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. . ■ .. .. TT ■: t-t - ■ - . .:■ —~ : ■— - rs
-rrr?— .. ■ -!■- iJi—=L—. THE GUn)E OMAHA NEBRASKA SATURDAY JULY 7, 1934 —■ - - . — PAGE FOUR
Dr. and Mrs. Clarence Singleton
Saturday for a month’s visit in De
troit. Michigan.
Rev. and Mrs. M. D- Johnson of
Boonville, Mo., has returned home
after spending a week visiting Mrs.
Johnson’s sister, Mrs- Daisy Millet*,
2132 North 29th Street- While in the
city. Rev. and Mrs- Johnson was en
tertained by friends. Accompanying
them home was Mrs- Botts of Ex
celsior Srings. Mo-, and Mrs. Miller,
who will visit her sister for a month.
Musical Progam Given at
Social Settlement
Monday evening, July 2, 1934 at 8
o'clock a musical program of interest
was given at the Social Sett! ment,
with talent drawn laigciy from South
High pupils
Miss Do x>thy Madden, pupil of
Mrs- Welpton’s sang. Miss Virginia
Elfrink gave piano numbers. Mr.
Charles Alston, baritone, sang Mr
Alston recently won first place
among 39 other contestants in the
State High School Music Contest at
Lincoln. He is a member of Woodson
Center. *
The Settlement Violin Trio also
played- Besides Miss Luella Anderson
director of the Settlement Music
School the trio includes Miss Celia
MAjchenski and Mr. Julius Bognich,
with Miss Ruth Church at the piano.
The public was invited. This was
aecond of a series of musical evenings
arranged by Miss Anderson at the
Miss Lois Turner is visiting her
father at Eldorado, Ark- From there
she will go to San Francisco. Cal-,
, where she will bi the guest of her
brother and sister1, Edward and Helen
Turner- Miss Turner will visit Los
Angeles and Oakland before return
ing to Omaha- She expects to re
turn to Omaha about the 15th of Sept.
Miss Ruby Washington, who has
been the guest of Mrs. Bessie Childs,
of 1105 So- 13th St-, for the last three
or four Months, left for her home in
San Dijgo, Cal., Sunday morning, July
Mrs- Pearl Huston of 2716 Franklin
will go to Missouri to spend the 4th
of July at the home of her brother
Mr. Lloyd L. Lee, son of Mr- and
Mrs- Clarence E. Lee, 2863 Maple
St-, left last Saturday morning for
Chicago- After visiting relatives and
seeing the World’s Fair, he will
probably return home next week.
Mrs- A- W. Johnson, 899 Marion
St- St. Minn., and Mrs. N. J. W’right,
1705-7, S- E- Minneapolis, Minn
visited over the past week-end in
Omaha- Mrs- Johnson and Mrs
Wright are motoring on a vacation
trip, visiting friends in Iowa, Missou
ri, and Nebraska
Thaddeus Russell, at the Braggs
Apartments after three weeks in the
hospital, returned home a few days
ago, and is recovering nicely. Thad
deus is expected to b? out soon, ac
cording to Esterline Lomax, who is
nursing him daily, and she is indeed
a wonderful nurse- Thaddeus extends
thanks to the young P. P. Club, and
the Salem Baptist Church for the
kindness and hospitality shown him
during his illness
Mr J. D. Lewis and his daughter
Miss Charlene Lewis motored to Des
Moines, Iowa, Tuesday evening July
3. Miss Charlene Lewis will attend
one of the noted social events of the
season in Des Moines, Iowa, a danc
ing party given by the Royal Dukes
Mrs- Hooper and Miss Calhoun en
tertained at a Sunday afternoon Tea,
in honor of their aunt from Dallas.
Texas, in their home at 2408 Maple
Street Over 125 guest were present.
The house was decorated with beau
tiful assorted cut flowers- In the re
ceiving line w'as: Mrs. Hawkins, Mrs.
Hooper, Mrs. Cunningham, Mrs.
