school. 9:30 a.m.
Mr. F. L. Wesley Superintendent.
Sermon. 11:00 a. m. and 8:00 p m
B Y. P. U. 6: p. m. W. M- Cooper
Prayer Meeting.
Mt. Moriah 24 and Ohio Sts. Rev.
F. P Jones, Pastor
Services, Sunday school, 9:30 a- m.
Mrs. A. B. Speese superintendent
Sermon 11:00 a. m. and 8:00 p. m.
B. Y. P. U. 6:00 p. m. Mr. M- Niles.
Mission society Meeting, every 1st
and 3rd Thursday afternoon, conduct
ed by Mrs. F. P. Jones.
Paradise 23rd and Clark Sts., Rev.
X. C. Cannon. Pastor; Rev. P. M
Harris, Assistant, Pastor.
Sunday school, 9:30 a. m., Mr. C.
H- Garner, superintendent.
Sermon. 11:00 and 8:00 o'clock.
Prayer meeting wed- evening B. Y.
P. U. 7:00 p. m- Mr. J. Henderson,
Mission Art Club. Thursday afternoon
conducted by Mrs. A. M. Busche.
Pilgrim—1320 N. 25th St. Rev. J.
A. Dotson, Pastor.
I Sunday school. 9:30 A. M., Superin
tendent, Mr. Fred Dixon.
3 Y. P. U. 6:00 p. m- Mr. J. W
Baker, President
Tuesday evening, 8:00 o’cloek. Gen
eral Group Meeting.
Men’s Laymen, Mr. George Lewis,
Heart to Heart Club. Mrs. Fannie
Porter President.
Willing Workers Club. Mrs. Fannie
Porter. President.
Ever Loyal Cluh Miss Nicholson.
Prayer meeting Wednesday, 7:30 p.
Senior Red Circle. Thursday. 6:30 p.
m. Mrs. Fletcher. President.
Junior Red Circle Wed. 4:30 p. m..
Miss Mildren Dotson. President.
Missionary meeting. Wed. 2:00 p. m.
St. Benedict The Moore. 2423 Grant
St. Father J C. Daly S. J . Pastor.
Sunday school. 9:30 a. m.. Sister
Mary Dani.l. Superintendent.
Lot* Mass. 9:00 A. M. High mass,
and Benediction. 10:15.
Altar society Tuesday afternoon, 2:00
p. m. Mrs. M. Sterling. President.
Peter Claver Guild Monday 8:00 p.
m. Mrs- Ona Glass, President.
Week Day Mass every morning, 8:30
Christ Temple—26th and Burdette
Sts. Rev. O. J. Burckhardt, Pastor
Services, S. S. 9:30 a- m- Rev. J.
W. Gooden, supt.
Sermon. 11:00 a. m. and 8:00 p m.
B \. P. U., 6:30 p. m-, conducted
by Beacon Stafford, and Elder Hunt
'■ ission Rand .Meeting, Monday even
ng. 7:30 p. m. by Mrs. Willa Vann
Bible Class and Bible Institute. Tues-;
uav evening, 7:30 p. m. conducted by
Brother .1. C. Parker, and Rev
St. Johns, 22nd and Willis Ave. Rev.
L. P. Bryant, Pastor.
S. S. 9:00 a. m. Mr. W. E- Webb,
supt-. A. C. E. League. 6:00 p. m.
Mr. Rucker.
Sermon, 10:45 a. m and 7:45 p. m
Class Meeting, Tuesday evening, con
ducted by the Pastor, Rev. Bryant.
Bethel A. M. E. 2430 Franklin St.
Rev. J. W. Williams, Pastor.
S. S. 9:45 a. m. Mrs. Maggie
Smith, Supt.
Sermon. 11:00 a. m. and 7:45 p. m.
A. C. E- League. 6:30, Mrs. Etta
.Mae Woods, President.
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening,
Choir Rehersal, Thursday evening.
Clair Chapel, 22nd and Miami Sts. !
Rev. Alfred Clay. Pastor.
Services. S. S. 9:30 a- ra., Mr. R. R.
Boone Superintendent.
Sermon, 11:00 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Lucille Gray, President
Choir Practice, Friday at 8:00 p. m.
Board Meeting. Monday 7:30 p. m.
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening
Cleaves Temple, 25 and Decatur Sts.
. Rev. O. A. Calhoun. Pastor
Services, S. S. 9:45 a. m. Mr.
Charles Stallworth, SUperntendent.