Jackson and Mrs- Louise Foster. A
delightful refreshing fruit punch was
served by Mr- Nelson- The hostess
of the dining room was Miss Myrtle
Calhoun, Mrs- Rose Lucky, Mrs- Lev
ida Erving, Miss Irma Speese, Mrs
Zenobia Carey, Mrs- Kerns and Mrs.
The refreshments were chicken
salad wafers, individual brick ice
cream and cake, mints and peanuts
All having attended this affair de
clares having spent a delightful aft
New Cabaret Opens
Mrs. Mary Pierce, who owns and
operates the Bon Ton Cafe at 1010
South 13th, opened to the public the
Bon Ton Cabaret, located on the Sec
ond floor of the mentioned address
Six large spacious rooms has been
redecorated and painted in the latest
gay colors to dive your blu:*s away.
The seating capacity is for sixty
guest, not including the large recep
tion room- From time to time Mrs
Pierce expects to have renowned enter
tainers- Last Saturday, the famous
three from the Pacific Coast enter
tained. This Cabaret specializes in
cold 3-2 and that famous old south
ern style barbecue, including other
When out for a pleasant evening
do not forget 1010 South 13, you are
always welcome, Miss Mary Cassi
day is Assistant Hostess- Mr. Hiram
Bailey attends the bar and Lawton
Strother is chef cook
i -
By Hopie
Say Mr. West what happened to
that trip east and back to the ex
treme west? The 20th of June has
gone for 34. Was it thj year or
month you got crossed upon or the
cash, or the will? We broad minded
men in the hotel game know that a
trip like this can't be made on $42.50
er.> But we do hope you make it as
the p.'ess hates to lie, and your fri
ends wont be laughing up their sleeves
Oh me, the Fourth of July is just
about played its part, but when plan- 1
ning your fishing trip avoid the Hap
py Hollow Club’s district, because the !
seem to dislike the name fish. Out !
of the two fishers that was on their j
pay roll for years, not one was let in
the pond.
They hooked Mr. I. Fisher last
week. That killed the old slang we
use, “We we lose a boy or girl fri
end, there as good a fish in the pond
that’s never been caught.
The Assn, met Monday nght, and
mportant thing happend. The pre
sident is sure of another week in the
chair, good. Their business was the
same as stock soup. The same, only
a little added each week, making it
thicker and harder to solve. Add
some beans and let’s hear some news
new noise.
Say, Mr. President, of the Swast
ika Golf Club, why didn’t you let the
dancing public know that you had
canceled your dance Friday night?
Oh well, the ress only played its
part. I do hope that the smoker or
stag you wll give at the Elks Club
Tuesday night will go over.
So I am told the ladies of the Swas
tika Golf Club will give a luncheon
iuesday night at Mr. Davis on Binney
St. You can depend on the ladies.
They don’t make those long drives
like the men but they can putt. That
means a lot to friends, because it
takes the puttts as wee as the drives
to put the gam.i over.
Talking to the U. P. boys this
week, all is 0. K. on the lines. Old
faces of the rails is pulling up nightly
in Omaha’s Harlem. Mr. Bell and
Mr. Harding sure figured out the
baker heater. Where they go so goes
the business. Oh well, Omaha needs
needs a little life.
By R. A. Adams
(For The Literary Service Bureau)
It seems the acme of irony for
Jewett Shouse, the man who headed
“The Association Against Prohibi
tion” to come out and advocate tem
perance- But he did, if resent press
I dispatches were true- According to
these, he urged the home and the
church to return to teaching prohibi
tion in order to save the youth of the
land from the corrupting influence
of liquor.
No nation of state would remove
its laws against narcotics, place them
in reach of all, then talk of educating
aganist their use! Would it be wise
to put poison within the reach of child
ren and then prate of educating them
against its influence? No one can
honestly advocate such a course.
Such inconsistency regarding traffic
in strong drink is as weak, and would
be as foolish as the othe»rs mentioned
in this conection.