Sermon. 11:00 a. m. and 7:43 p. m.
by the Pastor.
Prayer Meeting, Wednesday evening
Mission Society, Wednesday after
Forward Step Club. Tuesday evening,
by Rev. O. A. Calhoun
Stewardess Board Friday Afternoon;
Choir Rehersa. Friday evening
Allen Chappel— 25th and R Sts
(South Omaha) Rev. W. S. Metcalf.
Services. S. S. 9:30 a. m . Mr, John
Fellows Supt
Sermun. 10:45 a. m. and 7:45 p. m
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening.
Metropolitan Spiritual Church. Lake
St-, m-ar 2lth. Rev. R. W. Johnson.
Services, S. S. 1:00 p. m., Mrs.
Ransome. Supt
Church services, 11:00 a. m. and 7:30
p. m. Sunday, Rev. Johnson.
Church Services Tuesday and Thurs
day, evening at 8:00 o'clock. Rev.
Prayer Clubs Monday, 8:00 p m
conducted by Mrs. Payton.
Penny Club. Wednesday 8:00 p. m. :
by Mrs. Grffin.
Choir rehersal. Friday evening.
St. Phillipe Episcopal Church—21st
and Paul St. Father B E. Holly.
Sermon and Holy Communion First
and Third Sunday at 11 a. m.
Sermon and Holy Communion second
and third Sunday at 7:30 p. m
Sunday school at 9:30 a. ra. Mr. Dil
lard Crawford. Supt
Regular morning services every Sun
day at 11 a. m.
' espers meet second Tuesday in each
month. W. M. Haynes, Senior Ward
en and B. B. Cowans, jr. warden.
Women’s Auxiliary—Mrs. John Al
bert Wiliams—President.
Mrs. J. C. Donley—Secretary.
Meets every Thursday afternoon.
Altar Guild—Mrs. Augustas Hicks]
Mrs J. C. Donley—Secretary.
Meets Every Tuesday night.
Choir Guild—Mrs. Margaret Wil
Mrs- Valaria Me Caw—Secretary.
Meets every Thursday night.
Dorcas Society—Mrs. H. Wiggins—
Mrs. J. C- Donley—Secretary.
Meets every Friday afternoon.
Pleasant Green, 22nd and Paul Sts.
Rev. P J Price, Pastor
Mrs Lottie Keks, Reporter; Mrs
King, Clerk
Servces—Sunday School-9:30 a m ;
Supt Mr Vealand .-Morning Ser
vices, 11 a- m every Sunday morning
® ^ P l: , 6 p. m , President Mrs
Ida M McGuire-_Evening services
every Sunday night
Weekly Meetings
Mission, Thursday night-_Prayer
meeting. Wednesday night, led by one
of the Deacons.—Anion Cub, Monday
night .President Mrs. Estelle Waters
Pick Club, Tuesday night, President
Mrs- Turner. Choir rerearsals,
Friday n:ght, President, Mr. S. Me
11:30 p. m. at 2414 Grant St. in that
spacious headquarters of the North
side Transfer Co. Dinners will be
sent out. Call WE. 5656. The pur
pose is to raise money to send Rev.
Rurckhardt to our convention which
meets at Jackson, Miss. August. 12
Elder W. Irving—Chairman
Theodore Mallory—Assistant
Sister Willie Vann—Pres. W. W.
SisterBernice Love—Pres. Boosters
Sister Matfie Middleton—Trta.
Pilgrim Baptist Church
North 25th and Hamilton Streets
Rev. Jas. H_. Dotson. Pastor
S. S. opened at the regular time
i with a good number present in spite
of the heat. Fred Dixon, Supt., is
making a strenuous effort to keep
this a front line '.Sunday School.
There is a great demand for teach
ers. Five visitors were pr.sent in
the morning . The pastor filled the
pulpit at 11 o’clock sharp, preaching
from the subject: “The Guilty World ”
a very timely sermon. He touched
on the unemployment situation, thj
drought and the effect it has,on the
country, the relation of one nation
to another and asked the Biblical
question: How shall we escape if we
neglect so great a salvation? His
text was Romans 1:18: “For the
wrath of God is revealed from
Heaven against all ungodliness and
unrighteousness of men. who hold
the truth in unrighteousness
In the evening Rev. Rogers" of th:
Presbyterian Seminary delivered the
message, which was enjoyed by all
The B. Y. P. U. held an *pen
air service in Humbolt Park. J.