Thi nation contains millions of il
iterates and millions of morons who
are too ignorant and too weak to deny
themselves these destructive things
which give them xcitement a<.d a
kind of pleasure- though they are aes_
troving them- So, it is criminal and
almost inhuman to put such destruc
tive things within their reach- It is
consumate hypocrisy to make the na
tion wet and then talk of ducating
against the d- .structive infTtrgnce of
mm- But. this is just -what Jt vett
rhouse, farmer chalAna . of the Na
tional Democratic Commiti- e has
Announces Engragrenicnt
Mss Idabell Gilbert
__Miss Idabell Gelbert of Texarkana,
Tex, who announces her engag » u nt
to Mr Lawereno - of De Queen, Ark
The wedding will take lace Aug 27
It is reported that these two young
eople have be n in love with each
other for some time_.... __ ...._
TO $6,000 PAY
ler Gemral McCarl has decided that
Dr- William J- Tompkins, the new re
corder of deeds for the District of
Columbia cannot raise his own salary
from $5,600 to $6,400 annually, but
that he might take a $400 increase
in the next fiscal year, provided the
apropriation for the office will stand
Dr- Thompkinsp ointed out in a
letter to the controller general that
he was drawing the minimum for his
grade—CAP—13—and asked if he
could raise it to the maximum of
$6,400 or must stop at the average
for the grade, which is $6,000- The
controller general held that the aver
age provision must apply and Jeffer.
Coage the previous incubent drew
only $5,600 per annum
sands of white people all over Amer
ica would join the National Associa
tion for the Advancement of Colored
People , and support its program, if
they were properly informed and re
cruited by coored people,” asserted
Miss Mary Whit? Ovington, treasur
er of the Association, and one of its
founders in 1909
In her address to the open mass
meeting of the 25th annual confer
ence, Miss Ovngton declared most
white people are ‘"abysmally • ignor
ant” of the problem of Negroes and
urged colored people" to drop th^ir
own race prejudees and approach
whites “man to man” and ask them
to join n the wo^k of thie Associa
Gershwin brothers, Ira and George,
in collaboration with Dubose Hey
wood are composing an opera of
“Potgy,” the Negro play which was
an outstanding hit of 1927.
ored Ministers Conference of the Me
thodist Episcopal Church in Washing
ton and nearby Maryland and Vir
ginia has reelected the Rev. T. A.
Middleton as president, the confer
ence has a membership of 150 clergy,
men representing over 75 churches.
Other officers elected included the
ReRv. R. R. Wilen, vice president;
the Rev. R. S. Ried, secretary; the
Rev. M. L. McKinney, assistant
secretary; the Rev. W. G. Simms and
the Rev. E. C. HodDges, members
of the editorial staff.
F. Roberts. 85. pioneer educator and
prominent Baptist minister, died here
last week. Dr- Roberts, one of the
first graduates of Shaw university,
was also at one time president of that
Swastika Golf Club Aux.!
r hr- Swastika Golf Club Auxiliary
entertained a stag party at the home
o.‘ Mrs. Nat Kuntei*. About eighty
guests we-e present. Th party was
a benefit in the inter, st of the golf \
tournament to be held between Kansas ,
City and Omaha July 8. The Golf
club at resent has 27 golfers.
The Junid4 Auxiliary of the Amer
ican Legion, a juvenile Auxiliary to
Unit No- 30. met June 5, at the home j
of the president, Miss Louise Gray,
28th and Corby Stre ts- After their
regular business meeting, reports
were made on their Jitney Party,
which was a huge success- After
business discussions, a delicious re
! past was served
Or> the Fourth Tuesday in June.
' uxi'if../ met at the home of
| ’ . .>h<- pn, 2878 Corby. The
m." ting was open d with the pre
amble and the pledge- Plans were
j mad ■ fet a lawn social to be given by
thrso girls on July 7- We hope all of
th ir friends will come out and help
boost these young girls. A delicious j
luncheon was served and the girls ad- j
joumed to meet at the home of their !
supervisor. Mrs- Mable Fields, 2807
Wirt S'4 i «et.
The Junior Auxiliary plans on go
ing to the hospital Sunday to visit
1 the scldiers and carry them some
! thing to cheer them up
This group of young girls was re
cently organized, and they are doing
very nicely. Th«y invite all of the
I young girls, that are eligible to come
| out and join them- To be eligible you
must be the daughter or sister of a
! Wojld War Veteran.
Louis * Gray, president
Francis Alfred, secretary
Join now, your loyalty and admis
sion is the purchase of the Omaha
Guide each week- Give or send your
news to Bert Moore, phone nothing
but cl >an news, solicited such as
church, social, sickness or deaths, ar
rival departure of you >self, friends
or relatives and sporting events.
Let’s help to make Moore’s News
Club Column the bigg;st and best in
the Guide- Look for Moore's News
Club Column, and say: “I read what
Moore said-” You send your name
by card or letter to become a mem
ber to Bert Moor? in cane of the
Omaha Guide, 2418 Grant Street
Start now purchase a Guide and lets
make the Omaha Guide the largest in
the West
Mrs- M- E- Sterling op.n club
meeting by saying the “Lord’s prayer
and the Hail Mary. The prayers were
answered by the membe.’s of the
Crusad u's, Speedy action took place
soon after the opening—“It was
election day ” Due to the change of
the constitution, article number four,
the president was not voted on- The
voting of th.- president will take
place next club meeting.
Mr- Alvin Goodwin and Mr- Sam
Barton run for vice president- The
votes weie counted as six and three
Fix in favd - of Mr- Goodwin- Con
gratulation Mr- Vice President- Mr
Goodwin was also reelected as trea
surer, and Miss Minnie Preyor was
reelected as secretary. The excite
ment won’t be over until next club
meeting- The Crusaders are planning
a danc;- in the near futucte.
Minnie Preyor, reporter
The Flapperette Club had a social
at the home of Mary Ellen Britt- The
guests were Mr. Robert Richard,
Harold Bidd?x, Edwin Riggs, John
Taylor. Hiram Pittann, Chrisman
Clark and Leonard Turner- The hos
tess served some very nice refresh
ments. The next meeting will be at
Edna Blair’s home
Olive Willis, president
Juanita Macey, reporter
The Happy Hour Bridge Club held
their annual dance at the Dreamland
Hall, Thursday nite, June 2t- More
than two hundred people were pnes
ent- The hall was very beautifully de
corated in the club colors, the scheme
being carried out according to bridge
entirely- Dancing was enjoyed the
entire evening- The music was fur
nished by Simon Harrold’s orchestra
Th • next meeting for the summer
was held Thursday nite June 28, at
the hrtme of Miss Daniels- The even
ing was devoted to the election of
Oh Boy, It’s Here
Free Lunch With Beer
Each Night With Budweis.r Beer—Starting 8:30 p. m- Uuntil 6 a- m.
Remember we sell the best Barbecue in town. It
is barbecued by Colonel Mason and served by Gen
eral Knox.
2307 North 24th Street WEbster 4208
How a New Kind of Tooth Paste Dissolves
and Removes Ugly Tobacco Stains
BOST Tooth Paste is more than
a clean-tasting, refreshing denti
frice. It is the only tooth paste
specifically created to remove the
handkerchief. In like manner, BOST
Tooth Paste, and no other, will re
move from your teeth the stubborn
chemical deposit of tobacco. BOST
unaigntly yellow stains
from smokers’teeth. Go
to your druggist today,
buy a tube of BOST
Tooth Paste and make
the famous "handker
chief test.”
It is this: Inhale a
mouthful of tobacco
smoke and blow it
through your handker
chief. Thebrowuish, yel
low stain on the eloth
_ is the same “Smoke
contains no acid, no
abrasive, and is as safe
and beneficial for the
teeth of children as for
adults. It sweetens the
breath and refreshes the
Brush your teeth with
BOST Tooth Paste reg
ularly. Consult your
dentist periodically. And
you will* be doing all
that you possibly can
do to protect your teeth
Screen” that cigarettes deposit on
your teeth. Now squeeze enough
BOST Tooth Paste,on the handker
chief to corer the stain. Then rub
the spot briskly with your wet tooth
brush and see now quickly the dis
coloration disappears.
Make this same test with any
other tooth paste and you.wiH find
that the stain remains on' your'
and keep them spotlessly clean.
BOST Tooth Paste Is sold at
leading drag counters everywhere.