Harvey Kerns taught the adult group.
Mr. Duffy the Junior Boys and Mrs.
Gatus and Young had charge of the
Primary and Junior Girls. The wo
men and men rendered quartetts re
spectively . Brief remarks were made
by the pastor and president J. W.
Dacus; afterwhich a group picture
was made. The group met at the
church at 5:30 o’clock. Eight cars
and one truck with about seventy
five persons were present. The pres
ident was all smiles. Other open
air services will be held during the
slimmer months. The ushers will
present a love play in the very near
future. R. T. Jowers was able to
attend services Sanday for the first
time since his accident. We were
glad to have Mrs. Cora McIntosh
worship with us Sunday morning.
By A. B. Mann
The Gods and Thi ir Mills)
tFor The Liteuary Sendee Bureau)
It is not difficult to understand the
old aphorism which readg, “The mills
of the gods grind slow, but exceeding
ly fine.”
The inference is that retribution
may be exceedingly slow in its ap
proach, but most certainly will come
The axiom is a warning to all who
' may conclude it to be possible to
-continue wrong doing with impunity.
This is the pagan idea of retributive
justice. But it is in harmony with
the Bibical declaration “Whatsoever a
man soweth that shall he reap,” and
the modern version. “Your chickens
will come home to roost.”
By Videtta Ish
(Mercenary Marriage)
(For The Literary Service Bureau)
“In my mother’s time people mar
ried for love. That might have been
all right then, but it won’t do now;
so I'm marry for convience.” This
was the frank statement of a young
woman of twenty four. A school
teacher compelled to “work in service”
remarked. “I’m so ti~ed of hard work;
I am going to hunt me a husband to
take care of me.”
A young divorcee remarked, “Yes,
I’m going to try again. The first
time I was foolish enough to marry
for love, but this time I’ll marry for
a living.” She added. “Of course,
he is homely and I just couldn’t love
a man that looks like him, but I need
him as a meal ticket.” A character
istic e^piession is, “I consider it
better to marry an old man: he’ll be
a fool about me and work himself to
death for me.”
Well, these are modern views of
marriage but the martial wrecks test 1
ify that they are wrong—and destruc
tive. Looking back, I remember
when love was consider d the princ:
pal thir4j in manage. And I do no4,
hesitate to insist t'. t t ere was '■»?
more material happim.-* taanw h;i,
By R A Adams
(For The iLterary4 Service Bureau)
The gods ae genrous. indetd,
n ; ing to human need.
- et. they will only help the man
Who helps himself the best he can.
* * *
The gods would have all men to b..
Happy and prosperous, and free.
But these alone on those b stow4.
Who help themselves the best th y
* * *
Searching, ‘twill be no task to find
The gods help all of humankind,
But rjekon most deserving they,
Who help themselves in every way.
» * *
So, all who would the gods implore.
For bless Ligs giv’n. or blessings
Should know they’ve done theii
very best;
Unto te gods thin, I leave the rest.
By R. A. Adame
(The Literary Service Bureau)
There was a murder—gang murd.r. i
A rich, influential politician had been
shot down at his very door. He wa
in a hospital, dying. His wife was
weeping—and praying. She crieo ■
out, “0, God, don’t let him die; don’t
take him away’ from me!” To friends
who sought to edmfort her, she urg
ed, “Pray; pray to God fo him; I •
don't want him to die.” Th.n she !
resumed her prayer, “0, God, don’t
take him away.”
These peoplj belonged to the
,vc;dly element. Their religion is
Moone's Emerald Oil Guaranteed to
Stop All Pain and Soreness and
Banish Offensive Odors
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ply a few drops of the oil over the
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that of a church which stresses the
functions < ‘ the p ,i st. as meditator
between Cod anj man. Peiaps. at
V^st. th y cnly "said prayers.” But
>’* h extremity this wife annealed
directly to God.
It. is thui with men i t gneal.
r . may be godless, or careless in
regard to God; may speak c rlessly
of the Deity, and of immortality
B it when human help fails, intuitive
ly they tu n to God. It is consoling
tc- know that even under such cir
cums‘2ncc-. as well. I t .! be re
tr 'end that man needs God, not
only in extremiti s. but always— un
it r ail circumstances.
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O (lay. by taking Krutchen Saita.
Mrs. Helga Blaugh of New York City
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hips, 3 inches off bust and 7% inches
ore waist, she writes:
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V. Concentrated thought 1=*
voltage/ |
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