Or in liberal trial tubes at your
nearest chain store. If your dealer
is out of stock, send 10c (to cover
postage and handling) for a gener
ous 14-day supply. BOST Tooth
Paste Corp., 9 East 40th St, New
York City.
The n.w officers are: Mrs- Mc
Falls, president; Mr- Rutledge, vice
president; Mrs- Taylor, secretary.
Mrs- Dorsey, treasurer and Verti
Stamps, critic and Mi s- Welch re
port r- The sext meeting will be held
the first Thursday in September
Mrs. McFalis, president
Mrs- Welch, reporter
ports from Fisk university give in
formation that James Weldon John
son has completely recover.d from his
recent illness and will soon visit in
the East
$10,000 VERDICT
NEWARK, N. J.—(CNS)—Fred
a ick D. Sapp, 37, a colored man of
this city was struck and injured May
10, 1933, by an automobile driven by
Roy H. Smith. While crossing Mar_
k.t street carrying a bowl of soup to
a sick friend, he was run down by the
suit Sapp had to have his right leg
amputcd 5 inches above the knee. A
jury gave him a $10,000 v.rdict last
United States Attorney’s Office here
and Police Coivt judges have a new
riddle to solve growing out of the
detention of George Jason, colored,
who skiped bond here nearly 10 years
ago after a conviction of ‘Possession
and sale of liquor.’ Judge McMahon
held Jason to determine whether the
man can be recommitted on the li
quor conviction.
Attorney Hart said he thought the
repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment
voided th? charge, but he believed
Jason would face a sentence as a
car operated by Smith. As a re
fugitive from justice.
Swiftest and Best
85 Cents
Pain—Agony Starts to
Leave in 24 Hours
Just ask for Allenru—Within 24
hours after you start to take this
safe yet powerful medicine excess
uric acid and other circulating
poisons start to leave your body.
In 48 hours pain, agony and swell
ing are usually gone—The Allenru j
prescription Is guaranteed—if one
bottle doesn’t do as stated—money
(For The Literary Service Bureau)
_Wife, yet not in the intimate—
Wife snsp cts husband is intimate
with another, but has no evidence—
'Know nothing, pay nothing” is a
'nod plan!
! i For advice write to Maxie Miller,
j <are of Literary Service Bureau, 516
I Minnesota Ave. Kansas City, Kansas.
Tor p irsonal reply send self-addressed
j stamped envelope.)
, ■ .
Maxie Milla4: I have reason to
believe that my husband has inti
mate relations with a young woman;
I must confrss he has some excuse
j but it hurts just the same
I am not a wife to my husband in
■ the intimate way. I care for him,
i in a general sense, and do all I can
I to male < him comfortable, but have
absolutely no desire for the intimate
art. In fact, such became distaste
ful to me and there’s been nothing
of the kind bAween us for more than
six years. Now, I wonder what I
should do.—Julia Lucket.
Julia Luckett: In the first place,
you do not claim to know anything.
You just believe. You may have rea
son or you may hav- i ungrounded sus.
pieions. Of coarse, such a thing is
\»-X)ng, but. under such circumstances,
! your husband is unfortunate and you
i should be generous. So, unless you
are willing to resume intimate re
lations with your husband, my advice
is to do nothing and say nothing.—
Maxims Miller.
, Close at 4:00 A- M
Saturday and Sunday,
Good Food PI us
KingY uen Cafe
Chop Sney and Retcamein
our hobby
American and Chinese Dishes
rhone JA 8.170
2010 Vi North 24th St.
Omaha, U. S. A.
Square 5?al
CtuerssfeR Co.
2520 Cuming- Street
Phon ' ATIanfic .>711
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Miller form
ally with Omaha Poultry Market
will he please to meet all old cus
welcome nsw ones.
Ram0 kind and courteous treat
ment- Lowest Prices on Poultry
and Eggs.
+ Of course, Mavis Talcum is as
indispensable as a razor to well
grooming after shaving Men prove
that everyday But don’t stop there...
To really enjoy the benefits of Mavis
Talcum, as millions of both men and
women now do, sprinkle or lightly
massage the same incomparable
Mavis Talcum over the entire body.
That’s comfort — and protection! •
Cools—absorbs perspiration—de